So, you want to start a garden. Plant lady that I am, I’m thrilled for you! But, do I sense a bit of overwhelm? There’s just so much information out there, and so many resources. You just want to be told how to get started, in plain language. You want to know:

what to plant
when to plant it
how not to kill it.

I may be an unlikely gardener (I’ve killed plenty of plants in my day!), but over the years I’ve kept trying and trying again. The lessons I’ve learned, and the beauty I’ve experienced with my family in the garden, have kept me moving forward. No matter how far from green your thumb is, YOU can become a gardener, too. Let’s talk! LISTEN NOW!

In this episode:

— You’ll hear a little bit about my history as a gardener (dead plants and all), and why I love getting my hands dirty.
— I tell you about the Gardening 101 LIVE class we’re offering for the first time ever. I’ve helped hundreds of people start and tend to their first gardens, and I want to do the same for you! Register here. We’re going to have so much fun, and by the end you’ll be ready to get started with a garden of your own and – best of all! – you’ll know how NOT to kill your plants.
— You’ll hear about my first year of gardening, and the classic mistake I made – and how I’ve course corrected since then.
I’ll tell you about my gardening WHY and help you find yours. Is it for food? Teaching? Fun? Beauty? Filling vases? Attracting butterflies, birds, and bees? Let’s find out!

Interested in some of the things I mentioned throughout this episode? Here you go!

— You can learn everything you need to know to start your own garden in my new, LIVE Gardening 101 class. It’s on April 16th, and if you can’t join live, the replay is yours to watch whenever you’d like! Register now.
— I wrote a whole chapter in Cultivate about all the plants I’ve killed. There’s hope for you, too! : )
For Garden’s Sake is my favorite local nursery. If you’re in the Triangle, pay them a visit!
— We chatted a bit about how our garden fuels my homeschooling with Grace. Here’s my homeschool planner – a free download!

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Feel like you’ve been working hard but you’re not seeing the results that… let’s just say it… that she has?

Imagine what would have happened if the flowers in my garden took a look at themselves and thought, “Hmm. I’m not growing as straight or tall as that flower next to me. She sprouted faster. My leaves aren’t perfect. I GIVE UP! Maybe I’ll just go back in the dirt!” OR if I gave up on tending to them altogether. We would miss out on the blooms to come—blooms that were set to unfurl in their own unique and perfect timing.

It’s okay to grow slow. Keep taking steps toward what you can’t yet see. Your breakthrough might just be one more step away. And if it ends up being twenty steps away, it will be worth it, too!

—Here are 18 pep talks on how to embrace little by little progress.
—It’s never too late to start! This video series will help you make progress on your goals whether or not you’re a PowerSheets user.
—How to Get Unstuck with Your Goals.
—If you haven’t already, complete your Spring PowerSheets Goal Refresh (page 96). We walked through these pages LIVE in the PowerSheets Facebook community.
—Join April’s Little by Little Challenge!

My March PowerSheets progress

And now… a recap of my progress on my March PowerSheets® goals and what I learned! The 56th Making Things Happen Conference was the BEST YET! In place of doing another MTH in the fall like we typically do, we have a surprise event up our sleeves set for early December. Ahhhhhh just wait!

Photo by Rachel Coffey

Be sure you’re on this newsletter list so you can be the first to know details and when early-bird tickets go on sale!

That was fun! In this video I share how I made progress on my goals with my PowerSheets Goal Planner. Links I mentioned in the video:
—My husband went viral in this video
— I love the color coding system in the Goal Setting Sticker Book.
— Many friends have great books coming out: The Middle Matters, Letters from a Big Sister, A Love Letter Life, The Next Right Thing, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, and Empowered.
—We celebrated 13 years—here’s our story.
My interview with Jamie Ivey on The Happy Hour.
—The Carolina Inn is magical.
—I’m hiring for a very special position

We enjoyed an unforgettable meal at Crossroads at the Carolina Inn with friends (Ashlea and Chavez just got married and Ashlea shares her story in the latest podcast episode!).

March’s podcast episodes you don’t want miss!
Why I Stopped Straightening My Hair
Moving From Planning To Planting
How To Plan Your Year
Garden Planning and Dreaming

I was so grateful to be featured in Chapel Hill magazine this month. This has been a neat opportunity to have neighbors stop and tell me they saw the feature—it has opened many doors for meaningful conversation and telling them about our mission at Cultivate.

On to APRIL!

My April PowerSheets goals

All the details on my April goals are in the video! I’m excited for this month.

April Monthly Goals:
— Pray over everything—ask God
— Do my MTH action items
— Make our home come alive
— Teach the Gardening 101 live class!
— Plant our garden
— Train leaders

April Weekly Goals:
— Weekly family Sabbath.
— Read Letters to the Church with Ari
— Sing for joy to the Lord
— Read lovely words to the kids
— Sabbath: renew our hearts and minds
— Pray for the Lord to use us to meet needs

April Daily Goals:
— Old Testament Bible Reading (Need a great 5-day Bible reading plan? :))
— Write the Word at night before bed
— Sleep
— Analog evenings
— Work it out!

The Spring Goal Refresh in the PowerSheets gave me such clarity and motivation for the next 3 months!

Your turn! Do you have goals for April? What are you cultivating in this new month? I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters shop. I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! Congrats to March’s winner, Kinsey!

P.S. Join us for 30 days of progress during the Little by Little Challenge! The Cultivate team will kick off each day in April with a prompt or resource in the PowerSheets Facebook community and Instagram to guide you to take the next step toward your goal. Start with today’s post!

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