Thank you.

In a challenging and unexpected year, you kept this small business alive. We took that gift and ran with it—for you, every woman in this community, and beyond.

When I started this company years ago, I never imagined working alongside a team of women to do work for a greater purpose, or how much it would be needed in a year like this. I created a product that I needed myself, and soon my garage was packed with PowerSheets. (There’s still a sign above the door that says “shipping department.”) 

More than a decade later, we remain a small but mighty business—one that appreciates your support more than ever. This year, your purchases have employed 13 women (and supported their families), and, by extension, dozens of our small business partners. 

You’ve helped women find hope in a year when they really needed it, just by continuing to dream. (Oh, the stories you’ve sent us of new paths, generosity multiplied, and lives changed!) THANK YOU for cultivating what matters right where you are. In a hard year, you’ve made it through so much and you’ve been a part of something good.

And so, we got you a trophy. (We’re keeping it safe in our office for you!) today, on Launch Day, we’re celebrating YOU.

We’ll work our hardest to remind women that change is possible—that their little-by-little efforts can change generations. We’ll be the anchor that secures you to what matters and helps you live it out, no matter how the world spins around you. And we’ll plant seeds of hope and joy wherever we go, sprinkling them around like confetti.

And then, we’ll go to sleep and wake up and do it all over again—because this work is not done. There are more women who need this hope you and I have. 

Thank you. Thank you for supporting our small business. Thank you for being a part of this work alongside us.

And, against all odds, thank you for choosing hope—because every time you take a step forward on a goal that matters to you, it starts a ripple effect. It helps other women choose hope, too.

With gratitude,


P.S. Buy your 2021 PowerSheets NOW! Let’s DO this!


  1. Dear sweet CWM Team: thank you for writing this post/email. The presence of anchors, an anchor point, a sturdy vision rooted in hope & faith….. I cannot yet verbalize the importance of comparing that to my inner feels. For in that, I see where the work-ahead-lay. 💗

    Can’t wait to CYYL!! Thank you for the beautiful words, products and being faithfully/resolutely filled with hope, love, realness, grace and patience to break things down lil by lil too!!

    Keep the fun, smiles & confetti coming!! WE ARE APPROACHING A NEW YEAR BABY. Love, Gretchen (#teampinksunrise #citruspouch)

    • Lara on at

      Gretchen, I love you so much! Grateful for you and excited to cultivate alongside you in the year ahead!

  2. Caley on at

    Thank YOU Team Cultivate! An inspiring group of amazing women x

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