Mar 27, 2018

How To Get Unstuck in Times of Overload

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Spring is here, but maybe you’re not feeling so springy. Spring brings new growth and forward motion, but maybe you just want to put the brakes on and start fresh. (I’ve been feeling it, too!)

Maybe you’ve been feeling overloaded and stuck.

Stuck in the expectations of others.

Stuck under a mountain of to-dos.

Stuck knowing there has to be something more.

Photo by Gina Zeidler

I know this feeling well. And here’s where we cultivators get to flip the script! There’s no need for shame or guilt about being stuck or overwhelmed. It doesn’t mean you are flawed; it means you have an opportunity.

There are inevitable times of overload in our lives that are bound to creep up—times of change or transition or times where there’s simply too much to do and not enough time to do it (are you feeling that?). These are opportunities to shift. Opportunities to say yes to what matters, no to what doesn’t, and to let God do the heavy lifting.

The most powerful way that I get unstuck in these times is to do the complete opposite of what the rest of the world tells us to do (and the opposite of my natural instinct!):

Instead of working harder, I surrender.

Instead of trying to do it all, I do what matters and let go of the rest. 

Instead of relying on my own strength, I rely on His.

Sound impossible? I know how you feel!

Practically speaking, this means I do two things:

1. I pray. I simply ask God, “Will you help me to Your path for me? Help me get unstuck, Lord.” No fancy words or elaborate prayers needed. Just tell God how you are doing and where you need help.

2. I get right into the Word. Now, I know the Bible can feel overwhelming and you might be wanting to check out right now, but getting into the Word is a lot easier than we make it seem.

I prayed one morning for God to give me a simple way to connect with him, right in the thick of it, and He led me to write out the Word. It was hard for me to focus on even a few sentences of the Bible in times of overload, and I needed a way to put the train brakes on and slow down when the last thing I felt like I could do was slow down.

The Write the Word Journal was born out of my own personal need for perspective in the inevitable storms of life–to see them as refreshing showers instead of the downpours they felt like!

You can use your own paper to write the Word if you like too–no journal required. Just grab whatever paper is near you and give this a try!

There’s something that happens in our brains that travels right to our hearts when we write out the living Word of God. Again, use whatever paper you have for this if you want to give it a try.

(You’ll get a great list of scriptures to try in the comments at the end of this post!)

Each day in the Write the Word journal, there’s a selection of key verses to write out (the “write the Word” part!), along with space to write your thoughts, prayers, or anything else God places on your heart.

I’m sharing about the journals today because they have been a powerful tool in the lives of many of my friends and because they are finally all back in stock (SO many people have been waiting for this day!), and because we decided to put them on sale this week to help you get started writing the Word. (Read on for a discount code.)

I have loved seeing how you write the Word–and especially how you use the On My Heart pages. We have seen you use those pages to write out prayers, to journal daily thoughts, to get creative and illustrate your faith or dig deeper into the scripture you wrote out, to write notes to or about your children, and to give all of the distractions in your heart a place to become untangled.

Mostly, like me, you love soaking in the powerful truth of every bit of the Word you write out.

This allows me to slow down (it doesn’t take a vacation or a whole hour away–just a few minutes adds up!) and get unstuck. Every word of the Bible is powerful. Even writing one verse, something shifts in me. It’s like planting a seed. I think about the big picture instead of the day-to-day to-dos. I am reminded that I am not in control; He is. 

To my long-time Write the Word friends, have you ever flipped back through to see what prayers you were praying that have been answered? What things were laid on your heart then that have since come to fruition? I’d love to hear!

The Write the Word journals, and EVERYTHING in the shop, are 25% off from now until April 2nd–no code needed for the 25% off. If you spend $100 or more, use code HAPPYSPRING at checkout for free domestic shipping.

Here’s a peek at each journal and what’s inside:

Write the Word// Cultivate Faith contains a selection of scripture that is fundamental to faith, making this volume a perfect gift for someone who is new to their faith or looking to cultivate a fresh or renewed faith. If you are doing the journals in order, start here! This is by far our most popular journal and sells out quickly.

Write the Word// Cultivate Joy is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you delight in the goodness of God. Perhaps you’re in a season of craving fresh joy. This volume is full of scriptures to help you celebrate the joy that’s yours in your faith.

Write the Word// Cultivate Gratitude is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you grow in contentment through God’s promises and assurances to us. Full of scripture on thankfulness, this volume will help you get after grateful.

Write the Word// Cultivate Hope is filled with scriptures specifically selected to help you find God’s peace and assurance in seasons of waiting, challenge, or unknown.

Write the Word// Cultivate Renewal is filled with scriptures specifically selected for those who need a reminder of God’s promise to make all things new. Get still and reflect on His life-giving truth with this volume.

We designed these to be used as a full collection to take you through each season. Order your ALL SEASONS COLLECTION and get 25% off an already discounted full collection (no code needed)!


The Write the Word journals (and everything else in the shop!) are 25% off from now until April 2nd. Plus, use code HAPPYSPRING at checkout for free domestic shipping on orders over $100.

Write the Word is for everyone. It’s for the busy mom, wife, young professional, business owner, and student. It’s for the seasoned Bible-reader and for those opening their Bibles for the very first time.

Here are some thoughts from long-time Write the Word friends!

Suddenly my mornings involve scripture, reflection, and prayer…without any difficulty! I can fit this into any morning and the longer I keep the streak going of writing the Word, the more excited I get to dive even deeper and work through each different journal in my different seasons of life. – Kay

My family gathers around the table after dinner and we each get out our own Write the Word journal. When we are done we share our verses and talk with our kids about what these verses mean. – Meredith

The Write The Word journals have been such a blessing in my daily life. I can not imagine my day without them! – Rachel

Here’s to letting God turn our challenges into opportunities and to getting unstuck!

Your turn: I’d love to hear! What is your favorite verse in the Bible? Bonus points if you share why. These verses you share might be a great starting point to try writing out yourself!


  1. Cheri on March 28, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Wow, Lara… your words hit home (again). I didn’t set time aside the end of Feb to plot Mar. I ended up not tracking a. single. thing. beyond writing appointments down. I felt some guilt, but then I did what you mentioned… I surrendered to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen this month. Instead, I’ve spent time this morning jotting bullets of what did happen -now I can see WHY I didn’t track… I was TOO BUSY!!! job interviews, events with family/friends, doing our taxes (not finished yet, but I’m getting there), sending cards to friends, electrical and kitchen updates, prepping our garden, planting trees, hosting an open house on St Patrick’s Day, reading 4-5 books in addition to writing the Word using my chronological plan… whew! I’m shocked there was so much going on!!
    A verse that recently grabbed my attention: Gen 24:21-“The man (servant) watched her the whole time, SILENTLY WAITING TO LEARN WHETHER OR NOT THE LORD HAD MADE HIS ERRAND SUCCESSFUL.” Sometimes we do our part, and we don’t know whether things will work out. We have to silently wait to find out, not complaining that things are taking too long or feeling guilt that we didn’t do things exactly right. God was telling me this last week!!

  2. Mhay on March 28, 2018 at 9:20 am

    This is exactly the reminder I needed. I’ve been dealing with serious health issues that have been impacting in my making progress each month. It’s been difficult but truly prayer and allowing him to speak back to me through his word is the strength I need to keep going. Even if the going isn’t how I pictured. Patience and reliance on Him is key for me right now. Thank you for the beautiful reminder and Instagram post! Enjoy his awe-inspiring creations!

  3. Amanda Noel on April 1, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    Love this! And am ready to become more consistent with my write the word journals. The verse I’ve kept close to my heart is Ephesians 4:32 “and be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you.”

  4. Marie on April 3, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    My favorite Bible verse is actually the one you have at the bottom of your homepage, 1 John 4:18…I first heard it with this translation: “Perfect love casts out fear.” I love it because I am a naturally fearful person, and this verse lets me know how powerful the love of God is, for us and through us. This verse has allowed me to take steps forward in my life.
    I also love Judges 6:24: “So Gideon built and altar to the Lord there and called it ‘the Lord is peace.'”
    AND I love Baruch 3:34-35: “The stars shine joyfully at their posts… they shine to delight their creator.”

  5. Melissa Randall on April 5, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Ecclesiastes reminding me that there is a season for everything & that God makes everything beautiful in its time gives me so much freedom during this season as a new, SAHM with an infant. I tend to want to do and be all the things, all the time, to all the people. But God gives us freedom from that. I cannot, and should not, be all the things to all the people all the time. Only God can do that!

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