Standing Desk with Stepper

In an attempt to be less sedentary in my work each day, I set out to find a standing desk set up that didn’t cost thousands of dollars. After much research, I have found the perfect fit–and a way to get some steps in each day, too!

Lara Casey Blog standing desk3

Many friends have asked where I got everything, so here you go:

The stepper is from Sunny Health and Fitness on Amazon and a steal for $35!

The desk set up took me some time to figure out, but I bought two laptop stands – one for my actual laptop to sit on…

And one for my keyboard and mouse. If I’m standing instead of stepping, I can adjust the height down easily.

I hope this helps you improve your workplace health as it has mine! I’d love to see your desk set up if you get these. Be sure to tag me on Instagram.

Lara Casey Blog standing desk2

Happy stepping! : )