Do you ever feel like life is passing you by?

You blink and another year, day, hour has passed—where is time going?! Two little words keep slipping out of your mouth: time flies!

In this SPECIAL EPISODE of the Cultivate Your Life Podcast, you’ll learn the 6 secrets of slowing down time and spending it like this is the only life you’ve got.

Get ready to laugh, cry (get your tissues ready—you have been warned!), and our whole family might have a surprise for you at the end. Today, we’re going to have a conversation that will change your life! You’ll be so glad you listened.


In this episode:

— You’ll hear about a few “tipping points” in my life, experiences that made me confront a freeing truth: life is finite AND life is a gift.
— We’ll talk about what it means to number our days (hint: that phrase isn’t something I made up—it comes straight from the book of Psalms!), and how that changes the way we live out each one.
— You’ll meet one of my “number your days” role models : )
— This is all sounding big and a bit scary, doesn’t it? Stick with me! I’ll share 6 practical tips for gaining this new perspective and applying it to your life.
— I’ll guide you through a life audit—a simple tool to assess how you’re currently using your resources.
— I’ll encourage you to embrace the freshness of this perspective and to “strike while the iron is hot!” You’ll also pick up a practical tip for keeping this perspective day after day.
— I’ll wrap things up with 3 ways to keep yourself accountable to this new way of living. They’re simple, and they’re good. I’ll also leave you with one simple action step so you can get started today.

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!

— Take these two free life expectancy tests from the Social Security Administration and Tell me in the comments what your life expectancy is!
—Enjoy our family’s favorite (and not-so-fancy!) Simple Mills Spice Cake mix.
—Reread this life-changing chapter of the Bible: Psalm 90 (pay specific attention to verse 12)!
—Subscribe to my 5-day YouVersion Bible reading plan GOD + GOALS: How To Set Goals As A Christian.
—Grab your Write the Word Journal (I’m currently using Cultivate Prayer!) to grow your faith in 2019. I’m loving the fruit that comes from writing the Word every evening. Bonus for my mama friends: there’s a Write the Word journal for kids, too!
—Get your 2019 PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner!
—Tune into previous Cultivate Your Life Podcast episodes: 1, 3, 4, and 6!

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  1. Carol Short

    97, 34 more birthdays! Seems like not very many 🙁
    Better “get moving”. Thanks for the great podcast, such great encouragement . God bless you for being obedient!

  2. Lisa

    SS said 86.5 and the other said 97. This was a wonderful podcast. Sobering, in a good way. I loved the singing at the end with you and your family’s sweet voices. My husband and I used to sing, “When I die stick a needle in my eye …” LOL.

  3. Sarah

    I write out scripture every evening from the Northumbrian Community lectionary, so the readings are dated and I date them in my journal to match. The Psalm 90 passage you quoted about “Teach us to number our days…” is part of their daily midday prayer.

  4. Amy

    Thanks for this wonderful episode! I just finished listening as I’m preparing to host a faith based book study using your cultivate book for the women in my neighborhood! I have my jar of marbles ready to encourage us to number our days.

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    […] We can think big picture. We can let seasons of uncertainty drive us to fear, focused only on what’s right in front of us, or we can use them as fuel. This season will not last forever. Think to your own past and the stories of others: how many times have your challenges become turning points and launch pads for opportunities? As Christine Caine says, you may feel like you’re being buried, but you’re just being planted to grow. Let’s strike while the iron is hot and see what it means to number our days. […]