Ari and I sat down last night stumped. I couldn’t remember the last time I took a real vacation where I didn’t work. After a good twenty minutes of hashing back through some great — and some not so great — travel memories (most of the not so great ones had to do with me working… think proofing magazine pages while (more…)

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Something I think too-easily (and too-often) gets left out of reviews of a new job is the office culture you step into, the set of company values you embrace and, of course, the people you work with. Beyond the routine and seemingly all-important concerns of salary, work assignments and enviable (more…)

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My desk is literally all business.  Right now with an issue coming up and samples flooding in, it’s very pretty business.  But, nonetheless, all business.  I like things clean, I like white, crisp blues, fresh flowers and everything in its place.  (more…)

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