Oct 4, 2023

What it’s like to sell a company you love

The leaves are about to show you how beautiful it is to let things go. – Unknown Affiliate links are used in this post. Enjoy! I’ve hesitated to write about my experience in selling a company—one I grew over many years with my heart and soul. I’ve rewritten these sentences and subsequently deleted them a dozen times. It’s hard to put into words because letting go of something, even for meaningful objectives and outcomes, is painful, and I could never…

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Oct 1, 2023

October Goals

October gave a party;The leaves by hundreds came—The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,And leaves of every name.The Sunshine spread a carpet,And everything was grand,Miss Weather led the dancing,Professor Wind the band. The Chestnuts came in yellow,The Oaks in crimson dressed;The lovely Misses MapleIn scarlet looked their best;All balanced to their partners,And gaily fluttered by;The sight was like a rainbowNew fallen from the sky. – “October’s Party” by George Cooper It has been a month of blooming—in the garden and in our…

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Sep 14, 2023

Fit Together: A Journey to Health and Well-being


Well, friends, let’s get right to it: we’ve changed! Our health has had an overhaul in the last seven months, with results that have surprised us. Granted, none of this change came by accident. For years, especially last year, we experienced difficult health symptoms that resounded through our lives like clanging alarm bells. Little by little, we changed how we live. We are in this for the long game—for the big picture of what matters most. Results came from old-fashioned…

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Sep 1, 2023

September Goals and a New Year

Golden in the garden,Golden in the glen,Golden, golden, goldenSeptember’s here again!– “September” by Annette Wynne Thank you for your kind words on my last post. I’m grateful for you, friends, and for your genuine words of encouragement in this last year—and always. August brought the hardest days of grief and, as I anticipated, an entrance into a new season on the anniversary of my Dad’s homecoming. A few highlights from August:—I got through this first year of grief, praise the…

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Aug 1, 2023

August Goals

God in His own right hand doth take each day—Each sun-filled day—each rare and radiant night.And drop it softly on the earth and say:“Touch earth with heaven’s own beauty and delight.”– “August” by Jean Blewett Thank you for your kind words on my last post here and here. I am grateful for your encouragement and the gift of sharing our lives with each other—the changes, challenges, and joys! July was full and abundant, like the garden right now. And, like…

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