If I was going to do this post right, I’d have fireworks and a confetti shower to accompany it.  No really.  I would.  My life’s work is to help people make big things happen.  In business.  In life.  In every moment.  When I started the Making Things Happen Intensive three years ago, I never imagined just how much of a 180 my life would take.  Just read my blog from three years ago.  You will SEE the change.  Some of you have been readers and friends since I first got into weddings almost a decade ago.  What a remarkable decade it has been.  I’m 32 and I can honestly say I have done everything I ever wanted to do.  All I want now is to know God more and more every day.  I want to give my all and share my experiences to help others until I have nothing left.  That’s it.  I want to give my all without fear.  CUE THE FIREWORKS!!!

During the last 32 cities that we’ve visited, I’ve met some pretty incredible people who have gone on to do some pretty remarkable things.  From leaving full-time desk jobs to pursue their passions to finding balance in their lives, witnessing transformation sets my heart on fire!  Mind you, the MTH alum have made big things happen because they did the hard work on their own.  Nothing magical happens in the workshop.  MTH is just the spark that lights the fire.  They showed up, dove in and made. life. happen.  CUE CONFETTI SHOWER!!!

You know how important my family is to me.  Time with Grace is my number one priority.  So, setting out on a 10 city tour this year was a huge decision. And one I have zero regrets or fear about. Oh, yes, I will cry when I leave.  For sure.  But, I’ll survive because this is the work I am supposed to be doing.  It is worth the sacrifice of being away.  For me to say that is huge.  I hope it shows you just how important this work is to me.  This work opens doors, challenges self-imposed limits and makes people make things happen.   It brings people together.  It makes collaboration happen.  It makes creativity happen.  It makes balance, peace, friendship, marriage, and life happen.  It makes happy happen.  And it makes me take big scary life-changing action, too.  Emily, Gina, Natalie and I get just as much out of giving the Making Things Happen Intensive as the attendees do.

Double bonus? So many of the MTH alum are now my closest friends. Making things happen isn’t just about coming to a workshop one day.   That doesn’t do anyone any good.  It’s about accountability for a lifetime.  It’s about community.  It’s about being supported AND supporting others just as much. It’s about being surrounded by like-minded passionate creatives who want to take things to the next level.   It’s about doing the hard work. If you want to make things happen, you have to decide to do the work, but there will be a huge community of people doing the same things right along side you. They will cheer you on. They will lift you up. They will remind you why you do what you do when you forget. And you will forget. I do sometimes and there are always friends there to lift me back up.  They will text you just to tell you you CAN do it. They will shower you with high fives. They will also offer to shower you with confetti when you do a scary speaking engagement (thank you, Michelle Edgemont! HA!). The MTH alum are the best encouragers around, hands down! I’m so grateful to be a recipient of such awesome encouragement on a daily basis.  Hi friends! I love you!!!

The intensive itself is pretty simple. We spend a day talking in a small group. We talk about our fears, our dreams and how we are going to make them happen. We spend a good 8-10 hours together, so we really get to know each other. When you spend a day talking about your fears and dreams with someone, it challenges you to take the leap.   Whatever that big leap is for you.  We hold each other accountable.  And the incredible thing for me is that, as I grow, so does the power of the intensive.   I know the same is true for Emily, Gina and Natalie as well.  Oh, what incredible progress we’ve made in our lives since this all started!  We are so grateful!  I’ve been through it in the last year.  My heart is more focused than ever. My companies are on the most grounded clear path they’ve ever been on. Things are at a whole new level. I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned and all I’m doing to simplify my life and make what matters happen.

People ask me all the time if we can do an online version of Making Things Happen. It’s like picking out a wedding dress from a catalog.  You could do it, but there is nothing like feeling the magic of slipping into that gown in person. OK, for the guys (or gals, too!) out there… it’s like fantasy football. Awesome, but not at all the same as being there on the sidelines. You can’t phone Making Things Happen in. You have to sit in the seat and look in the eyes of the person next to you.  You have to take a risk and be present.  You have to sit in the seat to really harness the change you want in your life.  Quite simply, you have to show up.  As you are.  Fears and all.  Everyone else is in the exact same boat. We tell people to come in comfy clothes.  No heels.  Leave the decked-out duds at home.  MTH is a place to come and just be yourself.  It’s the greatest feeling to just let go with people that get you.

As usual, we’ve chosen cities for the 2012 Tour that are easy to travel to.   Registration is now open for ALL 2012 CITIES! The Spring Tour: Chapel Hill, Atlanta, DC, NY and Boston! The Fall Tour: Austin, Phoenix, LA, Chicago and one last city yet to be determined.Every intensive (except NYC) will be by the airport, too, for convenience. About 60%-80% of attendees fly or drive in from another state to attend. Lucky you, if you happen to live in one of these cities!  By the way, people are always looking for roommates if you want to share.  You might make a friend for life, as I know so many alum have done!

We have are so passionate about this work that we have given a lot of partial scholarships in the past. We want people to be able to make things happen, no matter their financial situation. So, to give EVERYONE the chance to get a partial scholarship, if you enter the contest below, you will automatically get 50% OFF until the regular rate, just for telling us what you want to make happen! (West Coast cities have till July 4 for early-bird registration at the same 50% OFF rate.)  We also have very flexible payment plans.  Just email Marissa to get set up with one. 

We want to make this easy for you.  Y’all, I’m going to push you on this because I believe in this work so very much. If you think this is right for you, do yourself a huge favor and apply so you can either win a scholarship or get the half-off rate. Save the other half to invest in your business or your family or whatever sets your heart on fire. You will thank yourself. And register before your city sells out. I’ve been doing this for three years and it sells out every time. I want you to make things happen with us. I want to get to know you. Really, I do. Because your story will teach me something and I hope mine does the same for you.

Want to know more? Read the post that started it all and take The Challenge and read and this and this and this or any of these posts from alum.  Ask an alum about their experience.  I can’t wait for you to be inspired to make big things happen!

We have had some very generous alumni step forward and donate to a full scholarship fund yet again. Year after year, the generosity of so many amazes all of us!  So, we’ve decided to match that and give two full scholarships this year.

Two ways to enter:

The Alum Scholarship: Leave a comment here an tell us what you want to make happen.  Also, please tell us the city you would like to attend. Anyone who applies for a scholarship will be given the ability to register at 50% OFF if they are not chosen. So, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by entering.

The MTH Match Scholarship: Leave a comment here telling us what you want to make happen AND spread the word! Tell your friends about Making Things Happen, too! Tweet, Facebook, Blog, Pin this, send smoke signals… whatever you want to do to tell people about Making Things Happen and just link to this post.  Leave a separate comment here telling us you did so. We will pick a random winner for this second scholarship, so the more entries you submit, the better!

Deadline: You have until midnight on April 1st to apply. Again, if you enter to win a scholarship, you’ll still be given the chance to register at 50% OFF the regular rate if you aren’t chosen.  We want you to be able to make this happen no matter what!

It’s a remarkable coincidence that I’m posting this on Leap Day. Today is your day to take the leap, my friend. I have goosebumps typing finishing this post because I am genuinely so excited to read your entries.   We all are!  I never cease to be inspired by what makes people really come alive.  So, what do YOU want to make happen?  Join us!

P.S. We’re working hard behind-the-scenes on a brand new Making Things Happen website as we speak! So, the main site is currently offline for a major overhaul.  Yeah!!!  Get ready.  It’s packed with phenomenal inspiration and incredible alum stories!  Your story could be next.

P.P.S. THANK YOU for the outpouring of support and encouragement I received from my last post.  WOW.  So many notes and messages and letters and open hearts.  I am sincerely grateful.  Your kind words helped me and so many others.  You just never know how much even a blog comment will encourage someone else.


If you want to be inspired, just reading the scholarship entries below will do it. This was such a hard decision for us to make. There is so much fire and determination in every single entry! No matter what, all of you are destined for great things, regardless of if you attend MTH or not. Just your words alone, and your ability to share so much of your true selves, shows your passion and your drive. Thank you all for sharing your hearts! Amazing!

Making Things Happen started in the spirit of paying it forward and, after 30 cities, we are just overjoyed to continue on this track! So, if you are not the main scholarship winner, don’t fear. You may be getting a phone call from us in the next day or so. Check your email and check that voicemail over the next few days!

CONGRATS to everyone who entered! If you applied for the scholarship below, you get 50% off registration! Email [email protected] for your special registration code. The tour is almost sold out now, so let Marissa know ASAP if you need a payment plan as well.

Congrats to scholarship winners, April Foster and Emily-Claire! (email Marissa to get your registration set up) We CANNOT WAIT to see everyone in a few short weeks! Time to make big things happen, friends!

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  1. jennifer blair

    I have a huge vision for my photography business that is very different from the norm. After months of intense struggle, I know I have been called to grow my wedding & portrait business so that I can fund the rescue of those trapped in sex trafficking. I want to capture beautiful stories through my lens AND the stories of those who are trapped by injustice. My calling is a beautiful paradox. I know the WHY, but I’m not sure HOW. I want to know how to make this happen. It would be such a privilege to attend in Atlanta this year.

  2. jennifer blair

    Pinned it! – https://pinterest.com/pin/184366178465433652/

  3. Brittany Sweat

    Me & My husband recently moved back to our hometowm, i went from full-time photographer to a 9-5 office job with photography on the side 🙁 this is NOT what i wanted to happen but I felt like i needed to take the job so my husband could find this right Chef job.. so far his job is still not found and i find my self wondering why i’m sitting at that desk. I just want to make things happen here in ATLANTA! I love this city & I know it has SO much to offer but i haven’t gotten the chance to expand my business here yet. soo i would LOVE the opportunity to MAKE IT HAPPEN here 🙂 xoxo

  4. @weddingrep

    MAKING THINGS HAPPEN 2012: CUE THE FIREWORKS!: If I was going to do this post right, I’d have fireworks and a co… https://t.co/0r3jwjaY

  5. Amanda Savory

    I have always been a dreamer but end up following the safe path because it is what I know and is comfortable to me. Until recently I have finally started to put my dreams into motion and slowly take action. By the end of the year I want to be moved to NYC and continue building my career in the event industry. I definelty have fears about doing this but had the oppotunity to attend Engage11 which was one the best experiences of my life. It has helped my build my confidence on a business and personal level. I want to make things happen and have the courage to take the leap. Having the ability to attend in DC would be an amazing experience.

  6. @AmandaSavory

    Making Things Happen 2012. Are you attending?https://t.co/aPr5wZxG

  7. Amanda Savory

    Pinned it, tweeted it, facebooked it!


  8. cynthia

    I am passionate about food! Good food the kind that makes you smile and makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to own a garden to table cafe with a community classroom that offers low income families an opportunity. I want to further educate myself and those in my community about true food. I know God has called me to do that but I do not know how to do it and get over my doubts and fears. I want to learn how to grab my life by the horns and make what God has called me to do HAPPEN…Words cant describe what it would be like to join you in Los Angeles!!!! 🙂

  9. Carol Colman

    I have a unique gift/keepsake/art business that I am having trouble marketing – the people who get what I do really love it, but I have a hard time explaining it. I know I’m holding myself back. I would love to have the “kick in the pants” to help make it happen because I am passionate about my work and believe that what I do can contribute to every kind of special event. Being able to attend in Boston would be fantastic. I believe that I was “directed” to find out about this event – when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m ready!

  10. Carol Colman

    Pinned, tweeted, facebooked! Let’s make things happen! Thank you for this opportunity!

  11. @caylapriest

    Would LOVE to attend this year! Check out @LaraCasey’s All Business: https://t.co/GGOCYw1E

  12. Mary

    Since the day I started reading MTH, I knew I wanted to get myself to an intensive. I also knew that it wasn’t the right time yet. It’s my time now. I get so fired up with each and every MTH tumblr post. I want to change my relationships, set something deep inside of myself on fire, and most of all, I want to find me and to focus my passions into making a difference. I’m ready to “leap” from my comfort zone and see your sweet faces in Austin, TX!

  13. Faith

    I’m a 20 year old wedding photographer and would LOVE to make big things happen not only in my business, but in other areas of my life as well. I want to learn the foundation of living a balanced life now, so that I can live life to the very fullest. I want to have my life in order, so that I can help other people and make a difference in their lives. Life is too short for mediocrity… and I think attending Making Things Happen could help me get on the right path for achieving these goals. 🙂 It would be AMAZING to attend MTH in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  14. @TessPace

    RT @laracasey: Making Things Happen 2012: Cue the Fireworks!!! https://t.co/K1LEltbO

  15. Valentina

    In December of 2010, I had the crazy dream to pursue photography. Since then, I have slowly grown my business. I am about to graduate from grad school and I have decided to put my degree on hold in order to pursue photography 100%. It is scary but I want to make it happen. I want to trust God and to trust in the gifts and talents that He has given me. I think MTH will be the push I need in order to keep walking forward, take risks and do crazy things happen. It would be such a privilege to get to attend the LA MTH. Thank you so much!

  16. Valentina

    Pinned it!! 🙂 https://pinterest.com/pin/15058979973992559/

  17. @ValGlidden

    Check out MTH plus their scholarship opportunity


  18. Valentina

    I tweeted about it!! 🙂

  19. Michelle

    CONFETTI!!!!! YEA!!!!

  20. Emilia Jane

    Will there be an early bird sale for west/Chicago too? XXOO!!

    • Lara

      Hi Emilia! YES! We JUST opened registration for the West Coast. Cannot wait to see you there! https://www.eventbrite.com/org/348846954

  21. @madi_reid

    Seems like I may be biting off more than I can chew…but I’ve got to face fears to Make Things Happen. Check this out https://t.co/04YVp2et

  22. Madi

    Being only 21 and having big dreams is a scary thing and a chance like this is actually very overwhelming for me. But the Lord has really been placing some incredible opportunities in my path lately and I would be crazy to turn something like this away just because I was nervous, intimidated or fearful. I’m taking that leap of faith, Lara! Like you said, nothing to lose but everything to gain!

    I would love to attend the Austin, TX event…and if the city TBA was Dallas I’d be thrilled!

    -Posted/will continue to post on twitter! @madi_reid
    -Posted/will continue to post on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1300560082
    -Prepare yourself for a blog post on “From Madi to M.R.S.”!
    -I’ll be sure to let you know what else I’ve got up my sleeve here in the next month!

    Thank you for this wonderful offer!

  23. @nicoleayang

    Making things happen! 50% off regular registration for @MTH_2012 ends tonight! https://t.co/fLIBROyQ

  24. @hemstitchrental

    Enter the @MTH_2012 scholarship! MTH was the spark I needed to make big changes. Every day I learn + grow more & more! https://t.co/lLlmpOQp

  25. feuza

    I have been wanting to attend MTH for a while now and followed the tumblr exercises last year which helped so much with mental decluttering. I am a big fan of what Lara does for others, I just now launched a Wedding Blog, which is step one but I want to achieve more, now the challenge is getting brides to know about it, as well as my photo business is still not picking up as I had hoped by now. I need clarity, I need priotizing and need not to be all over the place. I also want to visit Brazil this year which is very expensive to do, my kids have not met their grandmother yet so my education budget is quite small and I was not planning any workshops really but saw this and my heart jumped and I even posted in one of my groups today about it because I FEEL I NEED TO BE THERE and it is a perfect year for me to, I WANT TO ATTEND NYC, I even dreamed about this one day, lara was having the tour in a library in NYC and I appeared all late and waved good bye, would be nice to make it a reality

  26. @christinabeam

    Check out Making Things Happen. Very much hoping to make the Chicago intensive happen for me. https://t.co/qJ85wEej

  27. Christina

    This is the year I’m transforming my photography business so I can do the kind of documentary work my heart is calling me to do. I know what I want to do… just not sure how to “make it happen” financially, and how to form a little tribe that will help me on my way. Man, I would love to attend MTH Chicago!

  28. Christina

    Check out Making Things Happen. Very much hoping to make the Chicago intensive happen for me. laracasey.com/blog/2012/02/2…

  29. Laura

    2012 has already proven to be one full of change and leaps of faith. I have known that MTH would be the best next step in my journey since January and would love to be able to go to Atlanta. I know that now, more than ever, is the best time to take my event planning business to the next level. I’m currently in the terrifyingly exciting stage of freedom and wide open spaces- and I would love to gain a focused direction. I want to serve the Lord wholeheartedly with the abilities He has given me, and I would love to get a good handle on just how to do it.

  30. Alicia Rohan (@aliciarohan)

    This is a MUST DO! RT @mth_2012: Registration open for ALL 2012 cities! 50% OFF until midnight tonight! https://t.co/pzADo2dE

  31. April Foster

    I love the fact that when people ask me what I do for a living, I am able to proudly state, “I am a wedding planner”! Owning my business is exactly what I want to do and should be liberating. However, I am so overwhelmed this year with the work load. I would like to make it clear that I know that I’m extremely blessed to be so busy, but this is not sustainable. I’m stressed and am working way too many hours. I don’t take days off and still my work keeps piling. I know I need to expand my team’s responsibilities past day-of help, but I am terrified. My ultimate goal is to be able to work part time, while earning a “full time income” so I can enjoy life and travel and have a family. I don’t know how to take the leap. I truly believe that MTH will be the spark I need. Receiving a scholarship would be life changing. I’m not picky about the city as I would have to travel no matter what, but Atlanta would be my choice for the East Coast tour, or Chicago if the West Coast tour is included.

  32. Laura

    Tweeted and pinned! What an opportunity!!

  33. Kel C.L.

    Recently I began reading your blog for insightful quotes to motivate me through the monotony of the cube life. I jot down all inspiring quotes into a book that I’m “writing” for my daughter should there ever be a moment when I am not able to deliver it first hand. It seems that embedded in every quote is this underlying tone of “Girl Power” or “Do It Yourself-ness” or a “Be You” attitude. I began writing this book, per say, 2 years ago when I started my first job in Corporate (against the spirit of my indie designer-self). And I feel like I am pitching my daughter a lie with the quotes that I hold dear. Jotting down declarations that I myself am acknowledging & believing, yet not following. Over the years I have found myself getting more & more comfortable with the steady income and full schedule. When I realized that I have conformed to the norm (insert horror movie music). I daily see myself & spark slipping away into a market that is only concerned with appeasing the mass markets. I have continued to create pieces for my own line of accessories after work hours into the wee morning, but it is not nearly as in depth as I would love it to be. I would love the opportunity to gain the wisdom of how to actually be the woman that Makes Things Happen and Keeps it Happening. Not just for myself, but for my daughter. Because there is nothing worse than a mother that ONLY talks the talk, without walking the walk. Thank you for the open call opportunity.
    **I live in Atlanta

  34. @preppy_chic

    RT @MTH_2012: Registration for ALL 2012 cities is now open! 50% OFF Spring Tour cities until midnight tonight! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  35. Heather Gardner

    OMG – so excited for this!

    When I attended the MTH in Phoenix during 2010, I honestly had no idea what to expect nor did I feel that I was fully prepared to listen to my heart and my mind to guide me to the right places.

    2011 was a rough year for me personally and professionally BUT I am picking up the pieces, moving forward with a complete new business concept & brand. I am so excited but scared at the same time. I want to be with other like-minded people to inspire and uplift one another as we all face our daily doses of reality. I would LOVE to attend the Phoenix MTH workshop again, and give myself 150% to the intensive. Thank you for this opportunity! Best, Heather Gardner (Phoenix)

  36. Kel C.L.


    I Facebook-d, Pinned, Tweeted and blogged (https://r-ki-tekt.blogspot.com/2012/03/make-things-happen.html) about it.

  37. @natalienorton

    RT @MTH_2012: Registration for ALL 2012 cities is now open! 50% OFF Spring Tour cities until midnight tonight! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  38. @littlebites

    RT @MTH_2012: Registration for ALL 2012 cities is now open! 50% OFF Spring Tour cities until midnight tonight! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  39. Lee Ann

    I totally want to go to MTH Phoenix!! What I want to happen.. that is a big one. I want to grow my business but if I could do one thing, and only one thing I would capture children with disabilities for free. These parents have so many things that if I could capture their children as they really are, as the parents see them and help the world see them as the blessings that they truly are it would be the best thing ever. Right now I can’t do that completely and not do my business, but if I could Make it Happen, that would be it. To capture children and adults with disabilities. They are truly life’s biggest blessings.

  40. Lee Ann

    I linked it on Facebook and twitter!!! So excited!!

  41. @HoneyBeeInvites

    RT @MTH_2012: Registration for ALL 2012 cities is now open! 50% OFF Spring Tour cities until midnight tonight! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  42. @EmilyLey

    RT @laracasey: Registration for all @MTH_2012 cities is now open. 50% off Spring Tour cities until midnight TONIGHT! https://t.co/K1LEltbO

  43. Samantha Daniels

    I’m 22 and forever I’ve wanted to build my own brand. I’m writing a book, I have a blog (Carolina Fairy Tale), and I’m working on starting a line of greeting cards. Even though I’ll get a little momentum I just get paralyzed by fear. I often make things and I never show them to anyone else because I’m afraid people won’t like it. I believe I have good ideas but I’m lacking confidence. My mom wanted to be a fashion designer and she didn’t pursue her dream out of fear. I’m scared that I’m going to follow in her footsteps instead of making my own path. I want to do it for me and her. I get hung up because I feel like I don’t know anything about these businesses and I’m just trying to feel my way through while also going to school. I just need something to change and I need something to help me push me over this hump.

  44. Stephanie Creekmur

    I am a graphic designer who is passionate about helping people celebrate life’s biggest moments. I love the idea of a handwritten note and love even more, sending real mail that does not come through a computer screen. I want more than ever to have a business that not only gives me the financial freedom I dream of, but also brings my passion to life. I feel like I have so many big dreams and there is so much I want to accomplish and I just need the extra push. Some time after I graduated college, I lost my confidence. I once was a girl who dove right in and really did make things happen without letting fear suffocate me. Somewhere along the line, I began second guessing myself and losing confidence in my myself and work. I sincerely believe that I have been making huge steps in the right direction, but I so badly want to have focus. I want a clear vision of who I am in life and in business and where it is I am trying to get to. I want to do more than design cards for people. I want to create relationships with my clients and I want them to keep coming back not only because they love my work but because they see who I really am and love that too. I would love the opportunity to be surrounded by people just like me who are just trying to make their dreams come true!

  45. Steph (@StephCreekmur)

    Just entered to win a spot at the @MTH_2012 intensive!! You should too! @laracasey 5 Ways to Make Things Happen… https://t.co/J1gAlsIg

  46. @MTH_2012

    A year from now, you will wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb. Start now: https://t.co/Z1UIwVh2

  47. Syreenab

    I started my photography business in 2009 when my first son was born. I DO love  photography but my passion lies in being a mother and all of the strengths that God has given us to be what he designed us to be… I have struggled with being a mom and trying to start and run a business and there has to be a better way. I WASN’T prepared for the ball of emotions etc that came along with becoming a mommy o my two beautiful boys.  There has to be a better place where we mothers and dreamers can find resources and inspiration to assist us in being the best mother and business owner . All in one place. All in one beautifully collected way… I want to make a magazine happen. (I can’t believe I just said/wrote that) I image myself networking, attending events, and picking the brains of moms in business to find out how they made things happen. To find out how they cultivate beautiful family lives while still pursuing their passions being a mom and in business. I belive their is so much beauty and strength in mother hood and being a woman (just look at proverbs 31) seriously!!! The interesting part is that everything I know it will take to make this happen is where EVERY single one of my fears lie. 🙁 I NEED to be at MTH DC!!!!

  48. @_KimPercival

    Making Things Happen, one of my very best investments! If you’ve even thought about it, GO! Register. NOW! https://t.co/sS2Y2LmM

  49. @adriennesuarez

    RT @MTH_2012: A year from now, you will wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb. Start now: https://t.co/Z1UIwVh2

  50. Confetti Shower!!! | Emily Ley

    […] Want to enter to win a scholarship? Go here. […]

  51. Yadira

    First of all, I would like to thank you ladies for all the inspiration. I look forward to your posts every day. You guys are amazing! Anyways, for many years I have focused my energy on raising my kids and on a business that has been struggling for a long time. A few months ago, I realized that I had to change my ways in order to find myself, to grow as a person, to redirect my business, to be able to inspire others and to make things happen. I’m not sure I know where to go from here though, so MTH2012 will make such an impact in my life, my family, and my partner/sister’s life as well. If given the opportunity, I would love to attend your Atlanta or NY event (unless your TBA city is anywhere in FL).
    A year ago, I was too shy and scared to take a chance and enter your scholarship contest. BUT not this year! I’m taking that leap today. So here goes…

  52. Sarah Watson

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, Lara! My name is Sarah Watson, I’m 23 years old, I’m a designer and I’d like to attend Making Things Happen 2012 in Atlanta.

    About a year ago I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism focused in News Design. I can write and I can design, but a career in Journalism was nowhere near what I really wanted. After accepting a job with a marketing agency in Tampa, I realized that I was in a career that would be a stepping stone to bigger and better things. With the aim of always trying to be appreciative of the blessings I’ve been given, I have done very little to seek out the “big dream” I’ve always had — to start my own personal branding and stationery company. In my junior year of college, my best friend and I spent about 4 hours dreaming about this joint venture, or rather, adventure, that we would one day embark upon. We decided a name, a plan of action, and even a business concept, but ended our conversation with “Well, maybe one day.” I want to start working toward “one day” NOW. I’ve taken the first few steps to build a client base and make a name for myself, but truly I want to jump in head first. The only small detail is that until she and I work long enough to have a solid savings, we’re going to have to run this business at the same time as holding a full-time job. It sounds crazy. It’s probably a huge risk. It’s probably going to take a lot of hard work, but I’m ready to start. I’m ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

    I’ve tweeted like a crazy person about this at twitter.com/sarahannewatson

  53. Sarah Watson (@sarahannewatson)

    I’m 23 years old and I’m ready to find out how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. @laracasey @MTH_2012 https://t.co/0ykedkZE

  54. Sarah Watson

    I’m 23 years old and I’m ready to find out how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. @laracasey @MTH_2012 https://laracasey.com/blog/2012/02/29/making-things-happen-2012-cue-the-fireworks/#comment-17867

  55. Sarah Watson

    I pinned this here: https://pinterest.com/pin/128845239309291904/

  56. Sarah Watson

    I also pinned this here: https://pinterest.com/pin/128845239309291898/

  57. Sarah Watson

    I pinned this quote here: https://pinterest.com/pin/128845239309291898/

  58. Monica Smith

    I am tired of comparing myself to others and feeling blocked or unclear about what steps I need to take to work my business full-time. I will graduate from seminary May 5th and attending MTH 2012 would be an awesome graduation present. I know that whatever I gain could be used immediately. I am long overdue for being the more that God has called me to. It’s just time to have a clear plan in place already!
    Thanks, ladies!

  59. Alexa Stutts

    I’m so excited about this possibility! I’m a photographer in Greensboro, NC and would love to attend MTH in Raleigh! I’ve owned my business for almost three years now, after attending photography school and working for other wedding photographers. I love my “job” and I have so many ideas, hopes, and plans but don’t know *how* to make them happen! I feel like when I am feeling really optimistic about my business and the direction I’m headed, I am immediately distracted, or discouraged by something! It’s so frustrating! I am struggling between the idea of putting everything I have into my business and being present and invested in my relationship with my husband/friends/family and having kids like I’ve always wanted! I know there has to be a balance (I mean, you’re doing it, right?!) but it’s increasingly harder to find. I would be incredibly grateful to be able to attend MTH with you and learn whatever I can! I’m ready to make things happen 🙂

  60. Cherie Irwin

    I would love to attend MTH Los Angeles. (One of my dearest friends lives there, so I can stay with her family to save money.) I am a 34 year old woman who has been trying to get my big dream off the ground for more than two years. I’ve been dying to start up my letterpress printing studio, but the steady stream of work from my other business has prevented me from making my dream happen. I own a photo booth business, but the creative hands on part of me is so unfulfilled. Thus, I have decided to sell booth business, and I have my last event tomorrow!!! So, I’ll definitely have more time to work on my getting “new” 106 year old 1/2 ton letterpress in tip top printing shape, as well as learn the tricks of the trade. The sale of my business will cut my income in half, so I had to figure out a quick way to make money while I’m in the interim. So, I’ve been making laser cut wood photo booth props and selling them to other photo booth owners as a way to make the money to fund the items needed for my letterpress and give myself a paycheck. Fortunately and unfortunately, I received a lot of recognition from my friends in the photo booth industry, and my “prop shop” business has taken off. It isn’t the work that I want to be doing, but it is allowing me to work from home and bringing in money. But, all I really want to do is make pretty stationery. Lara, please help me make my dream happen.

  61. Elizabeth

    I recently discovered the faces behind Southern Weddings and have been stalking your pages ever since. Within the week, I’ve clicked daily on this opportunity to read the tumblr page, etc. I can’t stop thinking about it. I signed up for the webinar series, but I feel in my heart this would be the most life changing. It sounds unreal, but just within a few days of discovering your blogs, etc. I’ve already started changing within. I started my business a year ago and have had many ups and downs as well. There are so many things I want to accomplish, but I need an extra push because I don’t know how to go about making them happen. Even though I don’t “know” y’all, I feel like we are friends already and you just “get” me. I know, it sounds crazy. Each blog post I read leaves me sitting there asking myself if it was written for me. I want my business to thrive, I want to become a business owner that my family is proud of, especially my daughter. I feel like by taking this step I would be setting a great example for her and demonstrate that she can achieve anything if she believes. I would consider it an honor to attend the workshop in N.C or Chicago.

  62. Kendra

    I’m a wedding photographer who LOVES her job. Loves. I’ve been following the Making Things Happen movement for a year and would love to attend in BOSTON this May…but I need the fire to discover what needs to happen! I’ve followed my heart and developed a successful small business in a short amount of time and I’m at the point of feeling that ‘now what!?’ feeling. I want to do great things with my business but need to spend the time uncovering what’s in my heart to grow further beyond a typical business model. Maybe it’s more giving, maybe it’s more work/home separation, maybe it’s focusing in on my clients more…if I knew I wouldn’t want to attend Making things Happen! Help bring me to Making Things Happen in BOSTON!

  63. Kendra

    Pinned! https://pinterest.com/pin/104145810102909121/

  64. sarah tucker

    Hi Lara, Emily, Gina, Natalie (: Would you believe I’m scared to even write this? Because I am. To take the shot. But heading to MTH is something I have been wanting to do since I discovered your work and blog two years ago. So here I am, taking the shot. Everytime I read any of the MTH girls blogs I get energized, work with more intent, and, well, i get fired up to live my passion out loud. I’ve recently started a wedding styling and coordination business after two years living abroad in Switzerland where I was solely a newlywed enjoying life. Your blog inspired me to take the leap from what I received my masters in (science) to where my heart is, styling and coordinating weddings. I can’t imagine how the MTH workshop would improve my life and business! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  65. sarah tucker

    Pinned t! https://pinterest.com/pin/178455203954538390/

  66. kristin brown

    I would LOVE to attend MTH in Chicago. My husband and I are moving to Indiana this fall for him to go to law school and I am TERRIFIED of starting my photography business over again. Not only that, but I want to do it right this time. I want the right clients, the right amount of work, and the right prices. I feel like I have so much potential, both as a business-owner and just as a person, but I feel frustrated that I don’t know how to access it. I would be so thrilled to come!

  67. Jenny Johnston

    Wow – what an amazing opportunity you are offering here. Thank You! I am so ready to take the next step. For too long, I have just “dabbled” in my business…completing the jobs that have come my way, wanting to grow my business, but not being proactive when it comes to the growth. I am tired of that feeling…I AM READY! Would love to join you in Austin.

  68. Jenny Johnston

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/104216178847142259/

  69. Emily Ballard

    With Natalie’s help, at Breathe, I just recently realized that I CAN.

    I am a writer and my goal is to make a living with my words. I want to inspire, I want to be real and honest, and I want to keep moving – toward better, deeper, truer – in every aspect of my life. I deserve it, my husband deserves it, and my kids deserve it – to have me at my best, doing what fills me.

    It’s the writing, but it’s something else, too. At Breathe I realized that I also have something to share with the women around me, my tribe of peers who are struggling to see how glittery and shiny they really are, who are having a hard time getting to “can”. I want to help them get to “yes” to “can” and am working on the development of a workshop, something that will tie the things I write about to the women who read what I write.

    So. Those are the goals, you four the inspiration. Thank you for this opportunity; I’d love to join you in Boston.

  70. diana marie photography

    I would love to attend this! i feel like i’m stuck and don’t know how to focus on growing my business, as I would love to be full time in something that I love and am so passionate about! I not only want to jump start my business, but I want to be able to help others too and give what I’ve learned along the way to help and benefit others who are in the same path of following their passion/dreams!

    I would love to be able to attend the one in Los Angeles since I just recently moved back to California.

  71. diana marie photography

    pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/142426406935525156/

  72. Eboné Smiley

    First, let me state how blessed I am to say that I know each of you as an alum of MTH. I’ve had the opportunity to ave a breakthrough and experience this amazing workshop before and would be honored to do so again. Last year was an epic year for me with multiple job losses, therapy, sever depression and 6 months of medicine that only brought to a “place of mellow” rather than one of motivation, and the shining light of Making Things Happen 2012. the words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration that I received last year nearly filled up my notebook and helped me to better clarify the direction and path I want to take with my personal and spiritual life as well as my business. I’ve been so humbled to experience this before and commit to fully embracing this program not only today, moving forward and if I get the chance to participate and jump feet first into Making Things Happen Atlanta 2012. I thank you ladies for your generosity of time, your wealth of knowledge and your awesomeness!

  73. Eboné Smiley

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/207306389067373926/

  74. Christina Moodie

    Can I just say I am so so so glad you guys are doing a tour this year! and that you are coming to Chicago!?! We just moved across country for the second time in 9 months. Needless to say I feel like I am restarting my business AGAIN. I am drained personally and with my business because of the work that comes with uprooting your business and re establishing it TWICE in one year! It was to the point that I almost wanted to give up but I love it so much that I am holding on and trying again now that we are getting settles for good. Making Things Happen is exactly what I need right now! You ladies are so wonderful and the advice and encouragement and help you have to give is so wonderful.I hope to see you guys in Chicago!!

  75. Christina Moodie

    I pinned it here! https://pinterest.com/pin/68679963037399876/

  76. @christinamoodie

    Are you going to the @MTH_2012 Tour this year?? They are giving away a seat here https://t.co/SiRnEEaB

  77. christina moodie

    I also shared it on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/mchristinamoodie

  78. Lizzie Baker

    I pinned your site (https://pinterest.com/pin/96616354475934225/) and the make things happen link before I had a chance to even read it because I knew it would be something inspiring to read later. I couldn’t wait to get home to be even more motivated to create – To create art, to create a business, to create a story, to create myself. I have been working to start my business for nearly a year now, but seem to be paralysed by all of the steps involved and the overwhelming amount of information I keep coming across. When I finally sat down to read this, I couldn’t believe it. Never even knowing what I was pinning, but knowing it would help me, I had linked myself to something that could push me just as I need to be pushed. I would love to attend the Boston event and not only find new friends, peers and mentors, but more of myself. Thank you for sharing your contagious spirit with us – I can’t wait to catch it!


  79. Wendi Solari

    Wow, where do I begin? Mostly, I am working on clarity. Clarity in business, personal relationships, my dreams and how I balance all of that in the context of my life. I have huge dreams and I KNOW I am meant to fulfill those and I WANT to work hard to get there…I just need a little guidance. Working hard is not the issue as I am very committed but I am not always sure of the next step. I have dreams of making my photography business everything I have ever wanted to do/be in my life as well as support my family better than I used to in my corporate job. I want to shoot in different areas of photography and I am SO EXCITED to make that happen. I feel like I was meant for more than what I currently doing. I have been implementing some REAL changes lately, but I would love to attend the intensive in Los Angeles to ignite the parts that maybe I am afraid to change… Change is so very scary and so very necessary.

  80. Wendi Solari

    I pinned it. https://pinterest.com/pin/239394536412454908/

  81. Wendi Solari

    I pinned a different pin. https://pinterest.com/pin/239394536412454919/

  82. Wendi Solari

    Pinned another pin. https://pinterest.com/pin/239394536412454931/

  83. Wendi Solari

    On facebook. https://www.facebook.com/wendi.solari

  84. Emily-Claire Ballou

    We are all given certain gifts and talents. When I use the abilities that God has blessed me with, I feel fully alive and want to share this excitement. To go forth and create something uplifting is my humble goal. When I came to the realization that styling and photography was my passion, it lit a fire in my heart and I felt such a sense of purpose. I always strive to see and to capture the beauty in every day life.

    Being given the opportunity to attend the session in Raleigh and to do the work to make things happen would open such possibilities. The MTH team as well as the SW ladies have really made a positive impact on my life. Just reading your encouraging posts, seeing the beauty that you create, and observing the bond that you all have brings me great joy!

    Good luck, everyone! 🙂

  85. @TessPace

    RT @laracasey: 5 Ways to Make Things Happen + CUE THE FIREWORKS!!! https://t.co/K1LEltbO

  86. Tess Pace

    I want to take my business to new heights while finding and maintaining BALANCE. When I look back on my career path, the turning points, the opportunities, “the whispers” in my ear…I will know that I WENT OUT AND GOT IT. Some opportunities only present themselves once…I pray I acknowledge and seize the good ones.

  87. Tess Pace

    Tweet! Tweet! 5 Ways to Make Things Happen + CUE THE FIREWORKS!!! https://bit.ly/ArrYXD
    RT by @TessPace

  88. Kate

    Hi there! I am what the fabulous Gina Zeidler would call a “peeker”. Yes, I’m the girl who almost applied for the first MTH scholarship, but convinced herself that because she wasn’t in the wedding industry it wasn’t for her. A year later, I’m the same girl who, after following all of the MTH goodness available online, and reaping the benefits of The Challenge exercises still couldn’t bring herself to apply for the second MTH scholarship. No more! In 2012 I am becoming authentic and accountable and applying for the MTH scholarship. MTH Austin is something that I feel I need to be a part of, and am ready to experience with an open mind and heart. I’m still not a wedding professional, nor an entrepreneur, and I don’t really plan to become one. However, I do plan to continue to push myself to face my fears. I do plan to attend Make Things Happen in Austin. Most importantly I will continue to do the work required to be the best version of myself: one that is strong, capable and serving my world with a full heart.

  89. Stephanie Uchima

    In May 2011 I decided I wanted to go out on my own and launch my own wedding planning company. During that process I attended engage!11 and took Lara Casey’s session on branding. Just that hour of time listening and working on my vision and goals for my company really made a huge impact on me and my future business. From that day moment I put a lot of thought into branding and only 10 months later I’m so much better off than if I hadn’t learned all about branding. Because I am still evolving and still in the early stages of the company I really need help to take my company to the next level. If only 1 hour of time spent learning how to improve my branding could make such an impact, I can’t even imaging what “Making Things Happen” could do to my business. I want to be the best that I can be and I really think Making Things Happen will help me reach my full potential. I am also inspired by all the people I meet in the industry and would love to make new friends and new connections. I am based in Los Angeles, so I would like to attend the LA MTH. Please help me Make This Happen for me!

  90. Making Things Happen | Preppy Chic

    […] is where “Making Things Happen” comes along.  I heard about this incredible opportunity last year when I attended […]

  91. Stephanie Uchima

    and pinned 2 photos: https://pinterest.com/pin/80501912059306582/ & https://pinterest.com/pin/80501912059306584/

  92. @preppy_chic

    Excited that @MTH_2012 is coming to LA. I want to take my business to a new level! More info: https://t.co/uY6YGSmI & https://t.co/wE6v5s7m

  93. Stephanie

    I am a photographer currently based in Alabama who is moving with my husband and young son back to Portland, OR, where my son was born. This is simultaneously exciting (we LOVE Portland) and terrifying (I’m walking away from a successful business and starting a new one in a city that is FILLED with photographers).

    I don’t have wild visions of traveling around the world as a wedding photographer, but I DO have wild visions about working in this field that I LOVE, raising my son in an environment where he sees his mother loving what she’s doing AND able to help support the family. I have wild visions about filling fulfilled as an artist and a human. I have wild visions about… growing my business and making this happen, making IT happen. I don’t imagine I can take Portland by storm, but I do want to make a mark, and I know that your event would be a once-in-a-lifetime way to being this journey.

    I’d love to attend the Atlanta event as we’ll be in Alabama until July, so it’s timed perfectly. I’m really not sure if I can keep typing, as I’m getting that sensational and slightly unsettling feelings of butterflies-in-the-stomach. I feel so strongly about what I’m doing and where I’m going AND what you’re offering and that you ladies take time out of your lives to help so many professionals with their businesses. Thank you.

  94. Stephanie

    Also pinned it! 🙂


  95. Kimberly Chau

    I want to experience life with my family and friends, grow and connect with other fellow photographers, and set most disciplined work hours so I can better prioritize my life!

  96. beka

    I just spent 15 minutes trying to photograph the reflection from my earring on my computer screen. And the 30 before that scrubbing dishes from the kitchen explosion that resulted in 5 lunches and 5 dinners, packaged and ready to go for the week. Prior to that you would have found me driving home from church, windows down, belting inspirational song lyrics so enthusiastically you would have thought I was Stella and I’d Gotten My Groove Back.

    Lara, Emily, Gina, and Natalie: Even though I’m teetering on the edge of a “bless your heart” moment, I’m telling you all of this because it’s the core of what I want to make happen. I don’t specifically want to take pictures my earrings and spend weekend afternoons up to my elbows in soapsuds and sing Joss Stone songs until the cows come home (or, in today’s case, directly to the cows). But I DO want to live 100% from the depth of what fires me up, from the things I believe God has put in my heart for a specific purpose.

    I don’t have a clear-cut job description to offer you. I’m not looking to go into business as a photographer, a designer, a writer, or a motivational speaker (although I’d like to do elements of all of those things!). I’m not sure what to call what I want to do, although Lord knows I’ve tried to wrangle it into a career category for the past 5 years. But I’d like to attend Making Things Happen (in Chapel Hill, please!) to harness the passions that keep me up at night with butterflies just thinking about their possibilities. I want to utilize the full power of those passions and then LIVE them so that other people can catch a spark from that fire and live out their passions, too. Basically, I want to do what Marianne Williamson so eloquently suggests:

    “We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    Do I really believe that making ice cream out of frozen bananas and hanging pages from magazines on baker’s twine and gushing endlessly about the beauty of mason jars can make a tangible difference in the world?

    Not in and of itself. But I believe with 100% of my being that God can take my full effort, derived from my truest, most sincere desires and abilities, and use me as He sees fit to make as much of a difference in the world as possible.

    That’s what I want to Make Happen!

  97. beka

    I blogged it! : https://bekastays.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/beka-stays-real-my-making-things-happen-application/

  98. beka

    And…I blogged it again on my other blog, haha! 🙂 https://bekathrives.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/146/

  99. beka

    I posted a link with the picture that was the catalyst for this application on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mygreenorchard/6848136040/in/photostream/

  100. beka

    I pinned it here: https://pinterest.com/pin/119767671310461693/

  101. beka

    And I also pinned it here! : https://pinterest.com/pin/119767671310461698/

  102. beka

    I facebooked it (not sure how to best post a link, but here’s my current status!): I love, love, love everything about Making Things Happen, and I’m hoping and praying to be able to attend this workshop someday! https://laracasey.com/blog/2012/02/29/making-things-happen-2012-cue-the-fireworks/

  103. @bekastays

    I (really, really, REALLY) want to Make Things Happen: https://t.co/6p6VeGOx

  104. beka

    And (last one, I promise!) I tweeted it: https://twitter.com/#!/bekastays

    WHEW! 🙂

  105. Victoria

    Hi, I am Victoria, I am a student, blogger, activist, runner, and lover of life. I am under-qualified for most things in life and deeply committed to living life to the fullest. My deepest desire is to change the world. I know it sounds cliché but each breathe we take is a chance to change the world around us into a better place; and I truly believe that. I have gone through a lot in my 21 years of life and have been working on publishing a book since my freshmen year of college. I have lacked a mentor to help me, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying my best and putting my best foot forward. People who read my blog; told me I could publish the very words I was writing to the world. From there; I began the journey to try to publish it. My dream would be to speak around the country and maybe even the world: about living life to the fullest. I almost died in High School, and through God’s faithfulness have been healed and restored. Now I am a runner, and college student. I have come so far and I believe others can too. I thank you for the opportunity to even apply for something like this. I would be honored to be chosen to go to a conference like this. I have prayed I would get the opportunity and believe when the right time comes I will know… I thank you for your time! And will be praying that the best decision gets made! 🙂 Thank you for your time, and your commitment to believe in the dreams within each of us.

  106. Victoria

    I also pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/233342824413216087/

  107. Victoria

    https://twitter.com/#!/VictoriaqWilcox I also tweeted it!

  108. @danamackayphoto

    Hey friends – I want to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t you? https://t.co/clvsx1n4

  109. Dana Mackay

    Welcome to my three ringed circus called my life. I’m a mom, a photographer, a social media guru, and I have a full time job to help pay all the bills. It’s a balance I am yet to find and this workshop would be helping my business and myself grow. I would never know how to to repay such an honor if I was to be picked for the full scholarship but to try and pay it forward. Thanks so much and crossing fingers. 🙂

  110. Jenny Johnston

    Pinned it! – https://pinterest.com/pin/104216178847223408/

  111. Jenny Johnston

    Blogged it! – https://jennyjohnstoninteriors.blogspot.com/2012/03/making-things-happen.html

  112. Jenny Johnston

    Facebooked it! – https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/jennyjohnstoninteriors

  113. Grace

    I have been inspired by the daily post I receive from MTH and I believe 2012 is my year. I want to move towards my dreams and identify a true plan. I will be attending the Phoenix date which is right around 5 years at my current job and the deadline I have given myself to figure my life out. My heart is drawn to finding solutions of hunger and I would love to being a career that allows me to use my talents to solve this problem.

  114. kristin brown

    pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/116671446566636904/

  115. @Rice8Baguettes

    MTH 2012! https://t.co/CnxDLh0s

  116. Juliette

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/218495019391725076/


    Tweeted it! https://twitter.com/#!/rice8baguettes

  117. Ellen

    Finding your site has been such an inspiration! I read your quotes daily, and have started hanging them all over in my home office. I have started an invitations studio and have big plans!! I would love to attend your seminar in NY. Thank You!

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  119. Lizzie Baker

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    Pinned another: https://pinterest.com/pin/96616354475934225/
    Blogged it: https://abovethefolds.blogspot.com/2012/03/mariah-is-right.html

  120. Ronni

    I just found this today and it couldn’t have been more divine! I’m struggling with where my business of 18 years is headed, ie. focus I absolutely love it but have hit yet another crossroad. I look forward to hopefully attending your chicago conference. I will definitely start following your blog! Thanks for the opportunity!

  121. more thoughts on turning off the noise & making things happen » Kristin Brown Photography

    […] blog and Lara Casey’s blog. I love both of those sites. I’d also LOVE to go to the Making Things Happen tour this year — if I could afford it, I’d be on that with no questions asked. […]

  122. kristin brown

    blogged it! https://www.kristinbrownphotography.com/2012/03/more-thoughts-on-turning-off-the-noise/

  123. Kristin Brown (@iamkristinbrown)

    and while i’m at it, have you seen this from @MTH_2012?? https://t.co/vXuCk8pR i want to go!

  124. kristin brown

    facebooked it! https://www.facebook.com/kristinbrown11

  125. kristin brown

    tweeted it! https://twitter.com/#!/iamkristinbrown

  126. Making Things Happen (@MTH_2012)

    Only 10 days left to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Comment by April 1! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  127. Nakeia

    I am 32…just about 33 and I have been running from my purpose most of my life. Until 3 years ago, I came up with every excuse known to man. From “I’m too young”—to “I’m too old.” Now I am clear on the fact that purpose is what we are all born for and I am proud to say that I am no longer running! I just don’t want to ever be in a place where I have to say “it’s too late.” I don’t want to not be able to Make Things Happen! I want to Make Things Happen and finally embrace my life and my purpose. Coming to your intensive is just what I need to turn those words into actions. I would love the opportunity to attend here in ATLANTA…

  128. Nicolle-Libby Lane Press

    I am such a believer in signs, like the ones that stop you dead in your tracks, and this site did just that for me. I recently attended the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers event and left feeling inspired, so very inspired. As you know this is a fabulous feeling… if you know what to do with it. I did not. So, today while designing, blogging and going about my life I “bumped” into MTH via Amber Housely’s site. Well, the rest of my afternoon was history but the yellow brick road suddenly appeared. So, for me I want to make ME happen. I want to make my little paper design business successful, meaningful and purposeful. I feel certain that attending the Washington, DC event would be just what I need to take my efforts to the next level.

  129. Nicolle-Libby Lane Press

    pinned it!
    https://pinterest.com/pin/282249101616667569/ time to make a change!

  130. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    Only 9 days left to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Comment by April 1! https://t.co/gahWloyK

  131. Fredag – here we go again » Njut varje minut

    […] laracasey.com via Positively Present on […]

  132. Kerri

    Hi, my name is Kerri and recently something has changed my life. I took a step last September and sought help to overcome a severe anxiety disorder I had been keeping to myself for 8 years. My anxiety was constant with daily panic attacks that left me miserable. I had a low value of myself, my talents I thought I would be stuck in that misery for the rest of my life but one day I had enough. I prayed for help, for someone to show me how to help myself. The next morning I turned on the t.v. and an infomerical was on about anxiety and depression. I knew as I was watching that this was the answer to my prayer. I called the number and what I found was a wonderful program that has helped me to realize that I wasn’t alone and that I could overcome my anxiety and live a wonderful productive life. I’ve been out of the program for a few weeks and I’m a completely changed person. I haven’t had a panic attack in months, I’m positive and I feel good about myself for the first time in my life.
    My dream is to own a jewelry store that features jewelry that I’ve made. I’ve been a distance education student at GIA, the Gemological Institute of America over the years but have had to stop due to finacial reasons. Jewelry has been my passion since I was a kid, it’s one of the things in life that makes me truely happy. I’ve been selling my jewelry online at etsy.com but I’ve been lacking in motivation and confidence lately. I feel jewelry should make the wearer feel strong and empowered. I want to make a career in the jewelry industry happen. I don’t want to wait anymore, I’m ready to jump in.
    The Chicago event is closest to where I live.

  133. michelle nicolle

    I am 31 years old. I have spent my entire life, dreaming and wishing that things would happen, but never really knowing how to make them happen or having faith in myself that I have the ability to make them happen. I’ve spent my 20’s in dead end relationships and jobs. Fairly recently I was blessed in the most unexpected way; I met my boyfriend Matt. He’s an aviator in the United States Army and he swept me off my feet. (sooooo unexpected, I had long given up on relationships and love) Since then, I took a GIANT leap of faith and I quit my job, left my family and friends behind and moved to a city halfway across the Country to be with him. My life has been turned upside down and while it is exciting and has been an adventure, there are days most recently that I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore or where I’m going. I see Matt and his Army buddies, who all have these careers they are passionate about and careers that have a true meaning and purpose. Everyday of my employed life, I felt like the passion, creativity, freedom, were being sucked out of me and my soul was slowly being smothered. (I know, it’s a bit dramatic, but seriously, there were days in the office I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and I would cease to exist at any moment…) I can’t spend my 30’s working for someone else, denying my creativity, my longing for freedom of expression. I can’t spend my 30’s dreaming of what I want to be or do with my life. I can’t spend my 30’s not knowing who I am and what I want in my life. I can no longer live without passion! I HAVE to make things happen. There is no other option.

  134. michelle nicolle

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/meechellenicole/goals/

  135. Michelle Nicolle

    TWEET TWEET!! https://twitter.com/#!/MeechelleNicole

  136. Michelle Nicolle

    Facebooked! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1213448323

  137. whitney porter

    I was the first person in my family to attend college and always rejected the creative side of me for the intellectual side. As I approach my five-year reunion from college, 2012 has become my year to embrace the person that God has made me to be. I have attempted to open myself up to every learning possibility that comes my way. Being a creative in the governmentally focused Washington, DC isn’t the easiest decision, but it seems to be the right one. Between event styling and photography, I feel like I currently have an idea and a purpose, but no idea how to go forward from here. While I would love to just sign up right now, after paying for a photo workshop, I don’t have the funds to sign up for MTH at the moment. This would be a step on the path of the future. The MTH 2012 session in DC would be an amazing opportunity to learn from an amazing group of women.

  138. whitney porter

    tweeted here! https://twitter.com/#!/wrp3

  139. whitney porter

    and pinned as well! https://pinterest.com/pin/169025792234815814/

  140. Elisa Bricker

    What do I want to make happen? I want to do less … not work more but feel that the work I’m doing is worth more. I want everything I do to reflect the quality I want to see. And I want that extra time to be spent with my family.

  141. Elisa Bricker



  142. Elisa Bricker

    pinned to Pinterest!https://pinterest.com/pin/119275090101238830/

    and I’m so sorry – I forgot to mention my city … DC.

  143. Jenny Solar

    I want to make The Happy Family Movement a household name AND keep putting my family first. What can I say, I want it all! Thanks for making THIS happen for one lucky person!

  144. Jenny Solar

    facebooked, tweeted, pinned, oh, and I shouted it out my front door too 😉

  145. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    Only FIVE DAYS LEFT to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Make it happen. You never know until you try: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  146. athena

    I’ve been staring at an empty comment box for what feels like hours – not sure how exactly I want to start this. What I can possibly say, out loud or on paper, that would even come close to conveying how much I want to make happen this year. How badly I want to attend a MTH intensive. The things is: There are no words. None that fill that space completely – that adequately explain my longing, my hope, my dreams.

    But in the spirit of Making Things Happen -of leaping, of putting it out there even in the most raw sense – I sit here, typing. Words. Thoughts. Nonsensical ramblings of a young girl brave enough to dream, and chase. To jump, eyes closed, breath held, towards the very thing the wants most in the world.

    To live the life I’ve imagined.

    That’s what I want to make happen in 2012.

    I want to create art and tell stories. I want to make a living doing so. I want to take photographs and sell quilts and dream big and then bigger. I want to capture joy, and loss, and love, and hope. Fleeting moments, waves of emotion, laughter through tears. I want to feel. Every. Single. Day.

    I want to grow my photography business to the point of sustaining my family, and also allowing me to give back – to do something better for the world. Art. Education. Hope. Because real life > facebook and love > loss and joy > pain.

    Most of all – I want to remind myself that choosing to not do is okay, sometimes, too. That it’s okay to think I can be anything or do anything I want, but that I have to pick SOMEthing and have focus. And direction. I want to come to Chicago and meet a group of poeple committed to living their dreams – committed to lifting each other up and supporting this industry. To rising above the clammor and choosing, every day, to be positive.

    I want to remember where I started, and where I came from, but I want to climb higher. Farther. Better.

    As a photographer. As a person. As a teller of stories.

    A lover of love.

    A hoper.
    A prayer.
    A dear-lord-please-pick-me-er.

    Afterall, we are the music makers…..
    we ARE the dreamers of dreams.

    Thank you, so much, for your consideration. For doing everything you’re doing. Even if 2012 isn’t “my year,” ONE YEAR it will be. And that day, when it comes, when I make it happen and it arrives, I will hold my face towards the sun, eyes closed, and I will fill up, from toes to the top of my head, with joy and love and admiration for every single person on the planet who dared.

    To dream.


  147. Sara (@MrsBrooch)

    Do it! U’ll be glad u did! RT @MTH_2012: Only FOUR days left to apply 4 the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Now is YOUR time: https://t.co/QdhXws8b

  148. Elizabeth

    I want to make my passions my business and attend MTH in Austin in October! I want to get focused and develop a clear vision for the things that fire me up! I want to take things to the next level and build a life I love whole-heartedly. And I want to connect with others who want the same things. What gets me fired up is creating, writing and organizing. If I’m doing any of those things, I’m in a happy place:) I have a deeply rooted love for faith and family, tradition and the southern lifestyle and want to incorporate those things into whatever I do. I have entertained the idea of a stationery line and designing southern goods, and just last weekend I designed my first legit party accessories! I have the passion but am lacking in direction. I want to be a part of Making Things Happen because I know that I know that I know I will get something HUGE from it and be able to give something too! I want to be challenged. I want to be held accountable. I want to grow. For several months now, I have read posts from you ladies and each one resonates in the heart and soul of who I am. Even though we have never met, I thank God for you ladies often. Y’all have helped me to keep things in perspective, and I have taken away so much from your words on life, business, balance and relationships. I can only imagine and pray for what I’d receive (and give) through Making Things Happen! Making things happen starts with today, and leaving this post is one big step in the right direction.

  149. Elizabeth

    Pinned it here: https://pinterest.com/pin/287174913709139162/

  150. Notes From E :: Making Things Happen | Elizabeth Ashleigh

    […] I’ve applied to be a part of Making Things Happen in Austin this October. I’m ready to take things to the next level and God willing, […]

  151. Elizabeth

    Good morning! I blogged about Making Things Happen here https://elizabethashleigh.com/life/notes-from-e-making-things-happen/

  152. Elizabeth

    Tweeted about Making Things Happen:)

  153. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    THREE DAYS left to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Make things happen: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  154. sarahlynn wilkinson (@msfauxfrench)

    RT @MTH_2012: THREE DAYS left to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships! Make things happen: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  155. Lizzie Baker

    Since I haven’t done this properly all three times, here are separate replies for the other two items – different pin and blog post

    pin: Pinned another: https://pinterest.com/pin/96616354475934225/

  156. Lizzie Baker

    Blogged it: https://abovethefolds.blogspot.com/2012/03/mariah-is-right.html

  157. Details by Sarah (@DetailsbySarah)

    Check out @LaraCasey’s All Business: https://t.co/Gm7MFpRa

  158. Sarah Addison (Details by Sarah Elizabeth)

    I pinned this message http://www.pinterest.com/MissSE06

  159. Sarah Addison (Details by Sarah Elizabeth)

    I tweeted this message via @DetailsBySarah

  160. Sarah Addison (Details by Sarah Elizabeth)

    I would l-o-v-e to win this! After working for another planner for 2 years, my husband and I were given the opportunity to relocate across the country. We knew it was the right time for me to take the plunge and open my own company! I started Details by Sarah Elizabeth in January of this year, and this would be the perfect way for me to hit the ground running!

  161. (@divine_events) (@divine_events)

    Enter now!! Best intensive ever! RT @EmilyLey: The Making Things Happen Scholarship ends THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/a4PLUSVj #MTH2012

  162. Save the Date Events (@DebbieOrwat)

    RT @LaraCaseyReps: Three days left to enter the @MTH_2012 Scholarship. Make it happen: https://t.co/LYNhrLqN

  163. Kim Box

    You will be in Atl on my 40th birthday, and I would love to share it with you. After 9 years of a very successful photography business I feel theres another level Im meant to reach,something more Im meant to achieve and I feel its now or never. I think I have hit a wall. My sweet daddy taught me to dream and instilled in me the belief I can do anything I set my mind to, and April 2nd will be 7 years since he passed away. He was my biggest cheerleader. This scholarship would be the motivation I need to dream big again.

  164. rachael

    i cannot begint to express how mth atlanta last year helped to change my life. i am on a completely different path then the one i set out on then + i couldn’t be more excited about where i want to go. i was timid and shy and closed off from the world, but i am now i wake up every single day, ready to embrace it with open arms and welcome all of its beauty into my life. i want to once and for all, as i have been told by several mentors, get out of my head. that is my main goal. i want to share with the world my ideas + my passions + my dreams. i want to fully + completely dive into the magic of life. my goals are so different than the last time i saw all of you beautiful women and i cannot imagine a better place to begin this than with you all by my side.

  165. Deniesha Joseph / Wedded Luxe

    I recently became I proud mommy. When my beautiful daughter was born, all I could think about was, this is not the life I envision for her. She sparked a fire under me to plow through the fear and make things happen for me, for her and for our family. I’m easily discourage by my fears and I want to let that go once and for all. I want to step out on faith, work hard, and finally have the strength to leave my 9-5 job and follow my hearts desire to plan, design and create beautiful weddings!! I want 2012 to be the year all my dreams came true!!

    I live in NYC so I would like to attend the NYC Session. Thanks for reading my entry.

  166. Catie Ronquillo

    Two years after attending MTH and so much has changed! I need a refresher…also I think that my experience two years ago was totally different than what MTH has become now. I would love to attend in Austin this fall. I’ve been following the Challenge and it’s made a huge difference in just going about life. What I want to make happen: I want to open a portrait line exclusively for women that celebrates their beauty, inside and out, giving women the permission to feel gorgeous, pampered, and taking that much-needed, often forgotten “me” time, because she is running around making things happen for everyone else. To show women that they are beautiful, no matter what stage in life they are in, to show women that they are enough – they don’t have to be skinnier, taller, curvier, shorter, prettier, or anything else, them as they are, who they are is amazing. I believe this is what I was made to do. It fires me up everytime I think about it. I just painted our guestroom white to create a home studio for their endeavor, so I’m on the path to making it happen! And I think…well, I’m feeling like weddings won’t be a focus anymore…and perhaps at MTH, y’all can give me permission to move away from them! 🙂 So, even if I don’t get picked, I’m hoping that I can shoot a few sessions that will pay for me to be there in October! I’m thankful for y’all and helping us move in the direction of our dreams!

  167. Kelsy McCartney (@kelsymccartney)

    RT @natalienorton: The Spring @MTH_2012 tour is one month away! Enter to win a scholarship before April 1! https://t.co/8y6GZskZ

  168. Regan

    I want to make my Personal History business happen!

  169. Regan

    I want to make my Personal History business happen! I’d love to attend the Austin, TX event.

    (Please delete my earlier comment, I left out the city)

  170. Regan

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/71142869083755274/

  171. Terri Eaves (@bashdc)

    RT @EmilyLey: The Making Things Happen Scholarship ends THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/mFwOy1Xd #MTH2012

  172. Victoria Rubenzer

    “If eyes are windows to the soul, then photography is the tangible copy of what our souls have seen.” My passion is in photography. I have a vision of moving my love for photographic story-telling from a hobby to my career. Although I know it will be a struggle at first, I know I can make it happen. With the right inspiration and support, I will be able to live out my dream. The ultimate goal for my photography is to showcase the human spirit; what it can endure, what it can survive, what it can thrive upon, what it can celebrate. I want to make special focus on the celebrations of life, and the moments we cherish. Part of that is also in telling the story of how the selfless acts of others, no matter how small, can bring cause for celebration for others. My intention is to move the viewer to follow in stride and search out their own gaiety. No matter the path I take, I will always strive to create engaging and unexpected images that will move people. “Life is an experience; photography is proof of our experience in that life.”

  173. Emily Ley (@EmilyLey)

    Goodness these posts are inspiring. The @MTH2012 Scholarship Contest ends Sunday! https://t.co/mFwOy1Xd

  174. Brittany Lauren

    I want to make a meaningful, inspiring, wake-up-every-morning-excited-day happen! When I graduated in ’08 from college, I learned the corporate world wasn’t where my heart lived. I wanted my heart to sing. For so long design has made me happy and I couldn’t wait to explore making my own brand that stood for my style/service. However in the process of getting my business started I got married, my husband also went back to school full-time to pursue a medical career and became his biggest cheerleader. However, immediately afterwards I was diagnosed with a yucky illness that I haven’t shared with many but it changed me for the better. It made me realize I am a fighter now. I fought with all my heart to keep my dreams above water even though there were so many odds against me during that time. When loved ones wanted me to take a break – I said NO. So In the mist of the unexpected things happening, I did have to put my FULL creative potential on hold and be half of what I wanted. Except till now. This is my year and I finally get to reach for things I’ve wanted so badly but couldn’t jump in just yet. I’m so excited to give 200% of my everything starting now. Make sure the lifeguards are on duty because I’m diving in! I would love to be a part of such an amazing group of supporters and gain an amazing family at the MAY NYC tour! P.S. everyone who commented on this post should stand tall for putting themselves out there! Gave me such an amazing amount of confidence fuel to post!

  175. Brittany Lauren (@blpaper)

    RT @MTH_2012: The Making Things Happen Scholarship ends THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/Z0BYvrfp #MTH2012

  176. Sierra Piland (@SierraPiland)

    The Making Things Happen Scholarship ends THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/TE2tRdzC #MTH2012

  177. (@laracasey) (@laracasey)

    RT @natalienorton: The Spring @MTH_2012 tour is one month away! Enter to win a scholarship before April 1! https://t.co/vufvjuyX

  178. Aileen Reilly (@aileen_reilly)

    RT @natalienorton: The Spring @MTH_2012 tour is one month away! Enter to win a scholarship before April 1! https://t.co/vufvjuyX

  179. Raquel Mideau (@Cloud9Raquel)

    RT @natalienorton: The Spring @MTH_2012 tour is one month away! Enter to win a scholarship before April 1! https://t.co/vufvjuyX

  180. Raquel Mideau (@Cloud9Raquel)

    RT @MTH_2012: The @MTH_2012 Scholarship opportunity ends TOMORROW! Do not miss this! Now is your time: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  181. Stacey L

    I am a designer. While I am formally trained in architecture, I have many other design-related interests including photography, graphic design, and furniture fabrication. Currently, I am doing some soul searching to explore which of these interests I will invest my whole self in. I desperately want to use my talents to improve the lives of others. I know that I am capable of doing more for the world. However, I need help with the “HOW?”

    I, like some of you all, give myself a hard time for not having “it” all figured out. There are definitely times when I am not a very good friend to myself. However, deep down I know that I am capable of bigger things. I believe in myself and I want to make strides toward utilizing my design abilities for the greater good! I am excited about the community that I have found with MTH and would love to attend the Making Things Happen NC Tour. MTH continues to provide encouragement and assure me that my dreams are possible! Happy Thoughts!

  182. Jenn Sprinkle

    Although i just found this opportunity, i will do my best to tweet, facebook, pin, shout, what every I need to do in the next 6 hours! This is my year to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. I am launching my FIRST wholesale wedding invitation line this week! I am running a kickstarter campaign to launch it in New York in May. I have a passion to Save the Dreamers and have launched a campaign to do that as well through PROJEKT 14.400.14 just last week to support dreamers locally and globally! https://haveourcakeandeatittoo.com/product/dreamers-around-the-world-project-14-400-14/ I am determined NOT to fail because I do believe that the Lord is going to do GREAT things this year in the life of my husband and I. To receive a scholarship to attend this conference would be the perfect wrapping to the GIFT He has given me. Thank you for at least the opportunity and for doing what you guys are doing! Jenn Sprinkle

  183. Jenn Sprinkle (@Jenn_Sprinkle)

    RT @MTH_2012: The @MTH_2012 Scholarship opportunity ends TOMORROW! Do not miss this! Now is your time: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  184. Stacey L

    Pinned inspiration!

  185. Stacey L

    Pinned it to my “be.” board! https://pinterest.com/pin/36802921925011731/

  186. Kelly Cummings

    I want to see just how far I can take things! I feel like I’m actually becoming the person I want to be, tackling the never-ending to do list, making time for my marriage and my life. I can only imagine how much closer the MTH tour would take me. I’d love the chance to see y’all in Atlanta! I can’t stop talking about how far starting the challenge has already taken me and I really feel like I’m on the way to being able to help others feel this same freeing joy!

    I want to push my business further, push myself for personal growth, establish my branding, encourage other women with creative businesses, inspire brides, and grow my marriage. I want BIG things!

  187. Caroline

    My husband + I are a photography duo — he’s from Australia, I’m from America. Already, our story is somewhat unconventional. Through the 9 years that we’ve been together, we’ve discovered that it is amidst the artist community where we find encouragement. Photographers and other artists who share faith, and out-of-the-box dreams, but then MOVE AHEAD with those dreams. People who are proactive — who ask “WHAT IF…?” and then DO. My husband + I have decided to give back this year. We’re tithing into a program in India that educates women. Women in poverty are trained to read + write, and then to sew. At the end of the training, they are given a sewing machine and enough money to begin their own business. Many of these women support their entire families with their sewing business–it’s just incredible. The sewing center has been going for 9 years, and we want to see it grow. Our dream is for a second–even third sewing center to be opened. We want to travel to India later this year to document some of the stories of the graduates, their lives are filled with astounding faith and strength, and we believe that our gift of photography should be used to give back in this way.

    So, what would I like to make happen? I’d like to use my photography to give back. To continue to tell the love stories of our couples with passion and devotion to them, but then to turn around and use the blessing that we have been given in order to pour into other peoples lives–to see them live in freedom! I live in Milwaukee, and I’d LOVE to come to the Chicago MTH. xo

  188. Becky Hart (@bowtiesandbliss)

    RT @MTH_2012: The @MTH_2012 Scholarship opportunity ends TOMORROW! Do not miss this! Now is your time: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  189. Kelly Cummings

    I also tweeted it 🙂

  190. Tara Consolati (@taraconsolati)

    I’ve owned my own business for the last six years, offering business support to small business owners who cannot afford full-time employees. Over the years, it seems like my work has evolved from basic admin to more marketing/PR/Social Media (which is my background anyway). One of my clients asked me to help her on a committee (the Lenox Wedding Planner Tour) with which she was involved, and doing so has led to SO MANY amazing opportunities and new relationships! I have always been passionate about the Berkshires (where I live) as it truly is an amazing place (like Newport, w/o the beach), but aside from being culturally rich, people tend to look at it as “podunk.” This Tour invited luxury wedding planners from around the country to stay for 4 days all expense paid and witness first hand what we have to offer. Our local vendors have BEGGED us to do it again, as they have been craving this kind of exposure/sense of community. It is my mission, now, to rebrand my existing business to offer marketing/PR to these wedding-industry folks. I want to open a “Collective” (much like the Bridal Bar or Studio Wed, etc.) to really be an advocate for the area and our top purveyors. I have established a great relationship with Grace Ormonde WSM and feel like I’m at the tipping point, but just can’t “get there.” In the meantime, I’ve been focusing so much on this that my current workload has taken a step back and the money I have coming in is practically non-existent. My husband is basically now the sole provider for our family and our marriage is quite rocky to say the least, as he is frustrated because he sees me working so hard and not quite getting there. He always tells me I’m the most talented, intelligent person he’s ever met and he gets so disappointed that I just don’t ever seem to “make it happen.” I believe this workshop, along with my continued hard work and (believe it or not) forward momentum will be just what I need to get there. I would love this scholarship, because right now, my funds just aren’t where they need to be and I’m frustrated with living in this “Catch 22.” Thanks!

  191. Tara Consolati (@taraconsolati)

    I just pinned the “Making Things Happen” graphic. Oh, and I forgot to include that I would prefer to attend in Boston, although I live equidistant to NYC, so whichever is available would be fine. Thanks!

  192. Tara Consolati (@taraconsolati)

    I just sent out a Facebook message about the event! 🙂

  193. Tara Consolati (@taraconsolati)

    Hi again…last time, I promise! 🙂 I just pinned the awesome quote about “in a year you’ll wish you started today.” I’ve seen that so many times lately…maybe it’s time I took the leap!

  194. Adrienne Suarez

    My whole life I’ve made a large part of my decisions based on other people’s expectations and doing the “smart” thing. I got a degree doing something that I didn’t even think I wanted to practice, while avoiding anything too artistic because I didn’t think I could pay the bills with it. But in November 2011, I quit a dead end job to pursue my photography business full time. Unfortunately the business hasn’t grown as I’d hoped. I feel so directionless, lost in my own life, and it’s so unlike me. I’ve always been a driven, hardworking girl that loves taking on the world. As I’ve started analyzing what’s going wrong with my business, I realized that I again am trying too hard to figure out the “right” way to do it. I’ve been subconsciously doing what I think is expected of me, instead of blazing my own trail and pursuing what I am actually called to do. I’ve let fear and self-doubt keep me in a box. I’m ready to break free and make things happen with the business and in my life. If chosen for the scholarship, I would like to attend in Chapel Hill. Thank you for offering this program and empowering people to make things happen! 🙂

  195. Adrienne Suarez (@adriennesuarez)

    Today is the last day to apply for the @MTH_2012 scholarship! An amazing opportunity!! Check it out: https://t.co/IaVuatlA

  196. Adrienne Suarez

    I tweeted! https://twitter.com/adriennesuarez

  197. Loreta Kash

    Danny and I have been following Lara and MTH since its inception and have been unbelievably inspired by it. We almost booked MTH then. But life happened to us two years ago when we were so inspired to grow our photography business while keeping our day jobs. Two years ago we were blessed to welcome baby Maxwell into our lives. Life got busy as you might imagine. It was not easy but we managed to be successful at our day jobs, raising this amazing human being and growing our business, although slower than planned . We have always found a reason to put off our ever increasing list of goals and to do’s. Just 7 months ago life happened again 🙂 We were blessed with two identical twin boys who are to arrive in about 9 weeks. Its surreal. To make things happen, we need guidance, we need inspiration how to keep our lives somewhat harmonic while juggling our day jobs, business and three little babies. We need to get inspired. This is where we truly believe that MTH will help us. We would love to attend either NY or Boston seminar.

  198. Loreta Kash (@loretakash)

    Make things happen! @MTH_2012 Today is the last day to apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarships. Ends April 1st: https://t.co/WIiaROrB

  199. Loreta Kash

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/loretakash

  200. Loreta Kash

    Facebooked it: https://www.facebook.com/loretakash

  201. Becky Kalin

    I want to make LIFE happen! (No big deal, right?) I want to make big decisions that move life forward rather than watch it go by. I want to find my WHY and live it out…making decisions that are guided by my heart and God’s plan for me every single day. I want to find my true, authentic self and STOP morphing myself into the person I THINK others want me to be. I want to learn to be comfortable in my own skin and be open to sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others. I want my marriage to grow stronger…and to raise a family that is compassionate, grateful, and loves life. I want my business (photography) to grow so that I can help others celebrate simple moments of their everyday lives, while helping to support my family financially AND be able to give myself fully to my husband and [future] children…and our pup (who will always be our first born). 🙂 I want to DO THE HARD WORK, to ENCOURAGE others, and to REACH OUT for support when I need it. I want to live humbly and be a positive force in the lives of my loved ones. — Raleigh is calling me.

  202. Catie Prestridge

    This is such an amazing opportunity. A couple of months ago I took the Challange and it has made such a monumental difference in my ability to get things done, to prioritize, accomplish multiple tasks in a day and stay mentally and physically on top of things. But I still fail, I still stumble and draw inside myself feeling overwhelmed and defeated, unable to do anything. I need help, I need inspiration and motivation and to meet like minded individuals who can push me, encourage me and remind me why I am doing this. If the Challange is only a small part of the MTH experience I can only imagine the amazing things that will result from an actualy workshop. I really, really hope to attend the one next Fall in LA. Having unexpectedly relocated from SC I had to uproot my photography business and it is still on hold. I need to push play and to figure out how to establish and grow my once successful studio in a new city. Also, my mother and I have a dream to start a non profit that will fund sight giving surgeries to children and adults with cataracts in India and Africa. This is a huge dream, and one that will take many, many steps to get to but I believe I’m put hre for a bigger purpose. To make an impact on others and to enrich lives with beauty and joy. I truly believe that Making Things Happen is going to be the game changer and can help me along this journey. It would be such a blessing.

  203. Catie Prestridge (@catesgp)

    Applied for @MTH_2012 scholarship! This is it https://t.co/l0UgmqDe #makeithappen

  204. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    OK, friends, we’re giving you ONE LAST DAY to make it happen! Apply for the @MTH_2012 Scholarship by midnight TONIGHT https://t.co/gahWloyK

  205. natalienorton (@natalienorton)

    Since the @MTH_2012 scholarship closed on a Sun, we’re giving you 1 MORE DAY to get your entries in! Apply by midnight! https://t.co/FnIQY3Mp

  206. 5 Reasons To Take Care of YOU. | Natalie Norton Photography 5 Reasons To Take Care of YOU. | Blog

    […] more thing! Since the Making Things Happen Scholarship deadline fell on a weekend, we’ve decided to give you ONE MORE DAY to get your entries in! […]

  207. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    Missed the deadline last night? Happy April! You get ONE LAST DAY to make it happen! Apply by midnight TONIGHT: https://t.co/gahWloyK

  208. Mallory Russell

    I work at a local church in Raleigh, NC and was recently given an opportunity to be a part of a leadership forum for women where we were specifically asked to hone in on our vision for how God wants to use us to impact our church and community. Towards the end I finally realized my vision: to move into a more relational role and to work specifically with women. The college ministry at our church is hurting and has no female presence. God has been making it increasingly clear to me that this is where he wants to use me. I want to make BIG things happen within this ministry! I want to say “YES!” to allow God to use my (sometimes painful to recollect) college years to minister to the lives of local college women. I am ready to start making the most of every single day and stop “planning for the future.” I’d love to attend MTH in Raleigh, NC. And THANK YOU for extending the deadline and giving me the final push to sign up!

  209. Courtney Hansen

    I hope I’m not too late to apply 🙂 I just saw this on my twitter feed and could not, not apply! Goodness, I don’t even know where to begin so I just will!

    The Lord has been so profound with guiding me through this year. A crazy testament of faith really.
    Having my own business on my heart, has always been something I wanted to create. God has been showing me little by little how He wants to be including in my plans, (and let’s get real, I’m 100% an evangelist by heart) so anything I’m going to be selling, I want to be actually selling God at the centre of it.
    After all, He is the reason for every blessing and opportunity I’ve ever had and I want everyone else to be able to experience knowing their worth in God as well. Amen? Amen.
    The past four years I’ve had amazing career opportunity working for a Natural cosmetic company, managing and traveling NorthAmerica to help out the individual store’s sales, managers and staff. This grew my passion for Holistic Health and finding everything God has provided in nature for perfect and healthy skin/hair.
    After telling God I wanted to ‘sell’ him and if only there was a way too, I abruptly found myself NOT working for that company anymore(which was terrifying newly having a mortgage at 22 and now no full-time income), the next day was ENGAGED (YaY! I LOVE SW, and am getting married in NC in JUNE ( all my family is in NC even though I live in Toronto, Canada)) and started working part time in the Holistic Nutrition field for two Christian companies that contacted me on a whim.
    ( evergreenjucies.com & florahealth.com) Really crazy if you know the WHOLE story.

    Anyways my heart still lies with Natural skincare and helping others to see healing. Holistic Skincare Consulting is where I see a business starting 🙂 There really isn’t anything on the market like it and being able to work one on one while seeing others achieve results, all while recommending and receiving prayer. Awesome? I think so!
    Especially now with getting married, I want to be able to be home based so I can focus on my new family and our time schedule, not just my life anymore.
    You girls truly are an inspiration and I pray I have the opportunity to attend a seminar to further my dreams of creating a business to help other’s heal inside out while bringing glory to the Lord.
    So… who’s ready for a naturally, handmade facial?
    haha 🙂
    I’ll be traveling from Toronto, so closet is NYC but happy in Raleigh, since all my family is in NC and i need to visit to wedding plan too!
    Either or.
    Many blessings girls!!!!

  210. Making Brands Happen (@PowerfulBrand)

    Join @LaraCasey and @EmilyLey on the @MTH_2012 Tour! Apply for the scholarship by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! https://t.co/2SVb0wGx

  211. April Chantel

    I truly believe LOVE makes the world go round. Its the reason we search tirelessly for that special someone, why we crave to reproduce and what we strive to do for ourselves. I aim to celebrate and promote love in its many forms. Most importantly, I’d like to bring back the art of romanticism and show others how to be inspired. That’s why I started my wedding & event planning company this year. Help me to take it from the beginning stages to a widely known lifestyle company!

  212. April Chantel

    BTW, I’d love to attend the NY intensive but am also able to attend the one in AZ.

  213. Madi Reid (@madi_reid)

    RT @PowerfulBrand: Join @LaraCasey and @EmilyLey on the @MTH_2012 Tour! Apply for the scholarship by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! https://t.co/2SVb0wGx

  214. The Happiness Project | Emily Ley

    […] Speaking of happiness, apply for the Making Things Happen Scholarship before its too late! Contest ends tonight! […]

  215. Deanie Yuska

    Yay so glad I didn’t miss the deadline! Thank you for the extra day to apply 🙂 I’ve been kicking myself for not attending the last MTH intensive that was in Dallas, and I know that I cannot let myself miss another opportunity to attend and to Make Things Happen! Attending in Austin this year is exactly what I need. The year I began my wedding planning business, Deanie Michelle Events, in 2009 I said on new years eve that my resolution for that year was to make the new year “the year of Deanie” and I sure did, taking my passion and love for wedding and event planning and launching my business. But with the addition of my first baby, a little boy, due in a few weeks I’ve already found that my business has recently been a bit on the back-burner, and I’m already worried about work/life/mommy balance. I truly believe that attending MTH 2012 in Austin is just what I need to kickstart my life as a mommy while also taking my business to the next level (what ever that may end up meaning for me), and while doing it with grace, love, and passion. And even just to have the opportunity to learn from and share with other mommy entrepreneurs would be HUGE! 2009 was “the year of Deanie” and now 2012 is “the year to Make Things Happen”…really BIG things, starting with the birth of my baby boy. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, for all that you ladies do, and for taking the time to consider me for a MTH scholarship!



  216. Mallory

    I recently discovered MTH and you, Lara, and I wish I had been reading your blog since I graduated! I would just LOVE the chance to learn from your experience, get motivated, and encourage others on their paths as well. I have always been creative but for a long time was pushed toward business pursuits that just did not energize me. I took a year after college as a fellow in the Fellows Initiative to really dig deep into the Lord’s call on my vocational life. More and more I have seen my desire to design and write affirmed. I have been a part of many entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses and have loved the fellowship and energy that they offer. Personally, I would love to learn from you, Lara, and from the other strong women involved in MTH and SWM as I could really see myself thriving in an editorial or art directorship role at a magazine. I’m excited to continue following your journey! (And I’d love to attend the DC seminar!)

  217. Mallory Joyce (@mallorybjoyce)

    Making Things Happen – deadline extended! https://t.co/NOIJQWzS

  218. Mallory

    Tweeted it! https://twitter.com/#!/mallorybjoyce

  219. Mallory

    Pinned it! https://pinterest.com/pin/286400857523229504/

  220. Sarah Scott (@SarahSmyrna)

    Check out @LaraCasey’s All Business: https://t.co/LrSLqGBT

  221. Ashley Danyew (@AshleyDanyew)

    Make things happen: https://t.co/JtJE6ElE

  222. Monica Reid

    I have NO clue what to write I’m a horrible writer but here it goes, I’m Monica wife and mom of 2, I LOVE my full time job as a photographer I’m VERY passioniate about it and want to take it to the next level but I don’t know how and FEAR has always been my excuse, I want to thank Gina for 2 years ago sending me the KINDEST email after I was laid off and in fear of NOT making it ( I still have that email Gina) it made me think WOW she believes in me in fact LOTS of people believe in me, I THINK they only person holding me back is ME, I’ve blamed well that happened to me as a child, I need to forgive and move on, or but I can’t because of my anxiety and panic attacks I need to just DO IT and face my fear I KNOW what I want for Monica Reid Photography I just don’t know how it there, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I worry way too much, I want to quit thinking BUT or what IF or maybe I’m not good enough, it’s TIME for ME to MAKE it Happen and i’d love to attend MTH in Raleigh, NC! I have let anxiety and panic run most of my life and I want to turn it around and show it that only God any kind of control. I have so many dreams for MRP but I need that PUSH.

  223. Monica Reid

    pinned it

  224. Faith Teasley (@faithteasley)

    The @MTH_2012 scholarship opportunity ends TONIGHT! Check it out. 🙂

  225. Faith

    Tweeted it! 🙂

  226. Faith

    And posted on Facebook! 🙂

  227. Cary Brown

    Life has a way of happening. I am “happening” proof. Sometimes it seems like life is happening to me rather that me living. What I want to do and what I am doing are not the same thing. If I had a dollar for every minute I’ve spent thinking about that conundrum, I wouldn’t be applying for your scholarship. I realize we have to be living intentionally. In fact, I think that my dreams are tied up in this statement. However, I don’t know HOW to be intentional about getting these dreams and possibilities realized. Having others who are Making Things Happen take an honest look at my life seems like a very good way to get some clarity and direction. I am a marriage and family therapist. I love lifting the veil for people and helping them see who they REALLY are- not what they think they are OR who someone else always said they were, but WHO they are in the eyes of the Lord… their true nature. I love seeing people connect their gut with their glory. I love watching failing marriages come to life and people tied up in addictions walk in freedom. It’s a little bit of heaven coming to earth in my neck of the woods. I’d like you to help me bring this flavor of heaven out of my woods and into a broader sphere of influence. If you are providing the funding, I’ll find a way to get there. Just sign me up for Chicago. Cary Brown, 36. Dad of 4. Husband of an amazing woman.

  228. Tracy Brown

    There is something in me trying to be birthed and I’m not sure HOW to birth it. It’s more than a dream, a project, or an item on my TO DO LIST. It’s a new way of thinking, and living. How do you go from Glory to Glory? I feel stuck in the “TO.” The Lord leads us but sometimes he leads us by the hands of another… A Moses, A Paul, A Deborah. At 38 and a mom of 4, I’m noticing that I’ve surrounded myself with people that I love AND that look a lot like me…Mom’s~ abiding in laundry, homeschooling, and menu’s. All with shelved dreams that are gathering dust much like their sexy underwear. I’m just saying- it’s a great metaphor for how the passion has given way to the practical and that none of us are equipped to be the leader out of the Egypt we find ourselves in. It’s clear that you ladies are living in a different glory than I am. And I want in. Teach me. I know there is more for me. It may just be perspective and it may be life overhaul or something in between. I confess that my self-efforts have not manifested the glory that changes and inspires others. You all are as a Moses to those of us needing a hand. There is a promised land for all of us and as we each live out our divine destiny we empower others to do the same- AND miraculously become more like our Lord along the way. Help me catch fire! I can come to Atlanta or Chicago.

  229. Jennifer Kane (@JenniferKane1)

    Check out @LaraCasey’s All Business: https://t.co/1NRvZTve

  230. Jennifer Kane

    This is my 3rd attempt to comment. I’ve been at this for 1/2 an hour. I really want to win so I can come to Phoenix and get fired up to teach girls about nutrition and be a better mommy.

  231. Abbey Bernardi

    I want to not be so afraid to do things. I want to be The best me I can be and pursue my passions. I want to love deeper and live the fullest life possible. I want to make my best life possible happen.

  232. mer

    i was recently faced with creating an environment where my kids and i can thrive on my own… i’ve been working so hard for the last 6 months to make amazing things happen and i know i’m on the verge of pure magic! i would love to attend mth and take in the goodness… i know to my core that big, huge, beautiful things are ahead for my little family and business!!! thank you for the opportunity to apply!

  233. (@DetailsbySarah) (@DetailsbySarah)

    RT @PowerfulBrand: Join @LaraCasey and @EmilyLey on the @MTH_2012 Tour! Apply for the scholarship by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! https://t.co/2SVb0wGx

  234. (@MTH_2012) (@MTH_2012)

    CONGRATS to the @MTH_2012 winners and EVERYONE who entered! (scroll to the bottom of the post!) https://t.co/gahWloyK

  235. (@madi_reid) (@madi_reid)

    RT @MTH_2012: CONGRATS to the @MTH_2012 winners and EVERYONE who entered! (scroll to the bottom of the post!) https://t.co/gahWloyK

  236. natalienorton (@natalienorton)

    RT @MTH_2012: CONGRATS to the @MTH_2012 winners and EVERYONE who entered! (scroll to the bottom of the post!) https://t.co/gahWloyK

  237. Nicolle Spitulnik (@LibbyLanePress)

    I am over the moon excited about attending Making Things Happen Intensive on May 5 in DC! I have big things… https://t.co/kroaYUUn

  238. beauty in growth | lucky mutt photography

    […] be at the airport to greet me when I arrive. My destination?? Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the Making Things Happen Intensive. A number of people I admire have attended past MTH Intensives, and all have come away with […]

  239. . don’t forget . | . pink + gray + gold .

    […] of girls she surrounds herself with. i’m super excited (+ even more nervous) for her ‘making things happen workshop‘ in la in october!  will any of you be there? […]

  240. Shooting for the moon… | Live the Fancy Life

    […] attended the Making Things Happen workshop in Watercolor, Florida when I was just about six months pregnant in December of 2010. I told almost […]

  241. Rebecca

    I would like to reach the end of my life and feel that I lived every moment and opportunity to its fullest. I would like to use every gift that God has given me to bless my family, my friends, my life, and people around me. I would love to attend Making things happen in Austin, Texas. I am a wedding florist, coordinator and event planner. Thank you for this opportunity!