I wasn’t going to write about today, but God woke me up at 5 this morning in tears (again). I’ve had tears streaming down my face all day today — even as I type this they are pouring. I’ve cried every day, at least twice a day, for the last two weeks. These are tears of sadness, but also tears of the deepest gratitude I’ve ever felt.

A Day in the Life of Lara Casey156

I have to tell you about someone very special. For the last 510 days, I’ve woken up every morning excited to greet her at the door promptly at 8am. We’ve had hundreds of sweet morning conversations about faith, family and a joyful little girl that we both love dearly. She’s seen me in my PJ’s after countless sleepless nights, through the thick of postpartum depression, through joy and sadness and sickness and in moments I didn’t know where to turn. Susan hasn’t been just Grace’s nanny, she’s been my closest friend. “Nanny” doesn’t even scratch the surface. From the time Grace was a mere 4 weeks old, Susan has been our angel. She has used every second of her time with our family to fill Grace’s heart to the brim with love and goodness. Gracie and “Miss Sue” have spent their sweet days together reading the Bible, at music class, exploring the library, singing songs, swinging and sliding in the park and sharing more memories than I can fit into a blog post. The giggles have been endless!

God is good.

Do you know why I know that for sure? Because I have proof of His existence through Susan. I know that He loves us very much and is watching over us. I know that He hears my prayers and gives far more than we can ask or imagine. Susan has been far more than we could ask or imagine.

Susan has been my partner in shaping Grace’s heart. The fruit of God’s spirit in Susan is so clear. I see that sweet fruit in Grace’s smile and in her laugh every day. I see it in her affectionate loving nature. I see it in Grace’s curiosity about the world and her love of people. I see God’s reflection in Susan and now in Grace. There is no greater gift.

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For those of you who have met Susan, you know her big heart. She was without a doubt created for great things. The kind of things that will change the world. When she hasn’t been with us shepherding Grace’s heart, she has been caring for orphans and widows, the poor and the sick. During her time here with us the last year and half, she has spent every Monday and Friday afternoon volunteering at the women’s shelter. Even yesterday, with her volunteering commitment complete, she decided to go give blood when she left here. I am so grateful to God for her heart! She is heading to France this week to continue her life of service in missions and then on to grad school for social work in the fall. Ari and I are so excited to watch her journey unfold. Oh how blessed those who meet her ahead will be!

We were so grateful to witness her baptism this past Sunday at Jordan Lake. Yes, baptized in the Jordan! : ) We celebrated with her sweet parents after and spent the day praising God for all He has done in her heart. You can read her testimony here.

Friends, I’d love to ask for your prayers for Susan as she touches so many lives ahead. I’d also love for you to pray for the wonderful woman who is going to be sharing Grace’s days with her now, Meredith. We all love Meredith so much and know that God has great plans for all of us in this transition. Meredith has joined us all the way from Norman, Oklahoma, and we could’t be more grateful.


OK, I can’t fight the tears anymore, so I will let these few photographs do the talking. I wrote Susan a book (literally) of favorite memories, but there are countless favorites that were never photographed. As we say farewell to Susan, we celebrate God’s goodness today in blessing us with her these last 510 wonderful days. I can hear God singing these words to her today:

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:23)

*post photographs by Faith Teasley


  1. Lara, this is so sweet. God is so good! Still praying for you and this transition as Meredith enters your family’s life. 🙂

  2. Naomi on at

    Lara…what a beautiful post. I was emotional reading it. I know that God is good when I read posts like this one. I know He puts people in our lives to touch our hearts and to make us even more aware of His presence. Susan seems like an amazing person and I know Meredith will pick up where Susan left off to add and enrich Grace’s life {yours and Ari’s, too}. You are such a grateful child of God and I love that!

  3. Sara on at

    Such a beautiful tribute to the lovely woman who so obviously blessed your lives!

  4. Lara, you have no idea how much I can relate to what you wrote. Our “nanny” has been our mommy number 2, my best friend, part of every birthday, baptism, special occasion, etc. As a working mothers, I feel nobody can understand weight of stress and pressure to find “the one” to guide your children when you are working. And when you find that person, you can’t imagine the days without her. And it NEVER bothered me when I saw how attached my children were to her–it just made me love her more. Our Carmen has been in our lives for 7 years but for one year she moved away and it was the hardest year of my life. Denial took up the majority of the year because I couldn’t imagine looking for someone else. But LARA-I know you , your strength, courage and I know you ‘ll get through this period. Please, let the tears fall–go ahead–get the cries out. You will only feel better!!! Love you Lara and I’ll be thinking of you every step of the way.

  5. erin on at

    This is so sweet. Susan sounds like an amazing and inspiring woman of God, thanks for linking to her blog. I look forward to reading. The words you have said about her character and heart are beautiful and I’m sure she is so blessed by your encouragement. Praying that your new “more than just a nanny” Meredith provides the same love and faith for little Grace and your family.

  6. Jim Wooden on at

    “God is good.
    Do you know why I know that for sure?
    Because I have proof of His existence through Susan. ”

    Yes, I feel exactly the same way!
    For me it started 8561 days ago 🙂

    • Lara on at

      We are all so grateful for every day you spent raising Susan! What a blessing your family has been to ours!! I’m so glad we were able to spend time together this weekend : )

  7. Jim Wooden on at

    Our hands were clearly guided …
    There’s no way that a couple of boneheads like Debbie and I could have done this on our own 🙂

    Thanks for dinner, we’ll see you soon!

  8. Emma on at

    Thank you so much for being you. I can’t even begin to tell you how your faith has change how I look at how I view faith. It’s life changing.
    Thank you for sharing such a personal momento of you life. Today, my cup is full.
    Much love x

  9. Sarah on at

    Lara – what is the song playing in the video? Its beautiful!

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