Hey there, December. You snuck up on us! Did you feel the December sneak-up, too? I was feeling a little scattered yesterday until I did my December PowerSheets! I love getting all my thoughts and to-do’s out on paper and being guided to focus on what matters this month. It’s a big month and I’m ready.

Here’s a look back at my November PowerSheets goals and what I learned this month. I can’t wait to hear about your goals, too.

November Monthly Goals:
—Cultivate my 2020 calendar (Here’s how you can do the same!) / Progress here and more to come.
—Pray over 2020 company and personal goals / Yes! We set our 2020 company goals, which was an exciting and enriching process together. I finished my own 2020 PowerSheets prep, too, and am waiting to write my actual goals for another couple weeks. It was my favorite year using the PowerSheets process!
—Make a meaningful gift list / Done.
—Celebrate Gracie turning 8! / Unicorns and glitter abounded and Grace turned 8!

—Write the 2020 Goal Setting Series / Part 1 goes live this Wednesday, along with a special episode of the Cultivate Your Life podcast—get ready!

November Weekly Goals:
—Sabbath rest / Yes, and I particularly enjoyed these two podcast episodes that talk about Sabbath: Jennie Allen and the Bema Podcast (so good!).

November Daily Goals:
—Bible reading / Yes! I’m so close to finishing this #1 goal for 2019!
—Run! / Yes!

December is a big month! As you can imagine when you are the CEO of a goal setting company, it’s go time around here! I love this month of intentional forethought, reflection, and reorienting our hearts and souls on what matters.

Gracie wrote my encouraging words for the month, and I love them! 🙂

December Monthly Goals:
—Finish the Old Testament. I am so excited to finish this goal! Going through this slowly this year with friends has been wonderful. Here’s the reading plan we have been going through together each morning.
—Prayerfully lead Cultivate Your Year Live. I’ve done the Making Things Happen Conference 50+ times over 10 years, and this will be a first for me! I’m nervous and excited.
—Finish and release the 2020 Goal Setting Series. This is our best series yet in 9 years and I can’t wait for you to read part 1 on Wednesday! Hooray! Text CULTIVATE to 81787 and I’ll send you a text message each time a new post in the series is live!
—Pray for all of you as you set your goals! 🙂 As I was doing my own 2020 PowerSheets this year, God put it on my heart to pray fervently this year for each woman as she starts her PowerSheets and uncovers what matters. I’ll be praying for you and can’t wait to see what the Lord helps you uncover!
—Turn 40 ☺️ My friend Lisa-Jo Baker has been a huge encouragement to me as I near this new decade. Any advice for me, friends, as I soar over the hill? I still have this on my mind constantly!
—Prepare for a new year with joy! One thing I’ve learned over the years is that change feels uncomfortable! Our brains seek out patterns and habits, so when we come out of the gate on New Year’s Day with alllll of those shiny new goals, our brains need time to catch up to these new patterns and rhythms. So, if it feels uncomfortable to do new things in the new year, that’s GOOD. Your brain is re-wiring. Keep going and little by little, your steps will add up. Knowing this helps me to ease into the new year with joy and with zero overwhelm or burnout. I take it slow, knowing good change will be worth the uncomfortable. (Also, I don’t wait till January 1 to start my goals—I get the momentum going and take small steps early. You can, too. There’s nothing magical about January 1!)
—Get ready for the 2020 Fresh Faith Challenge. I can’t wait to do this again! This year’s January challenge was faith-changing for me—and so many of you! Sign up here for 30 days of Writing the Word. (I’ll be using this journal if you want to join me!)

December Weekly Goals:
—Read great words and stories to the kids. What are your favorite books to read aloud during this season? I’d love to get more recommendations!

December Daily Goals:
—Bible reading

Doing my 2020 PowerSheets by the “fire!” 😊

Your turn! Do you have goals for December? Comment below and I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters Shop! I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! 

P.S. Have you heard the news?! The 2020 One-Year PowerSheets are SOLD OUT for the year! The good news? You can still get the 2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and get started at any time of the year!

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You’re feeling it. The end of the year, with all of its bells and whistles, is coming at you like a freight train. Christmas music has been playing for months, and if you haven’t already purchased ALL of your gifts, you feel behind.

Do you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle? And refocus on what really matters?

Me, too — and today’s episode has some really good news for you!


In this episode:
— Does being “intentional” conjure up images of Pinterest, crafts, and hours and hours spent with loved ones? While those things aren’t bad, we start today by talking about how they aren’t a requirement for living with the big picture in mind.
— I tell you about another one of my orchids, its untimely demise, and the message my daughter delivered to me when I really needed it. Once again, I was reminded that His plans are always better than mine.
— Are you in the middle of that right now? Just wanting to get all the things done? Or are you feeling like a failure, having not done the things you had hoped to do this year? We talk about how maybe God wants to grow something different in you. He is there in the unexpected!
— I ask you to think about where you were on January 1, 2019 (and I tell you what I would tell my January 1st self, if I could go back and talk to her!). We also hear from some other listeners about what they would tell their January selves!
— Then, we looked ahead to our January 1, 2020 selves and wrote a little letter to that gal. What would it take for you to look back then and know you cultivated what matters now?
— I gave you a reminder that we get to choose and there’s still time. We can’t do it all and do it all well, but we can opt out of the crazy! As a reminder of our opportunities to choose and the importance of gratitude, we took a little break out in the garden.
— So, where do we start with turning our hearts around, and in the process, turning the rest of our years around? I start with prayer, and I finish the episode by praying for all of us.

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!

— Listen in to episode 1 for the story of the infamous orchid — the one that first taught me the power of little by little progress!
— Curious about the flood in our house? Here’s the backstory!
— I shared Psalm 37:3-5.
— Get your 2020 PowerSheets goal planner today! Then, join us for PowerSheets Prep Week starting December 9th. Together, we’ll uncover what really matters and set goals to help live it out!

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The leaves are changing. The air is turning crisp. And my focus has turned to preparing well for the new year while finishing 2019 with an exclamation point (turning 40 on December 27th)!

I love this season and I also know it takes a little extra strategy to be intentional. November is a month we get to choose one of two paths: the path of crazy or the path of peace. One of the best ways to do that?

Welcome to NO-vember!

When we say no to one thing, we are saying yes to something better.
This is your month to say yes to what matters in the big picture.
This is your month to say NO—even when it’s hard—to the non-essentials. We only get this one life; let’s live it on purpose.

Here’s a quick look back at my October PowerSheets goals and what I learned this month. I can’t wait to hear about your goals, too!

October Monthly Goals:
—Ask God to prioritize my days / Yes, I really needed this focus and reminder on my Tending List. This is one of the many examples of how visibility creates accountability—and spurs us on to action. In the overwhelming moments, I stopped and asked Him what I should do next. I keep my PowerSheets open on my desk during the week and out on the kitchen counter on the weekends so I remember what matters. This helps me say YES intentionally instead of in a reactionary way.
—Do what’s most important in the big picture / I made big progress here. This was a month of looking at the big picture—of what will be important at the end of our days—and trying to make changes now accordingly. I did this through conversations with friends, prayer, and talking about what’s important in the big picture with my kids. I love showing them how to begin thinking this way!
—Delight in the Lord / I studied the word “delight” in the Bible and really needed this, too. My focal verse has been Psalm 37:4. Just breeze through some of the verses on delight in the Bible. So good!
—Hire a full-time Admin and Ministry Assistant / Done, praise the Lord! We had SO many wonderful applicants and I wish I could have hired you all! This lovely young lady starts in a couple of weeks and I’m very grateful.
—Put our home back together anew (next week all of the floors downstairs are being torn out and replaced from the flooding, so I’m using this as an opportunity to get rid of things and make our spaces more meaningful with less) / YES!! Double yes! I worked so hard on this! I think I got almost 20K steps the day we moved out of the office house that we sold and simultaneously moved back into our house after the floor renovations were finally done. I was so tired and so grateful! One huge benefit of all of this happening was having to take all of our furniture and basically everything out of our house. We donated a lot and put things back in much better places!

October Weekly Goals:
—Sabbath. / Yes, we got back to lighting the Shabbat candles on Friday and the Havdalah candle on Saturday and it has been so sweet for our whole family. I love this practice we’ve cultivated this year!
—Be there / Yes! I’ve taking Grace to jump rope practice and using intentional forethought to be sure I’m there for the things that matter to them—even in the seemingly small moments.

October Daily Goals: / Progress on all of them below!
—Bible reading each morning / Yes, I’m reading through the Old Testament with a few friends this year and we are in Jeremiah. Not the easiest reading, but just when I think I can’t read any more of God’s anger, His GRACE and MERCY flood right in. Woosh! I’ve felt all the emotions in this reading and it has been so good for my soul. I’m already excited to dig into a slow read of the New Testament in 2020!
—Run! / Yes! This has been something I’ve worked on all year off and on. My knees have, praise the Lord, held out so far. Grateful for this!
—Re-creation with the kids / Yes! From hiking to jumping in leaves and the State Fair, we’ve made memories.
—Pray over our children. / Yes, before bed, I pray over them out loud.

Don’t miss these from October:
The Podcast is back! I had such a fun time chatting about the history of PowerSheets and a little promise I made to myself that’s been shared millions of times on the internet.
— You are so excited about the 2020 PowerSheets Collection—it has blown us away! You had the very best ideas for new products and we made them happen for you!
— Did you see Ari’s rap? We had so much fun making this video for you to celebrate PowerSheets Launch week!
—Take a peek at my favorite new products from the 2020 Collection. It was hard to choose just 5 out of the 15—I’ll be using them all!

On to NO-vember! What are your goals for November? I’d love to hear below! I’m keeping it simple and focusing on saying NO to the things that don’t matter so I can say YES to the things that do.

November Monthly Goals:
—Cultivate my 2020 calendar (Here’s how you can do the same!)
—Pray over 2020 company and personal goals
—Make a meaningful gift list
—Celebrate Gracie turning 8!
—Write the 2020 Goal Setting Series

November Weekly Goals:
—Sabbath rest

November Daily Goals:
—Bible reading

Your turn! Do you have goals for November? Comment below and I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters Shop! I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! 

P.S.  Have you heard the news?! The 2020 One-Year PowerSheets are SOLD OUT for the year! The good news? You can still get the 2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and get started at any time of the year!

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We knew you would be excited about the 2020 PowerSheets Collection. We didn’t know you would be this excited! It shouldn’t surprise us, though: all 15 of the new products were made by you and for you.

More than any collection we’ve created in years prior, the 2020 Collection was crafted with research and excellence from your stories and insight. From focus groups to surveys to reading your many stories of progress and transformation (you are so generous to share with us!)—you provided the very best ideas for new products and we made them happen for you!

Shop the 2020 Collection now and get your PowerSheets Goal Planner in a bundle before they sell out!

I thought it might be fun to share 5 favorite new products I’ll be using from the Collection. It was hard to choose just 5 out of the 15 because I’ll be using all of them—but here are a few highlights!

2020 PowerSheets! ($60 in Blooms, Pink Linen, Teal Linen, and Confetti) Of course, I had to include PowerSheets! Finally achieve your goals with the best-selling PowerSheets®️ One-Year Intentional Goal Planner. The most popular and results-backed goal planner, eight years running. I chose the Blooms cover this year!

Made for you—students, empty-nesters, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, love-at-home moms! Thousands of women all over the world have found success with our simple, proven 3-step process.

Read more about the magic inside here! I’m most excited for the new section on simplifying your goals and your year.

The Accessory Pouch | ($18 in Blooms, Green, and Teal!) Your favorite accessory pouch is back and even better in 3 new designs and a larger size. You can see a few of my favorite ways to use them here, but I’m most excited about using them with my kids as busy bags at church! I’m using the Green Accessory Pouch alongside my PowerSheets.

My choices above alongside my 2020 prayer journal.

The Legacy Journal ($18 in Chambray, Pool, and Peach) | The extra-special journal you’ve been looking for! These high-quality linen journals can be used to capture milestones, write letters to a loved one, and more—I’ll be using the Chambray journal for recording memories throughout the year.

The Gift Wrap Book ($24) | No more wrinkled gift wrap rolls! This was a user request and I’m so excited we’re offering it in the Collection! It includes 4 beautiful designs, 12 fold-out sheets, and 12 perforated gold foil gift tags to match. I’ll be using this for Christmas gifts as well as gifts throughout the year for friends—the patterns are festive enough for the holidays, but work year-round, too!

The Goal Display Card Set ($10) | Out of sight, out of mind—not anymore! Display your goals on 12 gold foil cards where you can see them and make progress every day. I’ll be using a card to write out my 2020 goals each quarter (as I refresh them with my PowerSheets) and hanging them near my desk.

The Goal Setting Sticker Book ($15) + Faith Sticker Book ($14) | These sticker books are a best selling favorite that we’re thrilled to offer again this year (with updated stickers!). I use mine in my PowerSheets, with my kids, in my Write the Word journals, and even to spread some happiness on envelopes I send to the IRS 🙂

Your turn! What do you love most from the new collection? 2020 is going to be your best year yet! You inspired this Collection, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.

Shop the 2020 Collection now!

More just for you:
The 2020 Collection Guide
The 2020 Cover Reveal
What’s new inside PowerSheets this year!

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… and all through the Cultivate office, the ladies were stirring getting ready for the day!


See you at 10 am ET at www.CultivateWhatMatters.com for the best PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner Launch Day ever!

Sweet dreams,

Team Cultivate

P.S. Tell your friends: happy shopping starts tomorrow at 10 am ET! See the new Collection Guide for the best deals!

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