Jul 25, 2009


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Sean Low, Rebecca Grinnals & Katharyn Arce, and Harmony Walton all have one very big thing in common:  they are not only the industry leaders, movers and shakers, but they make things happen for people.  BIG things.  Sean Low single-handedly took Preston Bailey out of serious financial ruin and into an uber-market all his own.  The dynamic duo behind Engaging Concepts, Rebecca and Kathryn, have taken the luxury wedding market by storm, creating the most talked about conference to date: Engage!.  We were fortunate to attend the Engage!08: Encore in Celebration, Florida last October and it opened up worlds of new opportunity for us.  Harmony Walton’s Bridalbar concept (just one of her many genius endeavors) is growing like wildfire and opening brides eyes to a new way of planning weddings.  Brides are matched with their dream wedding team and wedding pros come together under one roof with a common thread: no competition, just the right vendor for the right client.

These are the people to look to for the real market trends… because they are creating them and giving people the knowledge and tools to do so as well.  You can follow Sean, Rebecca, Kathryn and Harmony on Twitter.  But, the greatest value is in one on one time with them.  Sean now offers consulting and has a wildly popular blog, The Business of Being Creative.  Rebecca has teamed up with Sean to offer what I consider the gold standard in business strategy: Super Sessions.  Harmony is a frequent speaker at industry events and is always happy to sit down and dish over drinks.  These are some of the most brilliant and generous people I know and I feel so blessed to call them friends.  I learn from their dedication and commitment to the luxury wedding market every day and so can you.  Drop them a line, an email, or a tweet and say hello!

:: images left to right: Laura Novak, Stacey Kane, Triplecord


  1. Christine on July 27, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I have to agree! They – along with you! – are among the most amazing and inspiring people I’ve met in this industry! Love them all!

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