May 5, 2021

April Progress and May PowerSheets Goals

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The month of May, the merry month of May,
So long awaited, and so quickly past.
The winter’s over, and it’s time to play.

– Thomas Dekker, 1632

This is the month! We get to watch the garden come alive, and it’s such a thrill. My peonies have put on a show and the kids have loved watching the tomatoes, corn, peaches, and lots of other garden treasures grow. What a season!

A quick review of April:

April Monthly Goals:
Plant the gardens – plural!
Have a cup of tea – A nudge to slow down and enjoy a literal cup of tea, but also to savor this time in life with Ari and our kids. My literal favorite cup of tea is Tick Tock Herbal Earl Grey – such a treat for someone who doesn’t like caffeine!
Write to Him – Use the gift of writing to connect with the Lord and glorify Him. Grace and I have been journaling together each night and it has been the sweetest time. She writes out what she did that day and I fill a whole page with things I’m praising the Lord for from the day. It has been helpful on challenging days, especially—there is always good when we stop to take notice. The best part of this time, though, is discovering the surprises we’ve left for each other. We sneak the other person’s journal away during the day to write a little love note. 🙂
Open space for the Spirit – Create more margin than I am comfortable with to be able to listen to the Lord and follow His nudges.

April Weekly Goals:
Homeschool with connection
Practice contemplative prayer. I downloaded a great app for this.

April Daily Goals:
Bible reading
Quiet time in the Word – I’m enjoying the Bible my friend Ruth sent to me with her artwork on the cover!
Write the Word – with Grace! She is LOVING our new Write the Word for Kids | Adventure journal. And I’m so proud of her – this volume was her idea! She also helped our designer create it with her expert 9-year-old input 🙂 i.e. “More butterflies, please!”
— Run! – These last two took an interesting turn this week with a visit to the ER, but all is well. I’m having a procedure done on my neck tomorrow that will, Lord willing, bring relief!
— Neck exercises

Onto May! Here’s what’s on my Tending List for the month ahead—all action steps from my 2021 goals.

There are some seasons of life that are extra full and this is one of them for me. As such, my Tending List is focused on the essentials. Whether it’s a season of transition or a time you need to get serious about a specific goal or habit, it’s okay to leave generous space on your Tending List. All you need to see is what’s most important. I’m excited!

May Monthly Goals:
— Plant seeds of faith in our children
— Enjoy the garden

May Weekly Goals:
— Shabbat

May Daily Goals:
— Bible reading

Your turn! I’d love to hear what is on your Tending List this month. Share in the comments below!

P.S. We’re hiring a part-time caregiver. Know anyone who might be a great fit for this special role? Please pass this along!

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  1. Abby on May 5, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    Praying your procedure goes well and that you will feel some relief!

    • Lara on May 5, 2021 at 2:20 pm

      That is so kind and generous, Abby – thank you so much!

  2. Brianna on May 7, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    It’s always such a joy to see your garden blooming each year on social media! I’m sure it’s a blessing this year.

    My current season is crazy so my goals are simple! Just had twins and have a just-turned-two year old at home. 😅
    Daily goals:
    -It’s been hard to stay in the Word, so I’m trying out the Dwell app to listen to scripture.
    -Complete my PT exercises to heal my severe diastasis recti from pregnancy.

    • Lara on May 10, 2021 at 10:25 am

      Grateful for your encouragement, Brianna! And congrats on your twins! P.S. I LOVE the Dwell app – just listened to it this morning.

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