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We knew you would be excited about the 2020 PowerSheets Collection. We didn’t know you would be this excited! It shouldn’t surprise us, though: all 15 of the new products were made by you and for you.

More than any collection we’ve created in years prior, the 2020 Collection was crafted with research and excellence from your stories and insight. From focus groups to surveys to reading your many stories of progress and transformation (you are so generous to share with us!)—you provided the very best ideas for new products and we made them happen for you!

Shop the 2020 Collection now and get your PowerSheets Goal Planner in a bundle before they sell out!

I thought it might be fun to share 5 favorite new products I’ll be using from the Collection. It was hard to choose just 5 out of the 15 because I’ll be using all of them—but here are a few highlights!

2020 PowerSheets! ($60 in Blooms, Pink Linen, Teal Linen, and Confetti) Of course, I had to include PowerSheets! Finally achieve your goals with the best-selling PowerSheets®️ One-Year Intentional Goal Planner. The most popular and results-backed goal planner, eight years running. I chose the Blooms cover this year!

Made for you—students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, love-at-home moms! Thousands of women all over the world have found success with our simple, proven 3-step process.

Read more about the magic inside here! I’m most excited for the new section on simplifying your goals and your year.

The Accessory Pouch | ($18 in Blooms, Green, and Teal!) Your favorite accessory pouch is back and even better in 3 new designs and a larger size. You can see a few of my favorite ways to use them here, but I’m most excited about using them with my kids as busy bags at church! I’m using the Green Accessory Pouch alongside my PowerSheets.

My choices above alongside my 2020 prayer journal.

The Legacy Journal ($18 in Chambray, Pool, and Peach) | The extra-special journal you’ve been looking for! These high-quality linen journals can be used to capture milestones, write letters to a loved one, and more—I’ll be using the Chambray journal for recording memories throughout the year.

The Gift Wrap Book ($24) | No more wrinkled gift wrap rolls! This was a user request and I’m so excited we’re offering it in the Collection! It includes 4 beautiful designs, 12 fold-out sheets, and 12 perforated gold foil gift tags to match. I’ll be using this for Christmas gifts as well as gifts throughout the year for friends—the patterns are festive enough for the holidays, but work year-round, too!

The Goal Display Card Set ($10) | Out of sight, out of mind—not anymore! Display your goals on 12 gold foil cards where you can see them and make progress every day. I’ll be using a card to write out my 2020 goals each quarter (as I refresh them with my PowerSheets) and hanging them near my desk.

The Goal Setting Sticker Book ($15) + Faith Sticker Book ($14) | These sticker books are a best selling favorite that we’re thrilled to offer again this year (with updated stickers!). I use mine in my PowerSheets, with my kids, in my Write the Word journals, and even to spread some happiness on envelopes I send to the IRS 🙂

Your turn! What do you love most from the new collection? 2020 is going to be your best year yet! You inspired this Collection, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.

Shop the 2020 Collection now!

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… and all through the Cultivate office, the ladies were stirring getting ready for the day!


See you at 10 am ET at for the best PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner Launch Day ever!

Sweet dreams,

Team Cultivate

P.S. Tell your friends: happy shopping starts tomorrow at 10 am ET! See the new Collection Guide for the best deals!

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October 1st is days away!

You may be tempted to wake up that morning and think:
How is it October already?!
The holidays are here.
Merry Christmas!

Whoa, Nelly.

There are still over 90 days left in this year. A lot can happen in 90 days. No matter how your year has gone so far, that’s a whole lot of life to live—and plenty of time to finish the year well. In the next 90 days, with small but mighty steps forward, you can cultivate what matters.

I’ll be right there with you doing the same, little by little, day by day—no perfect progress required.

Dahlias in the mountains!

September was a turning point for me and our family. I knew it was going to be a month of craziness between our house flooding repairs (still not done!), unexpectedly not having childcare for the month and having to somehow keep our business running, too, staging and selling a house in the middle of this, and my plans generally not going as planned. Guys. God moved in such big ways! What I thought was going to be a month of overwhelm (I had my moments!) was an unexpected blessing. I loved my time with the kiddos, the business didn’t fall apart, our marriage stayed strong in prayer, the house sold quickly, we signed on the dotted line for our new office that’s under construction as I type this, and we’re all still camped out sleeping in one room and grateful for it. More on my September PowerSheets goals and what I learned below.

September Monthly Goals:
— Ask God to prioritize my days. / I took every day this month hour-by-hour. I relied on Him more. Generous friends came to the rescue on many occasions. God always provides the next best steps.
— Do what’s most important in the big picture. / Same as above—yes!
— Finish the BOOK / Yes! I submitted the first draft of the manuscript, written in the parking lot while I waited on Grace during jump rope practice. Praise the Lord. So excited for this!
— Delight in the Lord. / There was a lot of crying out to Him and delighting in His power in my weakness.
— Enjoy the best month in the garden. / I picked the flowers we do have an put them in little vases all over the house. It has been sweet to savor these few blooms.

September Weekly Goals:
— Cultivated homeschool begins / PRAISE THE LORD for a truly wonderful start! Download the Cultivated Homeschool Planner here for free.
— Pray over the 2020 PowerSheets / Yes! Thanks to my mother-in-law coming to be with the kiddos for a few days (bless her!), I was able to go to our team summit in the mountains where we prayed over all the 2020 PowerSheets together.

September Daily Goals: / Progress on all of them below!
— Bible reading each morning
— Run!
— Re-creation

Don’t miss these from September:
—Come work with me every day in Chapel Hill! I’m hiring a full-time Admin and Ministry Assistant.
— You are so excited about the 2020 PowerSheets Cover Reveal and we are excited for you!
— Get on the waitlist for Cultivate Your Year Live (SOLD OUT)
—Did you see the list of interviews I think you’d love?

On to October! You know the phrase, “Don’t fix what ain’t broke?” September was such a great month of perspective in hard things and I’m keeping most of my goals going for October.

October is going to be a fun month! The 2020 PowerSheets Collection launches on October 16th and the podcast is finally back next week (I can’t wait to chat with you again—text CULTIVATE to 81787 to get all the podcast updates!).

Ready for October with my PowerSheets Tending List.

October Monthly Goals:
—Ask God to prioritize my days
—Do what’s most important in the big picture
—Delight in the Lord
—Hire a full-time Admin and Ministry Assistant
—Put our home back together anew (next week all of the floors downstairs are being torn out and replaced from the flooding, so I’m using this as an opportunity to get rid of things and make our spaces more meaningful with less)

October Weekly Goals:
—Be there (I’ve loved doing drop off and pick up and carpool and taking Grace to jump rope practice this month. Keeping that going for the long haul so I can be there more for them in those seemingly small moments.)

October Daily Goals:
—Bible reading each morning
—Re-creation with the kids (lots of fall fun ahead in October!)
—Pray over our children

My sweet buddy helped me take these fun photos : )

Your turn! Do you have goals for October? Comment below and I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters Shop! I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! 

P.S.  Mark your planner for the 2020 PowerSheets Collection Launch on October 16 at 10 am. I can’t wait to get these new products in your hands!

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I love making the Cultivate Your Life podcast for you (the podcast break has been so refreshing. I can’t wait to get back SOON with the new content we have planned for you!)—and I love having meaningful conversations elsewhere, too!

Here are some features and interviews I’ve been grateful to do that may encourage you!

Why Goal-Setting Should Just Happen on New Years with Fast Company
Cover Story on Chapel Hill Magazine
The Journey of Launching a Physical Product with Amy Porterfield
How to Set Goals as a Christian on
Finding Your Purpose on the Business Boutique with Christie Wright
All About Goal Setting on the Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher
Dreams, Goals, and Slowing Down on the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
Girl Boss Chat with Chrystal Evans Hurst
In A Season Of Waiting on Don’t Mom Alone
Devotionals with Proverbs 31 one + two
God Didn’t Design Us for Busy on Christianity Today Magazine
How to Set and Keep Goals That May Change on Girls Night
Working With a Team of Women with Sally Clarkson
How to Flourish as a Parent on At Home with Friends
Embrace the Season You’re In on The Living Room
How to Cultivate What Matters in Issue 14 of Belong Magazine
Balancing Business and Family with Ali Worthington
The journey of Southern Weddings on The EveryGirl
Living With Kids on Design Mom
Marriage and Taking Risks on The Lively Show
The Secret to Staying Motivated on Your Goals on HuffPost
Dear Nannies of the World on HuffPost

Choosing Purpose Over Perfect with Your Virtual Upline
How to Do All Those Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do on Don’t Keep Your Day Job
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How to Set Goals that Motivate You to Take Action on She Did it Her Way
Cultivate What Matters with Denise Pass
Cultivating Your Team Culture on Little Black Desk Society
Planning An Intentional Life with Adam Mason
How To Kill Comparison And Enjoy Who You Are on Startup Camp with Dale Partridge

Want to interview me on your podcast or in other media?

I’d be delighted to chat with you! Simply fill out this form and Marissa will get right back to you!

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Feeling SO READY for the new month ahead?

I’m right there with you—my plans didn’t go as planned in August!

You’re ready for a new month of fresh routines.
A month of getting the best things done.
A month of crisp air and being re-energized.
A month of intentional decisions.
A month of soul rest.
A month of savoring.

“Savor” means to enjoy something completely. Fully. All-in. This month, let’s do that. Let’s savor the little things that add up to our lives!

We hiked in Tennessee and NC with the kids in August and it was awesome! More in my Instagram highlights!

A quick progress update on my August PowerSheets goals and what I learned is below. I hope this encourages you to celebrate even the tiny victories!

My August PowerSheets progress!

August Monthly Goals:
— Do the Fresh Faith Challenge. / Our house sort of fell apart in August (exploding water heater flooded the kids’ room and our living room so the kids are all sleeping with us right now) and I count these 6 days of Writing the Word as a big win! I did it under the covers with soft light so I wouldn’t wake everyone at night. 🙂
Number my days and gain a heart of wisdom. / Yes, the Lord did this for me. Through Eva and several family members having major health issues, I have been constantly reminded that this life is a GIFT and I want to live it with all of me for the glory of the Lord!
— Prepare for fall homeschool. / YES! I LOVE MY HOMESCHOOL PLANNER! Get it for free here.
— Finish the first draft of the book. / Yes! The first draft has been submitted for feedback to my editor! Yippee!
— Take a month of rest from the podcast. Hear that story here. / Yes, and taking most of September off, too. The next episode will be live for you on September 25th!
— Teach the “How to Cultivate Your Calendar” class with Shunta. / This was so much fun. You can catch the replay here.

August Weekly Goals:
— Prepare for Q4 / Yes! 2020 PowerSheets are coming October 16th!
— Enjoy the garden right where I am (listen in here for more!)
— Delight in our home. / Yes – from music to an abundance of library trips that have filled the house with books, there has been lots of delight in our house.

We visited my parents last week—special time to remember to number our days.

August Daily Goals: / Progress on all of them below!
— Cultivate my days
— Bible reading
— Run! Praise!
— Write the Word

Don’t miss these from August:
—There are only 25 tickets left for Cultivate Your Year Live!
—Enter the End of Summer Giveaway–it’s so good!
—Get back to what matters this coming season with us—this bundle is going fast.
Learn 3 ways to cultivate your calendar with my dear friend Shunta Grant.
Have you ever made plans—and they didn’t go as planned? Listen in to my story here and get 3 steps to move past frustration and disappointment. A must-listen (and my last podcast episode for a few weeks—you’ll get that story in this episode, too!).

On to September! Long story, but I unexpectedly have no childcare for most of September. I’m excited for this time with them and also excited to be the most efficient with work I’ve ever been. I’m not sure how it’s all going to work yet, but little by little, the best things will get done!

My goals in September are simple and purposeful—and more big-picture so I can be flexible in how I tackle them with the time I’m given.


September Monthly Goals:
— (In light of what I shared above…) Ask God to prioritize my days
— Do what’s most important in the big picture
— Finish the BOOK
— Delight in the Lord
— Enjoy the best month in the garden

September Weekly Goals:
— Cultivated homeschool begins!
— Pray over the 2020 PowerSheets. I’ll be praying over every set as they get nestled in our warehouse for launch day—that they would be filled with good things and help women to walk in the light of life!

September Daily Goals:
— Bible reading each morning
— Run!
— Re-creation

Your turn! Do you have goals for September? Comment below and I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters Shop! I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! 

P.S.  Mark your planner for the 2020 PowerSheets cover reveal on September 24th at 1:30 pm ET on Facebook. I can’t wait to show you what’s new. A clue? EVERYTHING!

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