I got a surprise package in the mail today from Harmony Walton, owner of Bridal Bar, who is is one of the most genuine, giving people in the wedding business.  I can always count on her to lift me up and tell it like it is.  Inside was this book.   When I get a new book or a magazine, I immediately (more…)

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My good friend Nick Onken continuously blows me away with his drive and brilliant ability to take a concept to reality.  This guy really makes things happen.  (read his great post on it here)  His images are remarkable, his work ethic is like no one I’ve ever known, and his innate sense of branding is spot on.  He just launched a brand new site and blog that has (more…)

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WPPI, the largest wedding and portrait photography convention, is coming up in about 3 short weeks. Going to WPPI last year changed my life. I met the people who are now my best friends, including Jeff and Jory, plus so many others.  The dinner above was (more…)

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We just got back from Nashville today. Huge thanks to Jeremy Cowart and the MTH2010 Nashvegas crew for knocking our socks off! What a great week this has been. We started in Hotlanta at Get Married Studios with the beautiful, warm and brilliant Stacie Francombe.  Atlanta was (more…)

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If you took an hour per week to get clear about your direction, make an active plan for the future, and voice your fears, what would that do to your life?  Imagine doing that for over 80 hours in 10 days.  Friends, I essentially went through group therapy for 10 solid days on the first leg of the (more…)

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