Apr 29, 2020

Cultivate Your Life Podcast Episode 034: How To Get Unstuck in a Pandemic


This year—2020—was going to be your best year yet. Then… COVID-19 changed all our plans. You don’t have the same routines or circumstances, but at least one change is welcome: the gift of new perspective. You know now more than ever what matters and what doesn’t, and the question is, what are you going to do with it?

Let’s talk. LISTEN NOW!

In this episode:
— I give you a little update on what’s growing in my garden right now. It feels so nice to be outside—I hope you can get some fresh air while you listen, too! : )
— While there are plenty of sprouts and tiny plants, what I see mostly right now is… dirt. A whole lot of dirt. And to my eyes, it’s not just empty nothingness—it’s possibility!
— What if that dirt is our growing ground, fueled by the fertilizer of new perspective? We talk about the possibility that this might be the season in which you grow your very best goals—truly the year of clear vision.
— We remember the importance of farmer’s faith, and end with some assurances about how you might be feeling right now—about life and about your goals.

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!
— My PowerSheets are my home base and number one recommendation for this season—I know I made them, but they are truly how I’m cultivating an intentional life amidst all the turmoil! I’m so grateful I have these and so many of you do, too! Don’t be afraid to scratch things out and get messy (and check out these great blog posts you’ve all been loving about using your goal planner right now).
Here’s a picture of Big Rita in all her pumpkin glory : )
— I can’t talk about the brevity of life and using it well without thinking about episode 008: Numbering Our Days!
— The Legacy Journal is what I’m using to record for our children the good and the hard in this time.
— Found yourself suddenly homeschooling your kiddos? Here’s a joyful, simple resource that might help: our free homeschool planner download.

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