Hi, friends! Welcome to Part 1 of the 2020 Goal Setting Series! If you’re new, I’m especially glad you’re here. Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 are also live!

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You came here for a reason. What brought you here?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated as you look back at 2019.

You didn’t make as much progress as you hoped on some of your goals—or you forgot about them completely.

Perhaps goal setting has failed you before and you feel defeated already thinking about the new year. You’re considering going “goal-less!”

Perhaps you stumbled on this post and it intrigued you because you want change in your life, but you’re afraid of how long it will take. You want change yesterday—you want a quick fix.

Or maybe this year has been great—you made progress on the right goals and you want to keep it going for 2020.

Whatever brought you here, you are in the right place!

Welcome to the ✨Ninth-Annual Intentional Goal Setting Series!✨ We’re 9 years strong, friends! (What are we going to do for our 10-year anniversary next year!? Let’s plan something extra fun together!) Many of you have been doing this series alongside me since year one and your goal updates each year blow me away!

Who is this 2020 Goal Setting Series for? The short answer: YOU! 😊

If you’ve tried goal setting before and burned yourself out—or didn’t follow through—you’re in the right place.

If you aren’t convinced yet that setting goals could work for you this year (and be fun!), you’re in the right place, too.

If you feel like your life is flying by, and you want to finally live your life like it’s the only one you’ve got, high fives!

If you’re new to this series, a big welcome from all of us—you’re in for a treat this year!

Whether you’re a mom, a student, a business owner, an empty nester, in a season of transition, or a season of starting fresh—in any place where you are in life, we’re going to let go of guilt-filled, fleeting resolutions, and embrace a whole new way of doing this goal-setting thing.

Are you SO ready for this?! Me, too.

First, let me back up a bit and introduce myself, because we’re going to get to know each other quickly as we go through this 4-part series.

Hi! I’m Lara. I’m a mom to three, a grateful wife, CEO of a growing company, and I love getting my hands dirty in my garden here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I’ve written two books about goal setting and intentional living (with a special book on the way next summer!). I’ve led a conference called Making Things Happen for 10 years, and I was once a personal trainer, a wedding planner, and the Editor-in-Chief of a national wedding magazine.

I am the creator of the best-selling PowerSheets® Goal Planner.

And… I don’t love goal setting. 
No, that’s not a typo.

I don’t like it at all… at least in the way it’s traditionally done.

Traditional goal setting (maybe you’ve done it before?) starts with “big dreams” that are often born of comparison, chasing perfection, fear, and a desire to keep up with others. Traditional goal setting tells us to conquer the world and that we can’t mess up along the way or we won’t achieve our big dreams. Traditional goal setting tells us that our worth is hinged on our performance and progress—or lack thereof.

I write about this because I’ve done it. I’ve fallen into those traps before. You, too? It’s doesn’t feel good, does it? Chasing the world’s idea of success always leads us to defeat.

Traditional goal setting.
No, thank you.
Have you had it with traditional goals, too? We’re going to be fast friends. You’ve found your people! ☺️

Nine years ago, I set out to uncover a process that works for the rest of us—those of us who don’t want to be ruled by overflowing to-do lists, who want to spend our time on things that really matter.

I flipped the traditional process on its head, and rather than starting with “big dreams” and adding more to my plate, I strategically examined what mattered in the big picture using some key questions. This changed everything. It changed what goals I chose to focus on and it gave me motivation to make them happen—no matter how many times I messed up along the way. I started seeing results without the pressure. I discovered that I didn’t need to make perfect progress to see results, and it was (and is) SO FREEING.

This is goal setting for people who hate goal setting. Welcome!

Feeling relief from the pressure already? Great!

Here’s the paradigm shift in how we do goals:
Goals will not change your life.
Knowing what matters will.
Goals are just how you get there.

You are going to uncover intentional, less-is-more goals—goals that lead to lasting change. Goals that add up to something in the big picture. I call these “cultivated goals.”

And cultivated goal setting starts with uncovering what matters.

Over the last nine years that I’ve been writing this series and watching you all live out your goals with your PowerSheets, I’ve studied what makes us feel unmotivated and what causes us to follow-through.

What causes people to change starts with one pivotal moment. It’s the moment when you decide that the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. It’s the moment you decide you are tired of doing the same things you’ve always done and getting the same results you’ve always gotten.

This might just be that moment for you.

Now, you could just stop here and quit before even trying. You could do that and I won’t judge you! 🙂 I’ve given up on a whole lot of things in my life right at the starting line. But, here’s where that might leave you (like it did for me): going through the motions, not feeling confident that you’re on the right path, getting distracted, lacking motivation, not taking care of what you’ve been given, and generally wasting your time.

Or you could end 2020 knowing you lived your best year, with direction and motivation (but no perfection required). Cultivated goals—the kind we are going to uncover together—will do that for you.

This 4-part series is a taste of the PowerSheets Prep Work. Your PowerSheets have many more goal-uncovering insights and guided worksheets than I’ll include here. Even more importantly, your PowerSheets help you take the good goals you uncover and LIVE THEM OUT in 2020—month by month and little by little. It’s not enough just to set good goals—you need to do something about them, too! : ) This series is a starting point to help you think differently. If you are ready to quit traditional goal setting, you are going to LOVE the PowerSheets!

NOW is the perfect time to get your 2020 PowerSheets if you haven’t already—the order deadline for domestic New Year’s delivery is Wednesday, December 18th. Use the code BESTYEAR2020 for 15% off your order today. (Two covers—Teal Linen and Pink Linen—have already sold out, but we still have two inspiring covers to choose from!) Our fulfillment team in Kentucky ships fast!

3 WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THIS SERIES (and your PowerSheets!):

1. Instead of just thinking your answers, write them down. This is so simple and impactful! Write your answers in your PowerSheets or a journal. If you want accountability, leave them here in the comments. I want to cheer you on! And…

2. Cheer her on! You know how it feels when someone encourages you? Yes—amazing! Let’s do that for each other throughout this series. You never know how your words might change someone’s life forever.

3. Make a mess. If you tend to buy journals or planners and then leave them on a shelf (been there!), let’s turn that habit around starting now. Practice what I call “making a mess.” You aren’t going let the need for perfect handwriting or perfect answers or perfect timing keep you from uncovering your best goals, are you? Didn’t think so!

Ready to get started? Yesssss! I’m so pumped for you!


Do you know the reason you burned out and gave up on some of your goals (or all of them) somewhere around mid-January or February? Perhaps you added to your already-full plate without subtracting a few things first. That’s like planting new seeds in a garden that’s already packed full.

To grow new goals, first look at what’s already there. Then, you can either keep growing those things if they matter to you, or clear them out and make room for new ones. Let’s do that together, taking a look at how we are doing right now so we can avoid burnout—and finally follow through on the things that matter to us.

Won’t that feel so good? Consider this spring cleaning for your goals!

Old you: growing allthethings at once, most mediocrely. The result: nothing grows well.

Cultivated you: growing the right things, one step at a time. Doing a few things well and loving it!

Answer this question: How are you? Really. How are you? Look at the life audit categories below and write a few thoughts about how you are doing in each one:

— Health
— Friends
— Family (including your significant other, if applicable)
— Finances
— Spiritual + Personal Growth
— Work
— Recreation

In the PowerSheets, we call this a Cultivated Life Evaluation (and we return to it every quarter, which is so helpful to check-in and reevaluate as our lives change!). Give each area of your life a rating between 1 and 10, along with a few thoughts on why you chose that number. 1 means you are not satisfied in the area and want to see radical change. 10 means you are happy as a bee on honeysuckle!

“How are you?” seems like a simple question, but getting your true thoughts out of your head will lead you to find solutions and set you on a new path.

Knowing where you are now, mess and all, helps you to leap to where you’re going! The soil you’re standing on right now is your growing ground.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, Lara, every category is terrible for me! Guess what? You might think I’ve lost my marbles, but I think that’s GREAT! It means you have more opportunities for good change ahead. That’s exciting! So, call each category what it is—I’m cheering you on as you get honest to write it out—and let’s count those challenges as the opportunities they are.

An example from my life: In 2018, I was challenged by contentment and emotional spending. I felt especially frustrated by out-of-the-blue things that knocked us off course when I was working hard to keep our finances in order! But! I decided to use my frustration (and low rating in that box) as fuel. Earlier this year, after going through the PowerSheets process and uncovering what matters and what was holding me back, I set a goal to have a No Spend Year in 2019. (More on that shortly and how my frustration turned into big change—no perfection required!)

Allow yourself to write the things that may feel undone, imperfect, or hard, and write in some positive thoughts, too—even if the positive feels tiny!

Now, a bonus challenge: let the dirt be dirt. Once you’ve written everything out, notice your feelings for a moment—whatever they may be—without trying to change them or push them away immediately. Let the challenges and places you’d like to grow sink in a little.

If you’re like me, I often want to fix my circumstances right away instead of letting myself feel anything at all. My instinct is to reach for a distraction when faced with something that feels hard. (Anyone tempted to go scroll Instagram right now?)

But, distractions never bring me peace or clarity. So, let’s not do that. Maybe the soil of your life needs some fresh nutrients, or maybe there are some big rocks in the way of you planting new things. The only way you’ll know, though, is to see what’s there first.


All those rocks and weeds?

They are opportunities—places in your life that are ready to be transformed!


In traditional goal setting, you focus on the future, and on achieving your goals as fast as humanly possible. That is a recipe for b.u.r.n.o.u.t. I’ve done it many times before, and it’s a dead end. But! Uncovering cultivated goals means learning from the past in order to grow new things ahead. The past has a lot to teach us! Let’s take a look back at the last year.

What good things happened in 2019? What grew well? What are you grateful for from the last twelve months?

I know this can be a challenging step. We often don’t like counting our blessings, because it may feel self-indulgent or like it won’t get us anywhere fast—or perhaps you are thinking that there were no good things that happened in 2019! It’s easy to look back at an entire year and see only the hard parts, like when something happens to you at the end of the day and you automatically call it a bad day, regardless of what happened the other twenty-three hours.

Let’s do a little digging! A few tips to unearth the good stuff:

 Talk to someone who knows you well about your year and ask him or her to reflect some of the highlights back to you. He or she may remember some that you have forgotten! This is also a great way to celebrate the good things of the past year with others. Make it your dinner conversation tonight. (A tip: try looking at the good things from each season this yearit might help to jog some memories!)

Take a look back at your calendar, blog posts, social media updates, or photos. Those might give you a clue into some of the good things you’ve forgotten.

— Read through your 2019 PowerSheets—a simple way to see just how much you’ve grown this year!

—  Review your finances from the year. This is like reading a journal of places you went, and what some of your priorities were.

My Good Things: My word for 2019 was HEART. What that looked like this year: letting my heart be changed by getting to know God’s heart more.

This was the year…

— I learned how to nap—our Year of Sabbath has been a gift.
— Psalm 90:12 changed my life—and a whole lot of your lives, too.
— I started a podcast : )
Our plans didn’t go as planned. Our house flooded, our garden stopped growing, and things generally went awry this summer. Why is that a good thing? God had a plan!
— I wrote a children’s book (coming summer 2020!)
— We did an 8-mile hike as a family!
— My “No Spend Year” goal was a success. If I was doing traditional goal setting, though, I would be telling you it was an epic failure (see: house flood and unexpected expenses!). Here is where cultivated goal setting helps you win: you don’t have to be perfect to live out what matters, and you don’t need a perfect track record to make progress! I knew from the start that what mattered was my HEART changing about money and, by His grace, it did. (We loved this book as one of our first action steps this year!) Our little by little progress added up to heart change and more peace in the unexpected.
— I’ve made new friends this year and strengthened old ones. At almost 40, that is a gift.
— Team Cultivate settled into a new office, sold that office house a few months later, and then we signed a lease on a commercial retail space that we are so excited about!
— We grew our faith together as a team and went into the linen business 😉 We had fun!
— We took five hiking trips to the NC mountains with the kids.
— Ari and I celebrated 13 years of marriage. Read Make it Happen or listen to episode 001 of my podcast for our story.
— Grace joined the Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope team and is loving it!
— I am on track to finish the Old Testament by December 31—my number 1 goal for this year alongside some close friends who have been reading with me.
— We are in a wonderful homeschool rhythm using the cultivated homeschool planner.
— My neck is almost completely healed, praise the Lord. I share more of that story on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.
— Ari continued his rap career.

I set four goals for the year and, little by little, they happened! Did I mess up along the way? Yes! Did I have some challenges? Definitely. But, imperfect progress is still progress, and when you embrace that fact, you are far less likely to completely jump ship on your goals! My imperfect progress added up big time, and yours will, too!

A peek at the little-by-little progress I made each month: January / February / MarchApril / May / June / July / AugustSeptemberOctober / November 

Now, let’s name a few of the challenges from 2019. What didn’t help you cultivate what matters this year?

This may be the most valuable step you take—this will help you know where you’re NOT going in 2020! Write the facts and know that each thing you write down is an area of your life that could be made completely new.

A few of my 2019 challenges:

— The times I worried, feared, or gave in to stress when our plans didn’t go as planned, were because I forgot that God is God and He has done countless miraculous things in my life.
— My neck pain (from gardening, of all things!) was painful, distracting, and made movement difficult at times.
— 40 is knocking on my door and I’m feeling it.
— We intentionally chose to forgo our monthly date nights to help our budget and cover expenses elsewhere, but I think we could have had an at-home “date” once a month. (See? Your Prep Work can help you see what needs to be a focus in 2020!)
— Times pride got in the way of obedience or trust.
— Sitting too much at my desk!
— When I made decisions before asking the Lord.

There were many more challenges and, in all of them, I grew. For that, I’m grateful!

Where do you go from here with your challenges? Well… do you know how cow manure is one of the best fertilizers for gardens? It’s the same with our challenges! 🙂 Our challenges can be the best fertilizer for new growth ahead when you name the lessons you’ve learned from them.


One of my big lessons each year? I don’t do this life alone—even in the times I catch myself feeling “alone.” I’m not, and you aren’t either! 🙂

Looking back at your list of good things and challenges and all you’ve written in your PowerSheets so far, who helped you to live on purpose this year? Who encouraged you or helped you? Download a free printable worksheet here and write the names of those you are grateful for and why. And then, do something about it! Thank them for the specific things they helped you with or inspired in you RIGHT NOW. You may think they don’t need encouragement, but words have power. As my friend Rach says, “Get after grateful!” It changes things!

Download the FREE Gratitude List printable!

You can keep this simple and still make a huge impact: a text or an email can go a long way to change someone’s day—and change their life. I spent the morning sending emails to friends and colleagues who have meant a lot to me this year, and I’ve felt the glow of sending those happy messages all day! A few highlights from my PowerSheets:

Who are you grateful for this year? Leave your answers in the comments, but most of all, send some love to the people on your list!

Your turn! Here are your goal-uncovering steps for the week:

Do a life audit. How are you doing in each area of your life and which areas do you most want to improve?

Evaluate the past. Write your list of good things. Name the challenges. Learn from them.

Get after grateful. Name who you’re grateful for and do something about it!

Then, share your answers here in the comments to encourage others. I can’t wait to cheer you on. And remember this: we’re tossing comparison out the window and doing the most radical thing we can do: walking our own unique paths (and cheering other women on as they do the same)!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it!? I’ll be back next Wednesday with more goal-uncovering goodness.

You’re doing things differently this year and I’m so excited for you!
Goodbye, traditional goal setting—and all the pressure that comes with it!

A page from my 2016 PowerSheets:

lara casey goal setting comparisson

You’re letting your 2020 goals bake like a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls. They wouldn’t be flaky and yummy zapped in the microwave, would they? I know you’re anxious to set your goals and have that pretty goals list in-hand already, but we’re going to do this right and slow cook them together, little-by-little, with some bold leaps of faith along the way.

Need some extra motivation? The Ultimate New Year’s Giveaway is ON! How great are these amazing prizes this year!? If you need a little extra encouragement to share your answers as we go through this series, this is it! I can’t wait to read your thoughts and hear your aha! moments. One person who comments with answers to every step in this series will win a bonus prize: one of everything from the Cultivate What Matters® Shop! Yes!!! – Gloriana Hopkins

A big thank you to everyone who entered! What a joy it was to hear your responses and get to chat with you in the comments! Congratulations to our winners below! If you’re a winner, fill out this form to collect your prize within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected!

Here’s what you could win…

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Why am I doing this? I want you—yes, YOU—to know what I know now on the other side of burned out and overwhelmed: there’s a different way to do this—a way that works. Step by step, you are going to feel ready, renewed, and clear about your year ahead. I’m so excited for you!

Finally, a request: share this series with your people! Don’t keep all this goodness to yourself! I’d be so grateful if you spread the word about this free series. Email this kick-off post to your friends, tweet it, ‘gram it (here are lots of sharable graphics for you to make it easy!), text it—sing it to the rooftops! Let’s get all our friends in on this so they can feel as refreshed and clear about 2020 as we will. Here’s to our best year yet togetherstarting now!

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In the 2020 Goal Setting Series, you’ll get:
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And so much more!

P.S.  Have you heard the news?! The 2020 One-Year PowerSheets are SOLD OUT for the year! The good news? You can still get the 2020 Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and get started at any time of the year!

Hop on over to Part 2Part 3and Part 4 to get started on your best year!

Photos by Traci Huffman, family photo by Gina Zeidler

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  1. Rachel

    This is the best time of year because I can follow along with Lara’s Goal Setting Series! It really helps me dig right down to the issues on my heart and to prepare for the new year. Thank you Lara for continuing the series! May God bless you and yours this holiday season.

    • Lara

      You are so encouraging, Rachel! I’m so glad you’re back again this year and can’t wait to do this alongside you!

  2. Teodora

    I need to try this system. I am in a love and hate relationship with goals. I love them and I hate them…

    • Lara

      Then you are in the right place! I am SO glad you are here Teodora! (And your name is so beautiful!)

  3. Norma

    So excited for Powersheets 2020 progress!

  4. ashley

    I’m so excited for this!!!! Can’t even wait !

  5. Bethany Jones

    Thank you for this encouragement! I am so excited for 2020!

    • Lara

      I’m so glad you’re encouraged, Bethany! So excited to see what 2020 has in store for you!

  6. Mikaela

    I’m excited to follow along in this series! My goal for years has been to get out of debt and in 2019, I made more mistakes than I care to admit, but I did pay off my car loan! I’m hopeful that 2020 will have many more successes no matter how small.

  7. Eryn Ritter

    This post was so motivating! I feel like I’m ok on most of the life audit areas, but looking forward to growing in friends and finances!

  8. Jenni

    This is wonderful! I can’t wait to start this and follow through! I am already thinking of having a girls night in my neighborhood to help some of my friends that have dreams and/or are going through a hard time! This is exciting!

    • Lara

      I love that you are cheering on the women in your circle each step of the way! So great, Jenni!!

  9. Emily DeArdo

    Life evaluation: The areas I want to work on are health (It’s a 5/6), home/contentment (5/6), and finances (a 3).
    Good things: I got a book contract! The book will be published in January!; I moved to a great new apartment; I started the Baby Steps plan to get out of debt; I traveled to a new state; my sister got married!
    Challenges: emotional spending, not focusing on my baby steps goals to get out of debt. Health was sort of chaotic towards the last part of the year!
    People I’m grateful for: Catherine, Stephanie, Jaymie, Jen, Rebecca, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Micaela, my family, writers’ group, Abby, Andrea, Sarah, Amy, my clinic nurses and doctors, Mary, and Tiffany.

    • Lara

      So very excited to be doing this with you again, Emily! I always love reading your thoughts!

  10. Joanna Shoemaker

    I’m confused…I thought the PS prep was supposed to begin NEXT WEEK on 12/9. Unless I’ve been a hibernating bear (which is a wish) & been asleep, today is only 12/4. Did I miss something? Are there TWO (2) SERIES set-ups?

    • Lara

      You are right! PowerSheets Prep Week and the Goal Setting Series work together to help you uncover your best goals and create an action plan for 2020! Prep Week is next week (December 9-13) and will help 2020 PowerSheets users complete their PowerSheets Prep Work, complete with free daily video coaching. My annual Goal Setting Series (a 4-part series!) will walk you through my own 2020 goals and help you set yours, too!

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    I look forward to this every year! *Deep breaths* Here we go! So excited. 🙂

  12. Rachel Seivard

    I am so excited to use Powersheets for the first time. I love that Cultivate takes you through the entire process and never just says go figure it out on your own!

    • Lara

      We love being here with you each step of the way! So happy you’re here, Rachel!

  13. Jaime B

    I’m so excited to go through this! I found through the prep work that I was ignoring the things that matter for the “shoulds”.

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    You are the encourager I need right now to start 2020 differently. I’m excited to start this goal setting journey with you!

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    This episode was so good!! Thank you!! Can’t wait to hear the rest.

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      I am SO glad you loved it as much as I loved recording it for you, Shirley!

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  18. Lani

    This is so helpful! Reflecting on ALL of 2019 instead of just focusing on what didn’t happen is such a good way to step into 2020.


    I received Powersheets as a gift from a teammate at work. I am very excited about the process. I have failed at goals so many times because of not focusing on what matters. That hit home for me. I’ve been working on some of the pages, slowly, and it’s been an eye opener for me. Thank you and your team for what you do!

    • Lara

      Yay, Kristina! Give your teammate at work a huge hug from us! So excited for you both!

  20. Christina Holman

    This will be my first full year of PowerSheets. I’m happy to say I met some of my goals this year, but I’m looking forward to even more growth next year!

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      Love it!! I am so very excited to be doing this with you, Christina!

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    Been counting down the days for this week…so excited to start my 2nd year of PowerSheets!!

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      Yippee!! So glad you’re here, Christina! Wising you your best year yet!

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    I needed this little encouragement today! I can’t wait to do the PS prep on Monday at CYYL! Can’t wait for all the hugs, nudges to make what matters reality and yummy food at The Carolina Inn again!

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    Encouraged a friend about goal setting by listening and sharing my journey. Its always comforting and encouraging to know that we are in this together (youre not alone)

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      Yes, Esther!! So excited to be doing this with you each step of the way!

  24. Patricia D.

    LOVED this post & podcast! First time PS user & I am so excited!
    Life Eval: Pretty much right in the middle of most categories so lots of room to dig in & grow!
    Good Things: I had one of my paintings exhibited in a gallery in NYC..,so exciting! My husband & daughter & I took 2 amazing vacations this summer. Starting to get a handle on my anxiety through prayer & meditation.
    Challenges: Caring for my aging parents this year. Also, plans to go back to teaching did not work out.
    People I am grateful for: Frank, Kiara, Frances, Paul, Rich & Kate.
    Grateful to you & your team, Lara, for this wonderful work you all do!

    • Lara

      I’m so grateful for your kind words, Patricia! And I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged. Also, that is so amazing about your painting – CONGRATS!

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    • Lara

      Love it, Maria! Getting after gratefulness can help uncover what and WHO matters!!

  28. Katya

    Lara! I am sooooo excited for 2020 planning with you! I am sure 2020 will be the BEST YEAR yet!

  29. Jessica Duininck

    So exciting! Will come back with my answers soon.

  30. Desiree Sachdeva

    Super excited to use Powersheets for the first time and I’m currently not-so-patiently waiting for the planner to be delivered. Discovering Powersheets came at a perfect for this stay-at-home-mom as I’m aiming for a career change when my son starts kindergarten in a couple years. I’m going back to school in early Jan and the Powersheets will be a perfect companion on my journey through school and beyond!

  31. Ioanna

    That is amazing!!! My first time here and I can’t wait. Wanted to start the PowerSheets before the 9th of December but I guess I will wait! We have the mini series to keep us !! <3 I am grateful for all the new friends Jesus brought into my life that introduced me to Him and the amazing life I an have by His Grace. Amen.

    • Lara

      I am SO glad you’re here, Loanna! Such a joy to have friends who point you back to Him!

  32. Juliana

    I will be doing PowerSheets for the second year, and am so excited. I learned a lot about myself last year. Two big areas that I am continuing to cultivate are faith and finances. Throughout the year I also learned that I need to work on cultivating relationships. Powersheets we helping me to continue to learn and grow. Thank you, Cultivate Team!

  33. Ioanna

    Texted a friend for the inspiring Instagram Stories, full of truth!

  34. Regina Wiley (Maston)

    Lara, I’m so proud of you and how God uses your vulnerability to help SOOOOOO many people. Amy Perkins first introduced me to power sheets hmm maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Well my journey has been unconventional but fun. First few years I hardly entered anything into the PS books. Then did prep, then did Prep and goals. I attended a dream builder workshop which opened my eyes and heart to creating a vision and vision board so last year I did a great job with goals, prep, action steps, and even the 90 day refresh. several months I even completed a tending sheet. Don’t ask if I looked back at it after creating. This year I left myself renew constantly I had several ‘Jan 1st’ experiences. 2020, well can hardly stand the excitement of what will unfold as I progress even more in using my PS book. So again thank you!! Regina

    • Lara

      Love you so much, sister! Come hug me Sunday! I am so proud of you and excited for you!!!

  35. Amy Stout

    PowerSheets (Cultivating What Matters) have changed my life.

    • Lara

      Amy, I am so grateful for you! Cheering you on as you continue to uncover what matters.

  36. Amy Stout

    I sent an email to my prayer team today to share how the Lord has worked through PowerSheets to provide for our family *financially but in other ways too

  37. Alicia Briggs

    First, thank you for this! I am a first time power sheets user and can tell how much this is going to positively impact my life! 2019 was a rough year with a lot of Gold moments. I’m not gonna share my answers but they are in my powersheets!

    • Lara

      Grateful for you, Alicia! So pumped to do this alongside you this year!

  38. Jill

    Lara! This is fabulous! “The pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change”. …Since you’re sitting with you doing the power sheet process, would you like a cup of tea or coffee? 😉

  39. Alexandra Baerg

    This is my first year using power sheets! I am so excited to get started!

  40. Veronica Menard

    After 2019 has been filled with a whole lot of “hot messes”, I’m ready to let God take control, and work on HEALING and RENEWING my life! I’m so excited! I won’t lie though, I’m a bit nervous too!

    • Lara

      Love your words, Veronica! I am cheering you on each step of the way!

  41. Kathleen

    I’m so excited to dig into my power sheets and really hone in my goals for 2020.

  42. Katie

    so excited to dig in and prepare for 2020! thank you for all that you do, team cultivate!!

    • Lara

      We are so grateful for YOU, Katie! I am cheering you on as you dig and uncover what matters!

  43. Jenny E.

    Yay! I am so excited to meet my goals this year!!

  44. Lindsey B

    I’m horrible with setting and working toward goals.
    Looking forward to having a new perspective and making some great changes!

    • Lara

      I’m glad you’re here, Lindsey! So excited to see what goals you’ll cultivate in 2020!!

  45. Roz

    How am I? Whenever people ask me that lately, I always say just OK. In many ways I feel stuck financially and with health because I want everything to change now. I tend to get distracted and hop around in my goals because I don’t see progress. But I accumulated certain bad habits and patterns little by little, so I should practice making progress in all of these areas little by little. But there were some great things that happened in 2019: I got to travel and do nerdy things with my daughter, I’m in my 3rd year of homeschooling as a full time working single parent and it was still the best decision ever, and I learned to flex my creative muscle a little more with photography, painting, and charcoal drawings. This will be my first year using the PowerSheets and I’m excited to take this year a little more slowly and be grateful for each step 🙂

    • Lara

      Yes!! Little by little…thank you so much for sharing, Roz. I SO excited you’re here!

  46. Heather

    Just placed my first order! Can’t wait to cultivate my way into 2020 🙂

    • Lara

      YIPPEE!! I am so excited for you to dig into your new PowerSheets, Heather!

  47. Trina McDaniel

    So excited to make 2020 a breakthru year!

  48. Sara D.

    When you were talking about how one woman leading a cultivated life could change the world a quote from St. Catherine of Siena popped into my head – “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”. I’m a first time Powersheets user and I am excited to see where 2020 takes me!

  49. Meredith

    Had an amazing year of growth last year, using power sheets for the first time!! Can’t wait for this new year!

  50. Rochelle

    Last year was my first year using Power Sheets! I’m so excited for 2020!

  51. Julie

    So excited and intimidated to start 2020. I know it will be better than. Not having goals to work toward. I am encouraged by this post and community

  52. Jenn

    Loved the podcast today! Life audit ✔️ It feels good to get started on 2020! Loving the new powersheets, they’re beautiful! 😍🎉

    • Lara

      Yes! It feels SO good! I am delighted to know you love PowerSheets, Jenn!

  53. Heather

    What.a generous raffle!

  54. Anji


    These look really good. Where do I put the code in as I can’t see anywhere to add it? ☺️

    • Lara

      Hi, Anji! You can head over to cultivatewhatmatters.com and use the code BESTYEAR2020 for 15% off your order today. You will put the code in at checkout. I am so excited you’re here!!

  55. Vy Do

    This is my first year completing PowerSheets! I can not wait to see what is in store for 2020!! 😍

  56. Emmy

    It’s that time of the year! Goals that matter 🙂

    • Lara

      Yes, Emmy!! I am cheering you on as you cultivate what matters in 2020!!

  57. Cynthia Y

    Super stoked to get started and make use of my planning for 2020. Thank you for all the hard work in prepping us for this!!!

  58. Andria

    I’m so ready for this. I’ve found a renewed relationship with God through my first Write the Word journal and I’m ready for a renewed relationship with myself. <3

    • Lara

      Andria, that’s SO exciting! He is faithful!! I am cheering you on!

  59. Angelica

    I am so excited about this year! This will be my third year doing this, and I can honestly say, it has been life changing. It feels so much better starting the year with plans that fit with what I really feel is important, and not just something I think I “should” be doing!!! Bravo Cultivate team!

    • Lara

      We are so grateful for you, Angelica! So excited to be doing this with you again!

  60. Danielle Norstedt

    Thank you! I’m excited to see what happens next year!

  61. Janine Hayden

    I’m determined to not let another year flash by with me standing there wondering what just happened. Looking forward to this Laura, thank you!

    • Lara

      Yes, Janine!! So glad you’re here and excited to see you uncover what matters most!

  62. Jennifer

    So excited for this series!! I was very encouraged today by your podcast. Thank you so much for being obedient to what the Lord has called you to💗

  63. Jennifer

    I keep in contact with a small group of moms at my church. I text them often and see how they are doing. I encourage them, pray for them. Lead them to the truth whenever the Lord calls me to it. I will also send homemade cards to sisters too.

    • Lara

      Homemade cards are the best thing to receive! I am so glad you’re here, Jennifer!

  64. Hailey

    This series is just the extra motivation I need to keep going with my prep work! <3

  65. Jessica

    I used Powersheets last year, and kept talking about them to my boss. Over Thanksgiving my boss bought 3 copies for herself and her two sisters because she’s ready to do the things that matter!

    • Lara

      Love it, Jessica!! Give a huge hug to your boss for me! I’m so encouraged to see you cheering each other on.

  66. Katherine Williams

    I attempted to use PS a couple years ago… I skipped last year and even with the little effort I put into maintaining through the year I noticed I was a different person by reflecting back. This prep work is the heart and your podcast touched me today… it isn’t about goals…they won’t change my life! Knowing my heart will… thank you so much! I really loved your voice today too…haha! I hope you feel ok, but I liked the raspy!

    • Lara

      Katherine, you’re so kind! My voice is back from it’s little vacation (: I am SO excited to see you uncover what matters most! Cheering you on!

  67. Amy Corron

    This post and these steps got me going! In the Life Audit, I am definitely looking to attend to Finances and Work – the Contentment Challenge looks great and I’d like to do it in 2020! I am also looking to begin to launch my own business and find projects I am motivated about in my currently role. Some good things – focus on health, relationship with my partner, continuous connection with family and friends, my five year strong Quest for Rest (which I hope to keep going), and the bond I have with my sister. Printed the grateful list and looking forward to sharing with those who made 2019 so bright! Can’t wait to keep going on this series – thanks Lara!

  68. Abby Myette

    Through the reflection process I realized one of my goals that I set in 2018 and 2019 and never accomplished wasn’t right for me. It was a fitness goal based on how my boyfriend defines fitness, not how I define fitness. I hadn’t accomplished it because it wasn’t about me, wasn’t for me. He is always encouraging and inspiring me but my goals need to be about me, not him or anyone else.

    • Lara

      So excited to see you uncover what matters most, Abby! I am cheering YOU on!

  69. Susie

    I am excited to get started! I am just finishing my first 6 month power sheets and have my new 2020 planner in my hands. I love how it is organized by season and focus. I have already seen such big shifts in how I approach my plans and life, and I look forward to more in 2020!

    • Lara

      I am SO glad you’re here, Susie! Wishing you your best year yet in 2020!

  70. Julirae

    I am so excited to get started. I’ve been praying for a way to better help myself and my daughters with intentional goal setting and then I found power sheets!

    • Lara

      Yes, Lord!! So excited you’re here, Julirae! I am cheering you and your girls on!

  71. Sarah Gusky Kemer

    Do a life audit. How are you doing in each area of your life and which areas do you most want to improve?
    * I will do a full Cultivated Life evaluation in my Powersheets, but I am in a holding pattern with a lot. We moved over the summer to a new state and started new jobs, and all the new is wearing on me! I need closer friends and better connections at church, and I need more confidence in my job. If I focus too much on the lack it is crushing. But, I do feel my family (me, husband, twin 7.5yr olds) are stronger. We’re connecting deeply and enjoying each other, and my husband and I have really been intentional about putting family above all else, even the chaos!

    Evaluate the past. Write your list of good things. Name the challenges. Learn from them.
    * Good things: my kids, my husband, friends from my old area, Jesus and His influence in my life, my Heavenly Parents and Their guiding hand, our new state is gorgeous!
    * Challenges: meeting people and making it count, developing friendships, all the new, our own high standards!

    Get after grateful. Name who you’re grateful for and do something about it!
    * I’m eternally grateful for my husband! He is an inspiration to me most days.
    * I am grateful for my kids and how they’re able to turn rough situations into fun ones.
    * Nature. We are deeper in it now and the trees, even covered in a foot of snow!, really center me. God bless the trees.

  72. Rachael

    2019 was a year of so many changes for our family. So encouraging to reflect on the good and the hard and see Gods faithfulness in it all. Looking forward to setting goals in 2020 to help cultivate all the new we planted this year.

    • Lara

      Yes, Rachael! He is faithful through it ALL! So glad you’re here and excited for you to see all that you planted grow!!

  73. Martha

    Still trying to finish 2019 strong with two of my goals which was to cultivate friendships and intentionally love on my family. Excited to see where the prep work leads me for 2020.

  74. Heather Reed

    This is my first year with Power Sheets and I am so excited and feeling so ready to take on 2020!!

  75. Nikki Schmidt

    Sooo grateful for a best gal friend and of course my family! Can’t wait to do PowerSheets this year!

  76. Kristin

    I (tried to) use PowerSheets in 2019 for the first time and I did pretty well until summer rolled around. I tend to hit my lowest mental health around July/August – something about the heat combined with an overwhelming sense of the passage of time just doesn’t do good things to my brain in that season. This year was no different, and I got overrun by anxiety about the future and ended up putting my PowerSheets away to focus on getting my brain back together with the help of my lovely therapist.
    For 2020 I’m trying PowerSheets again (yay!) and see if all of the self-work I’ve been doing for the past year can translate into growing more areas of my life. I especially want to focus on my creative hobbies and on my relationships with my partner and friends

    • Lara

      I am SO grateful you’re here, Kristin. You are strong and capable! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most!

  77. Lindsay

    I am so ready to dig into the prep for 2020. After a recent health diagnosis, my 2019 goals started to fall off. Using the rest of this year to give myself grace and to rest my body. But excited to put pen to paper as I make an intentional plan for 2020 to focus on health and finances. Thank you for sharing your heart with us yet again!

    • Lara

      I am so excited for you, Lindsay! I am cheering you on!

    • Lindsay

      I’m focusing on my health, finances and recreation in 2020!
      Some challenges that I’m learning from are my health diagnosis, frivolous spending and letting life happen instead of simplifying and planning fun for our family.
      I’m grateful to be partnered with my husband and that he is just as excited to dig into some of my 2020 goals this year with me! We are grateful for our whys: Camden & Bennett and can’t wait to experience the new decade with them!

  78. Morgan

    2019 has been such a trying year. I can not wait to start 2020 on a new foot. Laying it all out there & really digging into what I want for the next year and for my life.

    • Lara

      I am so grateful you’re here, Morgan! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most!

  79. Rachel

    Hi Lara, this is my first year using the Powersheets. I’ve had them sitting on my desk since I bought them in October, unsure how to dive into the prep work. However,this podcast has really motivated to take some ‘me time’ to get it done and set my 2020 goals.
    I’ve had a tricky couple of years but I can feel that 2020 is going to be a great year for me and my family!

    • Lara

      Yes, Rachel! You’re in the right place! I am so glad you’re here and I’m cheering you on as you uncover what matters!

  80. Sherry Root

    I listened to your podcast episode yesterday and it was so refreshing and inspiring and I can’t wait to do Prep Week together next week! I have had my 2020 Powersheets since launch and I have been looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see where the Lord leads us all as we review and commit our years to Him! To God be the Glory Great Things He Hath Done and Will Continue to Do!

    2020 – Abundant Life “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10b

    *Lighting the Way to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance…bringing Glory to God in All Things.*

    • Lara

      Sherry, I am so grateful for your words! I am cheering you on! To God be the glory!

  81. Caroline Shelton

    I just discovered PowerSheets and I am SO EXCITED! I just ordered mine this morning and can’t wait for them to get here!

  82. Hannah BEEBER

    Lara, I LOVED your “holiday voice”. It made me feel like I was listening to an AM radio podcast.

  83. Sara Suastez

    I am so excited to go through this process again! Such a gift to go through and see what’s working, what’s not and how much I have grown and changed over the year.

  84. Victoria Gelberg

    I finally get it after all these years. I find the things within what I have to cultivate and tend. That will be bigger and wonderful.

    • Lara

      I love it, Victoria! Here’s to uncovering what matters most and tending it!

  85. Melinda

    I tried to set goals last January, and while progress has been made in a few, most saw no improvement, again. Lord willing, Power Sheets will be an answer for me in 2020. This podcast made me see goal setting in a new light!

    • Lara

      So excited you’re here, Melinda! I’m cheering you on as you uncover what matters!

  86. Melinda

    I am forever making out lists of goals, and while some of my goals see a little progress, most do not. This podcast helped me to see goal making in a new light. I love my Power Sheets planner and although I am a perfectionist and hate to put marks on pretty paper and actually “use” beautiful stickers, I have sets of markers that I bought along with your stickers and feel I can do this. Thanks for all your encouragement! First time user to be.

  87. Elaine S

    This will be my third you doing this.

  88. Elaine S

    This will be my third year doing this. It definitely has made a positive impact on my life.

  89. Jaquelyn

    After debating for a few months if I wanted to spend the money on PowerSheets… i finally decided that $60 really wasn’t much of an investment compared to a whole year of growing good things – I want 2020 to be better than the past few years! 💜

    • Lara

      I’m so glad you’re here, Jacquelyn! I’m cheering you on as you uncover that matters!

  90. Lyndsey Chavous

    So excited about growing in 2020! Is there somewhere I can read more about Lara’s no spend 2019? Thanks!

    • Lara

      Yippee, Lyndsey! I am so excited for you to uncover what matters most! We loved this book as one of our first action steps for our No Spend 2019 goal! –God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School by Gregory Baumer and John Cortines

  91. Leigh

    How am I doing?
    Health 9, Friends 7, Spouse 6, Family 6, Finances 9, Spiritual/personal growth 9, Work 3, Recreation 4. The top 3 that I want to focus on in 2020 are family, work, and recreation. This is the third time that I’ve used PS, and each year they are more meaningful to me!! Thank you, Lara!

    • Lara

      Yes, Leigh! I’m so excited to be doing this alongside you again! Cheering you on!

  92. Rhona Riley

    I look forward to this journey that should lead to a very cultivated 2020.

  93. Petra

    I am SO excited and SOOOOO ready to kickstart 2020!!! Thank you for this series Lara, it has become a treasured and highly anticipated tradition for my Decembers!!!

  94. Connie Jean Mills

    I’m looking forward to this upcoming year. Both 2018 and 2019 were very difficult years. Forced to move, moving in with my Inlaws, being my MIL’s caregiver… being there when she passed away… dealing with tons and I mean TONS of anger between my FIL, husband, and BIL. It has been a ROUGH two years. Leaving my 3200 sq ft home to live in a 700 sq ft basement with my hubby, two teens, and three dogs has been a lesson in humility and I’m still trying to find contentment. I want 2020 to be different and I’m determined to do whatever is necessary to make that happen!

    • Lara

      I appreciate you sharing, Connie. I’m cheering you on as you walk into the new year. Getting after grateful little by little!!

  95. Whitney Lanham

    I’m at the Carolina Inn and cannot wait to dig into my 2020 Powersheets with Team Cultivate at CYYL!

    • Lara

      Yippee, Whitney!! So excited you’re here!! Can’t wait to hug you!

  96. Heidi

    I have a hard time keeping goals. I think what you are doing is great and your goal sheets look very helpful. This is a great giveaway for someone like me who needs a lot of help to goal keeping. Thank you!

  97. shelby

    This podcast episode was so helpful!

  98. Jessica

    I am so excited for this series!

  99. Lisa

    This is so great and I can’t wait! I certainly hope to be more organized next year!

  100. Valerie

    Oh gracious, so much of this post resonated with me!! It is so easy to look back and see only the hard things. I was just thumbing through my 2019 Month In Review pages this morning looking for blessings to count and people to be grateful for! It’s all about perspective, so I love that phrase “get after gratitude!” Because whether we think it was a hard year or a year teeming with more blessings than we can count, either way we’re right. This was full of so many great reminders to get my mindset right as I start my 2020 prepwork. Thank you, Lara!!

    • Lara

      Hooray, Valerie! So excited for you as you get after gratitude! Cheering you on as you uncover what matters this year!

  101. Nicole

    I was surprised to notice that my audit in the Friends category has gone up SIGNIFICANTLY since last year. Needing some work on Spiritual life and health.
    There were so many great things in 2019! Going full time with my own business, taking up writing and seeing again after a long time, paying down lots of debt, going on a vacation with just my husband, and prioritizing play.
    A few hard things in 2019: some difficult things happening with my brother, allowing myself to become exhausted by overworking and not allowing myself to prioritize rest, and making decisions without seeking God first.

    • Lara

      What an awesome thing to be grateful for!! Friendships are such a joy! Cheering you on as you uncover what matters!

  102. Kim

    While I can look back and name a few accomplishments from the past year, I want to do and achieve even more in 2020. I am looking forward to using #powersheets to focus my energy and help me be more intentional with my time. I am so excited for this series!

    • Lara

      I am SO glad you’re here, Kim! I’m cheering you on as you uncover what matters most!!

  103. Colleen

    This podcast was awesome!! THANK YOU!

    • Lara

      That’s so encouraging to hear, Colleen! It’s absolutely my pleasure! Rooting for you!

  104. Shannon Love

    Got through Day One 🙂 certainly gave me a real movement with the life evaluation.

    • Lara

      That’s so encouraging to hear, Shannon!! I’m cheering you on as you find what matters most and cultivate it!

  105. Shannon

    I spent a lot of time in the life evaluation page. My focus areas are definitely work, finance, and health right now. Learning where I wanted to go and grow was a good start though…this is my first PowerSheets, so I’m excited to have the series to help.

  106. Regina Renee

    This is my first year with Power Sheets. This community is intense. Goal setting has always been something I did alone or with a small group, so this is new for me.

    • Lara

      I’m SO glad you’re here, Regina! We are grateful to have you as part of the Cultivate community. Goal setting can be so much fun with buddies 🙂

  107. Victoria Osborn

    I’m so excited to begin prepping my powersheets and planning for a fresh new year. Thank you for both this series and the prep work series to work through over the next few weeks 🙂

    • Lara

      You’re so welcome, Victoria! I’m SO glad you’re here and excited to see what matters most to you!!

  108. Valerie Harris

    I’m so excited to be prepping my first power sheets!

    • Lara

      Hooray!! I’m so excited for you to uncover what matters most, Valerie!

  109. Valerie Harris

    I have a friend walking a hard medical diagnosis this year and I’m texting her often to let her know she’s seen and to remind her to keep her eyes on Christ

  110. April Emery

    Life Audit – where I feel strongest right now are my spiritual life and health. I am weakest in the areas of recreation and finances (more-so fatigue from the long, hard journey of paying off our debts. We’ll get here and we’ve made progress, but it’s slower than expected.

    As far as the good and the bad from this past year, WHAT I’M CELEBRATING is having a better handle on work/family priorities being where they should be, developing a fitness routine and sticking with it, getting adequate amounts of sleep each night, eliminating stressors in my life and learning to let petty things go. STRUGGLES from the past year include my business falling apart, not being able to pay off our 4th debt by the end of this year (and having some scary high credit card debt), and alllll the times (in my anxiety or impatience) I stepped ahead of the Lord and didn’t wait on Him.

    I’m most grateful for my friends Kristin, Michelle and Katie. They spur me on in the Lord and love me. Also thankful for my gracious, patience and supportive husband and kids.

    PS – I would flip out over winning some of these giveaways … I’ve had my eye on the Val Marie Journal and Cultivate/Write The Word journals, but our finances are so tight right now I have had to exercise restraint and resist.

    • Lara

      Little by little progress! I am cheering you on, April! SO glad you’re here!

  111. Hadera L

    I am so excited to try this way of goal planning. I love the beauty and the freedom to also dig in and make a mess.

    • Lara

      Yes, Hadera!! Progress over perfection–it’s okay to make a mess! I love it!

  112. Priya

    Life evaluation: The areas I want to work on are health, relationship and finances
    Good things: I moved to nice home in a new state
    Challenges: Health
    I’m grateful for my daughter

  113. Rebecca Johnson

    I dont have my powersheets yet as they are a christmas present from my husband. But i did pull out an old notebook and am going throught the prep work in that. I have had a hard 2019 battling depressio. Anxiety while my husband works out of state so a single parent mon-fri and my son is special needs and Im a full time college student for a BA in mathematics minor in computer science. I NEED GOALS lol. Lara your system has been a life saver for me and my family feels the difference too. We love you!

  114. Amy Weison

    I started using Powersheets in 2018 and have loved watching my life begin to transform into what I’ve always wanted it to be! I have learned to be intentional with my time and with my relationships and am looking forward to 2020 and making this the best year ever! I’m CELEBRATING the fact that I’ve made great progress in my goals to be a better friend and better mom, and to deepen my RELATIONSHIP with the Lord. All of these bring so much peace, joy, and contentment to my soul, and for the past 10 years, I’ve not had the ability to focus on these important aspects of my life. I am setting big goals for 2020 for my health and fitness, and for being a better steward of my finances. I’m looking to the Lord for guidance on my next BIG career goal and know He will direct my path. Thank you, Lara, for creating and sharing such a wonderful tool to encourage us all to live our best life with intention! May God continue to bless you and yours with all things good!

  115. Meghan LP

    When I started thinking about 2020, I felt so uninspired. 2019 has been a difficult year for me, and I was feeling stuck. Doing the exercise of evaluating the past was so necessary. It made me realize that yes, this year had challenges, but it also had bright and beautiful spots, too. By shifting my perspective on the year, I can be grateful for everything it held. Thanks for encouraging looking back before moving forward Lara Casey and team! 🙂

    • Lara

      I’m so glad you were encouraged, Meghan! Getting after grateful is such a change in perspective! I’m cheering you on!

  116. Mary

    This is my thank you note to you, Lara. This is my third year with PowerSheets. Although I am still improving at applying your approach, without it I would have had an unbelievable amount of trouble getting through 2019. In maintaining focus on the things that mattered, I can acknowledge that my relationship with my husband is stronger after caring for him at home for four months. I can acknowledge that I can be patient with my children, as they struggle with medications and with childhood trauma. And I can acknowledge, sitting here with a cast over my dominant hand, that it is OK to rest, to let someone else care for me…. and to ”make a mess” in my 2020 PowerSheets. I certainly would not have chosen our 2019 life events as steps toward my goals, but I can value the opportunities to cultivate areas that are important to me.

    Thank you, Lara, for emphasizing that it’s OK to be imperfect in our little-by-little progress.

    • Lara

      Mary, I am so grateful for YOU and to be doing this alongside you for THREE years!! Yippee!! Cheering you on each step of the way!

  117. Jessica

    I’m here because I want to be more intentional in moving forward with goals in 2020.

  118. Tracy ML

    I am so grateful to you, Lara. It was through your podcast that I discovered God’s grace in my life. One of my goals for 2020 in the first quarter is to get baptized. I am looking forward to this goals series.

  119. Ashly

    I feel like I’ve been doing goal setting backwards, like you describe–overstuffing my life instead of actually taking things out. especially loved what you said about trying to jam a bunch more seeds into a full garden–a lightbulb went off for me when I heard that because that truly makes no sense! Super excited for 2020!! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Lara

      YES!!! I am so encouraged to hear this, Ashly! Here’s to doing things differently!

  120. Carol

    Life evaluation: There are lots of positives, but also so many opportunities for growth.The three areas that I am focusing on in the first quarter of 2020 are: health (focusing on even more sleep and a more consistent bedtime), work (finding a job has been a truly challenging season), and spiritual/personal growth (perfectionist who struggles with prayer, so a big goal is to pray everyday!)

    Good things: I trained hard and ran my 4th marathon, achieved a huge half marathon PR, and have gotten so much stronger. I am eating better and prioritizing sleep (This may sound strange, but after failing countless times to start improving these habits, I found my motivating “why” in running when I learned about how deeply they impact training.) We focused on our marriage, took some wonderful trips, de-cluttered, and celebrated milestones with friends. I volunteered in meaningful ways and have even unexpectedly inspired my husband to run his first marathon (totally his idea).

    Challenges: As a perfectionist, I have realized that I very frequently hold myself back through fear, avoidance, and self-limiting beliefs instead of living with a faithful heart.

    People I’m grateful for: There are too many to name individually, but my husband, our sweet pup, family and friends near and far, our church family, and some inspirational folks who I have never actually met (like you!).

    • Lara

      Aw, thank you, Carol! I am SO grateful for you! Cheering you on as you continue to uncover what matters most!

    • Lisa

      Carol – I could have written your whole response, except the real specific things (hubby & marathon lol) but your Challenges… WOW. Yep, that’s me. Thanks for putting my oh so terrifying, very self-limiting thoughts into words. I’ve been so completely stuck – for far too long.
      Best wishes to you in 2020!

  121. HS

    Thank you for following this call & being purposeful & passionate about lasting change!

    • Lara

      You’re so kind! I am so glad you’re here and that you’re encouraged!!

  122. Jessica

    I want to improve on health and marriage this year, also be more intentional in having time with friends. Good things from this year: overcoming fear in a few areas, finding a new church we love, getting training for heart coaching. Challenging things were: balancing being a mom and being in training for coaching, trying to be led by God in big life changes, trusting God when the next steps were outside of my comfort zone. I’m grateful for my friend Elaine and her loyal friendship and constant encouragement.

    • Lara

      Love it, Jessica! I am excited to see you continue to uncover what matters most!

  123. Christina

    I’m excited to have someone to guide me along the way. My friends and I have set aside time to work on our sheets together as well!

  124. Jessica Duininck

    1) Well…one thing I need to work on is being more proud of what I have done….thats what my life audit showed me. I used powersheets fornthe 1st time last year. I need to give myself more grace to grow!
    2) I am much mor aware of things. Good and bad.
    3)I will always be grateful for my mom. She does so much. I actually started a gratitude spot in my daily planner.

  125. Christina

    So much of what you’ve said in this podcast has resonated deeply with me. I’m so looking forward to cultivating and cherishing this year!

  126. Rochelle

    Life Audit: I’m middle of the road on most (an improvement from last year) but looking to grow my spiritual life (let this fall to the wayside in 2019 after starting off strong) and finances (it’s strong but I’d like to make it stronger in 2020 given recent life changes.

    Evaluate the past: First solo plane ride! Was more flexible with plans (big deal and my people recognized this and supported me in it!) Finished my certificate in nonprofit management that led to a promotion! Challenges stemmed from jealousy, holding others to the same standard that I hold my self.

    Get after grateful: So incredibly grateful for my dear friend who spoke such courage and kindness into me all year. 2019 had its challenges and she spoke what I needed to hear.

    • Lara

      So glad you’re here, Rochelle! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most this year.

  127. Megan

    This is my 4th year doing Powersheets and I finally feel like I have a good grasp on cultivating what truly matters. After having an unexpected miscarriage and job loss this past fall, I am more than ready to make what matters HAPPEN! I wrote out my goal ideas for 2020, and finished all of them with explaination points! It allowed me to get super excited for the year to come! I also did the same thing for what fires me up. I feel like every year my goals are the same, but like I said earlier, I know the brevetiy of cultivating what matters the most, and being super intentional on why I am cultivating those goals. Because truly, it’s all about glorifying God. Love love love Powersheets and the ministry you all are creating for us! 🙂 Grateful!

    • Lara

      Hooray!! Wow, I am so grateful for YOU, Megan! I’m excited to do this alongside you again this year!


    I am so excited to start using the poeersheets this year!

  129. Emily V

    Challenges this year-I’ve had a “new normal” for the last 1 1/2years with a new diagnosis of MS. While this is a challenge in itself, I find I like to make things even more challenging by setting unrealistic timelines, feeling guilty, not giving myself grace, and trying to do too much. I am doig my best to look at the last two years snail speed growth at movement in the right direction.

  130. Sara

    Looking forward to cultivating 2020! 2019 is providing a lot of fertilizer for the garden in 2020 😂 I’m very grateful for powersheets!!

  131. Emily Wood


    LIFE EVALUATION:There are so many positives in my life, Family, Spouse, and Friends ranked the highest. The three areas I could really work on include: Health, Finances, and Recreation. For HEALTH, I don’t exercise regularly and I would like to do better with meal planning so we could eat healthier meals. This is the third year that I have ranked FINANCES as one of my lowest. UGH!!! THIS IS THE YEAR THAT CHANGES!!!! Recreation is ranked low because I just can’t figure this one out for myself.

    GOOD THINGS: I was able to list so many good things for this year! Having PowerSheets makes is so easy to look back and CELEBRATE!!! What I am celebrating most this is the fact that I achieved one of my goals for 2019 and that was “to celebrate other well!” I worked really hard on this and it showed as I looked at alllll that I was able to do: sending cards and gifts in the mail; planning parties in ADVANCE, including a Surprise 40th Bday Party for my husband; and celebrating holidays well!

    CHALLENGES: having a messy house feels like the biggest challenge on my list right now. I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning the house and it is NEVER done!!! As a result, I don’t invite people over; my house doesn’t feel restful; and I feel guilty when I do other things.

    GRATEFUL: My grateful list is a mile long. The Lord has placed so many special people in my life! But I want to take this opportunity to say, I am so grateful for Cultivate What Matters, PowerSheets, and Lara!!! Three years ago, at the end of 2017, I found the 2018 Goal Setting Series through a Google Search. It was life changing and it was the very thing that led me to Powersheets. I am seriously forever GRATEFUL!

    • Lara

      I am SO grateful for you, Emily! So excited to be doing this with you again!

  132. AnitaMarie

    This will be my 2nd year using PowerSheets. Last year, I had too many goals so I hope to streamline them for 2020 so I can be more successful with tending them. Also, I am grateful for YOU, Lara Casey! Thanks to your encouragement via your blog and podcast, I’ve finally made some progress on goals I’ve had for over 30 years!

  133. Kara-Anne

    I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and each year I still uncover different things. The most amazing part? 2019 was the best year yet. I didn’t know how much life was improving bit by bit until this year. 🙂


    HEALTH: 7
    The first half of the year was great – I worked out regularly and I felt good. I was also eating better and feel stronger. Because of travels, I slacked off a bit with my workouts, but I want to get back on it again and maybe do more yoga or fun exercises.

    FRIENDS: 6
    Not too bad this year, but overall I feel like I’m still scared of humans and I don’t really want to have too many friends. I am okay on my own and want to start connecting with more people online and do my thing.

    I didn’t argue much with my family this year and also with Isaac, things are going fine and simple. We need more time together as a married couple, but that can be easily resolved once we get into a better routine.

    Getting better and getting there! I want to start a budget for every month and maybe a list of things I need and want to buy on a to-do app. Then slowly reevaluate how and where we can tighten and make some substantial savings, or buy things that are of good quality, or make goals and plans for our saved money.

    Weak in this area, not even keeping up with devotionals. Need to set aside time, maybe once a week, to read the Bible, even a little bit will do, and maybe do the Bible study guide that I bought from Jane Johnson.

    WORK: 5
    I haven’t been making as much as I would like and my business has had no direction since 2015 – 2016, but I am more focused now and know that I have to let go of some things to focus on one thing and one thing alone, even if it means not making money for a while. Just start imperfectly and let things fall into place, step by step.

    This year has been great with lots of traveling and fun, I got to see So Ji Sub, BTS and Europe, and also I sang a bit more as well. I want to sing more in 2020, and also write about my homemaking and simplicity, the things that I enjoy. Maybe give up painting? 🙂



    I saw So Ji Sub and gave him my card!
    I reached my goal weight and really committed to fitness, which was a tough feat.
    I saw BTS three times in Seoul and got to hear Outro: Tear and The Truth Untold live.
    I travelled to Taipei with my parents, and it was fun.
    I had a phenomenal trip to Europe, Switzerland was beautiful.
    I minimalised my lifestyle and home, and feel much lighter and happier.
    Our finances are much more comfortable now.
    I went to Seoul with Esther, and had a good time.
    I learned how to control my temper and reactions, and how to step away from toxicity.
    I met Christal, a total sweetie pie.
    I got everything I wanted and more.
    I got 2 tattoos and 3 more piercings.
    Revamped the house and love it!

    I let go of more expectations of how others lived and looked at me, and started to live out my own life, little by little. I feel more confident in myself, my decisions, how I look and how I feel, and how I react. Overall, though the business was at the wayside, my personal life changed a great deal and I did too, for the better.


    Being affected by what people thought or said about me, and wanting to fit in.
    Worrying about not being a success at 28.
    Times I was anxious over money or how things would turn out, but in actual fact things always worked out for good thanks to God.
    Being less prudent about finances.
    Not reading enough of the Bible or attending church, or talking to God at all.
    Slacking off on my fitness for the second half of the year.
    Spending impulsively on BTS goods.
    Wasting money buying things that I didn’t use.
    Wanting things to happen right away instead of trusting in God and that things take time.
    Less time spent together as a couple with Isaac.
    Pulling away from people because I was scared.

    I am still plagued by depression and anxiety, mostly caused by the people around me. I need to be more prudent of who I let into my circle and how I react to things I can’t control.


    Isaac, a rock and amazing friend and husband
    My father, a fun-loving and understanding man
    My mother, a supportive and loving woman
    Christal, a light in sometimes gloomy life
    Esther, for being a great work companion and friend
    BTS, an endless inspiration and happy pill
    So Ji Sub, an amazing man who inspires real change
    My bunnies, who bring love into my life
    Sandy, Lisa, Jass and Val, whose friendship has brought smiles

  134. Myra

    This is an interesting new way to look at goals. I’m intrigued.

  135. Mandy Cates

    Lara, this has made such an impact on me. I purchased my first PowerSheets yesterday, on a day when I was feeling completely overwhelmed and empty. This post has given me the hope and tools to see that I can make positive changes–progress–in the coming year. Thank you.

    • Lara

      I am SO delighted to hear you were encouraged, Mandy! I can’t wait for you to dig into your new goodies and uncover what matters most!

  136. Mary

    -My life audit numbers were not as low as I thought they would be! Still, there is room for improvement., especially in the areas of finances and work.
    -My list of good things is a nice list. The challenges are ones I have been working to grow from.
    -I am greatful for my family. I am spending more intentional time with them.
    Yes, I spelled greatful like that on purpose! I am full of gratitude for all of God’s blessings!

  137. Gloriana Hopkins

    I need improvement in all areas of life, haha… But what I want most is to improve my health, my finances, and my “work” as wife and SAHM.

    There have been a lot of good things this year, like purchasing our first house, quitting my job to be a SAHM and making pivotal changes to change my attitude and perspective on parenting. At the same time, I’ve been struggling so hard with the comparison trap, financial security and balancing my priorities, whether its throwing myself into projects as a means to validate my self-worth or feeding my social media addictions as an escape. Last year has definitely taught me I need to refocus and cultivate what matters. I can’t do all the things well. I need to pick and choose intentionally. Which is why I’ve fallen in love with the Cultivate What Matters philosophy 🙂

    I am so grateful for my husband. He always helps me keep my priorities in check and points me back to God. He is one of my greatest motivations. He builds up my self-confidence. He’s great at making me slow down and take care of myself. I am truly blessed to have him as my husband.

    • Lara

      So good, Gloriana! I am cheering you on as you cultivate what matters most this year (:

  138. Alicen

    I went back and listened again! Thank you for the encouragement and guidance.

  139. Tylana Byrd Hill

    This series is for me. I recently planted zinnias and it’s helped me tap into God

  140. Callie

    I’m a first time powersheets user and really looking forward to getting started for 2020! I’m definitely looking to improve in the areas of spiritual/personal growth and family.

  141. Kate Peila

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m excited to get started. My life audit is under way with a cup of tea at hand. It’s been a tough year, but as you pointed out, it’s just an opportunity for positive changes moving forward 🙂

    • Lara

      So glad you’re here, Kate! You aren’t behind one bit! I am cheering you on!

  142. Jennifer

    A little late to the party this year but so glad to be joining the process!

  143. Kinsey

    So glad I made time to do this today!

    My life audit was really positive; I feel like I’m in a good place in all areas and didn’t rate anything below a 6. Only recreation got a 10, though, because I think there’s always room to improve.

    Some of my wins this there were staying organized, making and saving good memories, working out consistently, making progress on my overwhelming book collection, and preparing well for vacations so they could actually be stress-free!

    Challenges mostly circled around work: it was a hard year for our church, and there’s nothing I could have done differently to make that less true. Yet through it all, God watched over me and showed me how good, gentle, and gracious He truly is.

    Consequently, most of the people I feel very grateful for are my co-workers at the church, and my husband, who’s just an all-around good guy. Love them!

  144. Liss

    Thank you, Lara, for this goal series! I think it’s taking a long time for some of these points to sink in. It’s been a tough year as my dad passed away in June after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s. So much has been put on hold. I want so much more for 2020 and a better year at that. I love the GOAL acronym. I need to learn how to cultivate. I am a longtime wanderer. Thank you for all you do for us!

    • Lara

      I am so grateful you’re here, Liss!! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most this year!

  145. Carrie

    I’ve never done a Life Audit before. That wasn’t as hard as I though it would be!

  146. Julia Nichols

    This was so great. Thank you Lara!

    Lessons I’ve learned this year
    1. Anxiety is my attempt at control
    2. Intrusive thoughts are my coping mechanism for not feeling uncomfortable emotions
    3. The enemy works hard to keep us from a life of prayer

    This year I want my goals to reflect more surrounding who I want to be, which is more like Jesus! And to continue to get healthy in my soul. 🙂

    • Lara

      So good, Julia! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most (:

  147. Julia Nichols

    I texted a friend to tell me how grateful I was to have them in my life this year :). Thanks for encouraging me to do that!

  148. Dini

    I am very thankful for this. I’m still waiting for my new powersheets in the mail, but I am following along on some scrap paper for now : )

    • Lara

      Yippee!! Can’t wait for you to dig in to your PowerSheets! SO grateful for you, Dini!

  149. Brittany

    I have always said that I don’t set goals for myself (because they never come to fruition), and instead I keep a pulse on what makes me happy and adjust as needed. Well, not everything that makes me happy is healthy, and as the responsibilities mount with age, I feel like I’m falling behind on creating the life I want. Filling out my first PowerSheets now!

  150. Audrey

    Just getting to this series, but it is right on time for me!
    I sent so may message of love and gratitude the people I am most grateful to from 2019 and all them responded with “Tears of joy as I read this!” I’m so happy that just those messages of Thank You really helped them feel loved!
    Also, I totally love that my “Good Things: What worked in the last year” sheet didn’t have Enough room, and yet I found it hard to, and actually didn’t, complete fill my “Challenges: What didn’t work in the last year” sheet This made my whole year!

    • Lara

      Hooray! So exciting, Audrey! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most!

  151. Kristen Yager

    Health-2, Friends-6,
    Spiritual & Personal Growth-3, Work-3,Recreation-3(I was rear-ended in an accident, so last year was not my best, and affected all these areas.) areas need work! Good things-knowing things could’ve been injured a lot worse after the accident, knowing a lot of people cared how I was, and getting my new place built. Bad things-not pushing enough for the things I was and realizing how far I fell down-and personality change from concussion, and my parents also getting hit in a different car accident. People I’m grateful for-Friends, Family, Customers who constantly about my health, and Doctors who cared. So excited to try this for the first time and make it a great year!

    • Lara

      I am so grateful you’re here, Kristen! Cheering you on as you cultivate what matters!

  152. Kimberly Anderson

    Tried this in 2017 and was an epic fail! I don’t know if I ever even completed January! 2020 and I’m rip roaring and ready to go. I don’t think I had the mental space in 2017- I was I. Survival mode in so many ways. Here’s to a flourishing 2020 of cultivated goals and lives!

    • Lara

      Hooray!! So excited to be doing this with you, Kimberly! Cheering you on!

  153. Arlene

    i just ordered the powersheets and i am listening to the videos on the prep work. for the cultivated life evaluation what are some other categories you could maybe suggest?

  154. Lisa

    This is my first year to use the Powersheets. I’m getting a little bit of a late start but I’m excited for 2020! Thank you Lara!

    • Lara

      You’re not too late, you’re right on time! So glad you’re here, Lisa!

  155. What Worked and What Didn't in 2019 :: Rhiannon Bosse

    […] friend Lara has always done a kick you-know-what goal planning series at the end of each calendar year, and ONE of my favorite parts is where she shares the things that […]

  156. Angie L

    I so enjoy listening to your podcasts, especially when I work late at night while my kiddos sleep (and also whenever I walk our dog to Starbucks for a treat ;).
    Tbh I haven’t been great at reviewing my Powersheets on a daily or even weekly basis. But earlier today, as I was reviewing what I wrote down in my Powersheets during the past couple of crazy months, I was so encouraged and thankful to see how God graced and enabled me to fulfill and complete and progress in so many areas. Just writing out those few thoughts and desires gave me tangible reminders of the Lord’s work in my life.
    Looking fwd to more progress in 2020.

  157. Jenny McGee

    I am listening to your goal setting series and loving it so far. Love the idea of slow progress, plant the seed and let it grow in its own time. Not too fast and not too slow. Thanks.

  158. Brittany White

    I love this series!

    2019 wasn’t necessarily a terrible year, but I didn’t accomplish some of my goals- which is a little frustrating. I’m looking forward to a fresh start.

  159. Laura

    Hello, Lara! I just discovered you and your intentional goal setting yesterday. I ordered the Powersheets and am looking forward to receiving them ver soon! I just finished listening to your podcast and the first portion of the Life Audit was a punch in the gut…but a good one because we can’t grow without acknowledging what was and what is an opportunity for improvement. I deal with severe depression and have for many years. I had some very significant health issues this year that were not related to my depression – the first was a head injury/concussion and stroke. The second was sepsis a few months later that I almost died from. There are so many things that keep bringing me back to the fact that I believe God is trying to tell me something and has been for a very long time, but I have been refusing to listen. Well, I guess he had to hit me with a 2×4 to get my attention and really understand that I cannot keep going on the way I have been. I also think that he had a hand in bringing me here to your website. Thank you for what you are doing. I am positive that you have a hand in saving my life. I know I am the one to do the work and am responsible for my actions…but the fact that the resources you have put together and are sharing with the world are making a huge impact already. So – thank you.

  160. Amber

    I’m doing well with work and family. I can improve on my health, spiritual growth and finances.

    In 2019, I started a budget, paid off the motorcycle, car and solar panels, refinanced the house, started family dates back up, and had more date nights with my hubby. I would like to have more of those dates and reduce the clutter in our lives – physical and mental. I’m disappointed that I lost weight and then gained it all back. This will change in 2020.

    I’m grateful for my husband who points out the things that went well whenever I’m feeling negative about something.

  161. Tracy

    I skipped the series last year with a brand new baby but should have found the time. I’m very excited to begin again here with you!

  162. Heather Laaman

    My word for 2019 was Brave because that does not come naturally. And I really think I did well with the concept. For me, I did some very brave things

  163. Michelle

    Still mulling over my word of the year. I think it might be “enjoy.” I’m a type 1 on the enneagram, and sometimes I’m so focused on achieving that I forget I’m actually supposed to enjoy myself as well! I want to do more of that this year.

  164. Jeanine

    Where has your blog and the Powersheets been all my life! I guess I just had to look in the right place. Your advise of starting with what matters before planning and doing makes so much sense to me! I am ready to start now! I created a word for 2020 before I knew about Cultivate What Matters. My word is Intentional. By searching for an “intentional planner” I discovered you! Then I realized that one of my besties planted the seed to choose a work for the year but I did not make time to read the link, which was a link to your website. Months later in sharing my excitement that I found the Powersheets and that I thought they would be good for her she told me she already purchased them, then reminded me that is what she sent me months earlier. 🙂

  165. Lynn

    Last year was my first year using Power Sheets. It was a year of great transition, as my last child finished home school and started college and I started teaching at a private Christian school. I can see how identifying the important things and being intentional about focusing on those things helped me walk through a difficult season of change. As I look at my life evaluation, I see areas of growth that would not have happened without Power Sheets. Laura. I’m grateful for you. 🙂

    • Lara

      You’re encouraging words mean so much! I am cheering you on, Lynn, as you uncover what matters most this year!

  166. Sara

    I am so thankful you Did this series! I did the 6mos power sheets last year but I didn’t do it “perfectly “ and Felt a little tinge of failure for not doing them “right”.
    After listening to this series I am thankful for what I uncovered in the pages I did so last year. It was a small step that moved me closer to who I want to be when in 80! That is a win!!!
    This year I organized a group of women from all different fields and we are going to have a day where we work together and solo and get started on our cultivated year!!!
    They are all so excited to have their yellow packages arriving!!!
    Thanks for doing what you do!!!!

    • Lara

      So grateful you’ve been encouraged, Sara! As we say around here, progress over perfection! I’m cheering you on!

  167. Amanda

    I can’t wait to try this out!

  168. Brenda

    I just found your podcast today and having fun learning all about you and your planner.

  169. Amanda K.

    Hello! Just discovered your one-year intentional goal planner and it is excellent in guiding our way towards achieving our dreams and life aspirations by getting us to take the time to brainstorm and contemplate on what exactly we wish to accomplish in our lives. Love how it keeps us focused, on track, and motivated – thanks for creating this thoroughly-thought out planner system! I wish all a healthy happy 2020 🙂

    • Lara

      I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged, Amanda! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most.

    • Amanda K.

      Thank you, Lara – because I like the planner setup, I had shared it to a small online support group I’m a part of through a gaming habit app called Habitica. I had started a convo about new year resolutions, so I thought to mention your
      Powersheets planner as it could help.

    • Amanda K.

      Today, a member in my support group wondered about using other planners, which is still possible even with the Powersheets planner. I find that the Powersheets planner once setup becomes a great reference for us to plan out in more detail with what we do on a daily &/or weekly basis – seeing this is exciting.

  170. Justina

    I cannot fully express how grateful I am for this series! I found The PowerSheets last year and uncovered so many things in my heart that I didnt even know were there. Now, as I look back at the goals and things i wrote down, I am so grateful! I have made progress! Not perfection but progress!!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I am so happy about this!! If it werent for The PowerSheets , this series and Lara I would have never clarified what i really wanted! I am looking forward to 2020!!

    • Lara

      Hooray!! I am excited to see you uncover what matters most this year, Justina!

  171. alexa rabini

    Last year was my first year using Power Sheets. I’ve never been much of a pen to paper person I rather use a whiteboard but Cultivate really changed my point of view in planning on paper and being more visual!

  172. Stephanie Cardoza

    I got the power sheets last year and only made it halfway through the prep work. Even so, the threads I identified in the first pages became regular themes in 2019 and I saw improvement- just from identifying threads!
    This year, I’m ready to really dive in.
    On the face of it, 2019 didn’t seem like a great year. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, we went through an arduous home buying process and were displaced for a while.
    And yet when I really dug in, I came away with four pages of good things!
    Thank you Lara for the work that you do and for your kind and compassionate spirit. Can’t wait to dig in more!

    • Lara

      Love it, Stephanie! So excited for you to uncover what matters most this year!

  173. Dannie

    New to all this…finding it challenging at times, but exactly what this gal needed in this season of life. 2020 Goals: 1. Grow a deeper, more constant/faithful relationship with the Lord
    🌺 in addition to am liturgical reading…consider a pm “write the word journal” time… maybe 7:00-8:00 pm… start with “hope” then move to “prayer” in 3 months or so…
    2. Grow a year of helping Dimitri (our Asperger son) toward finishing high school… being more independent … grow in his faith …
    3. Grow a smoother rhythm to home life… getting settled, organized & unpacked in our new house…
    4. Grow slowly & imperfectly…
    Not a lot of goals, but they are the ones that matter!

  174. Megan

    WOW! This section of pages has been the most difficult for me in the years past. I dread getting to this section, but after uncovering thoughts I managed to love these pages most of all! Breaking the Identity box was so freeing! Who I really am page was SO GOOD to reflect on the past decade and write out what matters most to me now. And then, the most dreaded part in the past was the Good things and Challenges pages. Though, this year I was pleasantly surprised that the Good Things outweighed the Challenges, even though I was unemployed and lost for half the year and recovering from a miscarriage. My most difficult year was actually a blessing in disguise and seeing it laid out in the good vs challenges was so eye-opening. So very grateful for this work you’ve put together for us! I’m stepping into 2020 with so much more clarity, vision, and purpose! 🙂

  175. Kay

    My word for the year is FOCUS. I’m working too many part time jobs! I’lll be evaluating what matter the most so I can make some tough decisions. Looking forward to getting my power sheets in and diving in.

  176. Hollie Weber

    I’m excited to be using the PowerSheets for the first time to help me be more intention about my goals. None of my audit areas were particularly low but I’m looking forward to working on my relationship with my husband and leaning into the challenges and opportunities of a new position at work.
    I made significant health goals happen by being intentional with making time for workouts and using that time to reconnect with some friends and make time for myself.
    I’m lucky to have friends who constantly encourage me and love me where I am. My husband works hard to make my dreams for our life and family a reality alongside me.

  177. Tia

    Lara Lara Lara! I am so glad I came across your products on youtube, which lead me to you. Unfortunitely I can not afford power pages this year because of our current situation. But I can follow along with your goal setting series to start changing things little by little. I NEEDED THIS!
    Here are my answers:
    Life audit.
    HEALTH 5
    It just is. I am healthy but I am not thriving. I feel better when I move and I just havent been. My diet is pretty good thanks to hubby.
    At this point they are non-existant. Its a combination of I dont contact them and they dont contact me. Also I feel guilty when I do go out of taking time away from son and burdening my husband.
    FAMILY 4
    I spend all of my non-working time with my family, it just doesnt feel like quality time. We spend to much time on our phones. And when we do watch a movie or tv show together I have to worry about my son (18 months) getting bored and blowing up.
    SPOUSE 5
    Its better than its been before. I am more secure in my relationship. But it is so hard dealing with a spouse who is depressed. I feel helpless. And I supress my needs so that I dont put more pressure on him. One day we were watching a movie and I said the wife wants a divorce because she doesnt feel important. My husband reaponded but he ia not thing about self. He is focused on work. I reaponded even so but he isnt focused on her. That when it clicked to me. He isnt focused on himself but not me either.
    We have what we need. We also help my sister in law, who is studying to be a nurse, pay her tuition and rent but that leaves nothing for savings and wants. I never want to have to debate diapers or formula because we dont have enough again.
    I am being honest. Mentally I have grow alot. I am stronger. But I dont know if thats a good thing because I feel harder. I smile less. I want to be confident and make my ides real. I want to fell God close again.
    WORK 7
    I am not suprised but this is where most of my energy goes. This is our only income. I have been recieving great compliments on my work. As I transition out of this job I want to make money doing what I love. I create!
    Whats that lol just kidding. Ive done alot with my son this year. It doesnt always turn out well and I am being to fear those public temper tamtrums. I wish it could be the 3 of us going on adventures together but my husband is uninterested.

    The good.
    Obedience. I finally desided to give art a chance. I also loved it but didnt think it could be a real career. God has given me so many ideas. He gave me these gifts to sustain me.
    Trips with my son. We have been to different cities, to friends homes, zoo, parks, kid cafe, etc.
    Planner piece online and in my diy binder.
    Healience trip. My first solo trip and retreat since becoming a mom.
    Creating material that my students dont hate!
    Coworker friendships.
    4 years of marrage!
    Beginning to share my art and people actually liking it.
    Learning to make my art digital.
    Pancake saturdays!!!

    Not putting limits on work time. I just had a revelation. I spend so much time working because it the one area in my life I make good. Close to perfect.
    Not praying!
    Blamming others and focusing on negative toughts.
    Too much time on youtube and instagram.
    Not keeping my space clean.
    Stopping journaling.
    Not doing my nails because the will get messed up anyway.
    Not exercising.
    Forgetting that GOD is greater than my problems.

    My husband for cokking great meals every week.
    My son for all the smiles and kisses.
    My desk mate for the many compliments and help.
    My work bestfriend because she gets me.
    My cabinet buddy because she is light and always has the best snacks.
    My work friend for gifting me an ancestrt test.
    My boss for being blown away but what I do.
    My coteachers.
    My students.
    My favorite youtubers.
    My sister in law for being to strong in faith.
    My mom.
    And Lara Casey. For creating 2021 powersheets which ill be able to afford by then 🙂

  178. Britta

    So excited to work through my PowerSheets! Almost done with the prep! And I’m so thankful for my husband, kids, mom, church, mommy friends … and on and on ♥️

  179. Terri A

    I got the 2019 powersheets and promptly put it on the shelf. Instead of spending the money for the 2020, I’m going to try to repurpose the 2019 book I have. I”m looking forward to doing this this year – it’s going to be a year of change for me!

  180. Allison Schrader

    Sometimes I hear your voice reminding me it’s all about imperfect progress when I feel like I have failed at my goals. I started a. Podcast as well this year but only pumped out 11 episodes.. After listening to your goal setting series, I am celebrating because I pumped out 11 EPISODES this year!!! Now I’m looking forward to cultivating this endeavor in the next year. Thanks for cheering me and so many on!!

    • Lara

      Love it, Allison! Progress not perfection!! I am cheering you on!

  181. Ashley

    Just now getting started and a little overwhelmed at all the prep. I know that’s where the rubber hits the road tho.

    • Lara

      You got this, Ashley! I’m cheering you on as you uncover what matters most, little by little (:

  182. Natalie Pittman

    Keep reminding myself that there’s nothing special about Jan 1– just do it!

  183. Danielle

    I am brand new to this and looking forward to getting started!

  184. Becky

    Happy New Year! Speaking of NEW, I’m new to Powersheets, but a dear friend and sister in the Lord recommended them to help me distill my goals and priorities for 2020. I’m excited to enter the year meaningful, with my work ABUNDANTLY at the forefront of my thinking and actions.

    • Lara

      Love it! Cheering you on as you uncover what matters most, Becky!

  185. Janie Baugh

    I just heard you with Jennie Allen and had to head over to your website! Just listed to. And I’m excited to begin to cultivate what matters.

  186. Lisa A

    Thanks for this. Your perspective is so helpful!

  187. Jessie B

    My word for 2020 is PEACE. This is my first year using Powersheets, and I’m excited to start the year with a focus and determination I haven’t had in past years.

  188. Angela Fritz

    I just wrote my name and date in my Powersheets and worked for 30 minutes and listened to part 1! Inspired to text a friend I’m grateful for. Thank you, Lara!

    • Lara

      Woo! So excited to see you uncover what matters most this year, Angela!!

  189. Christina A.

    A friend and I were encouraging each other via text today and agreed we would work together to stay motivated in 2020–an accountability partner!

  190. Laura

    Here’s my Cultivated Life Evaluation:
    5—need to move body more & focus on healthy eating
    7—would like to have more time for friends
    Family (including your significant other, if applicable)
    8—good relationships with Mike & kids & extended family
    2—need to pay off debts & replace my income by time of retirement
    Spiritual + Personal Growth
    5—growing myself & becoming closer to God is important
    5—retiring in May & need to have business built enough to fill my time & replace income
    5—want to travel more
    Grateful for God & family
    Didn’t start even one new business team member.
    Let school take over my life—working too much outside of school.
    60 & retirement are coming soon & not really financially prepared.
    Didn’t pray about enough decisions.
    Didn’t counsel enough with mentors & then follow through.
    Sending thank you notes today!

  191. Margaret

    Still trying to come up with my word for 2020. I think I’ve landed on Focus. Thank you, Lara for this great goal planning book!

  192. Leah Fuller

    I just started my second year of goal-setting with this technique. I don’t feel like last year was very successful, it was a major headache of a year. But I’m hopeful about this year and. Chance to start new!

    • Lara

      I am so excited to do this alongside you again, Leah! I am cheering you on as you uncover what matters most this year (:

  193. Lydia Graves

    Looking forward to diving in this year! Thanks so much for helping me get started.

  194. Lydia Graves

    Texted a couple of friends hoping to encourage them to love God and their families more this year.

  195. Bola T

    Been encouraging a friend of mine to continue to work towards a healthy lifestyle. We usually message each other daily to be accountable to one another.

  196. Nicole

    I am new to powersheets and very excited! And scared. especially of the “Legacy” page! That’s so grand of a concept I don’t know what to put. Lara, maybe you could make a podcast on this??

    • Lara

      I am SO glad you’re here, Nicole! Check out my podcast on How To Number Your Days!

  197. katie k

    gave an extra hug to my SIL today before work

  198. Serena Wigginton

    I am so excited about this goal setting series. I feel its going to be a gamechanger. I am sharing in my VIP. Business group. Going to give one away as prize.

  199. Janice Chan

    My life audit revealed I am pretty satisfied! 9s and 10s in Family, Friends, Recreation, An 8 in Health, and 5’s in Finances, Spiritual, and Work. Those are the areas that made 2019 feel a bit “blah” and that I want to work on in 2020. One of my biggest challenges in 2019 was saying “no” to things that I felt obligated to do (or people that I felt obligated to) when my heart wasn’t there. I learned that hesitation often means it’s not the right time for me to say yes! People I am thankful for include family, coworkers, and some ministry partners!

  200. priya

    Just got introduced to this concept. looking forward to applying this in my life! ordered my powersheets.. excited to make the change. thank you!

  201. Shannon citrino

    Thank you for the wonderful, inspiring, and insightful post here as well as the amazing opportunity to win! Good luck everyone!

  202. Susan Smith

    I’m excited and motivated now! I can’t wait to start.

  203. Jessica Lewis

    Just ordered my first ever Cultivate What Matters Planner. My word for the year is “Cultivate” and it led me here. So excited to get started! <3

    • Lara

      Yippee!! So glad you’re here, Jessica! I am cheering you on(:

    • Regina Renee

      I had the same experience, Jessica. Cultivate is also my word of the year and here I am. I wish you well on your journey this year. My weakest areas are health and finances, so I am working on cultivating some habits that will helpme improve those areas.

    • Jessica Lewis

      Thanks Lara! And Regina, so awesome to connect with someone on the same track 🙂 Best to you on your journey this year as well! Most of my friendships are long distance so I really want to focus on cultivating the relationships I do have locally, really digging in and being present and deepening those friendships.

  204. Rachel Nordgren

    Along with this series, I dug out some of my old Powersheets today and started the process of really reflecting on the past + dreaming about the future…for the first time in a few years 😉 Grateful for your voice and leadership in this space, Lara!

    • Lara

      I am SO glad you’re here, Rachel! Cheering you on as you cultivate your year!

  205. Leela

    I need to set some serious health goals this year.

  206. Gabby

    The life audit showed me how many good things happened this year. I went hiking almost every month of the year! I am in the last semester of my doctorate program! I realize I focus on the hard or negative parts of the year but so many good things happened too.

    • Lara

      Yes! That’s what getting after grateful is all about! Love it, Gabby!

  207. Sarah Mayer

    My main resolution is to find work/life balance.

    Right now it’s all work work work and some things are starting to lack in my personal relationships and I cannot have that!

  208. Maggie

    Life Audit: This is my third set of PowerSheets and this step is always such a great one, revealing things that could otherwise be forgotten. This year, I chose Spiritual Growth, Family, and Work as my three target areas.

    Evaluate the past: I love this step! It’s like treasure hunting, digging through the life you’ve already lived to reveal so many great things…and things to learn from!
    A small sampling from my “Good Things” list: completed my Reflexology course, did a 100-mile walking challenge with my sister in the spring, new family additions, time with my grandparents, impromtu 5K on Thanksgiving morning with my cousin and uncle, and so much more!
    “Challenges:” When I spent way too much time on my computer without purpose, anytime I spent worrying, TOO MUCH STUFF, when I didn’t take prayer requests seriously, procrastination…and more.

    Get after grateful: Thank you for this reminder!

    I’m grateful for you ladies!

    • Lara

      I am SO grateful for you, Maggie! So excited to cultivate what matters with you for the third year!!