Oct 26, 2018

Behind-the-Scenes of the 2019 PowerSheets Launch

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You are the most wonderful women! We have seen tangible proof of that over the last 48 hours since our 2019 PowerSheets Collection Launch—which I will tell you all about shortly (what a crazy couple of days it has been!).

But first, let’s rewind.

The last few months in our work have not been the easiest at times. We all have challenging seasons and times of transition, but we often don’t talk about them because they can be hard to weather ourselves, much less share with others. But, this story is His, and it’s good! We prayerfully let go of Southern Weddings earlier this year—a decision He wanted us to make—but it was an adjustment for us financially. (This is where a flood of memories from the last months rushes to my mind.) But! Oh, there’s a wonderful plot twist here. Here’s what I know for sure: God went before us. He wanted me listening to Him more than ever, waiting on Him, and taking Him at His Word. He wanted our small team to rely on His strength, not our own. He wanted us to choose peace over striving, and what lasts over what doesn’t.

More than anything, He wanted me to trust. Not for earthly certainty or security – just Him. Refining seasons are the most fruitful—not in the ways the world can see but in the everlasting fabric of souls.

He has gone before us and He has gone before you too.

I had to give you a peek into the deeper reason for my joy this week: I know more than ever that He is certain. And I have tangibly felt His love through many of you. Thank you for your prayers and love and support. You have linked arms with us and cheered us on every step of the way—even as Instagram shut us down from all the activity on Wednesday! (The uptick in activity made them think we were robots! Crazy, right?) But, thanks to YOU we are back up… at least for now. We have no explanation, no correspondence from them, and we can’t get anyone on the phone at Instagram, so we are praying it doesn’t happen again!) We can’t really help it—this goal getting party is just getting started! 🙂

Together, we’re about to grow some wonderful things across the world.

Because of you, something far better than a product launch happened this week. We have a not-so-secret dream: to see you live out what lasts—and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

This week, that dream started to take root.

The 2019 PowerSheets are HERE and we are excited for you! Our new “Oh Happy Day” boxes have started shipping out all over the world (to all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, many military bases (thank you for your service!) and 65 countries). Our shipping team is working so hard getting orders out the door—thank you in advance for your patience as they get through them as fast as they can. I wish I could hop into every box and give you a hug and a high five and hear all about what you are cultivating in the year ahead!

These boxes may appear to be filled with new products, but we know a deeper truth: they’re also filled with hope. In hitting “purchase” this week, you chose courage—courage to start fresh. Courage to dream. Courage to change. Courage to cultivate what you hold dear to you.

There are only nine women in our office, but together, with you, we make one strong (and fun!) team.

You are a community of women that see challenges as opportunities.
You walk the walk my friends—you lifted us up this week and it changed everything.
You think big picture and take small steps.
You are generous.
You are encouraging.
You are capable.
You are passionate.
You are ready!

You, my friends, are Cultivators. And we’re so grateful to be on this team alongside you to help every woman know she can think differently. She doesn’t have to do it all. She can walk her unique path and use her gifts to love others well. She can cultivate what matters, right where she is, with what she has.

You are marvelous, and the best is yet to come.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite moments from launch day and what’s ahead.

Six of us work here in Chapel Hill, NC, and the other ladies are in various states—Texas, Georgia, and Missouri! We do most of our meetings and launches on video calls. We kicked off the day taking care of last-minute to-dos and then we had a time of prayer for our launch. Each team member then dove into her role for the day—with you in mind! Our goal: serve you well, one by one, with joy! For us, even if someone doesn’t purchase our products, we hope the experience of visiting our site or interacting will open her eyes to think differently and live out what lasts, right where she is.

What we each did on launch day:

Kaylee was the master of all things website, shipping, and fulfillment. She was also in charge of hitting the “go live” button for the shop at 10 am (no pressure)! 🙂
Emily spent the day on LiveChat answering your questions and was our Chief of Snacks!
Jess managed social media and replied to all of you via direct messages and comments—she was a busy bee.
Marissa spent her whole day chatting with you on LiveChat and on social channels, too.
Ashlea was our customer delight leader, focused on serving each and every one of you in our ZenDesk inbox!
Jordan helped Ashlea with customer delight and handled email replies.
Casey created all the beautiful graphics we shared with you online and made adjustments throughout the day.
Julie was our reporting wizard, keeping the whole team up to date on what was happening in the shop!
Amber was with us all day, cheering us on, and helped us solve any challenges that came up!

Our highlights from launch day:

Ashlea: My favorite part of launch day was hearing all of the excitement from our community about their 2019 collection order! We had so many fun emails from y’all, full of excitement, about which color Zipper Pouch or PowerSheets cover you chose. I can’t wait for those happy shipping boxes to arrive front doors all over the world!

Jess: Launch Day can feel like the culmination of all our hard work (and work hard we do!), but we like to think of it differently. October 24th serves as the starting point–not the finish line–for our community. Yes, we are excited for PowerSheets getting into your hands, but what fires us up even more is when you start to use them to uncover your best goals and actually do something about them! We truly believe the best is yet to come, and we can’t wait to watch it unfold in the lives of Cultivators around the world in 2019!

Julie: Hearing your personal stories was the highlight of my first Launch Day! You are why we do what we do! I have to admit that I shed a few joyful tears on my drive home thinking about the woman who used PowerSheets to navigate a severe illness, the teen girl who saved up all year to pay for her teal PowerSheets (#teamteal), and the two mamas who placed orders while in active labor. Needless to say, yesterday was the best day.

Kaylee: Driving over a set of PowerSheets to test the quality of the tabs was the best part of the day for me! Spoiler alert: they look brand new even after rolling over them with a minivan!

Casey: Hearing from all of our AMAZING friends during our Facebook and Instagram lives! I LOVE getting to hear stories from our community of how PowerSheets have helped them overcome fears and uncover their purpose! Secondary highlights: attempting to dress my dog, Muggsy, in Cultivate swag and being on video chat with our entire team all day long!

Marissa: You know it’s a great Launch Day when you have so many moments to choose from that it’s difficult to pick a favorite! But chatting on LiveChat with so many new friends takes the cake. And my girl above summarizes it well—it was an “Incredible” Launch!

Emily: I was replying to direct messages in the Cultivate inbox, and my favorite part was seeing all of the stories from friends come through, sharing about their orders or their many years using PowerSheets—made me so grateful for both our longtime and first-time users!

Kristin: We have friends who so strongly believe in PowerSheets that they ordered in between contractions from their hospital beds! That is amazing! And now we have two sweet new #PowerSheetsBabies.

Jordan: Celebrating with all of you has been my favorite part of Launch Day! Watching you all get excited about all the things you’ve accomplished and all the things you will do in 2019 makes me so excited! I LOVE cheering you on! Plus, today included lots of confetti, popcorn, and happy dancing—some of my favorite things!

My favorite part? Hearing your stories. You are the most wonderful women and I am blessed to do this life alongside you! So many of you shared your stories of transformation on launch day and I had to break out the tissues I was so overcome by the Lord’s goodness. I also greatly enjoyed the moment Kaylee made the confetti cannon go off in my office and the two amazing mamas in our community who were ordering PowerSheets while in active labor—well, that’s just amazing!

Friends, thank you! Your kindness and enthusiasm have meant the world to us this week as we continue to do this work. This is just the beginning for all of us—I can’t wait to do 2019 with you!

Shop the 2019 PowerSheets Collection now and mark your calendar for PowerSheets prep week, starting December 3rd!

Your turn! What did you choose from the shop this week? What cover are you going with? (I’m going with Multi and either a teal or yellow pouch!)

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  1. Lisa on October 26, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    I ended up with the Pink-cover PowerSheets and I am going to think that color chose me! 🙂 I got online too late apparently to get the Multi-cover (my preference) bundle before it was stated as sold out, and the aqua -cover was gone, too, but I got an aqua pouch as part of the bundle. Maybe I just misunderstood how the ordering works, but it’s all good! This will be my first PowerSheets and I am looking forward to using them and the other items in the bundle! It’s the insides and how they are used that count!

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:33 pm

      Lisa, I’m so glad to hear you are trying PowerSheets! I can’t wait to cheer you on in 2019!

  2. Valentina on October 27, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Dear team, I literally bumped into y’all one moment, and felt like part of the family the next. God is so Good! I was at your site, dazzled at all the pretty colours and salivating at the stickers and then I closed the flap of my laptop. And walked away. We are watching our finances carefully, as we have entered a new phase in our familiy’s life: both our 12 year old started secondary Ed in a private school. We know the Lord opened this door wide-open for us, and we know he will provide. But the Lord kept tugging at my heart- and I went to my husband, sharing this struggle and I was weeping making the case that this was something the Lord had put smack in my path. We prayed, he smiled and I ordered. Then I bought your books online, Lara, and have not stopped crying! God is so good. His mercy endures forever! I recognize your story and in resonates so deeply with my own. The Lord has been teaching me the same lessons. I cry as I write this, so grateful the Lord brought me to you, to show me I am not alone, and I never was. Thank you for welcoming me into your family, and now you are all part of mine.
    Valentina in Cyprus

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      Valentina, you ARE part of the family! This story made me smile! Thank you for sharing! Sending hugs!

  3. Rachel Nordgren on October 28, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Oh, silly Instagram! Glad you guys got back up and running quickly. Congratulations on a lovely launch week!

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      Thank you, Rachel!

  4. Holly on October 29, 2018 at 8:28 am

    I ordered the yellow cover and a teal pouch. 2019 is a year to be brave and bold as I get out of my comfort zone. Love the Power Sheets tool. They are amazing, and you Ladies are incredible! Thanks for using your gifts to bless others. I am grateful for you! 🙂 Blessings!

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      Holly, you are so kind. Thank you!

  5. Ginger on October 29, 2018 at 11:36 am

    I went with Multi Power Sheets and bought a wall calendar to compliment it 🙂 I’m super excited to dive in (as soon as it arrives!) and for 2019. God is already cracking open some doors that I’m praying to see if I’m supposed to walk through. Exciting things happening in my little corner of Northeast Arkansas!

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:34 pm

      Ginger, we are all cheering you on!

  6. Maggie on October 29, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Praise God for what He is doing! I’m so excited to get my hands on the 2019 PowerSheets (which I’m technically supposed to forget about for a while yet!)…but I chose the lovely teal cover!

    And I have to ask, because I didn’t ever hear on Launch Day: How much does Big Rita weigh? *grin*

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      Maggie, I’m so grateful for you!

  7. Clara on November 8, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    Looking forward to my fourth year of powersheets!
    Lara and Kaylee – I just saw your tab test and that is impressive. A small detail, but kudos Lara for wearing your seatbelt. So many times people “forget” on small drives like this. You clearly have this good habit down!

    • Lara on November 15, 2018 at 1:37 pm

      Clara, thank you! 🙂

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