Jul 25, 2009


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As a creative person, I’m always changing, always inspired by something new and completely enraptured when I see an image that evokes something in me.  So, my header images will always be changing.  My current sampling and the stories behind them:


I had an epic day in Venice Beach with Jory Cordy in April.  I flew out to Los Angeles last minute to meet with the producers of a TV show (which fizzled, as these things sometimes do) and packed my 24hrs in LA with some Jory time and an amazing dinner at Cholada with Nick Onken and Jeff Holt.  It was an amazing day! Jory is so easy to be around, so kind, and so creative.  The whole time we were shooting I felt like the camera being there was kind of an afterthought… we were just exploring the beach and having fun.  I can only imagine what he’s like with his clients.  If he can put me at ease in front of the lens, I’m sure his brides must feel elated to have him there on their big day.  Thank you, Jory, for these fun images.  I love them so much because you captured me at ease and because of the great memories behind them.


Honestly, when Kyle took this image of me I was having a really crappy day.  I have one of those days about once every six weeks where I just need some Pinkberry or someone to cheer me up.  I had been working all day with Ross on this new site via the miracle of iChat and Skype and I was so frustrated that I wasn’t out enjoying the Cayman air.  So, Kyle called me and dragged me out to explore.  We walked about 11 miles down the island and ended up at this little remote stretch of beach with a single palm tree filled with coconuts.  I picked up a lone coconut and couldn’t help but smile as Kyle said something random-oh-so-Kyle-witty.  He’s good at that.  I love this image.  I was feeling hopeful, renewed, happy.


More from that same day in Cayman from Kyle Barnes.  The water is really this blue and brilliant.  I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks when I look at this.  There were little crabs and minnows tucked into each crevasse.  From the time I was 10 I wanted to be a marine biologist or a geologist.  My favorite channel was National Geographic.  Yeah, odd for a 10 year old, I know.  We moved from Washington DC to the beach when I was 14 and I couldn’t get enough of it.  To this day I love exploring sandbars, snorkeling (although I have to admit freaking out and almost digging my nails into Ari’s arm when we snorkeled in Hanauma Bay.  Something about huge fish touching my body from every angle… a little alarming) and hunting for ghost crabs late at night.  Y’all wonder why I’m always in Florida…


And finally, the most mysterious image of this set.  This was taken at about 4am after we broke down an epic Indian wedding in Fort Walton Beach.  If you look realllly closely you can barely see the lights on a long dock stretching out in the water, the side of the hotel, and the faint line of the surf hitting the sand.  The lens was fogged up and this is what came out.  Pretty rad.  I love this image… it has a peaceful glow about it.  I was feeling really peaceful at the time.

Have an image you think I’d love?  Send it on over to me!  I’ll be changing out these headers often and love being inspired by nature, life, texture, art… you name it.

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