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So, how many of you have ideas about your goals and you are already overwhelmed or anxious about HOW to make them happen? You want all of your goals to have been tackled yesterday. This series is an exercise in patience and doing things little by little to produce real lasting results. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we’re about to dive into some clear waters as we set goals that have meaning. Goals that are rooted in what matters. Goals you WANT to conquer, even if it takes time. Because, you know what? The journey to making those things happen is where the good stuff lives. Your goals may change half-way through the year or you may make them happen faster than you think if you take it day by day by day. This is about progress, not perfection. As my friend Emily says, “The joy is in the journey.” I know you overachievers want to have done everything yesterday, but I have also been reading every single comment on this series. Those of you who are taking this step by step are making remarkable discoveries! I’m so pumped by all the lightbulbs I see going off! Little by little, babies grow. Can you imagine if we got pregnant and the next day have birth to toddlers?? We wouldn’t be ready and we would have missed so much sweetness. It is the same with our goals. They matter enough to make them happen well.

If you are just stumbling on this blog, welcome!  It’s never too late to begin! Previous posts:

Part 1: Let’s Do This!
Part 2: Get Fired Up.
Part 3: Your 2014 Vision
Part 4: Get Radical

First up, my answers from Part 4:


My LEGACY: The idea of legacy, setting Grace up on a solid path, and using all the gifts God has given me to be a light for Him to others has been on my heart for many months. I wrote this post about creating a “Life List” and encourage you to make one for yourself. You can download a free Life List printable here.


I am breaking my legacy seeds up into two categories:

For Grace (and our future children, Lord willing):

– Inspired by my friend Jeremy Cowart, I started an email account for Grace when she was born that I send happy mail to every so often.  When she is older, I will give her the password so she can read years of love letters and good things : )
– I have been working hard on our family photo albums and finally ordered her first year album from Artifact Uprising.  Investing in having photographs taken of our family and having them printed is priceless to me.  I’m so grateful for the gift of photographs!
– I created the Life Handbook and can’t wait to fill this out for Grace with Ari.  I also plan to give one to my parents to fill out for Grace, too : )
– I want what I write on this blog to be a legacy for Grace, knowing that some day she may read all of this.  Hi beautiful girl : )
– The things in our home. I want her to know we had a love for life and people, not things.  I have been working on this constantly, but this is the year of CLEAR so I’ll be getting rid of much more stuff in our home when I get back from traveling.  A story that hasn’t left my heart is this story of Meredith’s mom giving away the chairs in her living room.  I want to live knowing my things aren’t mine.  We are blessed to be a blessing to others.
– My book.
– The way I interact with strangers, the way I love Ari, how we use our money (working with Will Ray has been a life-changer this year!),  cultivating joy away from screens – gardening, playing, reading; how we pray together daily as a family, singing to her, teaching her — all of these things are seeds I am planting daily to show her His love. “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.” – Andy Stanley


What I write, say, do; my book; the way I interact with others in person and one-on-one; the products I create for people to have in their homes; how I share my story and faith;  Southern Weddings; the way we deal with conflict; leading my staff well with integrity; serving; giving; teaching students and our interns; teaching through my blog and webinars and speaking; and sending encouragement to others.  I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas, too!


My RADICAL: writing my book is the only thing on my mind right now. I have a long way to go in a very short time. But, God is able. Truly.  My radical is making this book happen without fear of what others think or how I might be criticized.


My 2014 song: Oceans by Hillsong United.  These lyrics!

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Alright! Welcome to the final steps in this series!


STEP 13: Review. This is important. Get the big picture of everything you’ve written so far in your mind and heart before you write your goals. Read through everything you’ve done so far. Read every word. Look at your 2014 vision statement again and re-write it if you need to. I added to my lists and re-wrote things after going through this process because I got more clarity. Cross stuff out, revise things or add to them. Add to your lists of what did and didn’t work (I added a ton to mine!). Add more to your YES and NO lists. Refine your 2014 Pinterest board. Take pins out that don’t fit with your Vision. You know you can take photos yourself and put them in your boards, right? Take pics of things that mean something to you and put them in your board. Refine everything and get CLEAR before moving to the final exciting step…


STEP 14:  Yeah, yeah, yeah! You’ve made it! Like I told you from the start of this process, traditional goal setting does not work for me. Goals get forgotten and then they linger and make you feel guilty for forgetting them. Anyone else ever experience this? Well, hopefully at this point you are chomping at the bit to write some real goals down! Goals that mean something. Goals that you can’t wait to conquer. Goals that are very clear and will help you live a better life. So, let’s do it!

There are four rules to this:

1. Review! Read through all of your progress again so you have all of it fresh in your mind.  Don’t set goals before you do that step above!

2. Make a list of the first goals that come to your mind for this year when right after you review everything you’ve written.  I suggest taking a big deep breath, putting on your 2014 song and seeing that 2014 Vision as clearly as you can before writing.

3. Then, check your goals to make sure they are really good goals. It’s so easy to make goals that sound good or goals that other people have that you think you should have, too, just to keep up. Don’t do that. The idea here is for you to SIMPLIFY your life, not to give yourself a new to-do list of random things that sound good. Be very specific and careful about what you decide to spend your time on this year.

Do a GOAL CHECK and ask these questions:

– Will this goal help my 2014 Vision?

– Does this goal also help other people?

– WHY would I spend my time on this goal?

If the answer is NO to that first question, then it’s possible it’s not the best use of your precious time. Don’t run in circles with goals that don’t DIRECTLY connect to what matters most. Get specific. Focus on what really matters to you in the big picture. See your 2014 vision and write down goals that strategically help you build that vision.  Cross goals out that don’t 100% fit.  Revise goals that are not clear.  Be BOLD.

4. This is the most important key to goal setting. Write down your WHY with every goal. When I was a personal trainer in New York for many years, most clients would come to me with a number and say, “I want to lose 10 pounds.” I would ask them, “WHY 10 pounds?” Usually, when we got down to it, it was just an arbitrary number, or a weight they were in college. There was no real heart connection to the goal of losing 10 pounds. But, when we dug deeper into WHY they became out of shape in the first place and what they wanted most in life, a picture of true fitness started to emerge. Instead of, “I want to lose 10 pounds because that’s what I weighed in college” (not very motivating and more self-defeating), we worked on goals like, “I want to be healthy and strong so that I can live long enough to walk my daughter down the aisle. I want to live a long, happy life so I can be a better husband and show my kids how to be joyful and healthy, too.” That works. That is motivating. SO, get real with WHY you want these things to happen and connect them to something that really matters to you. It will help you ACT on your goals instead of toss them aside.

I’m going to share my final 2013 goal update Monday and my 2014 goals on Tuesday, so take the weekend, if needed, to really get clear and dig deep about your own 2014 goals.  When you are ready, leave them here in the comments on this post or the final post on Tuesday!

Dream big, friends! Your playing small does not serve the world.

lara casey goal setting marianne williamson quote

Let your light shine, friends. Don’t wait. You never know how long you have left here on this earth to love others and change them for the better in that love.  It’s a powerful domino effect.  The good you do today changes generations.  That’s why setting good goals and having a clear focus is so important.  Life is to short and too powerful to coast through.  Take your time writing down your goals. Pray on them, talk them out with people you trust.  I cannot wait to hear yours!  HOORAY!!!  Happy weekend, friends!

PRIZES FOR THIS POST: See Post 1 for details on how to enter. Winners will be announced January 31, so you have lots of time to spread the word and make these posts happen. OK, these are some of my favorite prizes from shops I love!  Randomly-chosen commenters on this post will get either a $20 gift code to my shop, a Walk in Love T-Shirt, a print of your choice from Naptime Diaries, a set of prayer journals from Val Marie Paper, the headband of your choice from She Does Justice, or a Make It Happen coffee spoon from my friend Jessica!  Yeah!!!

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  1. Kyra on at

    Lara, your pregnancy analogy is perfect! I’m actually excited to start writing out these goals. Thank you!

  2. I’ve been reading along with each step in this series, but I’m waiting for enough time to really sit with it, pray, write, draw, etc… until I can discover what God puts on my heart. I can’t wait to Make IT Happen!!! 🙂
    The most effective part of this series so far for me has been my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/specsandwings/making-things-happen-in-2014/

    I am amazed at how I’m able to see what’s on my heart, what fires me up and then see what goals come out from there!

    Thanks again for sharing this!!!

  3. Just pinned! Girl, this series is SO inspiring! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83175924342057466/

  4. Allison on at

    I’ve loved your idea of creating a Pinterest vision board for the year. Here’s mine: https://www.pinterest.com/allisonagfl/2014/


  5. april stegeman on at

    I am loving reading your blog posts while filling out my Power Sheets. I feel so purposeful!

    I’ve been eyeing those gorgeous prayer journals! Even if I’m not a lucky winner, I will have to buy one. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve done SO well on this journey so far…and then this post comes and knocks me on my feet! I can’t remember the last goal I set that I actually hit. I’m actually not sure I ever have! Even last year going through this process with you Lara!

    Totally scares me, I hate to disappoint myself and therefore disappoint my loved ones too. So I’m NOT going to stop. I WILL set meaningful goals & intentions and not only GO & DO. But also pray through them every.single.day and keep them up front & center in my life so I can make big things happen this year!

    I think I’ll just keep them very simple, heartfelt and way less “goaly” and way more like I’m writing down a prayer! 🙂

    Thanks so much Lara love!

  7. Casey on at

    I am also loving this series and so thankful to be able to go through these steps as I work through my power sheets. It seems I am finding out I am one of those people who are always busy, but never actually accomplishing anything at all. My goals are all very simple and easily attained for this year, IF I just keep up with my tending list. I hung my tending list on the fridge and knowing that my husband and family can watch those little check boxes I can already tell I am going to be held more accountable this year in taking my baby steps! So excited to REALLY make things happen this year and stop wasting time!

  8. Megan on at

    Yay!!! I’m excited to review and set goals. I wanted to post my legacies and seeds first though!

    ~Email account for my kids. This has been on my mind for awhile now and I never did it.- until yesterday! I started an email account for both of them on January 1st 🙂 then I spent some time emailing them pictures from my iPhone about some of the fun stuff we have been doing lately. That felt awesome!

    ~Make some albums or books of my family life. This. has. to. be done. I think it’s ridiculous that I am a photographer and I have so many pictures of my kids NOT in books yet. Ugh.

    ~Send Snail mail and cards to my friends and family and also to other blog readers and clients. I so enjoyed this last year and I want to take it a step further this year and offer it to my clients. Not a promotional thing at all.. but just a card in the mail once in a while so they know someone is thinking about them! I want to blog about it and ask for addresses, but I’m afraid just my grandma will sign up! Haha! If you would like a handwritten card in the mail, send me an email with your address and I will get it in the mail right away! Just because! My email address is Megan@megandeckerphotography.com I’d love to send you a card!!!

    ~Better my marriage. Date nights- one person commented here about picking dates nights- each person picks 6 and don’t tell the other spouse so they are surprised on the date night each month. I love that and my husband does, too. We’re doing it!

    ~Get rid of STUFF— sell it and pay off debt or give it away. I just want less.
    ~Forgive and plant good seeds and teach my kids lessons on how to live in kindness by the way I interact with others. Lead by example.

  9. kristen on at

    Goal Setting. (cue Jeopardy music) Why is it when someone asks me what my goals are I freeze up? Like I used to do when I was in Middle School Math Class and my teacher would randomly called my name for the response. In my heart I always knew what the answers were but I would instantly become a deer in headlights! This is something that I am really working to get down on paper. I launched my company yesterday and boy what an amazing New Years Eve and Day it was. I had the most amazing response from friends, family, the community, and more. I cried happy tears when I woke up and I had more missed calls, text messages, emails, social media posts than I could read! The order were coming in and I just sat there, closed my eyes, put my hands together, and prayed. I didn’t know what else to do in that moment but give it all to God. My husband heard me and came in fearing the worst, that something awful had happened with the website. I told him they were happy tears and he smiled and said, “well, what’s next?” And I froze… I have no idea. All I have been doing for 365 days was learning and preparing and networking for this day… so now what? Well now, I write and review my goals. Now, I conquer those pretty white goal setting pages in my Power Sheets. Thank you Lara for helping us make strong goals. I’ve also loved reading everyone else’s responses! They have all been so inspiring and comforting. Happy Weekend!! :o)

  10. Nadine on at

    Yesterday I sat for hours with friends, talking about life and hurts and excitements. Eventually we write down goals and just things that we want to be different for 2014. It was such a good exercise. I’ve never really been a goal setter but I’m recognizing more and more the benefit.

  11. Melissa on at

    I shared about this series on my blog, love it!

  12. Thank you so much, Lara for doing these with us! It has been such an encouragement and a HUGE motivation for 2014! My Sing Loud song is, “Come to Me” by Bethel. A great reminder that we are never alone and that God is with us every step of the way!

    Some of my goals for the year are:
    -Plan more tea/lunch dates with godly girlfriends
    -Write 5 love letters to special people in my life
    -Limit social media even more than I did in 2013. (I learned in 2013 that doing so didn’t cost me any lost friendships or business, like I thought it would haha)
    -Shut my phone/e-mail off at the end of each day so I’m not tempting to check and be stressed.
    -Read 5 personal books this year.

    I have had a blast pinning things to my Making Things Happen Board here: https://www.pinterest.com/kathleenclipper/making-things-happen-in-2014/

  13. Caroline Winters on at

    Goals (Lara’s blog from last year’s goal making helped me to make these!)
    1. To turn to Jesus first thing in the morning. And to know God more by learning about Him in the Bible and by spending time in prayer. Why? Because knowing God means I will know what is right and good and He will direct my path. God is my compass. I want to know everything I can possibly know about God so I can align my life with His will. This will facilitate a change for the better in every aspect of my life, especially for the people in my life. I want to study the Bible and not just read it passively but also understand what it says. I want to pray without ceasing and have the Lord always on my mind. This means more time being focused and less time being distracted. This also means seeking guidance from others who have wisdom. I need to be intentional about asking for this guidance. Furthermore, incorporating Sabbath Sundays into my year, which means being committed to Sundays being a day of rest for church, lots of time with Jesus, eating yummy food, reading, spending time with close friends, napping, and activities that are relaxing & refreshing.
    2. Living with less and being intentional with how I spend “my” money. Why? Because ultimately this money is not mine. It’s God’s. I want to use my money in a way that’s honoring to Him, not for a sweater “just because.” I want to be more gracious about giving money away this year, even if it’s beyond my tithe. I do NOT want to be possessive of my money. I give/surrender it to the Lord. Within being frugal with my money, I also want to start working (babysitting/dogsitting… as much as I can while being a student) so that I may be earning money and being wise with my time.
    3. Being a dedicated small group leader. Whatever this looks like in the eyes of the Lord. I want to invest in my co-leader and encourage the girls in my small group on their walks with Christ. Making baked goods might be an awesome way to show I care! And spending time together outside of small group if that’s what they want to do. I just want to be a LIGHT in their lives that points to Jesus.
    4. Being a dedicated discipler. This means that I meet Melissa every week and talk about life with her and encourage her and pray for her throughout the week. I’m excited for this! Lord, work Your ways in this discipleship.
    5. Being dedicated to my studies and doing my best in classes… joyfully 🙂 No complaining with how much studying & work I have to do – get it DONE. Fall in love with studying and spending time with the Lord by learning about different subjects. Be aware of when projects are due and when tests are coming up, so I can complete these tasks and not wait until the last minute. Focus. Study. Get things done!
    6. Planning hang out time with the roommates. Instead of spending time together because we have nothing else to do, actually plan things! Like going out to dinner or a movie, crafting, making dinner, exercising, baking, praying, serving, blueberry picking… Why? Because I need and crave this community and Angie & Hallie are wonderful girls to invest in.
    7. Spend time with John and his roommates. I know that would mean a lot to John, so maybe planning a movie night, ultimate Frisbee night, or cooking dinner for them
    8. Do some random acts of kindness! Little acts of kindness can help people feel hope and know that God is good. A little kindness can change someone’s life for the better.

  14. Hannah on at

    I have a draft of my goals ready to go – going to be clarifying and refining them over the weekend! Thank you so much for this series – truly inspiring and I know it’s already helping to make 2014 my best year yet! 🙂

  15. Megan on at

    GOALS –
    1. I want to own my own home. I need a space that’s mine – I believe that this will be the key to my legacy. It’s healthier for all of my relationships once I have a space.
    2. I want to finish three of my scripts. And send them out into the world. And see what happens.
    3. No tweeting or instagramming after 9pm.
    4. No instagramming on Sundays.
    5. 3 + 4 will help me be PRESENT. And live a life of purpose and intention. Which is all we can hope for, isn’t it?
    6. I want to work out everyday. Even if it’s just for a quick run. I don’t want to set a weight goal. I just want to not feel sluggish and slow.
    7. I would like to open a shop at http://www.thewriteteachers.com. I’m petrified.
    8. I want to go to church more. I miss that.
    9. I want to be present in my teaching, not worrying about my business.
    10. I want to allow myself to let love in.

    Thank you, Lara.

    Thank you lovelies for reading.

    Here’s to 2014!

    • Sarah Tate on at

      I love your limiting of social media without going so drastic that it would feel wildly unsustainable. That is a great idea!

      Amen on the quick run. Even if it is short, it’s sweating right? I’ll be keeping your progress in my prayers!

    • Megan on at

      Thank you, Sara!

      A Happy Monday to you, too! XO

  16. Katie Sivells on at

    I am still revising my goals, but two of them so far are…1) be happy and joyful with my current circumstances and 2) trust God in all areas of my life, regardless of my own fears or self-doubt
    My word of the year is going to be PURPOSE, so I feel like both of those goals align perfectly! I am getting pumped about 2014!

  17. Mollie on at

    Here are my 2014 goals!

    1. First and foremost, I want to LIVE Psalm 37:3, my verse for the year: “Trust in the Lord and do good — dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.”
    2. I want to begin my PhD coursework because I want to serve others by shaping education in America.
    3. Get healthy: Ideally I’d like to lose 30 pounds, because that size is where I’ve been before at my fittest/healthiest. I’m not obsessed with the number though. I’m more concerned with regaining my confidence in my body and bettering my health.
    4. I want to read more books than I did in 2013 because I LOVE to read. Less blogs (except for yours, of course! ;), more books. I read about 18 books this year, but most of those were read in reading “binges” over holiday breaks. I’d like to aim for at least 25.
    5. Find my fitness passion because I want to get off the rollercoaster of working out for a week or two and stopping. I want to find an outlet that I love too much to let that happen anymore.
    6. I want to limit my time on social media, especially Facebook, because it is a time. suck. Only get on FB once a week, and get off the rest by 9pm each night.
    7. Continue loving on my friends because they make my life so full.
    8. Trust God fully with my singleness because what He has in store is better than what I could ever come up with. Use this time as an advantage, not a “problem” or a “waiting” period. I want to “dwell in the land” as Psalm 37 says, not just “wait” in the land. I have an abundant life to live regardless of whether I’ve found my future husband. I felt like too much of 2013 was spent striving for that when really I should have been resting in Him.


  18. Megan on at

    my biggest goal for 2014 is to really seek the Lord. to spend time with Him daily, and get to know Him more. I wrote out my goals about a month ago, but these post have me wanting to make sure they’re great goals. goals with substance. goals that will help me live life in a constant state of thankfulness to God.

    • Lara on at

      Yes! Your heart makes me so happy! You are on the right path.

  19. Jessie on at

    Wow- just wow! I am excited to set my goals:) This week has been busy and we are booked this weekend with late holiday celebrations, so tomorrow morning I choose to get up early and think goals. I am not good at doing early! But hearing my song for 2014 while I think goals is motivating me:) Jessie

  20. Sarah Tate on at

    My goodness. These goal setting posts have been wonderful. I really took to heart your comment on relying on God rather than a vacation for true rest. If the work lies ahead of us, He will sustain us through it! So after a day at work, I sat down with Rosetta Stone and put in time with Arabic.
    Lara, your powersheets have been such a significant tool. I am so grateful for the focus, clarity, and discipline they’ve ALREADY provided! As a result of their impact, we’ve gotten a group of women at work to meet monthly to discuss our vision, goals, and how we can obtain them in the upcoming year. Believe it or not, but the men have scheduled a meeting too!
    Drumroll please……
    2014 Goals:
    — I want to pour myself into getting back to studying Arabic, through Rosetta Stone, reading, media, and language exchanges. I want to put in meaningful hours that leave me with a deeper grasp of the language.
    — I want to sweat hard every day. Through running, lifting, or other PT, I want to sculpt myself into someone who is able to save any man’s life in combat (Or at least be able to keep up with Gen. Petraeus should the opportunity arise!)
    — I want prayer, study, worship, and reflection to be at my core. Being confirmed in the Catholic church a month ago, I want to jump with both feet and explore it’s riches and pathways to deepen my faith. I want to be both disciplined about my faith and to boldly follow the nudges of the Spirit.
    — I want to study and read up on military history, strategy and the Middle East and other hot zones. I want to be intentional about the hours I dedicate to enriching my knowledge and equipping myself to be prepared for military service and achieve my potential.
    — I want to foster a warm and welcoming environment at the running store I’ve recently taken a management position at. I want to be an honest, firm, and graceful leader. I want to be intentional about exceeding expectations while pouring myself into the staff.

    Whew! Let’s get to work!!

  21. Megan on at


    Ladies, (and if there are gents), this might seem cheesy. But..my song is Let It Go.

    Here are the lyrics. It makes my heart happy.
    The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
    Not a footprint to be seen
    A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the Queen
    The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
    Couldn’t keep it in; Heaven knows I tried

    Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
    Be the good girl you always have to be
    Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
    Well now they know

    Let it go, let it go
    Can’t hold it back any more
    Let it go, let it go
    Turn away and slam the door
    I don’t care what they’re going to say
    Let the storm rage on
    the cold never bothered me anyway

    It’s funny how some distance
    Makes everything seem small
    And the fears that once controlled me
    Can’t get to me at all

    It’s time to see what I can do
    To test the limits and break through
    No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
    I’m free!

    Let it go, let it go
    I am one with the wind and sky
    Let it go, let it go
    You’ll never see me cry
    Here I stand
    And here I’ll stay
    Let the storm rage on

    My power flurries through the air into the ground
    My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
    And one thought crystalizes like an icy blast
    I’m never going back, the past is in the past

    Let it go, let it go
    And I’ll rise like the break of dawn
    Let it go, let it go
    That perfect girl is gone
    Here I stand
    In the light of day
    Let the storm rage on
    The cold never bothered me anyway

    GAH. I feel like a new woman.

    Let it go, lovelies.

    Let. It. Go.


    • Megan on at

      Congrats on your song! Is it from Frozen? Love that movie! May you have a blessed year!

  22. Caroline on at

    What really hit home for me in this post is the fact that my goals don’t need to be some ideal, arbitrary numerical standard. It should be bigger than that, and not all about me. How will my goals make me a bolder believer, a more devoted wife, more prepared to be a mother in the coming years? My goals need to have real purpose, or they’re not worth setting. I am so grateful to you for helping to ground my reasoning before I really get started. So thankful for this resource. xoxo

    • Lara on at

      Yes exactly! : ) So glad this is helpful for you!

    • Erin on at

      This was my biggest takeaway of today’s post as well! Sets that much more fire under this year’s goals 🙂

      Thanks for this series, Lara!

  23. Lauren on at

    I received those prayer journals for Christmas and LOVE them. Great giveaway! and post as usual! (:

  24. Bev C on at

    Love the why behind the goals…, this is my year to listen and learn . I have been focusing on day-to-day and riding the waves of life. Too passive! I have BIG dreams and will use this year to build skills and a beautiful path to making those dreams a future reality.

  25. Cathy on at

    i’ve got my goals written and I’m about to write the “why” next them. How powerful to think through this step!

  26. Elizabeth G on at

    Whew! What a {good/long/exhausting} process! Here are my 2014 goals thus far (in no certain order):

    1. Be intentional with my time/words/actions. Ask myself “Is this making my life or someone else’s life better?”
    2. Get fit and make healthy decisions re: exercise, food, and mental health.
    3. Spend time in prayer every day and train my mind to turn to Him instead of worry. “Ask and you shall receive.”
    4. Plan and take a fun anniversary adventure to celebrate 5 years of marriage!
    5. Pay off debt so that we can live and give freely.
    6. Read one book a month that betters me or my business.
    7. Make an effort to connect and encourage a friend every week through lunch, a phone call, Skype, postcard, etc.
    8. Grow my photography business in a way that blesses my family and my clients.
    9. Do something creative each day. Write, paint, sketch, photograph, etc.
    10. Limit internet and social media time. More Social Media Free Weekends!

  27. Rhiannon on at

    Is it okay to have only 4 goals? I sort of have sub-goals underneath my 4 big goals – hopefully I’m not making this too big/broad:
    1. Healthy lifestyle
    2. Be present
    3. Develop & mature in relationship with God
    4. Simplify/organize my environment.
    In my draft, I have more details, sub-goals & whys all written out, but those are my 4 big areas!

  28. Rhiannon on at

    Also – I think I’m confused about all the ways to enter! If I shared on pinterest/facebook, I’m supposed to say so on here, right? Or do you have another way of telling? If I am supposed to share on here, do I need to leave a separate comment for each share, or can I just add it to the text of my comment? Does that make sense?

    For example, I commented, and I shared on both FB and Pinterest – that’s 3 entries, right? So does that mean I need 3 comments or only 1 comment saying all of the above? I’m probably over-thinking this. I just really really want to win 🙂

    • Lara on at

      Haha! Great question! You can leave a separate comment for each “share” or mention you made. It’s up to you! I use a random number picker based on the number if comments, so more comments increases your chances : )

  29. I’m so excited to be sharing my 2014 goals! I worked through your process last year, Lara, and have loved doing it again this year (with the added help of the Powersheets!).

    Here are the goals I’ve set for this year:

    1. Make space for God to move. I want to seek first the Kingdom daily, with a heart that longs to hear Him and go where He leads. I’m going to be going through a praise and wisdom reading plan in my One Year Bible that will take me through Proverbs once during the year and the Psalms twice. I want to have my eyes and heart open to the possibilities He has for me each and every day.
    2. Invest my time and heart into building an encouraging creative community that blesses others and brings God glory both online and offline. I’ve already started this goal online by launching a book club to discuss the eBook I wrote last year called An Inspired Life. I also have it on my heart to really invest in my local art community this year. I’m not sure of the particulars of this one just yet, but I can’t wait to see how God moves in this area. I also want to have many productive, inspiring creative collaborations in 2014. Working with other creatives is a huge passion of mine, and I look forward to doing this as much as I can in 2014.
    3. Live a full and inspired life in 2014 — and encourage others to do the same. This one encompasses so much — eating fresh, healthy foods, practicing holy yoga, joining a gym, spending quality time with my friends and family, etc. This goal is also about living the kind of life I imagine for myself, the kind of life that makes me feel like ME. I want to live surrounded by art, inspiration, and color. I want to make art regularly and read good books. I want to explore my city and celebrate life and my own unique story, a story that is a gift from God. And I want to find new ways to encourage others to do this, too — whether it’s through my blog and online outlets, discipleship at my church, or just a simple handwritten card or note that blesses and encourages someone God puts on my heart.
    4. Date intentionally — with courage and with hope. I will keep praying this simple prayer and trusting God to take care of the details.
    5. Explore new possibilities. One of the new possibilities I’m excited to explore in the new year is hand lettering/typography. I want to take classes, go through the Spencerian script workbooks, etc. I’m also planning on hand lettering a phrase a week and posting it to Instagram, Twitter, etc. Who knows what other possibilities I’ll explore in the year ahead, but I can’t wait to prayerfully wait before the Lord to see what He puts on my heart to pursue.

  30. P.S. I am loving the giveaway goodies you are including with your goal-setting posts! I wanted to offer my eBook An Inspired Life as another giveaway item, if you’re looking for any additional goodies. 🙂 It’s all about living an inspired and creative life for the Lord, and I think it would be a great companion to the goal-setting process. 🙂 I’m also going to be hosting a free book club in February going through the book. If you’ve got all you need for the giveaways, no worries at all! Just thought I would offer. 🙂 I figure it never hurts to ask! So many times I’m afraid to put myself out there, and you’ve really been showing me and inspiring me to just go for it! Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement. You’re a blessing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  31. Danielle on at

    I have set my goals and broken them down into tasks on my tending sheets. They include some spiritual growth goals, being more intentional with my daughters, honing my skills teaching, and beginning a program to train teachers in impoverished areas all throughout the world alongside of my husband’s missions work. There were also some blogging/writing goals and some financial goals! Love breaking them down into tasks each month! Seems a lot more manageable that way! Pinning this post!

  32. Hannah on at

    Published my #2014GoalSetting process on my blog today: https://livingthegoodlife12.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/making-things-happen-in-2014/

    Inspired and motivated by this series! Thanks for the impact you’ve made in my life, Lara! Cheers to a fabulous 2014! 🙂

  33. oh how these posts have been good for me! So much to say without much time on internet but the biggest goal for me is to focus on me. I have to be healthier…mentally, physically, and spiritually in order to accomplish the other things…like focusing on memories with my family. I think 2013 is the year I really hit bottom and realized that I am indeed worth fighting for…that that isn’t a selfish ambition..it is a way to give back to the others in my life.

    And I pinned this:)

  34. Megan on at

    I love the song “Oceans” too! : ) My husband and I are on the worship team at our church and were able to go with everyone to see Hillsong live in Tampa a few months ago. When they played this song the whole crowd, thousands of people, got so excited and all sang together and it was just incredible. A glimpse of what our eternity will be like- full of praise!

  35. Julie on at

    Love this entire series. I feel like it has truly helped me to not only set realistic goals, but goals that are going to make me abetter person, and to serve others more and show others God’s love. Thank you for sharing the entire series.

    • Lara on at

      Yay, Julie! I’m so glad to hear that!

  36. Kim B. on at

    The rough draft:

    Purposely give to others – double my garden and give 1/2 away, continue working with church mission group and single mom support group, start tithing at 1% and work up to 10%

    Purposely pursue God – prayer time, devotional time, Bible study, create a Blessings jar to record blessings throughout the year

    Purposely try new things – skiing, juggling, visit new restaurants and places.

    Purposely pursue relationships – plan get-togethers with family and friends, entertain more, plan a family vacation.

  37. Bobbie on at

    I picked same song and I also picked a verse, James 5:16. The prayers of the righteous are powerful and mighty

  38. You are such an inspiration, Lara! Thank you! I have gone through the steps (separately for personal and business) and am relieved to get to the final step! Personal goals below.

    1. In my marriage, love my husband as Jesus loves: faithfully, gently, deeply. Not based on what he does but who he is, a child of God who is adored and redeemed.
    WHY: I want our relationship to be life-giving, encouraging, and an overflow of how we are loved and blessed by the Lord.

    2. Say no to bitterness and moodiness. Choose joy, every time.
    WHY: These qualities get in the way of being present, thankful and loving. I want to grow out of these. I want the joy of the Lord to be my strength.

    3. Get off of social media and invest in blessing real life people; in the office, my clients, friends, family.
    WHY: I waste time passively on social media, creating the illusion of community. Instead, I want to be active and confident and bless people in real life on a daily basis.

    4. Be diligent, honest and responsible with our money and budget. Give 10% and save our maximum for retirement.
    WHY: I am 25 this year, it’s time to buckle down. I don’t want money to be an idol, I want to see it as the Lord’s who has entrusted me to use it responsibly.

    5. Healthy lifestyle routine: wake up early, start the day with Jesus, continue yoga and pilates, work diligently, eat fresh foods, read every day.
    WHY: I need to hold myself accountable since I work for myself. I thrive on a schedule. Set yourself up for success!

    6. Volunteer this year: look into World Outreach or through the church.
    WHY: I need an outlet to serve others, to be reminded that my life isn’t about just me. God has called us to give to those in need. I want to serve and “love my neighbor as myself.”

  39. Bobbie on at
  40. Emily on at

    This year my goals and resolutions center around one chapter of the Bible- Proverbs 31:10-31. Yes, the Proverbs 31 woman. Over the last few months, it has seemed that ever book someone has recommended to me, sermon I’ve listened to or card I’ve received has mentioned this chapter.

    1) I desire to be a woman who fears the Lord. I will incorporate the basic spiritual disciplines into the rhthyms of my daily life.
    Verse: A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30)

    Non-Fiction: Disciplines of a Godly Woman (Barbara Hughes)

    2) I desire to practice hospitality and make all in my home and presence feel welcome.
    Verse(s): She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy (Proverbs 31:20)

    Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for you have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13: 2)

    Non-fiction: Radical Hospitality (Lonni Collins Pratt with Father Daniel Homan)

    3) I will simplify my life and be wise steward of the time, resources and gifts I’ve been given. I will pay off debt, create a budget and make wise investments so that I can share my gifts with ministries I believe in.
    Verse: She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

    Non-fiction: Seven (Jen Hatmaker) The total money makeover (Dace Ramsey)

    4) I want to begin my day energized and refreshed, so that I can focus on the God-sized dreams God has entrusted to me.
    Verse: She gets up while it is still night…She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. (Proverbs 31: 15 &17)

    Nonfiction: 168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think ( Laura Vanderkam )

    5) I will speak (and write) words of kindness, encouragement and wisdom to all I encounter. I will share what God is teaching me. I will fill my mind with truth, work hard to become a better leader and write more love letters.

    Verse: She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. (Proverbs 31:26)

    Non-Fiction: The Jesus Hearted Woman (Jodi Detrick)

    • Sontera on at

      Love this Emily! What a great way to incorporate that scripture into every aspect of your life. Good luck & God bless!

  41. Liz on at

    Hi Lara:
    Your comment about life is too short, really resonated with me because I lost my dad a couple of months ago and even though he and my mum were together for 40 years, it must have flown by for both of them . . . and they really put a LOT into those years!!! I haven’t really honed any direct goals as yet, but have ideas . . . .
    1. Pay more attention to being present in each moment, but especially so with my husband, my family, and our friends, and even our dog! This means if I happen to be crafting an email, checking a website, writing a list or whatever, to STOP, turn away from my task and give my full attention to the person engaging me.

    2. Connect more with friends. Our lives have been a little crazy these past few months and so a lot of our get togethers have either been postponed or cancelled. A lot of our friends don’t live locally, so want to make an effort to plan events, get togethers etc even if it’s just cooking dinner at someone’s place or spending a couple of hours before we or they have to be elsewhere.

    3. Building my photography business and especially discovering what I really love to photograph and work to bring more of those projects into my life. Hopefully transition into that from my day job – maybe not as a full time position, but something that allows me to spend more time doing it. Get a new website.

    4. Celebrate my dad in his home country later this year with my husband, mum, and all the family friends who were unable to attend my dad’s funeral at the end of last year.

    5. De-clutter our apartment with things that we don’t need or want anymore and find smaller alternatives for the things we do need. We don’t have heaps of space but we do have big windows, high ceilings, and often the impact of these are limited by messy shelves, things with no set place etc.

    6. Print and put more photos on the wall and create some photo books!!!!

    7. Cook more meals with and for my husband. For us to host more dinners, happy hours, brunches, despite our small space.

    8. Read more! I’m off to a good start by joining GoodReads.com which has helped me find new and interesting titles, but want to be consistent. Read more well written in depth news about global issues and events and MUCH less fluff.

    I am not sure where or how God fits into all of this. Some recent events have left me sort of adrift in that sense, but I have to believe that he loves and cares for our small family and can see more of that by praying more and creating daily gratitude lists, even for the smallest things.

    There are other things on my mind as well to do with goals for our future, financial goals (obviously save more, spend less but also what we are buying, why we are buying it, and how it is sourced whether it be food, furniture . . whatever!), travel, possibly getting rid of our car in favor of Zipcar, getting our dog his good canine citizenship certificate (silly but would be useful to have!!). So, I guess you really have got me goal setting 🙂

  42. Lily T on at

    This is just amazing, and made me take the first step to make this year’s goals happen, which was… buy the power sheets!! So I placed the order, but I’m not waiting until I get them to start on the plan-making for this year’s goals.

    Some of the goals for this year will be to put together a counseling manual for teacher and students at my church and collaborate in giving the classes!!

    Another goal, -and a scary one that is-…I want to redesign my blog and make it mean something, write more, write often and start a conversation with christian women or just other women who want to talk about things that matter.

    This is just a sneak peek for this year’s plans and goals, may God help us seek Him first!
    Here’s to a good start this 2014!!

  43. Sontera on at

    When I purchased the Power Sheets I read that you suggested taking a couple of weeks to work on the prep material and forming goals. I thought you were CRAZY! I was so pumped I thought I would knock it out in one weekend.

    Well….4 weeks later I’m still working through it all and loving every second of it! I’m making a date with myself tonight to sit down and wrap up everything. Excited to see how it all comes together!

    My words for 2014 are ACTION and PRESENT!

  44. Ginna on at

    Lara – thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance. You never cease to inspire and encourage me! I just posted my goals this year and they revolve around three words: Grow, Give and Simplify. xo https://myprettypennies.com/2014/01/06/2014-goals

  45. Dana Laymon on at

    It’s such a good reminder to go back through what you wrote and see if anything needs to change. And look over that information before you start writing your goals. I wrote quick ones, the first things that came to my head, and then after reading back over what worked and what didn’t, etc. i changed them! And i love focusing on your one word and vision as you do it – makes so much sense!

  46. Courtney on at

    You and your ideas. Sharing your light, is a breath if fresh air!!!!

  47. Loving this series and you!
    Some of my goals for this year include:
    -complete reading the Bible with my husband
    -follow our budget monthly while adhering to the Contentment Challenge and simplifying our home
    -send snail mail weekly
    -prioritize my physical/emotional/spiritual health
    -join our local library and read more books (can’t wait for yours!)
    -make greener choices in our home
    -learn more within my career, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the blog world, in His Word, etc.
    Thank you for shining so brightly for Him!

  48. Victoria B on at

    2014 Goals:

    1. Complete The Contentment Challenge from January 1st until March 12th.
    2. Save $25,000 in our emergency fund.
    3. Buy a new car.
    4. De-clutter the house and reorganize different areas such as our closets, garage, and bookcases.
    5. Paint the outside of our house.
    6. Do landscaping.
    7. Exercise four times a week and sit around a lot less.
    8. Create a quarterly book club with Jesse.
    9. Get enough sleep and wake up earlier.
    10. Plan two “adventures” a month.
    11. Read 12 books in 2014.
    12. Volunteer once a month.

  49. Gabrielle on at

    My goals for the year are: Release live album and do a mini tour with it in at least 3 cities in the US, places that Stephen and I have never been to before. Why? Because I want to share the love for worship that God has given to Stephen and I with other people! The same sense of freedom with God that I experience in worship, I want other people to feel the same thing.

    Shoot things in a new light! In the light that God reveals things to me! Why? Because when I am shooting the images and shoots that always turn out the best are the ones where I don’t let my fear hold me back from shooting things the way I see them.

    Write new worship songs and don’t be afraid to put them out there for people to hear. Why? Because God lays things on my heart that at some point will speak to other people in their walk, whether they know Him yet or not.

    Get healthy! Eat healthier, be more active! Why? A healthier me=happier me! If I am healthier I can have more energy to love on my husband, clients, friends, family,etc..!

    Read my Bible more and grow closer to God in all areas of my life. Trust His ways more than mine, even when it seems incredibly scary to me to do so! Why? Because when I am reading my Bible and praying on a regular basis my perspective on the day to day things that happen is so much more positive and I am able to see things in a God light instead of just a
    “me,” light!

    Visit my family as much as possible once Stephen and I have moved and make it a priority to spend time with them while I am still here. Why? Because family is important and I don’t ever want to lose sight of that.

    Raise my PRICES!!! Make a livable wage and don’t apologize for charging what I’m worth. Why? So that Stephen and I can live a life that is more balanced financially.

    Get new camera and at least 2 of 3 core lenses I need to complete my gear list. Why? So that I can have the adequate gear to produce the kind of work that I want to and that my clients expect of me. Plus owning the gear I need will save me so much money in the long term over just continuing to rent the same gear over and over for weddings!

    Love on the people God has placed in my path. Why? Because it’s what God has called me to and as His follower I need to listen to Him.

    Teach people that ask me questions if I can! Try to answer their questions to the best of my ability. Share the little bit of knowledge I have that others have shared with me. Why? Because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the people that helped me. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point or another!

    Love on Stephen! Continually be showing him what a precious gift he is to me. Why? Because he is important to me and I am so very thankful for him and I always want him to know that.

    Spread God and the word that no matter what, He is good. Why? Because it is the truth and is something that God has revealed to me over and over again.

    • Lara on at

      SO great! I love your goals!

  50. Anne P on at

    I ended up with about 11 goals, which I broke down into smaller goals/ steps. It feels a bit overwhelming, but I’m more afraid of loosing the momentum I currently feel. I’ve been doing a lot of praying about all this Goal Setting. It’s very new to me but so exciting! I can’t wait to get my PowerSheets at the end of this week and see what other amazing steps you have in store!

  51. WOW- I JUST wrote a blog post about feeling like I was on NY resolution overload and Hillsong’s Ocean has been on repeat as I work through everything I’m feeling.

  52. Stephanie on at

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve made a Pinterest board and tweeted about ‘Making Things Happen 2014’. Its really motivating and inspiring! I got married last July and graduated the same month, so all these goodies would be perfect to help me organise my goals and life with my husband!!

  53. I’m working on my goals right now. I’ve loved every step and they have been so helpful! Here’s to finishing strong.
    Alesha <3

  54. Jessica on at

    One of my goals is to actively pursue God’s heart and His will for my life, whether it is for my career, my friendships, my relationships. I want to do this because I constantly feel as though I need more direction. I’m going to do this by reading more of the Bible, whole chapters and whole books instead of just little verses and devotionals. Also, I am going to pray out loud daily. Praying out loud is so powerful to me, and it scares me! I want to do away with the fear of talking aloud to my Father. Maybe if I talk to Him more boldly and confidently, He will talk back in different ways as well.

  55. Megan on at

    Pinned this : )

  56. Carmen Hamilton on at

    Posted on FB:I am determined to Make It Happen this year! Want to join me? I LOVE Lara Casey’s PowerSheets and goal setting recommendations! http://www.laracasey.com

  57. Katelyn on at

    Making Things Happen
    1. Love first. Dig deep down and find grace or forgiveness from Jesus before reacting.
    2. Trust. Him.
    3. Pray- hard. For everyone and anyone. Unearth the power of prayer in my life.
    4. Work to be strong. At home, at the office, at the table, and at the gym.
    5. Keep it simple. Focus on what matters, who matters and only the things that matter. Surround myself with reminders of simplicity.
    6. Grow. Into the friend, person, wife, coworker, daughter and leader I want to be.
    7. Be genuine. Always.
    8. Be quite. Everyday at some point. Be still and spend time with my savior.
    9. Savor life. Fill free time with more long walks and good conversations and less entertainment and social media.
    10. Be fearless. Trust that he overcame death so that I could have life. Hold fast to the promise of his love and provision.

    “For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.”
    2 Timothy 1:7

    • Emily on at

      I love your goals! Good luck and stay strong!

  58. Chris on at

    Lose weight to get healthier. (I have a long way to go but I will complete my goal this year.)

    Drastically improve my relationship with my husband (I need to focus on this since it has been coasting along for a while now. I need to give this much more energy/attention instead of taking this for granted and pushing it to the back burner.)

    Get organized (Some parts of my life are very organized; others I have been avoiding for years. Costs me physical/mental energy, time, and money to not deal with this.)

    Use my time well (We only have so much time. Focus on accomplishing things I actually care about and not waste time with distractions/busy-work).

  59. Chrissie on at

    Today is my review day 🙂 get excited.

  60. Picking back up where I left off after a two-week hiatus! Going back to work and the daily grind has distracted me, but I’m fighting back. I am reminded and convicted that I have to put in the sweat and intention to make my goals/vision/LIFE happen. No one else can do it for me… Well, Jesus, but only if I’m doing my part, ha 😉

    Anyway, I’m back to my Powersheets and at this point I’m reviewing, editing, adding, eliminating. Good, good stuff. Let’s do this!

  61. Lydia on at


  62. Charlotte on at

    Going back and making some changes was such a great tip! I made a few changes including my word for 2014! I prayed about it and the Lord revealed it to me while meditating on His word. Resilience, is my word for 2014!
    I’ve made my list and my “why’s” I’m so excited for this!

  63. Lydia on at

    I got this far and now have goals in my mind, but I finally got my first set of PowerSheets, so I’m going to hold off and do the prep!

  64. Courtney on at

    I have been working though your steps and I love them! My word is anchor or 2014. I to be anchored in my true self. Not only a mom or wife orvteacher. But the core of me. Allowing Christ to use me. Thanks!

  65. Shannon Thompson on at

    I pinned this post! Hoping to be back this week to post goals!

  66. Heather on at

    I loved challenging myself to have overarching goals that really matter and really fit with my vision rather than trying to just be better at every single thing. My goals are in six categories:
    1. Wife
    2. Mother
    3. Writer
    4. Home
    5. Finances
    and I added a sixth:
    Memory/Legacy. In this category I place making our yearly family books. I try to figure out which goal each item on my tending list ties to, which is so good for maintaining vision.

    • mara on at

      Hi Heather! How are the family albums coming along? I have a blog post that will be up tomorrow that might be able to help you get jumpstart on your goal this year! Good luck!

  67. mara on at

    I love the quote, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” I’m ready to live fully in the present and let God’s love shine through me as I walk through 2014! It’s going to be an amazing year my friends. Thank you Lara for blessing us all with your love and inspiration!

  68. Lydia on at


  69. Lydia on at


  70. Michelle on at

    It took a lot of prayer and a couple weeks, but here are four of my goals for 2014! The fifth is pretty personal, so I’m going to leave that one private. 🙂

    1. To train myself to be on time. On time to work, appointments, church. On time to everything. WHY? Because I want to give 110% at work, in relationships, with everything. Right now I am nowhere near that. Being on time will naturally lower the anxiety that I always feel when I’m running late. HOW? Get out of bed when my alarm goes off. Set office hours and stick to them. 8am-5pm. Leave plenty early for everything–alwaysssss take possible CLT traffic into account.

    2. Spend more time WITH THE LORD. Spend more time in His presence. Kneel at his feet like Mary. WHY? Because my eternal hope is found in Him. Because He is the source of joy and hope and goodness. Because He forgives me, every day. HOW? Pray. Fall back into a prayer routine. Before meals and on my knees before bed. Pray with abandon. All the time. Thank Jesus, listen to Jesus, talk WITH Jesus. Start a tending prayers list/prayer journal. Commit to attending Bible Study each week and actually do the homework. Commit to attending church each week. If I miss, commit to listening to a sermon online. Commit to studying His Word. A quiet time of some sort each morning, rather than at night. Start my day out with Jesus.

    3. Prayerfully create a realistic budget and follow it. WHY? We are called to be stewards of Christ through our finances. And my check register is so far off from what really, eternally matters. I want the freedom that comes from Christ-centered finances. HOW? Read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover.” Finish setting up my 401k. Set up an emergency fund. Research the envelope method. Prayerfully commit to saving from each paycheck.

    4. Become a more physically healthy woman. WHY? I want to have children and hold my grandchildren, one day. I want to set a good example for those I have influence over. HOW? Exercise. Continue with yoga at least 2x/week. Get sweaty at least one other time per week. Walk to get the mail. Less eating out–pray about a boundary here. Less junk–if I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it. Fuel my body, don’t treat it like a garbage can. Drink more water. Get 8 hours of sleep/night–commit to making this happen!

    Pinning this post here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/175288610470678162/

  71. Posted my goals over on my blog! https://www.teasleyphotography.com/january-2014-goals/
    2014 Goals:
    1. Honor God by living out our faith in our family and with our church family… This includes praying together with my husband, spending time daily in God’s Word, finding mentor relationships, and faithfully serving in our church.
    2. Be good financial stewards of what God has given us by diligently managing our monthly budget and focusing on increasing our emergency fund, working to pay down our house, funding our HSA, setting up wills, opening a college savings account for Rachel, saving for retirement, and working to improve the business’s yearly and monthly budget. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about these things.
    3. Stay active and healthy through exercise and food choices. This year I want to plan our meals more, eat clean foods, and make sure the we have made time for exercise each week. I want to raise our daughter to love and enjoy God’s creation! This means spending more time outdoors.
    4. Simplify our lives. We have too much stuff! It’s time de-clutter, give things away, sell things, and learn to live with less. This also means clearing the clutter in our minds by cutting time on social media and television. It means more date nights (since I’m a quality time person), and family time without lots of distractions.
    5. Continue to learn and grow through reading. I want to learn in grow in my FAITH, FAMILY and BUSINESS. My husband and I will be reading a few books together this year in each of those categories, and my reading goals are very small and simple. In the past, I’ve pushed myself but with unrealistic expectations. This year the expectation is much more realistic and hopefully we can make progress on it.

  72. Mary Coules on at

    So I am going to be totally honest and say that I am taking time to really refine my goals for 2014.
    I know that I am focused on connecting with God daily.
    I also know that I am focusing on my health, as this has proven to be the biggest lesson that God has shown me from last year. So with seeds of intention I am starting small. Being honest, clear, open and bold with my heart to love big and appreciate all that God has provided. To fight for gratitude every day and cherish all that is right in front of me.

  73. Alex on at

    I am still working on my goals even though it’s already the end of January (eek!) but I want to make sure I’m understanding what my goals are and exactly why I have these desires on my heart.

    One goal I am confident is:time in the word! I have a relationship with God but an important part of any relationship is knowing the history of who they are.

    Thank you for this wonderful process and series!!!

  74. LAURA on at

    I thought by the time I worked through the first steps this part would be a little clearer. But not so much. sigh… Like everyone else here, I feel like I live so many different roles–Child of God, wife, mom of 6 and counting, business owner, medical professional, orphan advocate and full time fundraiser. All are good, and important, and impossible without God. I’m struggling to figure out how to set real goals, ones that will help guide and prioritize.; Specific enough to be effective, but not so overwhelming that I’m afraid to start.
    So, I will continue to pray and seek His good and perfect guidance.
    Thank you for challenging me to complete this process and thank you to all those who have shared their hearts on this journey!

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