Oh, hello. How is it nearing the end of January already? If you are like me, with all of this Goal Setting and forward motion and lots of new ideas that have come to me lately, my “Big List”, as I affectionately call it, is exploding. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone else mildly overwhelmed? Today, I’m challenging you to clear the [Massive Seemingly-Never-Ending] To Do List clutter. No tricks. Just efficient, purposeful action. (more…)

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If you had asked me back in 2009 where I would be in five years, I would have NEVER guessed it would be here. As I start this post, it’s a little surreal thinking about how much has changed in my life. Wow. God is good and He made far more happen than I ever thought possible. Five years ago, I got an email from a planner, asking me “How do you make things happen?” (more…)

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This step pulls me out of burn out, overwhelmed and The Rut every single time: giving encouragement. Now before you pass this off as a wishy-washy challenge, turn it around on yourself. What are things other people have done for you recently that changed your mindset, got you moving forward or lifted your spirits to help you make things happen? They probably had no idea how much their encouragement changed you. (more…)

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And this is perhaps the most important post I could give to you. Read this and ACT on it, friends. This is the meat of what makes my world tick! In the name of getting fired up about what’s most important and dedicating your life to your family and being your best self for you AND your business – today I’m giving you the good stuff. The following is a subject that I am passionate about because of how it has changed my life, my marriage, my family and the quality of my work: Boundaries. (more…)

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To name your fears is to destroy them. Are you feeling overwhelmed, in a hurry and stressed as you read this right now? Hello. Welcome to a little mental break. Imagine I’m sitting right in front of you, looking you in the eyes… take a deep breath : ) I have an important question for you today that will hopefully help you feel much better and take some of the weight off your shoulders. Ready? (more…)

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Making things happen requires breaking the rules. You have worked hard to set 2013 Goals, cleared some clutter and started to learn about preparing for greatness (much more on that to come!). Today, I’m giving you the key ingredient to making things happen. The biggest FAQ I get from people is “How do you do it all? How do you balance everything?” My answer: I don’t always do it all. I rest. (more…)

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OK, today is all about taking it to the next level. This is not a quick fix; it’s about changing your life structure and the way you do things… permanently. That takes practice aka ACTION. It takes doing these things over and over until they become habit. There is no magic potion to making big things happen. Success takes hard efficient purposeful clear work. Step by step. Keep acting on these things and you’ll never want to go back (more…)

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You’ve gone through all 10 Goal Setting Steps and written your 2013 Goals. Now it’s time for my favorite part… making them HAPPEN! In order to make things happen, you first have to get things out of your way that currently (or could) potentially hold you back. Like the list of what you are saying NO to in 2013, these distractions are waiting to either make you unfocused today or waiting to be tossed in the proverbial (or literal) trash. Ready for this? (more…)

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The following sentence is something I never thought I’d type. I spent a good deal of time this weekend reading most of Exodus. I started reading it and was so captivated, I couldn’t stop. Those of you who know me well know I am admittedly not a big reader. I only read the Bible (because if I’m going to spend time reading anything, I want it to be the best thing I can read) and usually in small portions or Ari reads it out loud for both of us. My attention span is that of a gnat. (more…)

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