I’m in Phoenix writing this from the Making Things Happen tour with Emily and Gina. Two years ago, we were here at this very same hotel for MTH. Y’all, I’m just about in tears. I am so overwhelmed thinking about what God has done with my life since then. I was a different person back then. (more…)

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  • If I was going to do this post right, I’d have fireworks and a confetti shower to accompany it.  No really.  I would.  My life’s work is to help people make big things happen.  In business.  In life.  In every moment.  When I started the Making Things Happen Intensive three years ago, I never imagined just how much of a 180 my life would take.  (more…)

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    Every time I have tried to put this into words, it came out sounding messy. And then I realized that’s exactly the point. If I could sum up what I’ve experienced over the last 8 weeks it would be this: God breaks us down to build us back up again, new and closer to Him. I had a baby. I have a new [messy, chaotic, beautiful, fulfilling, heart-opening, exhausting] life.  (more…)

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    The day has come! And what a blessed day it was! Grace Austin Isaacson was born yesterday at 10:24 am EST, weighing 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. Lara, Ari and this beautiful new
    bundle of joy are doing wonderfully and are so grateful for this amazing blessing! And now… in honor of Grace’s birthday, a very special surprise (more…)

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    I am technically 4 days past my estimated due date, but I am ignoring this fact for now.  50% of babies are born after their estimated due date anyway.  I’m grateful and happy and feeling wonderful today!  And what better way to keep my mind occupied while I wait on baby Grace than to launch two gigantic projects today!?  (more…)

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    The last nine months of carrying my first baby have been blessed beyond measure.   They’ve been the most challenging and rewarding months of my life so far and I know it’s just the beginning. From two pink lines to a closet packed full of tiny booties and onesies, this time has been a gift that a blog post could never quite capture fully. (more…)

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