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There is so much to be said about the women that is Lara Casey. She remains a great influence in my life as she continues to remind me through blog entries, tweets and updates to focus on what matters. That is huge for those of us trying to balance motherhood, business, family, friendships and spiritual growth. Since meeting her years ago, my life has been forever changed. Through mentorship, consulting, intensives and her friendship, she¹s helped me grow my business in ways that I never imagined. What separates her from the rest is her transparency when it comes to her personal life and relationship with God. Her vulnerability and candor forces others to get real and get it together! Rarely will you meet someone that is willing to expose their shortfalls and celebrate the lessons as a result. I am so thankful for her and all that she brings to the industry. She continues to be inspiration for women, new and veteran entrepreneurs and individuals excited about doing the work that lights our hearts on fire.

Geomyra Lewis, Event Planner

I have been in the photographic industry for almost 20 years and I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful other professionals in my industry and others. But, everyone once in a while a true gem just crosses my path. That person that lights up the room with their grace, smile and ability to share the exact information that you so desperately need to hear. This is how I fell about Lara Casey. I met her in passing at a professional wedding conference and her joy for life and passion to share was just magnetic. She is truly one of the most incredibly women I have ever met. I am not only in love with her personality, knowledge and passion for business but she is quite possibly one of the most authentic people I have ever met. So CHEERS to Lara Casey for sharing what she loves, practicing what she preaches and loving as big as she can.

Mary Fisk-Taylor: Hayes & Fisk

In these last five years, Lara has played a huge role in taking both my own business and my personal life to the next level through her Making Brands Happen and Making Things Happen programs. Her knowledge and expertise in branding and the wedding industry has helped my business grow in leaps and bounds. Her life strategies and philosophy has changed the way I live my life and to be the very best version of me. I can say that I have not met anyone more honest and genuine with a heart of gold than Lara and it is a privilege to call her a friend.

Amber Housley, Stylist, Event Designer

From the moment I met Lara, I knew that I had found the person who could take my vision and bring it to life. Lara took the time to learn about Šmy likes and dislikes, my beliefs, and my vision. She was then able to tell my story and create my branding. Hence, The Bridal Circle was born! During the time that I worked with Lara, she listened intently to understand my needs and went above and beyond to meet those needs. Lara was always there to take my phone calls and answer my emails, and this was critical for me, especially during the trying times. Her level of customer service was exceptional. My experience with Lara went beyond anything that I expected. I am blown away by the end result of my branding, and my followers have been as well. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to build a powerful, impressionable brand and who wants to work with the best, to seek out Lara Casey. I am forever grateful and in awe of all that she has done for me!

Sade Awe: The Bridal Circle

Without Lara, there is no way on this earth that my company would exist today. She has given me the confidence, strength, and knowledge to live my preferred life everyday. Working with Lara is the easiest most rewarding decision I'm made for myself and for my business. She is always encouraging, positive, and not afraid to be honest so that I'm able to reach my dreams. That sounds corny, but it's true. Her faith in God and love for her family are a constant influence on my life. She will be 110% committed to encouraging anyone to make things happen. It's not all the time that people come into your life that truly change it's course for the better. Lara is one of those people.

Michelle Edgemont, Event Designer

We always strive to surround ourselves by incredible people. After reading just a few blog posts from Lara a few years ago, we knew we had to meet her! The first time we sent Lara an email, we were blown away by her response and how meaningful her words were! That response has not changed as the years went on and as we have had the pleasure to get to know her more! We attended Making Things Happen in 2011 where our lives were forever changed. We were challenged and encouraged to face our fears in order to make our dreams happen! In January we started working with Making Brands Happen in order to rebrand our photography business. As our new brand launched, we not only had a new name we were doing business as and a new website that we were super excited about, but we had a personal brand that truly reflected us as a couple. We are so grateful for the encouragement, the love, and the incredible talent that Lara and her team have shared with us!

Liz and Ryan, Photographers

Lara is a doer! :) I love that about her. She is a power of change and has been a source of propensity for me and my business. Her knowledge of branding is unmatched and her solutions for business are just amazing! I worked with Lara over a rebrand of my photography business; I thought it would be a typical re-brand with new colors, new blog, new logo, blah, blah, blahŠ.NO! Lara pushed me. She asked hard questions. She forced me to think differently; to dream bigger and go farther than I ever thought I had the potential for. She challenged me and she helped me to see what I wanted for my business and my family! She helped me carve out my ideals for Emily Steffen Photography AND (the new) Emily Steffen TextilesŠ.she saw the artist in me and wouldn't let me settle for less than what she KNEW I was worth! :) Watching her conquer her dreams while changing diapers and goal setting is pure genius! Following her work, listening to her heart and watching her be a Mom is not merely inspiring, but it gives me courage that I can do the same with my own story and my own dreams!

Emily Steffen, Photographer

When I think about Lara Casey I feel thankful, so very thankful our paths crossed two years ago. As I have shared with many people, Lara has been an essential part to me building a successful business. I have had the pleasure to work with her in many different aspects of Lara Casey Media. Making Things Happen helped me focus, refresh and re-prioritize everyday life. Making Brands Happen felt as if they partnered with me to create a cohesive, powerful brand that has allowed me to enhance my business. Southern Weddings has created everyday inspiration and allowed me a variety of invaluable opportunities. Lara lives by example in every entity of her business as she shares daily inspiration, everyday life struggles as well as triumphs. You know from day one Lara is a wife, mother and business woman who never claims to be perfect - her authenticity is contagious which ultimately allows for a strong partnership. Lara is genuine, passionate and 100% invested in her client's success.

Cyn Kain, Photographer

Lara's warmth and passion for the work she does at Making Brands Happen gave my business and I an opportunity that I never imagined possible. During the months that led up to the launch of my new brand, Lara was the support network that I needed, the mentor that every new business owner hopes and the friend that genuinly wants to see you succeed. With the support of Making Brands Happen, my question of whether I could achieve what I wanted to achieve quickly became a matter of 'when' as opposed to 'if' and with Lara's support, I was able to watch my dream come true - Thank you!

Prue Monro, Blogger

Working with Lara has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I realize that sounds enormously grandiose, but Lara has impacted me as a partner, colleague, mentor and friend in ways that are immeasurable. Her strategic, admonishing guidance paired with a heart that is one hundred percent invested in her endeavors inspire me daily. More than anything, though, her dedication to what matters most in life has changed me. She loves each person she works with deeply and has left an impression on my heart, my business savvy and my commitment to what matters that will never fade. If I had to sum Lara up into one word, it would be genuine. She loves deeply; she gives wholeheartedly and she lives authentically. She's the real deal and I love her for it.

Emily Ley, Designer and Making Brands Happen Partner

Oh, Lara Casey! Where to begin? Lara has been such a blessing in my life. At a time when I needed that extra push, that extra dose of love and encouragement to set fire my dreams on fire, believe in myself and harness every ounce of my potential - Lara spoke up. After Making Things Happen and rebranding with Lara, I say with confidence that I'm a better businesswoman, a better friend and I certainly treat myself better than I ever have in the past. The greatest lesson I've learned from Lara is that I'm worth all of my dreams and then some. I could never put a price tag on that! Sharing in this exciting and thrilling time in my life and career with Lara has truly meant the world to me. Her friendship is very dear to me and I look forward to seeing all of God's awesome plans for her in the years to come. This is just the beginning!

Caitlin Sullivan, Photographer

The one word that comes to my mind when I think of Lara is genuine. Genuine in her words, her actions, her love for others, her faith, her sincere want for others' success. What a rarity these days! To find someone who so genuinely desires for others to succeed! I have been blown away with her generosity and desire for my business to grow, and for my personal life to be more fulfilling. I am amazed at her authenticity, her boldness, and her expertise in the wedding industry and world of branding. Lara is truly a gem. Get to know herŠ I promise you will be changed for the better.

Nancy Ray, Photographer

Lara Casey is dynamite. She will rock your world and take your life and business to breakthrough levels of fulfillment and success.

Richie Norton, Author & Consultant

I have worked for Lara now for over a year now, and really could not be more grateful for the example she has set as a leader, employer, and mother. When I first began my job search, I wasn't entirely sure what my goals were. I was mostly looking for something that would hopefully tell me what my next move should be. Little did I know that God had a greater plan! By helping take care of Grace during the day, I have been able to see how much Lara uses her faith, trust in God and determination to make countless decisions in the many tasks that she both takes on and conquers. I have also seen how her time management and delegation has led to her ability to spend as much time as possible during the day with Grace. She is a complete role model for me and I am honored to be working for her and her family!

Susan, Grace's Nanny : )

One word comes to mind when describing Lara's Radiant! Lara simply radiates joy, happiness, success, faith, love, and so much more with everything she does. There is not one aspect of her brand and herself that doesn't rock her to her core and keep her pushing every single day. It has been a complete and total joy to not only call her a friend but have worked closely with her in so many of her endeavors (Making Brands Happen, Making Things Happen, and The Stationary Academy). Lara has been one of the strongest mentors that I have encountered in female entrepreneurship and the wedding industry. Lara's passion for life, work, family, and faith are just the beginning of the reasons why I can say that anyone who is able to cross paths with her is left blessed and inspired.

Stacie Shea, Event Planner

I thank my lucky stars almost daily for having met Lara Casey. With her wise words, savvy business sense and unwavering positivity, Lara has a remarkable gift of leading her clients to achieve exactly what they dream about. I feel so lucky to have been one of them! She leads her life with her whole heart. She became a mentor as I went through the Making Brands Happen process, and has since stayed invested in my journey, popping in here and there with sweet words and thoughtful messages. She approaches each role in her life - wife, mama, business owner, mentor (and many more, I'm sure!) - with such enthusiasm, and guides her clients to do the same. She fires people up. She reminds people of their potential. She makes it impossible to not succeed.

Shannon Reeves, Event Planner

  • I LOVE: Rebecca and Kathryn are truly THE leaders of the wedding industry. I have also come to love their big hearts! I am simply blown away by my experience and grateful beyond words! My experience has been nothing short of perfection! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: the exciting business model I helped Sade create + Sade's big heart! My experience with Lara went beyond anything that I expected. I am blown away by the end result! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Amber is a born leader. I loved working with her to create a business model that could GROW! Lara's knowledge and expertise has helped my business grow leaps and bounds. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Rhi took everything to the next level - from her visuals to new services and office hours. Hey gorgeous, indeed! Thank you giving me so many valuable tools to succeed. For being friends. I love you guys. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Mary and Jamie are seasoned pros and I loved getting to see their passion come alive! New brand coming soon! I have been in the photographic industry for almost 20 years and Lara is truly one of the most incredibly women I have ever met. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Hilary's creative genius and her warm spirit. Her new brand is the perfect fit! We embarked on a journey together that would totally transform my life and my business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Annie and Toby's hearts for family and God and capturing priceless memories. New brand and site coming very soon!
  • I LOVE: Kristen became a dear friend in working with her. She is a brilliant photographer and creative. From the notes and emails of encouragement along the way - Lara truly brings out the best in everyone around her. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Hansel Dobbs now has it all – keen attention to the client experience + off-the-charts incredible imagery! The client experience, advice, and help provided throughout my time with Making Brands Happen was just unreal. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Laura's heart for God and helping her clients be good stewards of their blessings inspires me so much! Thank you for your willingness to pursue your dreams- it’s enabled & inspired me to go after mine. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Danny is a family man with a keep eye for design and imagery. I love his big heart and passion! Lara and Emily were amazing at designing an identity that truly reflects me! They hit it out of the park in the first round. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Caitlin wanted more for her life and I loved watching her make it happen! I love you, C! The greatest lesson I've learned from Lara is that I'm worth all of my dreams and then some. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Michelle exploded onto the wedding world with this new brand! Without Lara, there is no way on this earth that my company would exist today. Working with Lara is the easiest most rewarding decision I'm made for myself and for my business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Watching Cyn change from first meeting her at MTH has been incredible! g! When I think about Lara Casey I feel thankful, so very thankful our paths crossed two years ago. Lara is 100% invested in her clients' success. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: This AMAZING couple inspires people all over the globe to make life happen! Love them! We are so grateful for the encouragement, the love, and the incredible talent that Lara and her team have shared with us! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Their hearts for God and how they inspired ME through the branding process! Love these two! L + E have guided us to a brand that is truly authentic. The collateral and new websites are AMAZING, but it is the FEELING of the brand that is worth the price of admission 100 times over! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Courtney's creativity and passionate warm heart! From my first day attending Lara’s branding conference I knew that stumbling across her on the web one day was supposed to change my life. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Prudence. A lot. She is one of the kindest people I know and helping her create her brand new company was a thrill! With Lara's support, I was able to watch my dream come true - Thank you! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Christi not only emerged with a stunning new brand but a new confidence. Having Lara was the probing questions as I entered into this process really made me get to the core of who I am. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Stacie is not only an incredible event producer, but she is an inspiring leader and mama. It has been a joy to not only call her a friend but have worked closely with her in Making Brands Happen, Making Things Happen, and The Stationary Academy. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Kathy made her dreams happen! All of them! Working with {Lara} was a true gift that not only changed my business it also illuminated my soul. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Working with Mandy changed my life. I look up to her so much as a mama and her writing always pulls at my heartstrings.
  • I LOVE: Nancy's commitment to her organic products and her love for her family inspired me so much in the branding process. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Yvette's very big heart. She transformed into a new woman through the branding process. Such an inspiration! My business and life are forever changed. Life truly is GOOD! I am over the moon in delight! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Valerie is a leader! Working with her to build new brand strategy and powerful confidence was so rewarding! These ladies have pushed me past my comfort zone, cheering me on along the way, and persisted in helping me reach my greatest potential. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Sean's Southern graciousness combined with NY sophistication. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Kim's passion and commitment to her family! Lara and Emily dig deep with you to define a brand that is an authentic representation of you and your business. I can’t thank them enough!! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Kara's journey during branding was from photographer to confident mama and artist. So inspiring! Kara's heart for what matters makes me so grateful Giving up the reins to my “branding” was the best decision I ever made for my business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Transforming Lucy from Amare Designs to a brand that really speaks her heart! Thank you Lara, Emily, Marissa and Nicole who guided me through the development of my brand. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: I love Camille's authenticity and warmth that shows in all of her work! Together, we have created a solid, authentic, polished brand that will allow me to give my clients a spectacular experience. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Brit's commitment to her core inspires me! I loved every second about MBH. The design part. The exploratory part. The consulting part. Every piece and the process really got me excited and helped me to identify every aspect of my business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Leslie and Dusty inspired my heart to celebrate laughter, family and all the blessings of life! This experience was incredible and life-changing. You helped us to stop and think and do the necessary steps toward building a solid business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Featured in Inc., Fast Company, the NY Times and countless leading publications, Phyllis Cheung is a wedding industry dynamo. Lara and Emily truly understand branding and the power behind GREAT branding. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Kelly Hornberger Photography has re-emerged onto the wedding photography scene with a whole new fire and drive! Lara & Emily were totally open and honest with me, and the constructive criticism they gave was VITAL. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: A true innovator in wedding accessories, Amanda came to us with a big vision and stunning products to back it up. Through talking with Lara, I was able to define the path to where we wanted the brand to go. I have a new sense of confidence. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Annena is one of those people you never forget. Her wise heart and warmth truly changed me in working with her. Her new brand is remarkable! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Erin is constantly raising the bar! Her brilliance is captivating! This experience has allowed me to bring my business to the next level. It has clarified my purpose and direction. For that I am so EXCITED!! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: From art to phenomenal photography to textile design, Emily is a powerhouse! To have someone like Lara, who comes from MUCH success, was fantastic for me. She see’s the big picture. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Kailey-Michelle poured her heart and soul into her new brand! Lara + Emily were a constant source of encouragement + wisdom- inspiring me each day, to be a more authentic and empowered version of myself. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Caroline's heart and soul goes into everything she does! My new brand makes me proud all the way down to my toes, and that feeling has transformed me and my business. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: After meeting Catherine at Making Things Happen Maui, we knew she had great things ahead of her! THANK YOU to Lara and Emily! Such wonderful people and I am so glad I had the chance to work with you on my new brand. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Geomyra changed my heart in getting to know her through MTH and MBH! Lara remains a great influence in my life as she continues to remind me through blog entries, tweets and updates to focus on what matters! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Shannon's faith changed me. Her passion for missions and relationships is remarkable! Lara, Emily, and Cathy – you are good women, and the Lord is using you so much in this industry. Thank you... DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Emily's intuitive heart and devotion to what matters in life. Building this brand and website with Lara and Emily helped me dream bigger dreams for my business than I ever thought possible. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Tanya is a radiant brilliant woman! I feel so much more confident now knowing that I have a new image and a solid identity. I feel like everything is moving in the right direction with a solid foundation. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: that Shannon exploded onto the wedding market as a brand new planner! Lara makes it impossible to not succeed. I’m smarter in every way, and have a very clear direction. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: that I had published an image from Jenna's wedding and now she is an amazing planner!
  • I LOVE: Carol is a force! Her creativity and passion for what she does makes my heart so happy. I loved helping her create the new CCC! Take a look at the new brand and I’m sure you’ll agree that MBH hit the ball out of the park! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: I have known Renee since Southern Weddings was born and watching her company grow has been truly spectacular! We are so excited about her new brand coming soon!
  • I LOVE: Daniel's transformation was remarkable and I love his big heart! Lara helped me define my brand and has guided the process of turning our vision into reality. I cannot say enough about how important her role has been and how grateful I am to have found her. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Alexandra is all heart! I loved working with her to transform BWed to the new HLW! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Lara and Emily gave me the wings I needed to fly! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Jules has a HUGE heart for service and blesses her clients with the same heart. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Ajja's heart is so joyful. It was a joy to work with her to create something truly unique to the culture of Hawaii that she loves so much. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Jeremy is one of those people who literally changes the world with his humble, visionary heart. I am so grateful for him. Lara Casey's a good friend and if you're into weddings, she's the person to follow. Do it! DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Lynn really came out of her shell with this new brand! I'm more confident than I've ever felt in my entire life and it's because of this journey, your guidance, and your advice that I've gotten here. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: The new Jennifer Chase is bold, brilliant and ready for adventure all over the globe! Lara and Emily saw the direction I was going in even before I was ready to go there. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Nancy radiates God's love and joy! I am so grateful for her! Lara guided me through the soul-searching and re-branding process. The wisdom that she has from her years spent in the luxury wedding industry was truly priceless. DETAILS
  • I LOVE: Jeremy's work blows me away and his heart is solid gold! It was truly an honor to work with him! Huge thanks to Lara Casey for all of her help! DETAILS