Jun 6, 2019

Cultivate Your Life Podcast Episode 018: 3 Steps To Make The Rest Of 2019 Count – No Matter How It Started


Well—2019 is almost halfway over.

This year has not gone like you thought it would.
Time feels like it’s flying.
You feel like it’s too late to make progress on anything this year.
You started all wrong, you’ve gone from feeling behind to feeling like the year is over.
You feel like you’ve failed.

But, this year isn’t over—not even close! In today’s episode, I’ll walk you through three steps to make the rest of 2019 count, no matter how it started. (Whew!) You’re going to hear from women just like you who are struggling with their goals, and you’ll learn how to break free. We’re going to finish this year strong together—with joy! Let’s talk!


In this episode:
—I start by giving you an update on my own 2019 goals—which ones I’ve made progress on and which ones I’ve tweaked.
—I tell you my Enneagram Type and how it relates to Mid-Year Goals Prep Week (this week!). I tell you about some of the (many!) important things I have started on days other than January 1st.
—I walk you through three simple steps to finish this year well, having made progress on what matters most to you.
—Then, I put my Goal Coach hat on and troubleshoot the issues YOU’VE told us you’re having with your goals at this point in the year. I give specific solutions to help you move forward!
—I end by giving you four simple goal setting hacks I use to make little-by-little progress. I think one of them will work for you, too!
—You’ll end the episode believing what I know to be true: what matters far more than how you started this year is how you finish it, and you can finish it well.

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!

— It’s Mid-Year Goals Prep Week! We love a fresh start around here. Follow along on Cultivate’s Instagram and blog!
— When you write your goals down, you’re statistically more likely to get results! I use my PowerSheets goal planner to set and achieve my goals—the things that really matter to me. Buy yours now at a 30% discount! (They won’t last long at this rate!)
— I taught a live class this week for Mid-Year Goals Prep Week, and you all were on fire in the comments! Watch the replay!
— Here are the four 2019 goals I laid out in January. I’ve made little-by-little progress on all of them!
— I’ve been loving the comment function on YouVersion’s app – makes it fun to read along with friends!
— Doing Write the Word at night has been a game-changer for me, and so was the Fresh Faith Challenge we ran in January. (More WTW journals coming soon—text CULTIVATEFAITH to 55222 for sneak peeks!)
— I use my phone’s Notes app to add scripture that relates to my goals throughout the year.
— Ari and I read God and Money to align on our No Spend Year goal before setting our budget with YNAB.
— I also did Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge for the first three months of the year and opened an Acorns account!
— In homeschool, Grace has been loving Math-U-See, and we’ve all been loving the garden, as we chatted about in Episode 017.

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