We’re back with a brand new Branding Beauty, and this time around it’s Caroline Colom Vasquez of Paloma’s Nest.  Unlike our last two, shall we say, branding sleeper hits (Lisa Lefkowitz and XOElle), Paloma’s Nest is almost as famous for its beautiful branding as it is for its beautiful products.  It was truly a delight to read through Caroline’s interview, and I think when you do, you’ll agree with me that the amount of love and thought she puts into her business is inspiring.  Without further ado…


Please describe the different elements of your branding.

Paloma’s Nest creates Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms.  Our pieces are made of the highest quality natural materials available, and are designed in a timeless, pure style.  We do this to ensure that the pieces will last and be enjoyed for several generations.  In our packaging and branding, we incorporate this same philosophy.

Natural materials and a simple color palette, both of which mimic and share qualities of the product collection itself, are used throughout all of our branding.  Our signature kraft boxes are hand stamped with our logo and filled with a hand formed “nest” in which the product perches.  Some designs are wrapped in natural cotton bags, and others in translucent vellum envelopes (made of 100% recycled materials).  Every package is tied with beautiful cotton cord, a shimmery gold thread, or a chunky natural ribbon.  In both our products and our packaging, we try to allow the natural characteristics and beauty of the materials to shine through, while also holding strong to our commitment to Heirloom Quality.


What inspired your branding’s design elements, look, and feel?

The company name, Paloma’s Nest, is the source of inspiration for most all that we do.  The origin of the name is a whole other story, but was chosen on a whim (and named after our daughter) and it stuck!  It was only later that we realized with much relief and delight how perfectly the name matched the collection and product line.  A “paloma,” which means “dove” in Spanish, is such a powerful symbol of peace, tranquility, hope, rarity, treasure… all elements that we hope come through in the products themselves.  We are also inspired by how the most simple of materials and designs can be the most bold and elegant.  We selectively edit in all that we do so that there is a small hint of timeless elegance in every piece and every package–without it being overpowering.

Do you keep your company’s “look” cohesive across multiple branding platforms (i.e. your website, store, blog, business cards, stationery, collateral sent with purchases)?  Why or why not, and how?

Paloma’s Nest has a very cohesive look across all of the branding platforms we use, and feel this has been one of the keys to our success.  From the very early days of the business, we have always aimed for consistency in our photographs and collateral.  When the business began growing rapidly, we luckily had already established our brand.  As our images spread throughout the internet and in print, they (and the products featured in them) quickly became recognizable as belonging to Paloma’s Nest.  This has been so valuable in establishing the company as the “creator of the original Ring Bearer Bowl(TM)” and our collection of Modern Heirlooms–all of which bear our signature style.


What is your favorite part of your branding?  What part would you most like to change?

I love to challenge myself when creating new packaging or collateral.  How can we push our concepts further?  How can we introduce a new material and make it cohesive with what we already have?  Marketing and branding are two of my favorite parts of being a businesswoman.

We have some big surprises in store for the New Year which include some significant changes to our packaging.  Our goal with these changes is to take our packaging from being “temporary” wrapping to something that is a more permanent “home” for your Modern Heirloom piece — that the packaging will be saved along with the piece as it is passed on to future generations, not only to protect the piece for years to come, but to also help create a living history of the origin of the artwork.

What advice would you give to another wedding professional looking to improve their branding experience?

Be sure that the materials you use reflect who you are or what your company offers.  A while back, I created my own personal “branding board” — an inspiration board of sorts, that I share with graphic designers, web designers, or anyone with whom I am collaborating with on a business project.  This ensures that your team of professionals will share your vision for your branding, and that what they create for your business will reflect the marketing you already have in place.

You can make your own “branding board” by simply gathering up the collateral you already have in use — your business card, letter head, gift packaging, etc.  Step back and take a look.  If something is out of place, chances are it is not reflecting your brand the way it should be.  Pay attention to the details, too.  If you use low-quality images or paper, or a ribbon that is not the perfect color, realize the huge impact that these over-looked details can have on your brand; even if they seem like small things, they have the power to tell your audience so much about who you are as a company.

Thank you, Caroline!Once again you’ve proven you are even more lovely than your branding.  Look for more from Paloma’s Nest in the November issue of Southern Weddings, coming to a newsstand near you on November 10! (and we can’t wait to finally meet her in person this weekend at our launch party!) A little sneak peek of Paloma’s Nest in SW


For even more Paloma’s Nest goodness, you can visit Caroline’s site here, her shop here, and her Twitter here.

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    Very cohesive and beautiful brand. I am dying for a Paloma’s nest piece. I love the modern, organic earthiness of the brand. Well-Executed!

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