Phew! It’s been an insane day full of … oh, you don’t really want to hear what I did today.  Y’all are busy too!  I’m writing this post a mile a minute, so ignore the typos.  Thanks. There are sparks flying from my desk tonight and I am, to say the least… FIRED UP! (more…)

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Thinking back on all the things I’ve done over the last year, I keep asking myself, “How do I know when to trust my gut and ACT?” Why do some risks make me experience failure in order to grow and other risks immediately sprout wings? Believe it or not, (more…)

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I’m warning you that I am not editing this post.  I usually have Emily, Katharine or Ari proof for me, but I just need to get this out tonight.  And I sure did have a completely different post planned for today, but this just couldn’t wait! (more…)

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2009 was the year that everything changed.  I learned how far I can push myself, my capacity for love, and that I have a choice every day to make good things happen.  Looking back, I cannot believe how much has happened. I had a mild panic attack (more…)

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