Sep 8, 2009


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I’m back!  I mean that in a big way.  4 days in this place did more for me than I thought it would.  Before I blog that (oh so much to tell you!), I’m clearing out my travels vault, one fab event at a time.  And FYI- they won’t be in order and I have a bunch to get through.  But, it’s alright.  No Problem.  Yeh mon. Hope you enjoy!  I’m starting with…. the Bridalbar Atlanta launch.  Katharine, Whitney and I had the pleasure of celebrating this glam launch in July.  What a stellar event.  My good friend, Harmony Walton, has taken the wedding market by storm with her boutique wedding vendor library concept, attracting celebs and debs alike.  Bridalbar‘s branding is perfect for the savvy Southern bride… it speaks to the modern sorority girl who wants the best of the best for her big day.  A few pics from our Atlanta adventures:


Our Labor of Love always hits the spot with their fantabulous Smilebooth.  I could spend hours playing in this thing!  … especially with a custom backdrop from Dolci Odille.  Above from left to right: the incredible Joy Thigpen, Kyle Barnes, Whitney from Our Labor of Love, Brittany, beautiful Jesse from Our Labor of Love, not sure (help me here!), me, stunning Harmony.


“Pink carpet” pics above from Our Labor of Love.  This was the first event I brought Katharine and Whitney to and we had a blast!


More Smilebooth fun.  Top pic left to right: good friend Meredith, me, Rebecca, Jesse, and my partner in networking crime, Jeremy Carter.  One of my favorite women in weddings, Eliana, joined is in the bottom left shot.


Jesse and I have decided to start a series of Smilebooth goodness.  They shot one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever done this year and Jesse and I have some fun shots with the little green elephant from that.  Love you Jesse!


Above: Kyle Barnes and Whitney hamming it up, Kyle with Katharine and Whit, Whit-Kath love, the pink ladies and I, and sleepy SW ladies.

Congrats Harmony, Rebecca and team on such a fab launch!

xo lc

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