… and all through the Cultivate office, the ladies were stirring getting ready for the day!


See you at 10 am ET at www.CultivateWhatMatters.com for the best PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner Launch Day ever!

Sweet dreams,

Team Cultivate

P.S. Tell your friends: happy shopping starts tomorrow at 10 am ET! See the new Collection Guide for the best deals!

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  1. Gracie Clark

    So much fun!! I’ve set my alarm!

  2. Margaret Neville

    This was way cool. Do they still use that word or am I dating myself? So good to see you having funnnnn

    • Lara

      I use it all the time, too, so perhaps we’re both dated BUT having so much fun in the process! Ha! : )

  3. Carol White

    Y’all have outdone yourselves! Love it!

  4. Kobi Mitchell

    Okay, but now I need that bedding… 😬🤞😂

  5. Elisabeth

    Best. Ari. Video. Yet!!! Haha, love it!

  6. Nora

    These videos just keep getting funnier and better. Congratulations Ari for the artwork, and Lara and Team for the unceasing love and work!

  7. Carmen

    How fun is this?!

  8. Jennifer

    Has Ari missed his calling?? 😉 So much fun, thanks for sharing your family with us! THANK YOU, Lara, for creating Powersheets! So glad God has blessed it!

  9. Diane Taylor

    JOSH!!! He is my fav part of this video!! IT tech support!!!

  10. Nicole Terry

    Cutest thing EVER! I actually watched this on the day after ordering my Power Sheets (a newbie here!) — I set my reminder so I’d order them right there in the gym parking lot, after my Zumba class! So excited!

  11. Kristine West

    So cute! I love how the kids got in on the action (every video is better with cute kiddos!) Josh stole the show though as the IT support. Those curls…Newbie here and can’t wait to get started. #teamteallinen But I might need some Power SHEETS!