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Feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed in this second week of the year? This post is just for you! I’m finding so much freedom in breaking lots of “rules” this week, growing slow, and taking January to test the waters with my goals. Who made up the rule that we have to make perfect progress on our goals right from January 1st? Who says you can’t try different ways to cultivate your goals—or quit things that aren’t working? Who told us we have to follow a plan that fits in a box? Here’s the truth: there are a million ways to grow a garden, and everyone’s soil is completely unique! In the same way, how you cultivate your goals will be unique too.

make it happen book lara caseyThe last page of Make It Happen

But, if something isn’t working, or you aren’t feeling motivated with your goals, try one of these three things:

1. Push through and give it a fighting chance. I’m gonna pull some North Carolina history out on you: the Wright Brothers. They changed history through their persistence in failure. It takes time to move from what feels like hard work (which most things feel like when you are just starting them), to feeling like you’re in a groove.

2. Consider that your goal might need some changing. Is your goal rooted in what really matters? If not, it might be the reason you aren’t motivated! Don’t know for sure? Use these questions to help you.

3. Redirect! If an action step, routine, system, or something you are doing to cultivate your goals truly isn’t helping you, it might be an indication that you need to redirect! Try something else. It’s okay to jump ship on things that simply aren’t working.

(More in my weekly Facebook live here – mark your planner for next week’s at noon EST!)

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Here are ten more things to motivate you for the week ahead, helping you make little-by-little progress on what matters!

1. Make things happen. I’m putting this as number 1 because it’s big news for us around here! I’ve done the Making Things Happen conference 51 times over the last NINE YEARS (that blows me away). This experience continues to change as I do, and it just keeps getting better! So, here’s the news. We have done it twice-yearly here in Chapel Hill, NC, for the last few years, but 2017 is different. We decided yesterday that, for many reasons (including out 10th anniversary issue coming out that same month, 2018 PowerSheets launching, and me starting to homeschool Grace in the fall) we’re only doing it once in 2017–this March! It’s coming up fast, and I would love to have you there. If you’ve done the PowerSheets, or enjoyed the goal setting series, or my book, you will love “MTH,” as we call it! Spend two days with me and some seriously inspiring ladies, uncovering good goals, and making a solid action plan. This conference is unlike any other, which is probably why it’s been around for so long! It’s truly for anyone—mom, student, business owner, have goals, or have no idea what your goals are—who wants to take life to the next level. Have a leap of faith you’re considering? MTH is for you. The early-bird rate ends in a couple weeks (over $1000 off), and we do have payment plans available if you need one. This is your year!

2. Become a goal digger. This play on words always makes me giggle. When I was little, we often visited Las Vegas, but don’t get any casino pictures in your head—there was none of that. My dad’s parent’s lived there in the desert. We’d go to an old Western town when we visited, and they let you pan for gold. I loved exploring and sifting through the rocks with my little brother! But, I digress… this podcast is not about Western adventures, but about “Goal Setting for People Who Hate Goal Setting.” I hope it encourages you! Listen in.

3. Know that good things come from hard things. I shared some of our adoption story, and more about the hard season of wanting to quit my business, on the God Centered Mom podcast.

4. Kill comparison, and make real progress. So, this is a funny story. A loooong time ago, I bought a stuffed chicken (not the stuffed-with-spinach edible variety) for Grace from I was intrigued by the mission of this company, and one of it’s co-founders, Dale Partridge, was only 25 years old when they launched! He went on to great successes, including writing one of our favorite business books, People Over Profit. I was so grateful to chat with Dale last week on the StartupCamp podcast about how to kill comparison and make real progress.

5. Don’t wait. After selling out two weeks ago, and getting a flood of emails and requests, we opened pre-orders on Wednesday for a small batch of six-month undated PowerSheets. But, don’t wait till you get your set to dig into good goals! Start small or start big; just make sure you start somewhere. Good goals aren’t about having the right planner, or pens, or kicking off on January 1st. Good goals are about stewarding what you’ve been given well, and you don’t need any thing (or perfect timing) to do that! Yes, we want you to get your PowerSheets if you choose, but more importantly, we don’t want you to waste away these first six months by waiting! Today, tomorrow, or even February 1st could be your January 1st.

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6. Tend it to grow it. Here are my January goals above. This page was blank until a couple days ago, and for me, it was perfect timing! Like I said earlier, who made the rule that you have to follow a schedule to make what matters happen, or start right on the first day of the month? With all the loose ends that needed tying, and changes around here, I intentionally waited to set my January goals till now. I’m so grateful I did! One of the cornerstones of the PowerSheets is the monthly Tending List that allows you to break down your bigger goals. These are well-thought-out seeds I’m planting, and tending, little-by-little as I start this new year. (Apparently I love our new sticker book a whole lot!) Several people have asked me what “Cultivated Calendar” means. I have a post in the works about setting up an intentional yearly calendar. More to come!

7. Join me live on the 25th. I’ll be joining a great group of ladies for the Creative Hub Conference, and kicking this virtual conference off on January 25th at 5pm EST. (My dear friend Carrie was super kind to allow me to speak at 5 so I could still put the kids to bed!) This live online workshop goes from January 25-27th, with 14 other great speakers. If you want to learn more about goal setting, business strategies, blogging, and so much more than be sure to sign up.

8. Eat healthy in 2017. Here’s some serious advice about eating healthy from my favorite school principal, Gerry Brooks. And if you need some exercise motivation too, I’ve got you covered. You’re welcome. ; )

9. Tell me your story. One of my four goals is to live a year of radical gratitude and praise. The act of expressing gratitude invites contentment to take root. You guys. These stories you shared with me this week about what you are grateful for are so inspiring and motivating! Wow!

10. Take a step in a fresh, new direction. Haven’t started on your goals yet, or feel like you need some major motivation? Right now it the perfect time to start fresh. Here are my top 10 tips for getting started. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get extra motivated reading other people’s goals. I love this roundup on the new Cultivate What Matters blog!

Your turn! What motivates you? Do you have a goal you’re stuck on? Did one of these tips give you a boost? I’d love to hear from you!


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P.S. Texas friends, this is for you! I’ll be on Beacon Radio tomorrow (Saturday) between noon CST and 1pm! Listen in on (AM630 in South Texas). I loved chatting with host Steve Teel, and I especially love that the reason he reached out to me is that his young daughter uses PowerSheets! (Hi, Samantha!)

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Well friends, this is our last Little by Little date together for the year. It has been a year of perfectly imperfect little-by-little progress, and I’m so grateful. I’ve enjoyed these Friday posts with you! You can view them all here.


How are y’all? It has been a good week here. I spent the week writing my Goal Setting Series that starts on Monday, the kids were especially hilarious this week, and this morning we are picking up the RV (see my Instagram stories today for more!)! Since Christmas is this weekend, they wouldn’t let us pick it up any later than today. You guys. It’s large. 32 feet. We aren’t sure if it will clear the birch tree by our driveway, so we may have to park it at an RV friendly location (Walmart) till we leave next Tuesday.

Amber, who is a great friend and became my co-worker this year too (I am a lucky duck to work alongside her every day!), convinced me to do something extra fun on our RV adventure. On my birthday (next Tuesday), we’re going to be rolling down south from Chapel Hill to Pensacola, and I’ll be leaving boxes of PowerSheets and lots of goodies along the way. #PowerSheetsRoadTrip is on! Stay posted here for more on Tuesday, and for a peek into our holiday rig this morning!

Here are things to help you cultivate what matters, little by little, in the week ahead:

1. Try a social media free weekend. I’ve been doing this for six years now to be more present with my family, and I’ve never missed that time online. This is a great weekend to give it a whirl!

2. Dig into your PowerSheets to prepare for an intentional 2017. Order yours here if you haven’t already. (And join the private PowerSheets Facebook group!)

3. Join the list for monthly encouragement from me, and to be the first to know when my Goal Setting Series goes live on Monday! It will come right to your inbox.

4. Get inspired! I loved my interview with farmer-florist Erin Benzakein this week! I could have talked to her for hours. Thank you to the hundreds of friends who joined us.

5. Create a life-giving home. I just saw that my friend Sally’s book is almost 40% off today!

6. Get some good last-minute gift ideas. You’re welcome : )

7. Make it happen. If you haven’t read my first book, Make It Happen, now is a great time to begin. It was written for this season of reflecting and setting good goals. And I got an early present this morning in my inbox – my (second) book! As many of you dear friends know, it has been a long process full of imperfect progress. I finally turned in my finished manuscript a couple weeks ago, and my editor sent it back to me this morning with this generous encouragement: I know this was the most difficult and challenging book for you to live and to write but I truly believe that gold has come from the furnace. All praise to the Lord!

And three last pieces of encouragement for this special holiday we are celebrating this weekend…

8. Rest.

9. Rejoice.

10. A baby changed everything. 

Merry Christmas, friends! See you Monday for the 2017 Goal Setting Series!

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With all the forward focus on the year ahead, it’s easy to forget that 2016 isn’t over yet! There’s still time to finish this year strong, no matter how the other 350 days of the year have been. But, finishing strong to me doesn’t mean doing it all, or checking items off a to-do list. These words describe the kind of strength I want as I finish 2016. True strength doesn’t mean performing. I want to keep grace as my focus, knowing I don’t have to do it all, or do anything perfectly!

fullsizerender_1We love our Walk in Love T’s around here, and these seesters loooove each other.

Here are ten things to help you cultivate what matters, little by little, in the week ahead.

1. Listen in. If did two podcasts recently where I shared my story from this year and lots of practical advice and encouragement for hard seasons. You can listen to my interview on the Creative Empire Podcast here, and the God Centered Mom podcast here. Podcasts are a great way to make intentional use of holiday travel time.

2. Prepare well. A little forethought goes a long way. Emily, Nicole, and I shared all of our best PowerSheets and grace-filled goal setting tips this week to help you finish this year well, and prepare for the season ahead. Listen in for free here. So much good info!

3. Know that there is still time. It’s worth repeating to help it take root in our hearts: there’s still time to cultivate what matters in 2016, whether that means slowing down, changing your course, or doing something you’ve always wanted to do. My friend Nancy is most definitely making the most of these last few days of the year by tackling a big (meaningful) goal. Read all about it here.


4. Learn from wise women. One of my PowerSheets goals from 2015 was to have wise mentors in my life. Renee Swope has been a friend and mentor to me this year, and I asked her if she would share her wisdom with you too! Listen in to our live broadcast yesterday here. And be sure to register for the final Cultivate Interview of the year with farmer-florist and author, Erin Benzakein here. See you Wednesday a noon!

5. Grow together. I never imagined I would lead a team when I first started my business in 2004. I have learned so much (and have more learning to do). I turned the mic to the ladies I work alongside to share their best tips for growing a great team here.

6. Slow down time. This post (and the article Em mentions) has stayed with me for several weeks. A great read, especially this time of year as we begin reflecting on 2016 and find ourselves saying things like, “Where did all the time go?”

img_7259Grace and I made a whole lot of orange cranberry jam this weekend for holiday gifts!

7. Have an adventure. So, this doesn’t exactly count as one of my ten items for this post, but it’s my blog and I’ll break the rules if I want to! ; ) Traveling with two babies and a Gracie is logistically challenging for many reasons. We have gone to the grocery store together, and to church—that about sums up our family travel this year. But, we really want to bring the kids to my parent’s house in Florida for the holidays. Ari does not like flying, and I really love him, so flying is out. Instead, we’re renting an RV and driving to my parent’s house (13 hours) the week after Christmas. They don’t know this yet, so shhhhhh if you know my parents or my brother. Ari has to work on Christmas weekend, so we’re starting our trek on my 37th birthday – the 27th. It shall be a memorable birthday, no doubt! Anyone else driving a long distance to see family? Or have tips for RVing with babies?

8. Write and sticker your heart out. I remember how fearful we were to add color to the PowerSheets for the first time. We loved the idea of making goal setting, and life in general, more colorful and fun, but what would everyone else think? We did it anyway, and our PowerSheets workbooks (with corresponding stickers) have been a huge hit! The sold-out Cultivate What Matters pens are back in our new PowerSheets accessories bundle, which includes the Cultivate Sticker Book. (As of me typing this, there are only 77 bundles left.) Order today for holiday delivery… and make sure you read the next tip before you order. : )

9. Don’t miss number 9 here. I am so grateful for you, and our time here on this little blog!

fullsizerender_3A page from my PowerSheets above.

10. Goal get ‘em! Mark your planners—my sixth-annual Grace-filled Goal Setting Series (how has it been six years!?) starts on December 26th! I will be sharing my PowerSheets goal uncovering process (including the challenges from this year and what I learned from them), additional goal uncovering steps that have been helpful for me, my 2017 goals, and I’ll be inviting you to do the same! Get ready for lots of inspiration and, as usual, great giveaways along the way too!

Cultivating what matters alongside you–little by little,

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P.S. Inside the Life Handbook, as requested!

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Well, friends, it has been a long while since I did one of these Little by Little posts, and for good reasons. To cultivate what matters, we often have to let go of one thing to make room for another. I can’t do it all and do it well, but I can choose to focus on what God wants me to do in each season and circumstance. So, I let go of writing any words that weren’t being put in the pages of my book! : )


After two years, many life changes, and starting over completely once (see the story here), my manuscript for Cultivate is done. PRAISE HIM!!!! Y’all know this was quite a journey, but God’s timing is always perfect. I needed to live out this story in order to write the words He wanted me to write. I am grateful for having to start over and for all the imperfect progress along the way! Here’s a little update on the last few weeks, and a peek at my new book cover

Here are ten things to help you cultivate what matters in the week ahead!

1.  Don’t microwave your goals. Most of the world tries to fit 2017 Goal Setting into the few days between Christmas and New Year’s. But, we aren’t going to squish intentional planning into those sometimes-family-filled days. As I mentioned in my last post about the Cultivate Interviews, we’re excited to announce that our first-ever PowerSheets Prep Week is next week! Join us for a week of preparing for 2017 with our best practical tips each day (follow Cultivate What Matters on Instagram), and I’ll be doing a live 2017 PowerSheets webinar on Wednesday. Sign up for free here. If you can’t make it live, do not miss getting the recording to watch later. This will be a quick broadcast packed with all our best PowerSheets prep tips from the last four years! Register here.

2. Cultivate a life-giving home. I had the joy of chatting with Sally Clarkson yesterday about cultivating a life-giving home, how to weather challenging seasons, and so much more. Sally is a wealth of wisdom! Catch the replay for free here, and be sure to join for my live interview with Renee Swope next Thursday at 11am EST too. Register here.

3. Read meaningful (and fun!) words. It can be challenging to find compelling books for Grace’s age (she just turned five a couple weeks ago) that are rooted in Biblical truth, and also fun to read as an adult. Adam Raccoon has become a new family favorite! Highly recommend.

4. Cultivate a year of prayer and hospitality. I’ve got a stack of mail sitting on my desk from this last month of being sick, and locking myself in my office to finish the book. Two things I can’t wait to dig into: Val Marie Paper’s 2017 yearly prayer journal, and the new Welcome Home Guestbook.

5. Know that it’s not too late. It’s not too late to start meaningful holiday traditions with your family this year—it’s only December 9th. We keep it simple around here! We celebrate the holidays that Jesus celebrated, like the feast of Dedication, also known as Hanukkah. It’s an awesome time to remember God’s faithfulness. We also celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. But, we do the tree (or trees!) a little differently than most people.


We have a lot of fruit trees in our garden: two lemon, three orange, and two kumquat. In the winter, it gets too cold for the fruit trees to live inside, so we bring them into our house. There is no room for a traditional fir tree, and Josh and Sarah would end up eating it! So, instead of decorating a big Christmas tree, we decorate two of the smaller fruit trees that spend the winter on the dining room table.


This year, two new things we are loving are Star from Afar and the Archer Advent journal (a Gracie favorite). Let me tell you, I cried when I opened the Star from Afar set that my friend Natalie sent us. She included a dark-skinned angel to represent Sarah’s birthmother watching over us. It is so special. We’ve had so much fun placing the star in different spots, and even Ari took the lead last night and wanted to hide it! It has helped us tell the story of Jesus to Grace. This will definitely become a long-standing Isaacson tradition.

penultimatefullsizerenderFinding the star this morning!

What are your holiday traditions? Does the idea of starting new traditions overwhelm you/excite you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really enjoyed Emily’s post about this too.

6. Get still with God. Really. A personal holiday tradition is reading through the Amen Paper Company Advent Devotional. This was one of the most faith-centering things for me last year, and I’m grateful to be a part of this year’s devotional (day 8!) You can still get it as a digital PDF here, and it’s not too late to start.

7. Waste no time. Having sepsis was sobering for me in many ways. Among many things God taught me in that time was how my soul had become infected with an overload of junk too. So, I significantly cleared out my internet usage. I unsubscribed from all but three newsletters, installed Waste No Time and Newsfeed Eradicator (thank you, Diana, for telling me about this one!), and took a social media hiatus. Fasting from social media is always good for my soul. It helps me remember Whose voice I should be listening to. I’m grateful for the new freedom and joy I feel in these fresh boundaries!

8. Get your PowerSheets! Because people are often sad they miss the PowerSheets boat, I’m putting a reminder here for you! The last day to order PowerSheets for you or a loved one for Christmas delivery is next Thursday, December 15th.

img_6600My mom came to visit in November, and helped us plant our winter garden, including hundreds of pansies! : ) 

9. Shhhh…. this is a little surprise for you. We haven’t given a discount code for PowerSheets this year, but I am so grateful for the love and encouragement you all have given me. So, here’s a code for 15% off anything in the shop: THANKYOUFRIENDS. This code is only good till December 31st at midnight. We are getting close to sold out of the one year workbooks, and the six month undated sets will be back in stock in a couple weeks. Sticker books are also close to gone. Feel free to share this code privately with friends. A little inside info: our sold out pens are coming back next week in a special bundle! Stay tuned. Thank you so much again, friends. I am grateful for the last year here on the blog with you! *This code is only for new orders. I didn’t ask my team if I could do this discount code and I realllllly don’t want to create an email flood for Jess our customer service gal. So please know that this discount cannot be applied to orders placed previously. Thank you for honoring this special gift! If you already placed an order before seeing this, we are so grateful for your order and can’t wait for next week’s festivities with you! : )

fullsizerender_1-copyProof of God’s faithfulness above : ) I love her so much.

10. Raise your Ebenezer. These words from Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing have been ringing in my head and heart for the last four weeks:

Here I raise my Ebenezer
Hither by thy help I come

Here I raise my hands in praise–here by Your great help I’ve come, Lord! This year, our family, living out the pages that became a book, and so much more—all praise to God for His faithfulness.

Here’s to a great rest of 2016, knowing that we don’t have to be perfect because He is!

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We’re entering what we’ve historically called our “busy” season. On the calendar: my site re-launch in a few days, a conference in a week, another site launch that same week, all of our 2017 products launching the week after that, and a magazine coming out the week after that. (And my book manuscript is due in the middle of all of this.) But let me tell you something. Last December, in the thick of Busy Season 2015, we sat together as a team with our PowerSheets and dreamed about what it would be like to do this season differently. To do it well, from full wells. All year, we’ve fought to live out our Year of Well. Living intentionally can be a fight, can’t it? Because it sometimes means you choose to say no, and you choose to grow slow, and you decide that you’re going to do things differently than the rest of the world.

We’ve already faced some things that weren’t in our plans (like PowerSheets being printed incorrectly—not our fault—and having to get everything reprinted), and we’ve set some ambitious goals in launching a new site and completely new shop name and brand. We don’t have it all together, done, and ready to go yet.

But, I sit here and notice that I feel worlds different than I did this time last year. I learned through doing my PowerSheets last year that my worries are always fruitless. Worry was the number one thing I wasted time on. And here I am, writing to you a year later. Something has shifted. I keep landing on this fact: God does not call us to be a mess of stress; He calls us to peace and trust. And not for no reason. When you see someone at peace—truly at peace—in challenges, doesn’t that make you wonder where their peace is coming from?

img_5515Photo in my attic office with the “IsaacSonAndDaughters” by Olivia Wolf.

Yes, there’s a lot of work ahead. If you saw my Instagram story a couple days ago, you know my list is long. Yes, our plates are full. But, those plates are also far more balanced than they’ve literally ever been. We planted our Year of Well seeds a year ago, and they are beginning to sprout. The little by little progress, hard conversations, daily decisions, times we’ve fallen flat on our faces and gotten back up, and the many times we’ve decided to do things differently have started to be fruitful.

So, I’m re-titling this season, and not because it’s not a full season. This year, we’re stepping into Harvest Season 2016. Before you cringe, let me take this a level deeper. I do not love the word “harvest” many times. Outside of the farming metaphor, it can have a connotation of sitting at an abundant table and enjoying the fruits of your labor. That’s a small part of it, but to gardeners and farmers the harvest is hard work. My sweet potatoes don’t land on our plates after growing them; we get your hands dirty and dig them out of the ground. We sweat. We muscle into it.

Too many years in a row, I grew grew grew, and got so tired growing things that I didn’t have any time or energy left to get to the finish line. To the gathering at the table where we get to savor and share. I’ve had years where I planted too much, and my tomatoes shriveled up on the vine before I could get the them. Harvest Season 2016 is a season of working with full wells, gathering up what’s been grown by the grace of God, and sharing it with the world—with you. And when we get fall into the busy trap, and lose sight of the big picture, we’re gonna grab hands and get right back to the good work of the harvest together.

If you need someone to come alongside you too, or have no idea were to start in hushing the hustle, we’re going to finish this year well together friends. No perfection required. Remember: it’s in the imperfect mess of the dirt where good things grow, little by little.

img_5494 I’m making little by little progress on my pressed flower project from garden treasures in every season. I shared more about it here.

Here are this week’s 10 Things to Help You Make Progress on What Matters (In no particular order!)

1.  Tell someone they matter. Each week in our team meetings, we give what we call “Golden Eggs.” Our office mascot is Henrietta after all. Golden Eggs are words of encouragement given to the team member who did something you thought was remarkable that week. This has been transformative for our team—and for my life. I got several eggs in my basket last week, and it gave me courage to keep going, keep leading, and keep working hard for what matters. Words have power. Just take a look at what happened when these teachers told students how much they appreciated them.

2.  Overcome the hustle. My friend Jessica Turner from The Mom Creative is about to launch a new online course that I’m excited about! Stretched Too Thin: A 10-Day Course on Overcoming Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom will help you unpack your struggles and find practical advice to live with more fulfillment and intention. I was grateful to be asked to write a special bonus for the course about Fruitful Friendship. Get a peek and sign up here.

3. Own your accent. What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? This NY Times quiz was shockingly accurate for me. It put me on the map in Mobile, Alabama, which is 30 minutes away from where my parents live and where I grew up. Where did you land on the map? I can’t wait to hear your results!

4. Get after it. It’s not death that most people are afraid of, it’s not really living. Watch this. Oh so good. If you “kinda” want something, you’re going to “kinda” get results.

5. Goal get ‘em! On the last Friday of each month, we’re doing our PowerSheets live on Instagram stories for you. You can watch Jess, Amber, Laura, and me do ours here—tons of helpful tips in each video. And here are my October goals. The new 2017 PowerSheets will be open for pre-order in a couple weeks, on November 1st!

6. Stand alone, even when you think no one is watching. He stood alone, prayed, and… God sure did answer. I love what his mom said about imperfect motherhood.

7. Go on a date. Kirsten from Exit Event came to our office a couple weeks ago to interview me about our company culture. Required date nights? Yep.

8. Use your money for something really good. Rhiannon finished her time with us over the summer and started her Young Life ministry. As someone who spent more time with her than anyone over the last two years, I know for sure that God has equipped her to help high school students know God. I wish I would have met a Rhiannon when I was in high school : ) Please consider a monthly donation to her ministry. Your donations will help her continue to do what she’s been called to do.

9. Get unstuck and motivated. Every Wednesday, I’ll be live on Facebook doing Grace-Filled Goal Coaching. This last Wednesday was so much fun with many of you! Catch the replay and join in here. If you “like” the page, you can get notifications when I go live so you don’t miss it each week. We’ll pick up next Wednesday with more!

10. Tell me who you are. I get fired up knowing what makes other people fired up. That’s why I studied music theatre in college: I loved telling people’s stories. And it’s why I became a personal trainer after college: I wanted to help people live their stories well. I’d love to know who you are, or if we’ve met before what’s new in your life, or how you connected with me. Tell me here or in the comments below. I can’t wait to get to know who you are!

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P.S. Notice anything new here? : ) Um…. we finally have a mobile version (yes, I’m a little behind the times on updating my site)! Lots more updates happening behind the scenes, a new home page coming, and lots of surprises when my site officially re-launches next Thursday. I’m not planning a huge launch, but I will be telling you our new shop name and plans next Thursday too. I’m excited. It feels like finally coming home.

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