Dec 1, 2020

November Progress and December PowerSheets Goals

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No matter how something begins, or what happens in the middle, it’s the punctuation on the end that changes everything. Let’s put an exclamation point on this year and end it well, shall we?!

Praise the Lord for the thrill of hope this final month of the year brings. I’ve started my own PowerSheets and it feels revolutionary this year. We all need a moment to process 2020, to let it go and move forward. I have been craving this time to process and reframe my thoughts about the year.

Word by word, page by page, it’s happening. I feel the thrill of hope.

Here’s a quick look back at my November PowerSheets goals. My December goals are below, too!

Gracie watching the moon come up over the Blue Ridge Mountains and hunting for the first stars!

Rather than cross all of these out below as usual, I’m here to simply report that I made progress on all of them and that we had a wonderful month as a family. We went hiking in Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock early in the month — one of our favorite trips of all time. We stayed at an AirBnB that had a clearing at the top of a small mountain. We went up there with the kids each night to watch the sunset and the moon and stars appear. These are simple memories we won’t forget.

November Monthly Goals:
— Work ahead to enjoy the holidays
— Celebrate Grace turning 9
— Launch the Proverbs 31 partnership
— Prepare all for December
— Cultivate our holiday plans
— Let go of the world; hold fast to the Word

We also took an impromptu trip to the North Carolina coast in late November. It was so good for our souls!

November Weekly Goals:
— Family dance party
— Enjoy the birds
— Homeschool joy
— Hiking
— Love my parents well

November Daily Goals:
— Bible reading
— Write in my Bible
— Write the Word
— Move with joy
— Worship Him

On to December. I have 2 goals for 2020 (each with 4 mini goals under them) that are focused on growing something that matters to me in the big picture. Here’s what’s on my Tending List for the month ahead:

December Monthly Goals:
— Finish my 2020 goals – there’s still time left in the year to add that exclamation point!
— Pray over my 2021 goals
— Write the Word | Worship with Proverbs 31 – JOIN US!
— Pray over our 2021 company goals
— Love people well for the Lord
— Emotionally and spiritually close this year well
— Celebrate our birthdays – my 41st and Ari’s 43rd are just 10 days apart this month. We’ve decided to do a party for our kids to celebrate, which will truly be the best celebration for us! Thinking we might rent a bounce house 🙂
— Open the Blessings Jar – our yearly tradition! We add little slips of paper with good things and answered prayers on them all throughout the year and then we open them on New Year’s Eve at dinner to celebrate God’s faithfulness. We all love remembering the good—and I think we’ll be especially refreshed by it this year!

December Weekly Goals:
— Enjoy this special time. We made salt dough ornaments as part of our Christmas plants study with Raising Little Shoots this week.
— Step away: Let go + Dive in. I think we’ve all likely changed a lot this year! What comes with change often is a need for shifts – changes in focus, even small ones. I need to let go of some things and dig even deeper into others at work, home, and with the Lord!
— Homeschool well with love – already in the works this month
— Peace – a simple reminder to come into His presence and feel His peace.

December Daily Goals:
— Finish the Bible – I’m currently in 2nd Peter — almost there and trying to savor this last bit of reading!
— Run
— Worship the Lord together

⭐️ And an important note for those who have been here a long while. (Hi 🙂 I wish I could hug you!) On the note of shifts this year—just like I had to let go of the podcast temporarily to focus on homeschool in this season—I am doing things differently for the Goal Setting Series! This will be the 10th year of the Annual Goal Setting Series (crazy, right!?). 🎉 I can’t do it all (you know that!), and I hope this invites you to remember the same and let go a little bit to make room for life. I’ll be sharing my goals here, and Team Cultivate will be walking you through all the rest – with me coaching you step-by-step in some really fun videos! Get your PowerSheets and get ready for a fun week ahead next week in Goal School!

Prepare for December with me! Listen to the December PowerSheets PrepCast below. Be guided step-by-step to prepare for the month ahead:

Your turn! Which PowerSheets cover are you choosing this year? Can you guess which one I’m choosing, too?? I can’t wait to dig in with you!

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  1. Tammy on December 3, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    I am using the sky blue power sheets and this time I am going to love on my power sheets. I am praying over my goals so I can be ready for goal school and prep next week. Can I just say that I love goal school it is just makes me happy. I am doing the write the word with proverbs31 and oh it is just what my soul needs right now. I just need simple right now to hear God and shut out the world. That is my December and that is enough being a teacher there is a lot already so this is something I can handle.

  2. Steph on December 4, 2020 at 12:00 am

    I really hope lots of people see the closing comment about not doing it all. I know there was a lot of unrest from people feeling abandoned in the community – I think that comment will help many find peace (even if their frustration wasn’t really with Lara, but an outlet for the wider challenges they faced through this tricky season). We’re all human, and that comment puts the year in context <3

  3. Melissa on December 8, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Sending hugs back! I’m diving into PowerSheets prep this week with you. I’m grateful for the review and excited to look forward.

    I love the Blessings Jar activity. I want to do this personally and believe it can be done for teams too.

    Enjoy the holiday season, Lara!

  4. Jessie on December 17, 2020 at 10:24 am

    “Let go of the world; hold fast to the Word” ………..WOW!!! I love this and will keep this in mind when I have my quiet time.

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