When life gives you lemons… invite your friends over for some porch sittin’, lemonade, and a do-over : ) Anyone else need one of those? And porch sittin’ is a real thing. We did it Sunday night with friends and it was so needed. We talked about everything from the Bible to favorite TV shows from our childhood (mine: Reading Rainbow and Fraggle Rock). Porch sittin’ and great conversation can cure a whole lot of things, including glitches in email sending. We had some technical hiccups getting our first-ever Fruitful Summer series out this week — and this series has my heart and soul in it — so I’m blogging Week One here for you! If you want to get in on the rest of this five-week series on cultivating meaningful friendships, join us before Wednesday, June 10. Don’t miss this. I am so excited!

Okay… on to Fruitful Summer.


Confession: writing books is not something I love doing, but I am learning to love what happens in the process. Through the long hours at my desk, pressing into the tough soil of fear, comparison, and doubt — something is happening. As my heart is being refined in writing a book about cultivating what matters, my friendships are becoming more fruitful.

But, you should know something: this is new for me. I haven’t always had close friendships. In fact, most of my life, I’ve had my foot in my mouth and felt too busy, too flawed, too introverted, too imperfect to have friends. Real friends—friends who love me in my mess and encourage me to live on purpose. I wanted close friendships so much, but it felt impossible.

I have a surprise for you.

Each season we’ll be going on an adventure together. #FruitfulSummer is all about cultivating meaningful relationships and doing life together.

9159089e-ad18-41f6-8c0e-a96c26c9485eHow? Sign up for five simple weeks of learning how to cultivate meaningful connections.

Here’s what to expect in the series — and a preview from Week One just for you:

1) A short weekly note from me with quick encouragement and free printables for you and your friends. Here is a preview from Week 1: The Fruitful Summer Guide!

Inside the Guide:

  • Beautiful printables
  • My top tips for making connections happen
  • Fruitful conversation starters
  • Insight from some of my closest friends
  • Free Fruitful Summer wallpapers for your iPhone or mobile device
  • A big shop discount code
  • Our top friendship gift picks for the summer
  • …and much more!

2) A fresh video each week. Nothing fancy (all shot on my iPhone), just a whole lot of fun. Here’s Week One for your viewing pleasure! You may spot some familiar faces in here : )

Fruitful Summer, Week One – Lara Casey and Friends from lara casey on Vimeo.

3) More intentional relationships for you! We’re going to get practical and real in this series and I can’t wait to see what new things grow in your life as a result.

Why #FruitfulSummer? Because learning that I didn’t have to be perfect to have close friends changed my life. My hope is that this series helps you discover the same!

P.S. Share this post and don’t forget about the Summer Reading Giveaway too! Encourage your friends to join you for a #FruitfulSummer. Feel free to snag this caption and use any of the graphics in this post: “I’m getting ready for a #FruitfulSummer, cultivating meaningful relationships with @LaraCasey and friends — join us! tinyurl.com/fruitfulsummer

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.24.42 PM

P.P.S. As if this wasn’t enough for one day, our Summer Clearance Sale is ON! Get 60% off prints, desk cards, T’s and more — no code needed — until everything sells out.

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  1. Kelly

    Too cute!! Gracie is such a peach!! Oh I’m so in love with this series already. Wish I was spending my summer in Chapel Hill this summer so I could grow with y’all, but I shall be there next summer!

  2. Kay

    Hi Lara, I love that this just popped up in my inbox when I need it. Meaningful friendships are something really missing in my life. However, I have a bit of a problem. I don’t really have friends. In fact, I’ve been trying to make new friends for the past year or so; by joining hobbies and trying to get out more etc. But I’m struggling to actually FIND women who are my age and in my life stage. Do you have any tips on meeting new friends?

    • Lara

      Hi, Kay! Yes, be sure to sign up to get the rest of the series if you haven’t already — lots of tips coming! : )

  3. Alexandra

    Grace is too cute! I would love to see some tips for fellow “brown thumbers” on gardening 🙂

    • Lara

      You got it! Also be sure to follow @GraciesGarden on Instagram for some basic gardening tips.

  4. Carmen

    I really want to win your book!! My instagram name is Made_Alive

  5. Megan

    So looking forward to the inspiration 🙂

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  7. Nicole

    The PDF won’t load on my computer! Any tips or tricks?

    • Lara

      Hi, Nicole! I tested it on my computer again and it’s working, but it is a large file. So, it may take a little bit to download. If you still can’t get it to work, let me know! : )

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  9. grace

    I am struggling to get week one. 🙁 any other options to download?

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  14. Katherine W.

    Hello!!! I missed out on this last year but would love to do it this year, will a new round of helps be put out for 2016 or was this just a one -year thing? I hope to use it with our bible study group at church this summer 🙂

    • Lara

      Yes, we will be doing it again this year! Stay tuned! : )

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