Jun 24, 2020

Cultivate Your Life Podcast Episode 037: The Mid-Year Refresh


Friend, you’ve been through a crazy year so far. Hard things keep happening, and it feels like your supply of hope is running low. There’s so much on your mind, so many new circumstances and new ways of understanding the world that you’re trying to fit together into a complete picture.

You’re ready for a refresh—a breath of fresh air, some new hope, and a chance to look back and look forward—and to put the new perspective you’ve gained from this year to good use. Today I’m going to lead you through three simple step to refresh your life right now, right where you are. Let’s talk!


In this episode:
— Things are growing in the garden! (Hallelujah!) This feels like such a blessing after last year, amidst the tumult of this year.
— We chat about step one in The Mid-Year Refresh: refreshing your mind. Our minds have been filled to the brim more than ever this year, and it’s hard to make good decisions or live them out with a mind in need of refreshment. So, let’s pause, and before we make any plans for the second half of this year, intentionally quiet our environment and give our minds a chance to be restored. Simple ideas for this here. (I share the three ways I’m refreshing my mind this week with you, too!)
— We move on to step two: refreshing your big picture. After the year of twists and turns we’ve had, it can feel impossible to plan for the future. When we focus on the big picture instead of rigid plans, though, we can live out what matters with flexibility—no matter the circumstances. All progress is imperfect progress, and it all adds up! I share a piece of the big picture I wrote down with you on my worksheet.
— We discuss step three: refreshing your focus. We’re all used to being pulled in a million directions—in this season of upheaval, especially. But when you choose the one thing that’s most important to you, your steps will become clear, and you’ll actually do something about it. Since they’re all pointed in the same direction, your small steps will add up—and you’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable little-by-little progress becomes!
— We finish with a little sunflower math. Our Tending Lists are like open garden space, ripe with possibility. As you consider your focus for the next few months, Team Cultivate wants to point you toward the work of racial justice, reconciliation, and understanding. Your small steps can have a huge ripple effect!

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!
— Head to MidYearRefresh.com to download your worksheet and see all the resources.
— Get your Write the Word | Blank Bible Journal now. There are so many creative ways to use it! (We also just launched Write the Word | Confidence!)
— The Word of the Year is Delight.
— Here are some Tending List action steps for racial justice, understanding, and reconciliation.
Gracie’s Garden is available for preorder! You’ve seen it on my Tending List for months 🙂 It’s a little book with a very timely message about learning to cultivate and wait—learning that the rewards don’t just come with the harvest, but along the way.

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