How to Cultivate Your Calendar + Back To What Matters Sale

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Have you seen this meme going around?

Image from Kaylyn Van Driesum via Letterfolk

Life can feel this way, right? But! What if there was a way to slow down the crazy train and be present right here—and prepared for what’s ahead?

There is!

Get my best tips and tools for cultivating your schedule and celebrating people well along the way in this free workshop: How to Cultivate Your Calendar. Watch now below!

A little forethought goes a long way! I’d love to hear your favorite takeaway from the workshop! What stood out to you the most?

To help you get back to what matters and use your time well in the season ahead, visit the shop!

Get back to organized.
Get back to fun.
Get back to balance.
Get back to encouragement.
Get back to community.
Get back to motivated.
Get back to planting seeds of faith.

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  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos on at

    I just finished watching this on youtube and enjoyed it so much! What a great reset for the fall season ahead. My biggest take away was to have specific clarity – like a pin in a map – to know where you’re headed and what matters to you. For example, knowing I don’t want a perfectly styled or perfectly spotless home – I want a safe haven for my family where we can care for each other and for others. Getting specific there helped me throw off anxiety about spending money on new stuff or being SO stressed about cleaning everything. Gave me a new vision for home! Also – the holiday box thing is genius! And ranking holidays in priority order – some I have felt guilty about but honestly, I don’t really care about them and that’s ok! haha. I am going to pick 1-2 things that matter in each season/holiday and make those things happen, let the rest go. Thanks so much, Lara!!

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