We just got back from Nashville today. Huge thanks to Jeremy Cowart and the MTH2010 Nashvegas crew for knocking our socks off! What a great week this has been. We started in Hotlanta at Get Married Studios with the beautiful, warm and brilliant Stacie Francombe.  Atlanta was pretty significant for me.  It was the first time we had done the intensive in a couple weeks and, as I spoke, I could see clearly how I had been affected by the work we’re doing.  We shared the day with 20 phenomenal friends that I can’t wait to get to know more. It was a powerful afternoon capped off with a fabulous celebration that night

I’m a little embarrassed at my apparent addiction to the Smilebooth.  After a dozen encounters with said Smilebooth, I’ve come to realize playing in that thing makes me laugh more than anything. 

After a long day of deep reflection, it was great to just let loose and have some silly funWhitney and I really want one for the office just so we can spend 10 minutes every day laughing our faces off.

Whitney (from OLOL… aka raddest guy in ATL), Jesse (raddest gal in ATL) and Ashley (she’s rad too. She’s been so helpful with this little party we are throwing in Vegas.) sure know how to make me have a good time!   Thank you Atlanta and Nashville for making this week so life-changing for Jeff and I.

OK ok, so we attempted to record this video a couple weeks ago in Chicago and got so busy we never posted it.  Goodness!  You’d think we were traveling the country or something??  So, break out the DeLorean and take a little trip back to the future with us… (and you’ve been warned: this is what happens when you travel to 6 cities in 10 days and do 80 hours of deep soul-searching work)

There are just a small handful of cities on the books left for the Making Things Happen Intensive Tour, so we want your input on where we should go next.  Leave a comment here with the city you want us to visit. Keep in mind that we really will pick the next stops based on your comments.   If there are votes from at least ten people in one city, we’re there!

PS Klienfeld was AMAZING and Katharine’s dress is to die for! Pics from our NY adventure coming soon.

PSS I have a very exciting auction I’m announcing tomorrow.  Get your auction paddles ready, y’all!

PSSS I’m headed back to Hotlanta in 10 days to speak at this little shindig.  You should come.

PSSSS I’ll have a little time in ATL for individual mentoring sessions.  Want one?  Email me.

PSSSSS We’re having a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow and you’re invited.


[Smilebooth hair thrash action above with my bff Sandi and dear friend Annette Thurmon of Chaviano Couture. Annette was also a model in our Watercolor shoot for Southern Weddings V2 shot by Fred Egan]

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  1. kelsey

    come to boston! 🙂

  2. Lauren @ Every Last Detail

    Hahaha, this is awesome! So I’ve had my heart set on going to the DC Intensive, but since you’re asking for more places to go….my vote is for Florida! I would say Orlando, since it’s more central, but of course my choice would specifically be Tampa! 🙂 We would love to have you guys come here!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Christine

    Houston! Houston! Houston!

    That last photo is cracking me up. I can’t stop watching it – it is hypnotic!

  4. Heidi @ idieh | design

    PHOENIX, PHOENIX, PHOENIX!! Did I mention Phoenix?? 🙂

  5. Feuza

    this is great, can not wait to meet you one day, loved stills at end!

  6. Kirsten Alana

    I vote San Francisco! I’ve been here for a week now and LOOOVE this city. It’s a wonderful place w/ wonderful people and could be a terrific MTH tour stop!!

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  8. event THIS

    How about an OS MTH in Australia – I can arrange a Kola or Kangaroo experience for you! 🙂

  9. Josh

    Anywhere within driving distance of Memphis and I’m there (this time).

  10. Rosaura Sandoval

    I Vote San Francisco too! SF! SF! SF, pretty please! BTW, the Smilebooth hair thrash action is AWESOME! Love it! 🙂

  11. Cathrin D'Entremont

    Totally agree with event THIS: AUSTRALIA

  12. Briana

    Boston, pretty please!

  13. Jaime

    Pittsburgh PLEASE!!!!!!

  14. Nancy Mitchell

    PLEASE COME TO OHIO! GO BUCKEYES. You like the snow right?

  15. Cindy

    LOL! Someone must have slipped something into your Chunky Monkey…you guys are delirious! Great to see you blogging again. 😉
    Would love you to come to Texas again.

  16. Katherine Clark @ Hello Harbor

    Not sure if a specific Hawaii city has been chosen.. so my vote is either Kaneohe, Kailua, or Honolulu! They are all on Oahu and they all have drinks with umbrellas!!

  17. katie

    haha so that’s why when I went down to the lobby at 1am there was no ice cream left! brilliant! I feel like you and Jeff need to see my video. The techno + thought processing is actually kind of funny to watch. Come back to the midwest so everyone around here can experience this fabulous eye opening experience! KC, St. Louis, Tulsa?

  18. Ross

    Chisinau Moldova 🙂 haha

  19. Catie Ronquillo

    I can’t wait for Airhorns and Lasers! And I’ll vote for my friends back in California – San Francisco! 🙂

  20. Sara

    San Francisco!! Please?

  21. Katie

    San Diego!! Although I would go to San Fran as that keeps popping up!

  22. Chelsey @ 4th&Folded

    Boston please! (I’ll shovel away the snow for you if you come 🙂 )

  23. Huckleberry Karen

    SAN FRANCISCO!!! Come and inspire us in SF!

  24. Elisheva Basseri

    Yes, San Francisco, please!!!

  25. AshleyV

    PLEASE come to San Francisco! Everything coming out of this tour is so inspiring! I would love to attend!

  26. s h e r r y

    🙂 Vancouver, Canada?? :D:D:D

  27. Vari

    Hey!! I was hesitant about voting for Cabo but after seeing the Australia vote, I’ve decided to enter my plea… Please consider Cabo!! how does some fun in the sun sound? I’ll bring the margaritas! =)

  28. StefanieMiles

    putting in votes for Austin and Houston!

  29. Marissa Kloess

    South Florida! West Palm Beach or Miami!

  30. DeNeitra

    San Diego or Orange County please 🙂

  31. Amy

    I vote Cincinnati or Columbus, OH! Preferably the ‘Nati!

  32. Jessica

    I know you’ve already been, but would love to see you so am voting for upper Midwest—Chicago, Minneapolis, or Milwaukee! Of course, you could consider Fargo, ND! ND is always left out of the good stuff. And if you went to Miami, I’d fly in, so Miami too!

  33. Kia Gregory

    Lara, I don’t have a vote for a city stop but I just wanted to tell you that you and the smile booth are outta control. I just laughed looking at the past smile booth photos. You love that thing! Cannot wait to meet you in Vegas!

  34. Rosie Hernandez

    I’ve been following you for months 🙂
    Yesterday, I introduced Lara Casey to my FB friends and you had an incredible reception. I, personally would love to sign up for your workshop so I started a campaign to bring you to South Florida 🙂
    Sunshine state, baby!!!

  35. Laurel Serra

    I’d love to see you in south florida! Thanks Rosie for introducing me to the world of Lara Casey! 🙂

  36. Maria Angela

    Um Yeah…like totally Florida…Naples To be exact. 😉

  37. Katherine Shamoun

    FT. Lauderdale, Fl wants you here!!!!!

  38. Leticia

    Oo Oo come to Melbourne! I’m sure we would find plenty of people willing to come to one of your seminars!


  39. Leticia

    Err that would be Melbourne AUSTRALIA! Just thought i better add that 😉

  40. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Lara – I know you wanna visit New Zealand 🙂

  41. Megan Floyd

    I want you to visit Birmingham, Alabama! BUT I would like to admit that it would absolutely be part of conquering my fear to make a daytrip to participate.

  42. Debra

    #1) San Francisco is the closet to L.A.! #2)San Diego.

  43. elizabeth

    Louisville!!!!! Or Indy!!!! Or more Nashvegas!!!!

  44. Belinda

    Please come to Knoxville,TN. We need MTH2010!

  45. robyn

    detroit! even tho i have already had the amazing opportunity to attend in chicago, i think it would be fab if you came here! 🙂

  46. Autumn

    Melbourne! You have to come to Melbourne! There are so many people here that would love to be a part of this amazing, life changing experience! {Including me!} 🙂

  47. yasmin

    San Francisco would LOVE to have you all come to town, and you all would LOVE our beautiful city. By my count there are about 12 comments here requesting SF, and mine makes 13. So does that mean you are headed our way? 🙂

  48. Denise Woods

    I would love it if you could come to Tampa, Florida!

  49. mandy

    Orlando or Tampa would be great.

  50. Wendy

    Would love it if you guys could hit Phoenix on your next go round. San Diego, San Fran or Chicago would work too.

  51. Rebecca Hansen

    BOSTON! Please? Thank you?

  52. kelsy mccartney

    i missed you in minneapolis, but would love to experience mth2010!! madison, wi is a seriously awesome city, not to mention a hip college town, so you could really get a great mix of attendees at this stop! including myself, of course 🙂


    […] here with your VOTE on the city you would like MTH to come to. Yes, I'll still tally the votes from this post, but help me out and leave a new vote here too. We are also planning monthy virtual MTH's, so stay […]


    Okay, I’ll for sure attend any of the following locations…
    Memphis, TN
    Birmingham, AL
    Nashville, TN (again)
    Atlanta, GA (again)
    New Orleans, LA
    St. Louis, MO
    So basically anywhere driving distance from Mississippi!!!
    Hope to meet you soon…

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