May 13, 2020

The NEW Homeschool Planner Pre-Order is Here!

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I never thought I’d see the day, but suddenly, almost every one of my mama friends is in the same homeschool boat with me—at least temporarily! School closures due to COVID-19 have upended many-a-plan this spring and beyond. While I’d never wish these circumstances on any of us, it’s been a joy to field questions from friends and offer a few tips and suggestions from our last few years together at home.

Whether you’re leading your kiddos’ education at home temporarily for the first time or you’re a committed and experienced homeschool mom, I’m excited to share today’s announcement!

Yes, the Cultivated Homeschool Planner is back in the shop, along with our whole summer collection! While you can still download the digital version for free (here!), we’re thrilled to now give you the option to save on printing costs with a copy mailed to your door in the NEW print version!

Isn’t this year’s cover BEAUTIFUL!? I love it so much!

So many of you have asked if we were going to create another homeschool planner (you loved the first two versions!). More than that, though, you’ve asked if we would also make a printed version… and that day has come! Printing things at home or through a local printer works well sometimes, but for a large planner like this, it’s expensive to go the DIY route!

This pre-order is for the complete set of printed loose-leaf pages. Choose your favorite binder, and voila! You can organize the pages and sections however they work best for you and your students.

When I began our homeschool adventure, I needed a simple system to stay focused on our big picture goals while getting the day-to-day learning done, too. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by homeschool planning or, you’re unexpectedly a new homeschooling mama (!), this planner will bring clarity, focus, and ease to your days during this season.

Wishing you so much JOY as you grow the hearts you’ve been entrusted with and as you learn together!

Pre-order now and your printed planner pages will ship the week of June 8!

Your turn! Have tips or favorite resources for new homeschoolers? Share below!

P.S. Check out the NEW Girls Goal Planner (launching today!) and Write the Word for Kids. We use both in our homeschool and Grace loves them!

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