Updated in 2014 to add: Welcome, Make It Happen book readers! A note before you read this older post. God has given me much clarity since I wrote this. I don’t believe everything below anymore. There is a lot of truth here, but my faith has grown since this was written. It’s honestly hard for me to read this post because I hear a different me before God got a hold of my heart : )


There are two rules to this post:  1.  you need a pen and paper, and  2. put on some great music.  Rule number 1 is because this post is interactive.  Don’t read any further if you’re not up for the challenge.  Rule number 2 is because you only live once.  You might as well enjoy it!


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I had an interesting conversation with Jeremy Cowart and Caroline from Paloma’s Nest at our launch party dinner this past Friday about checking email first thing in the morning. It really got me thinking about how much work rules my life and how hard it is to find (more…)

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We’re back with a brand new Branding Beauty, and this time around it’s Caroline Colom Vasquez of Paloma’s Nest.  Unlike our last two, shall we say, branding sleeper hits (Lisa Lefkowitz and XOElle), Paloma’s Nest is almost as famous for (more…)

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