Hello, friend! How is it almost JUNE already!? I am having a baby next month (due July 31)! This is blowing my mind a bit, but I am feeling more and more ready thanks to an unexpectedly fruitful May. It was a challenging month and, in that refining, good things are starting to grow in our garden and in our lives.


Photos by my sweet friend, Robyn Van Dyke!

What’s new: I have been intentionally away from the internet the last couple months to get my head and heart in the right place for writing. Instead of digesting Instagram and pixels, I’ve been reading more than I ever have in my life! In May, I read Interrupted, Kisses from Katie, Radical, and studied a lot of the Bible. I highly recommend each of these books. They have changed me! Up next on my reading list for June: When Helping Hurts, The Irresistible Revolution, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, and more Bible reading.

What’s ahead: Lord willing, writing book two, running our business well, gardening with Grace, cultivating meaningful relationships, and growing a baby. Also, something fun is launching Monday, June 1. Don’t miss this. Sign up here to get all the details when it launches.

garden-robynvandyke-5 copyCan you spot Hootie guarding our Big Max pumpkins?

Onto my May goals update. Here is the link to my May goals and refreshed 2015 Goals. The Refresh was SO helpful!

May PowerSheets Goals progress:

  • Write to help others move forward to God. Yes, I wrote the tiniest bit, but more than that, my heart has been getting refined and prepared. I believe this month will be full of words, Lord willing.
  • Complete the James Challenge (I’m writing out the book of James this month along with prayers related to each section — it has been awesome so far!) Yes, I completed this and LOVED it! I learned a great deal by slowly praying and writing through scripture. I plan to continue this in June with Romans 12. Writing the Word is awesome. More to come on this. Hint hint – new journals releasing in July!
  • Lead an encouraging Bible Bunch, studying Acts 1-9 this month. Yes, it was a great night learning about God together! I love these ladies.
  • Worship and please the Lord on our family vacation. Yes, this was the biggest highlight of May. Too much to say here, but this trip changed us. More here.
  • Help others move forward to God at the Creative Women’s Summit — glorify Him! I hope I pleased Him with what I shared. I was grateful to be a part of it!
  • Prayerfully introduce Write the Word in May or June. Coming this month.

Little by little, focusing on progress not perfection, I did well on my weekly and daily goals as well. 


June PowerSheets Goals:

  • Write the words He has for me.
  • Cultivate fruitful relationships. Want to join me on this one? Be sure you are signed up for Monday’s launch!
  • Read the Word and do what it says.
  • Deny myself and take up my cross.
  • Listen and lead well through an encouraging Bible Bunch. We will be studying through Interrupted this month and next.

Weekly goals: (lots of prayer!)

  • Pray for church family
  • Pray for friends
  • Pray for family
  • Pray for WORDS – truth
  • Pray for our children
  • Pray for marriage
  • Pray for team
  • Pray for Godly stewardship

Daily goals:

  • Write the Word
  • Pray earnestly
  • Exercise hard
  • Clean green eating
  • Deny myself

Fresh links:

Here’s to a fruitful June!

P.S. Surprise — a big summer reading giveaway! Share this post (feel free to use one of the graphic below), sign up for my monthly encouragement email, and be entered to win one of these books for you or a friend: The Best Yes (not pictured because it’s so good and I loaned my copy to a friend), Interrupted, Kisses from Katie, Prayers for the Dreamer and Doer, Unveiled Wife, Radical, The Fringe Hours, Let’s All Be Brave, Enough, The Power of Starting Something Stupid, Just Rise Up, or one of five copies of Make it Happen — great summer reading for friends to do together! Simply leave a comment here with the book you want to win (for you or a friend) and let me know that you signed up and shared. The more you share, the more entries you get. My hope is to get great books in your hands and encourage as many people as possible to join us for the good things coming Monday.

Winners will be announced on the @LaraCaseyShop Instagram Friday, June 12!


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  1. Kelly

    I just finished reading Hatmaker’s 7, and would love to read Interrupted!! As for a friend, I’d love for my sweet dear best friend Savnnah to receive her own copy of your book Make It Happen. We’ve been sharing since February and I’d love her to have her own to mark up. 🙂

  2. Alexandra Markle

    I would love to spend my summer reading these books!

  3. Brandi Vance

    I would be happy with any of these books. The only two I have read is Let’s All Be Brave and Radical. Most of these are on my wish list on Amazon. It would be hard to choose just one. It would be so encouraging to win one of these books to read over the summer.

  4. kristen

    Already signed up for the newslettee. Would love radical by David Platt and fridge hours! Those have both been on my list for sometime.

  5. kristen

    Shared on fb

  6. Katie b

    I’d love to win!

  7. Dawn B

    I’d love a copy of The Best Yes!!! Shared on fb. 🙂

  8. Hannah @ Living the Good Life

    Already receive the newsletter – love it! Shared on Instagram and Facebook! Would love to read Interrupted – it’s been on my list for awhile! Thanks for the opportunity, Lara! Happy Summer! 🙂

  9. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Just saw your book stack on Jessica Turner’s IG feed and had to pop over. Several on your list are some of my biggest world-shakers – particularly Radical. Whoa, Nelly!! Your site is so pretty – glad I stopped. Sending you glitzy Friday wishes!

  10. Melissa

    Would love to win the Fringe Hours, I’ve heard amazing things about all of these books! Thank you so much for hosting this amazing giveaway.

  11. Gina

    Would love to read Let’s All Be Brave!! So grateful for you Lara, and all that you share!

  12. Melissa

    I would love to read Unveiled Wife. They all look like great books! Will be sharing this on FB and IG

  13. Tonya

    Thank you so much for sharing! I would love the opportunity to read “Interrupted” and/or “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”.I

  14. Sarah

    Would love to read all the books!! Especially Kisses from Katie. Signed up for the newsletter and shared on Insta!

  15. Jillian Boland

    Our small group is reading When Helping Hurts this summer!! I’ve heard so much about it. Can’t wait!

  16. Sarah

    I signed up for your email and shared on FB (Sarah Bee)! I’d love to win all of these great books, yours and Jen Hatmakers’ especially!!

  17. Sarah

    I shared on twitter https://twitter.com/yes_teacher/status/604427250558107648

  18. Sarah

    Shared on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87327680251139759/

  19. Julie

    What. Great giveaway! I think I would love to win the fringe hours by Jessica turner. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Karen M

    So many of these are on my wish list!! I’d start with Interrupted if I won. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  21. Meredith

    Signed up & shared! Would love any, but especially let’s all be brave

  22. Jamie

    What a great book list! I’d love to read The Fringe Hours

  23. Bertha

    You INSPIRE my life in so many ways and your team effort in new products is just ahhhmazing!!! God BLESS you continually!

  24. Bertha

    I would love to be able to give my friend her personal copy of let’s all be brave… And to have your book Make it Happen in my hands would be super amazing! 🙂 sharing on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram . Signed up for email too! 🙂

  25. Rachel Nazareth

    I want a copy of your book!! I have it now from my public library, but it’s so great so I want my own copy 🙂

  26. Rachel

    Also I shared the post on Facebook!

  27. Rachel

    I shared on Twitter not Facebook!!!

  28. KallieB

    Would love to win The Fringe Hours. And I love reading your monthly posts – such an inspiration!

  29. Lindy

    I LOVE to read and can’t wait to make it through this list. The only one I’ve read is Kisses from Katie and it was life changing!!! If the others are half as good, they will be incredible.

  30. Dena McMullen

    These look like some great reads!

  31. Emily Margaret

    I’d love to read Make It Happen! It’s been on my list for awhile.

  32. Danielle

    Hey Lara!

    It’s so fun to watch your family grow. Time is flying! Your words at the CWS were so inspiring. I’m glad I joined The Influence Network just for that. I’d love to read through 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer. I need to jump start my prayer life again.

    May your summer be blessed!

  33. Jessica K

    I’ve been wanting to read The Best Yes! I’m going to add all those books to me reading list!

  34. kim zimmerman

    I love books !! I read about 2 books a week – or more- it is my ‘college’ . I would be so blessed by these books to read and share with others !!

  35. jojo sutis

    Hi Lara! Im so excited that I discovered you through Sarah Martin’s facebook post. Ill be sharing with my friends on FB as well and signed up for your emails. I would LOVE a copy of Just Rise Up or Make It Happen 🙂 you have really intrigued me with writing out the book of James. I am currently memorizing James 1 and have worked up to verse 8 at this point. Part of my memorizing process includes writing out the verses. Congrats on your new baby due soon and many blessings on your future writing!

  36. Maria Talbot

    Thanks for the opportunity. I am interested in the unaviled wife and kisses from katie. I shared and subscribed

  37. Katie B

    The Unveiled Wife!

  38. Maribel villalobos

    Would be a blessing to win this giveaway☺️

  39. Maribel villalobos

    Would love to read all of them especially Make it Happen and The Fringe Hours

  40. Molly

    I’d love to read The Fringe Hours! I’m sharing this on Pinterest and Instagram!

  41. Amy Walsworth

    So excited!!!!! I love to read! So many amazing books in this giveaway. I’d love to win Enough for myself. I shared on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  42. Elyse

    Fixing to go into an unknown and exciting chapter of my life. These books look like they could help.
    They all look really good. I’m already doing a bible study so I might need the unvieled wife book or a book about taking chances. Kisses from Katie looks like a great inspirational read. I’ve heard a little about her. Sorry, If I win just pick one for me. Too many good choices! I posted about the giveaway on facebook. 🙂

  43. Elyse

    I’m fixing to go into an unknown and exciting chapter of my life. These books look like they could help.
    They all look really good. I’m already doing a bible study so I might need the unvieled wife book or a book about taking chances. Kisses from Katie looks like a great inspirational read. I’ve heard a little about her. Sorry, If I win just pick one for me. Too many good choices! I posted about the giveaway on facebook. 🙂 Sorry for the double post. I put the wrong e-mail address on the first one.

  44. Katie Parsons

    Your blog is so uplifting and inspiring!! Thank you for all the entries so far!

  45. Shannon

    I would love the Unveiled Wife or The Best Yes! I have subscribed and shared, along with sharing your book with just about everyone I meet 🙂

  46. Fayelle

    Shared on Instagram! (@Fayelle123) Signed up for the newsletter!!

    I have really wanted to read Kisses from Katie!

  47. Brandi Slobodnik

    I love this list of books and I LOVE your blog. Definitely sharing and hoping to win your book “Make It Happen” or “Let’s All Be Brave” or “31 Day of Prayer”. Thanks for being so real on your blog and sharing your pitfalls as well as your successes.

  48. Katie Hockett

    My friend has been wanting to read the fringe hours. I would love to win it for her!

  49. Kelsie

    I’ve wanted to read Kisses for Katie for a while now, but especially so after my trip to Uganda last year. I signed up for today’s announcement and am excited for what’s coming!

  50. Laura

    I want them all! But let’s go for Interrupted right now. 🙂 thanks for the chance, Lara!

  51. Casey

    I’d be grateful and excited to read any of these!

  52. Page Black

    I have been eyeing ‘Just Rise Up!’ for a little while now, I am in the middle of ‘Make It Happen’, and just love the way you write! God has most certainly been speaking to me through your words, so thank you! Just signed up, and will be sharing soon on instagram @page_black // Praying your second book speaks to others like the first did for me!

  53. Evelyn

    Shared on Twitter! Thank you for this! Some great books on that list! Would love to read Just RISE UP! Let’s all be brave is also on the list!
    Ive read the rest and absolutely love them all!

  54. Denise

    Excited to see the “Fruitful Summer” worksheets in my e-mail. Can I just say that your newsletter is one of the things that I look forward to? It’s always refreshing (and reflective) to read what you send to us every now and then. May God bless you more in your ministry.

    Oh, and I really want to receive your Make It Happen book. Excited to purchase some power sheets as well. 😀

  55. Denise

    Oh forgot to add that I share the graphic on pinterest, twitter, and instagram. 😀

  56. Allie

    I would love to read Interrupted!

  57. Michelle

    Oo I want all of them! The Best Yes, 31 Days of Prayer, or The Fringe Hours are all on my to read list!! I shared 🙂

  58. Ashlie Muller

    Wow, so, so many books to choose from. I’m such a book worm! I already signed up for your #fruitfulsummer and just watched the first video today; loved it! Your garden is so nice; I hope to one day have a garden of my own. I really like this post; you’ve given me more books to add to my Amazon book wish list, which is waaay too may. If I was chosen to win; I would pick, Lets All Be Brave! I already have copies of your book and have finished reading it and finally finished my Power Sheets and goals. It’s a really great book and I look forward to your next one! ** I’m sharing this on Twitter!

  59. Christina

    Signed up for the emails! I would love to read ‘the best yes’ or ’31 prayers for a dreamer and doer’.
    Looking forward to the fruitful series!

  60. Erica D. Hearns

    I shared! I would love to share a copy of Make it Happen with a friend (I already have a copy myself). I love the sound of so many of these and will probably end up buying them all.

  61. Jessie J.

    I signed up and shared on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jessiepjones/status/606134766140825600. I would love Make it Happen!

  62. Delilah

    I’ve signed up and shared you on Facebook! I already have Make it Happen and 31 days for the Dreamer Doer, so any of the others will do. Thanks!!

  63. Kendra

    Hi! I am signed up for the newsletters! I would love to win ANY of the books, but if I had to choose it would be “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”

  64. Tee Oliver

    I’ve entered the book giveaway! All of the book titles seem very interesting. It’s a toss up between The Unveiled Wife and 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer. If it’s okay, I will let you decide between the two.

  65. Amy Walsworth

    Hey there!!! Love your newsletter. Just signed up. Also, I shared your book giveaway on Instagram. I love to read!!!! I’d love to win! Thanks so much, Amy

  66. Christin

    I shared on Twitter! I’d love to win The Power of Starting Something Stupid 🙂 Thanks!!

  67. Kimberly

    Good morning! I would love to win and read any one of these. I have read high recommendations on several of them!

  68. Kaity

    I would love the fringe hours!! I feel like I’m always wasting time the moments in between and I want to know how to use them to pursue my dreams and passions more effectively!!!

  69. Karina Gudiel

    Entered! This would be an amazing set of books to have! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  70. Megan

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I would love to read Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted.

  71. Sherry

    I have signed up for the newsletter and shared on Insta gram. Currently I am at a season where I am letting go…letting go of the past, control, negative words stored in my brain and seeking to grow closer to Abba. Would love to get Fringe hours and it so goes along with making that time with Abba to grow spiritually.

  72. Harley Thompson

    I entered on Instagram but would really love to win Radical by David Platt!

  73. Kimberly Mauldin

    Shared on Instagram. They all look like great books, but I am looking forward to reading The Unveiled Wife the most 🙂

  74. Danielle

    Let’s all be brave and make it happen!!! Eeep

  75. Hannah

    I would love to win any of these books! I just started reading Make it Happen and I am LOVING it! I’m already signed up for your newsletter, and am sharing on it now! 🙂

  76. Ashley

    Love this giveaway! I shared on instagram and signed up for your newsletter. 🙂 I think the book I want to win most is Let’s all be brave.

  77. Mei

    Kisses from Katie or 31 days of prayer for the dreamer and the doer would be fantastic! Thanks Lara!

  78. Amanda

    I’m excited to read something new! Surprise me if I win!

  79. Sarah

    I am entering to win one of the books! I’d love to win your book or Enough! Thank you for this giveaway!

  80. Emily @EncouragedOverCoffee

    I already have your book but I’m interested in The Fringe Hours or Annie Downs’ book.

  81. Rosangela

    Shared and I’d love to win The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Have a nice summer!

  82. Jo-Anne

    Just entered and I would love to win these! I’ve been looking for some new summer reads. I can’t chose one I want to read them all 🙂

  83. Jennifer Lavallee

    Reposted on Instagram!!!! Awesome give away! Would love to read just rise up or 31 days of prayer!!!!

  84. Breanne North

    31 days of prayer for the dreamer and the doer

  85. Adrianna Stout

    I would love the book Unveiled Wife!!!!!!!!

  86. Pamela

    What better way to have a fruitful summer than to read and share these books with friends!

  87. Kelly Hooper

    I am dying to read The Fringe Hours!!!!!

  88. Pamela

    I would love to read The Fringe Hours and have shared this giveaway on Pinterest.

  89. Nicole

    I would love to win the Unveiled Wife book!

  90. Tiffany

    I’d love the prayers for dreamers and doer. I have your book. I haven’t started it but can’t wait to spend my time with books this summer and these would be a great addition to my list of books. Thank you for this giveaway. Fingers crossed 🙂

  91. Charity

    Shared on Instagram! Would love to win Unveiled Wife ❤️

  92. Shelby

    I’d love to read the 31 days of prayer for the dreamer and doer! I have already read Make it Happen and Let’s all be brave! Which I HIGHLY recommend!!!

  93. Becs

    I would love to win/read Make It Happen and Let’s All Be Brave! 🙂

  94. Kayla

    Hi Lara! I think this is an amazing giveaway for the summer, love how uplifting you are. I would love to win Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker or Radical by David Platt. Thank you!

  95. Sydney

    I would love to read “Let’s All Be Brave” or “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”

  96. Chebbie

    I’d love to win, “Make it Happen”. I’m signed up for your emails.

  97. Jennie

    Entered by signing up for email. Hoping to win make it happen. Yay! 🙂

  98. Kristen

    Lots of interesting reads here! Thanks for the suggestions. I am definitely going to read Enough, as I have a 12 year old daughter still at home.

  99. Jinny

    I would love be any of these books, but enough stands out the most

  100. Ashley Ladd

    Entered to win, I would just love to win Make it happen. I just started a tiny little business and fear has be gripping me in many areas ! God is good!

  101. Sarah Evans

    Eee! What a dream! I signed up for the newsletter! Thanks for the opportunity to win all of these great books! So fun.

  102. Sarah Evans

    Eee! What a dream! I signed up for the newsletter! Thanks for the opportunity to win Fringe Hours! So fun.

  103. Ari

    Signed up for your Newsletter and Shared on Instagram! – found out through Unveiled Wife, would love to read “make it happen” or “unveiled wife” Thanks so much for the opportunity! God Bless you and your family!

  104. Jennifer

    I signed up for the newsletter, I am excited to be subscribed! I would love to read make it happen, I have been dreaming of taking my passion for photography and starting a business. I think that book would be an encouragement!

  105. Tiffany

    So excited! I signed up for the email & tweeted this pic…but honestly… I hope they don’t win, that I do! So many of these are on my “to read” list. I’d love to try Interrupted or Fringe Hours next, & of course Make It Happen since I just discovered you. (Didn’t know you were lost?) To everyone, I’d recommend Kisses from Katie !!! & Best Yes, both of which I own.

  106. Mandy Marshall

    I would loooove to read Fringe Hours or Let’s All Be Brave! You are so wonderful, thank you for the opportunity!

  107. Laura

    I am so excited for this giveaway! I would love to read “The Unveiled Wife” or “Enough” 🙂

  108. Simone

    I would love to win your book! Will you please “Make it Happen”? Shared in instagram! @ssstylestudio

  109. kelly

    I’d love to win “The Power of Starting Something Stupid” OR “Make It Happen.” Either way, “Make it Happen” is going to happen, as it was just sitting in my Amazon shopping cart! 🙂

  110. Katie Burke

    This looks like a lovely bundle of summer reading and I would love to make it part of mine!! *fingers crossed!!

  111. Kaelie

    Ready to Make It Happen with this giveaway!!!

  112. Breezie Lund

    I can’t pick one. I have a need for all of them!

  113. Jennifer

    I would love to read Fringe Hours. It is on my reading list for this summer. Trying to make all of me fruitful…my friendships, my time and my family relationships.

  114. Heather Campbell

    I would live to win this!! I’d really like to read The Best Yes… Have had Kisses from Katie on my list for some time now. Prayers for the Dreamer and Doer sounds awesome. And also the 5 copies of Make it Happen — for me and my friends to read together this summer.

  115. sherina


    I never realized how many of my actions came out of a place of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. For the first time in my life I feel like I am truly living by faith and from a place of love. I have big dreams that I know will effect soo many women, marriages etc and I refuse to let fear rob me any longer. I know it all starts with Prayer and I would love this book as a catalyst to LIVING the Dream…and bringing other women on the journey! xx

  116. Megan

    These all look great! I am itching to read Jen Hatmakers Interrupted 🙂

  117. Kelly Kruse

    shared and subscribed 🙂 would love to have the Make It Happen book or the Let’s All Be Brave! THANKS!!

  118. Emily

    I would love to win The Best Yes! I shared on Instagram and plan on sharing even more! I also signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! ☺️

  119. Kelli

    I would love all of these books! Make It Happen or the 31 Prayers for the Dreamer and Doer are my favorites. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  120. Priscilla S

    I would love to read Let’s All Be Brave!
    Signed up for the newsletter and shared on Instagram. username- @pjoyc

  121. Veronica

    I would like to win “Make it happen”. I want to know to ” Make it happen* regarding my purpose. Thank you. God bless!

  122. Becca G

    Signed up for your newsletter! I would love Interrupted or Fringe Hours – both are on my future reading wish list.

  123. Sadie

    ALL OF THEM!!! Haha. Okay, I suppose I can narrow it down to two that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The Unveiled Wife or Make it Happen. If I win, I guess ya’ll are just going to have to flip a coin! -much love

  124. Amber Chapais

    I would love to win your book Make it Happen. Thank you. I share on twitter, facebook and pintrest. Thank you again.

  125. Maria

    Make It Happen

  126. Megan kurtz


  127. Tiffany Grant

    Would love to win!!

  128. Melissa Cristina Marquez

    I hope my best friend and I can win a copy of “Make it Happen” and “Let’s all be brave,” as we’re both about to go through tough and trying times in our relationship. She will be moving away from home and I’ll be moving to another country (that is 36 hours ahead) where I know nobody! We’re both absolutely in love with your blog, your Instagram and frankly, everything about how you live. We love the message you spread and hope to spread it ourselves. We’re using #fruitfulsummer to create some meaningful friendships wherever our new journey takes us! We’ve shared on instagram (@mcm.xx) but we’re on private– let us know if we need to change it!

    Regardless if we win or not- thank you for all you do!

  129. Melissa C

    Fring Hours sounds awesome!

  130. Amelia

    Oooh! How fun! Lara, your blog is always the most uplifting thing. 🙂 And, of course, I’d love to win your book—simply because I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds wonderful! Although let’s be honest…most of these books look fantastic.

  131. Michelle

    Let’s all be brave!

  132. Jaime Cook

    So many of these having been on my reading list and such a good group to be able to loan out to friends as well! I’m already signed up for the newsletter and I shared!

  133. Dawn H

    Would love to read these with my daughter. Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  134. Jen L

    I would love to win all of them but The Fringe Hours is my next on my want to read list!
    (I also shared)

  135. Dawn H

    hit enter before naming book – Make it Happen. Shared on Instagram

  136. Katherine

    Shared on FB. So many great summer reading books! Torn between “The Unveiled Wife” so I can work on strengthening my struggling marriage or “The Fringe Hours” because I struggle to find any time for myself without feeling guilt and thus put myself last & left with no time to do anything.

  137. Liz

    I would loveee to take one of these to the beach with me!! These look amazing!

  138. Kelsey

    Signed up and shared as kelseyschuster6 on Pinterest! I would love Let’s All Be Brave or Just Rise Up! I’ve been searching for some refreshing reading… So excited!

  139. Hannah

    You are the most beautiful momma-to-be! And so inspiring too! I love, love, love your book and have recommended it to so many family/friends… The Fringe hours is next on my reading list!

  140. Lauren Hebert

    You’re such an inspiration! I’m so happy to have found your site.

  141. Heather Bahorich

    Let’s all be brave!!

  142. Kendyll Marksbury

    Signed up for the newsletter and shared on Pinterest! I would love “The Unveiled Wife.” I get married to my dream guy in just over two weeks and am soaking in all of the wisdom I can!

  143. Allie

    I haven’t read any of these, so I would love “Make it Happen” and for a friend, “Enough.”

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. So fun! I’m excited to get the emails as well.

  144. Marissa Dodgen

    shared on facebook, reposted on instagram, Twitter, and pinterest. DONE
    sign up for email: done
    I would love to read/win Interrupted, 31 Days if Prayer for the Dreamer (that would perfect for this season in my life right now), Make It Happen, & The Best Yes (because the reviews I have heard say it’s life altering). Plus these would fit perfectly into my goak to read A LOT this summer.

  145. Tabatha

    I entered and shared the picture on Instagram! I would love to win a copy of make it happen!!

  146. Nicolette choi

    Oh my gosh!! So many good choices!! I would love either Fringe Hours, Prayers for the Doer and dreamer, Let’s all be brave, or Enough. What a great giveaway!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  147. Charity VanHorn

    Just signed up for your newsletter and am eager to read, “Make it Happen.” Your book recently came up as a must add to our book club. Sharing your blog (and contest) with those amazing ladies right now.

  148. Michaela

    This is so fun! I’ve so enjoyed FruitfulSummer guide so much and it gives me something to look forward to each week! Thank you so much for this gem. I love the book choices, and would love to share The Fringe Hours with a friend!

  149. Katie F

    I signed up and shared! I would like to win the Unveiled Wife or The best yes! 🙂

  150. Amy

    Just Rise Up!

  151. Caroline K

    I would love to win any of these books, but especially “Make It Happen,” “The Fringe Hours,” “Enough,” “Kisses From Katie,” and “Let’s All Be Brave.” I shared with a friend via email who I know LOVES your Power Sheets! Also posted on Instagram.

  152. Jill

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  153. Audrey C

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