May 21, 2019

You want this summer to be different

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Friends, what a fun few days it has been! Thank you so much for your encouragement in the launch of our new collection—every kind word, email, Instagram post, story share, live chat (we love chatting with you!), and more have been a gift to our team! After keeping new tools quiet for so long, it’s the biggest joy to share them with you all.

Ready for a peek behind the scenes of creating these products and preparing for launch?!

Here’s where we start with every new collection we launch: we start with YOU! We take time to think about where you’ll be in your year when these products arrive. What will be challenging for you in that given season? How might we come alongside you and make it EASIER for you to do the things that matter to you—those things you’ve always wanted to do?

Because that’s why you love your PowerSheets: they’re a practical tool with a proven process that actually allows to you do the things you’ve always wanted to do with ease and joy:

— To be a better friend
— To pay down debt or save more money
— To have more fun as a family
— To create a life-giving home

And much, much more. Each of those goals is accomplished with small steps forward in the right direction, one after another after another. Anything we can do to help you take those small steps—that’s why we’re here!

And that’s what this collection—and this summer—is all about! Simple tools that will help you take the next best steps toward the life you want in the season ahead.

Let’s make this summer different—refreshing, purposeful, and joy-filled! A little more about your favorites from the new collection…

POWERSHEETS | For eight years, the PowerSheets® Intentional Goal Planner has helped women just like you live their best summers—and beyond! They’re not magic, but they ARE a powerful tool. Using your PowerSheets and accessories, you’ll use our 3-step proven process to uncover a plan for your unique season ahead, break your plan down into simple steps, and live it out, little by little!

And friends, get ready!! Mid-Year Goals Week is coming (June 37), where we’ll refresh our goals (or set new ones!) to prepare for a great second half of 2019 together. Remember, there’s NOTHING magical about January 1st—today is the best day to start! I can’t wait!!

THREE NEW NOTEPADS | We often get asked about the difference between to do’s for your to do list and action steps for your goals. It’s a great question! Your Tending List is for monthly goals and weekly and daily action steps that move you toward your big picture goals.

You know we are big fans of breaking it down, and sometimes, we need to break even our action steps down into smaller chunksand that’s where a to do list comes in!

Keep your daily to dos on one of our new notepads – the generously-sized Garden Memo notepad, the unlined New Day notepad, and the lined To Do List notepad.

They key to taking advantage of summer’s sweet longer days? Being as efficient and organized as possible with my must do’s so that I can enjoy my want-to-do’s—the stuff where memories are made!

CULTIVATED LIFE POCKET TEE | You might think because I’m the Chief Goal Getter over here I’ve got this whole goals thing down pat. While I have found a system that works for me (PowerSheets!), I still need a daily reminder to choose the cultivated life! You have loved our apparel options in the past and so with this collection, we knew we wanted to create something sweet, colorful, and meaningful to wear this summer. Here it is (almost sold out!)!

GARDEN PEP POSTCARD SET | Like you, our team loves a good pun. We also share a desire to be known for spreading love and happiness—a legacy of light! It sounds like a lofty goal, but it’s lived out in tiny ways day by day, and that’s where these postcards come in. They’re the simplest way to make a friend’s day! Will be restocked in a few days!

SUMMER WILDCARD PAGE PACK | You’re obsessed with the wildcard downloads included with your PowerSheets, and so are we—I use them every month! These limited-edition summer pages will equip you for adventure, rest, and connection—everything you need for a refreshing summer! I’ve already filled out the bucket list and posted it on my fridge!

DOWNLOADABLE GOAL GUIDES | Last but certainly not least, our new digital Goal Guides will provide the perfect focus for the season ahead, no matter which topic you choose—your relationship, parenting, wellness, finance, or community. Use them alongside your PowerSheets and get ready to see a part of your life completely transformed by the time fall rolls around!

These have been some of our most popular products since they debuted, and the finance one in particular is a tool I’m just so glad we offer! Ari and I try to work through the Couples or Parenting Guides every three months, which is part of the reason why we transitioned these to a digital platform—now you can print them as many times as you’d like, for years to come!

Our team is so grateful to introduce this collection to you. Creating these products is a joy, and it’s all for YOU! We know the best is yet to come—when we get to start using these products alongside you!

Many of these items are limited edition so SHOP NOW before we run out!

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