Cultivate Your Life Podcast Episode 025: The History Of PowerSheets


Have you ever gone through the motions in life? Feeling frustrated, like you want to do things differently, you want your life to change, and yet you keep doing the same things over and over again? I’ve been there.

Today, we’re going behind the scenes of the creation of the PowerSheets® goal planner, and we’re going to get you unstuck along the way.


In this episode:
— I tell you about a lightbulb moment—the spark that brought PowerSheets into the world—and what inspired the original Tending List. (I scratched out the first version on a piece of scrap paper!)
— I tell you how I decide, of all the things on my plate, what is actually worth spending time on, and what isn’t.
— We talk about the first sets of PowerSheets—loose-leaf sheets printed at a local printer and sold on Big Cartel. (Does that even exist anymore?!)
— I tell you what I do when I feel overwhelmed and under-qualified, and why sitting in that tension can be a huge blessing.
— Let’s talk about the evolution of PowerSheets over the years! We talk binders, soft covers, hard covers, black and white, and COLOR, and why we made each of those changes! Our office motto is make it better, and we try to live it out every day.
— I love sharing the story of PowerSheets, but what I really love is sharing what you’ve done with them. I tell you the story of 2016—it was a really hard year—and how my PowerSheets helped me through. Help other women to not give up in the middle of the mess were the words I wrote in my PowerSheets after many months of turmoil.
— I tell you about friends just like you who’ve made things happen with their PowerSheets, and what they all have in common: they didn’t give up at the first sign of imperfection. They believed in little-by-little progress. They kept what matters in front of them (their Tending Lists!). They committed to the long-haul. And, they made it FUN! That kind of success lasts, and those are the results you get with your PowerSheets!
— I walk you through every step in the process of getting PowerSheets from an idea into your hands.
— Finally, I talk about why I do this work… plus, how I described my job to a bunch of three-year-olds 🙂

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!

— Want to read the history of PowerSheets? Here’s a Cultivate blog post for you, complete with photos of different versions over the years!
— Listen to my interview with Amy Porterfield, focusing on production.
— Here’s the story about changing the name of our shop from Lara Casey Media to Cultivate What Matters.
— And here’s the story of that hard season, when I wanted to quit my business.
— Our last episode focused on the story of the “you know all those things” quote—listen here! Here’s another episode we mention often: No. 8, How to Number Your Days.
— Curious about how our goal-setting process is different? Start with our 7 best goal-setting hacks!
— If you haven’t yet, you must watch Ari’s latest rap (!): 2020, the year of clear vision 🙂
— And now for the good stuff—2020 PowerSheets are on sale NOW! See the four covers, explore the new features, and get your set today! Then, make plans to join us for Prep Week beginning December 9th!

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