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UPDATED: The 2017 PowerSheets are SOLD OUT! I’m so excited for all of you who will be getting your first set. We’ll be devoting the month of July to helping you dig into them, so stay tuned to the Cultivate Instagram feed for lots of tips and resources coming up.

Want to know one of my top life tips?

Ask questions and be open to unexpected answers.

Think about it. How did you learn about the things you love most? You asked questions. You sought answers. When we stop asking questions, we stop growing. I love the questions you all have been asking me lately.

The top three questions I get asked:

1. How do you begin to figure out what your goals/passions are?
2. How do you overcome the fear of failing in your goals?
3. How do you stay motivated?

I created the PowerSheets goal planner because I kept asking those questions too. They are my safe space to get messy and dream and pray get outside of my comfort zone. They are the place I uncover goals that motivate me, how I prioritize, and how I take action.

Lara Casey June PowerSheets mid year goal settingMy goals and progress for June so far.

And that fear of failing? It doesn’t magically go away. Even better: your good goals become more important than your fear.

Lara Casey PowerSheets goals midyearAfter I did my mid-year goal refresh in my PowerSheets, I put my refreshed quarterly goals up on my bulletin board so I always see my priorities.

This might be crazy, but in an attempt to help a whole lot of people finally do the things they have always wanted to do–whether in motherhood, business, marriage, a career, or in cultivating what you have right where you are–I have a surprise for you:

The six-month undated PowerSheets are on SALE for $25! (regularly $40)

As of me typing this, we are already sold out of Teal, but we have a few Pink and White left. Once these are gone, this is it until the 2018 release! I shared my goal progress from the last six months on Facebook live today and answered some great questions. Listen in…

It’s time.
Time to do the things that have been burning on your heart.
Time to dig in, right where you are with what you have
July 1 could be your January 1, my friend.

Get yours now.

PowerSheets Goal Planner 6 month sets

I’m excited for you!

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Woooeee, May was a big month! We pulled things out of the garden and planted new ones, set my homeschool schedule with Grace for the fall (I’m teaching her two days a week and she’ll be going to a “homeschool school” the other two days for the Kindergarten year), had an amazing Team Summit, added two new team members (who we will introduce you to soon), and I became a mama to a kindergartener!

Lara Casey Blog June PowerSheets Goals3Grace named our bike and trailer, “Electric Blue Lightning.” She is not technically electric, but she sure has some cute passengers!

It was also a month of praying big prayers and receiving unexpected answers. We had several FaceTime conversations with Sarah’s birth mom, and hope to have her visit us soon. This is such a wonderful and unexpected turn of events after a year of no contact. We also started meeting with our new church family group, which has been refreshing. Instead of meeting at night when our little ones are sleeping (which meant one of us could go, but one of us had to stay home), our new group meets on Saturday mornings at our house. We are SO grateful!

Lara Casey Blog June PowerSheets Goals2My little buddy exploring the Fearrington gardens.

Here’s a recap of May goal progress and my PowerSheets goals for June are below too.

My May PowerSheets progress:

– Plant the garden. Yes, little-by-little we are pulling out the pansies and replacing them. It’s looking great, and we are having fun getting out in the dirt!
Cultivate book launch prep. Yes! It’s time! Pre-order Cultivate here. (Pre-ordering is so helpful to ensure retailers have enough books in stock on launch day. I am so grateful for the many friends who have already reserved their copies!)
– Create the budget with Ari. We have made very little progress here because I haven’t made the time to dig in, but this is a focus for May. In fact, I put it on my calendar just now to have a finance date with Every Dollar next Friday afternoon.
– Lead a refreshing team summit. This. Was. Awesome. A full recap is coming soon!
– Prayerfully launch summer products. Yes! Our new collection has been such a huge help to me personally, and I have loved seeing many of you get your first set of PowerSheets and the new Fruitful Friendships workbook!
– Implement new team meeting structure. Yes! We have completely re-vamped our meeting structures and schedules. Instead of one weekly team meeting and two Cultivate What Matters marketing meetings, we now have a weekly Tactical meeting for the entire company (that is scheduled to the minute and so helpful!), as well as a monthly Cultivate What Matters meeting and a monthly SW meeting for more long-form conversations and decisions. We have also implemented daily standing check-ins, which has been awesome! We stand (no sitting as it’s supposed to be a 4-minute meeting to kick off momentum) and quickly share our top priorities for the day. We also see who needs help with tasks, and that’s it. Four minutes a day, first thing in the morning before we open our laptops, has been so valuable!
– Create a new date night plan. Huge thanks to my friend, Joslyn, for offering to help us make this happen. We love her and the kids love her too!
Hire a new caregiver. This is still in process and I would be so grateful for your prayers as we find the right fit for our family.
- Pray impossible prayers and be open to new possibilities. Yes! As referenced at the start of this post, I’m so grateful for the fruit that grew here.

Lara Casey Blog June PowerSheets Goals5We pulled lots of pansies and violas out of the garden to make room for new flowers. Grace was not at all excited. ; ) 

June is already shaping up to be a big month, too. The PowerSheets include a goal refresh every three months, and I was especially grateful for the summer goal refresh this month. Here is a video of me doing my PowerSheets for June and a peek at the new color coding process I’m testing (and LOVE!).

June PowerSheets Prep with Lara Casey from lara casey on Vimeo.

If you don’t have a set of PowerSheets yet, now is the perfect time to get one because they are 6-month undated sets. June is an ideal start time!

And here are my monthly PowerSheets goals for June:

Lara Casey PowerSheets goals

– Prayerfully and praisefully release Cultivate. It took two years to write this book (with a complete start-over and two babies in between) but in 26 days these pages will be out in the world. And I have something special just for you–the first 43 pages for free! I am admittedly nervous to share this. When you write a book in the middle of one of the messiest seasons of your life, it can give you butterflies to think of people reading the words you wrote in the thick of it. But, so much good grew out of that season and I hope these pages help you in your season too–right where you are.
– Pray impossible prayers and be open.
– Steward our budget well and passionately.
– Hire our new caregiver.
– Write a homeschool “starting” plan. 
– Grow closer to our family group.
– Solidify new team roles and rhythms.

nrp-olivia-SWfruitfulsummer-1045Join Jess and me every Wednesday this summer to talk about how to make friends as an adult–it’s possible! And the best part? No perfection required. Mark your planners: noon EST each Wednesday through June and July LIVE at See you then! Photo by Olivia from Nancy Ray Photography.

June weekly goals:
– Bible journaling with Grace. We have loved using the She Reads Truth Bible and supplies from Illustrated Faith!
– Writing in the margins of the Bible to Grace. (More about this in Chapter 10 of Cultivate. : ) )
– Love others as I have been loved–lavishly!
– Stretch my perceived limits to grow strength and endurance in my fitness

June daily goals:
– Continue reading my chronological Bible reading plan for my Number 1 goal!
– #RunLiftPraise
– Eat more raw foods.
– Stay active in my work days –see how I do it here!
– Share why I have the hope I have
– Praise Him!

Lara Casey Cultivate Book

Oh, June, you make me nervous and excited all at once. It’s time to send these pages out into the world! Pre-order Cultivate here. (Pre-ordering helps to ensure retailers have enough books in stock on launch day. I am so grateful for the many friends who have already reserved their copies!)

Your turn! I’d love to hear: Do you have goals for June? I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters shop. I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! Congrats to May’s winner, Sara Ward!

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We get one shot at this life. We can waste it on things that are fleeting or we can GRAB THIS LIFE BY THE HORNS. This is not motivation. This is truth. If you’re reading this, you have breath. You have decisions in front of you. You can take huge leaps of faith to love, to give, and to spend yourself well or…. you fill in the blank.

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.

lara casey handwriting

What is that thing for you (and what has been holding you back from doing it)?

Need to get motivated, refresh your goals, or a get kick start? Catch the free replay of my one-hour Summer Goals webinar that will inspire and equip you. You’ll learn the top 10 keys to making good goals happen, practical tips, and ways to get–and stay—motivated. Best of all, this is grace-filled goal setting. No perfection, striving, or perfect track-record required. This powerful hour will help you focus on progress, not perfection.

And to encourage you in your summer goals and in making fruitful friendships, I have an amazing giveaway for you today. Are you ready for this?

Welcome to the Ultimate Fruitful Summer Giveaway! We brainstormed all the things we would want to have an intentional and joy-filled summer, and we’re giving all of these things away to one lucky winner. This summer prize bundle includes everything you see here including our NEW Fruitful Friendships Workbook, a fresh set of PowerSheets, our new Fruitful Summer encouragement postcards, and even a copy of my upcoming book!

Enter below…

fruitful summer giveaway

The lucky winner will be selected at random. U.S. entrants only as shipping costs are prohibitive on some of these things. (Thank you to all my international friends for understanding! I wish I had a plane to come deliver these items to you myself!). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Summer is full of possibilities: activities, adventures, outings, people to spend time with and places to go. We want our summers to be fun and meaningful, but where do we invest the little time and resources we have before we blink and school has started again?

You can plan your summer, or it can plan you.

But, here’s the thing: my favorite summer memories were simple: spending all day outside, playing in the sprinklers with my brother, telling stories on the porch, eating peaches and spotting fireflies as the sun went down. Think back to your childhood: what summer memories stand out to you? And more importantly–what did those experiences grow in you?

We sometimes think of summer as a time to let go and check out, but what if this is your season to check in and dig into what is most important to you?

If you’re ready to dig in, here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at our new Summer Goals Collection. We’ve been working on these new tools and resources for a year and we’re so happy to finally get these tools in hands across the world today!


But, first, you should know this: you don’t need to buy any of these things to have an intentional summer–or an intentional life. They will help you do those things, but this post isn’t about selling you products. I hope, regardless of what tools you use or have, this post inspires you to get out there and do something about what matters to you–with what you have!

Okay, let’s dig in…

There’s nothing magical about January 1st. Why not start fresh with your goals today? Really. I’m actually asking you and I want to know your answer: why not today? What has been holding you back? (Let me know in the comments and I would love to personally encourage you right where you are.) Some truth: good goals are about cultivating what you’ve been given well–your time, resources, and relationships. Good goals are not about striving and doing something just because “everyone else” is doing it, or because you feel like you should. Let’s throw out the “should’s” for a minute and think about your unique assignment here on this earth. Have no idea what that is? Does it feel far away? I hear you. It’s really hard to hear the truth in all the noise and distractions. This is why I created these goal uncovering workbooks because I got tired of wasting my time lost in the noise. I wanted to direct my energy where it mattered.


This first one isn’t new to our shop, but it might be new to you. PowerSheets help you uncover good goals and do something about them. We’re nearing the half-way point of the year, so it’s a perfect time to start a new set of undated six-month PowerSheets.

The Six-Month PowerSheets Workbooks are undated which means you can start as soon as you get them. Choose from Pink, White, or Teal, and we have gold foil Monthly Tab Stickers if you want to customize your tabs instead of writing the months in yourself. Join us in finishing the year strong with goals that are rooted in what’s important to you.


Over the past three years, I have loved walking through Fruitful Summer with you, encouraging you to cultivate meaningful friendships. Last year I shared that we were creating a Fruitful Summer magazine, and after dreaming and sketching, we decided to make a hybrid magazine + workbook. The NEW Fruitful Friendship Workbook is part inspiring (to help you think in a new way) and practical (to help you put it into practice). It will equip and encourage you to dig into community right where you are–no perfection or perfect track-record required.

The Fruitful Friendship Workbook is larger in size than our other goal guides (it’s the same height and width of the PowerSheets so you have lots of room to write!) and is thicker than our Couple’s and Parent’s Goal Guides too. This is going to be tucked in my bag all summer for reading and working through each page and prompt. Side note: this is a GREAT workbook to use in a small group or group of friends to do alongside each other. If any local folks want to join me and do this workbook together, let me know! Gather your friends, put a post up to invite new friends in your area–get out there and let’s come together to make meaningful friendships happen. Don’t wait for the invitation, though, friends–be the invitation. I’m excited!


The PowerSheets Goal Guide for Parents will also be tucked in my bag all summer. After receiving numerous requests about how to set good, grace-filled goals as a family–and wanting a guide like this for my own family–we made it! This guide is will help you uncover your goals and what matters to your family. What do you think of Grace’s drawing of each of our family members? Sarah apparently has purple hair. ; )


I don’t know about your gent, but Ari isn’t as into goal setting as I am. That’s code for: he’d rather do the dishes. But! He loved doing the PowerSheets Goal Guide for Couples with me–so much so that he has asked for several copies to give to work colleagues. We made it fun, easy (you could fill this out together in one sitting!), and impactful. This mini guide will help you uncover your shared goals and what matters to both of you. It’s great for married, dating, or engaged couples. Fill this little book out on a summer date night, on the porch one evening, all at once, or little by little.


If last year’s Fruitful Summer product launch was any indicator, the new Cultivate What Matters Tanks will be a favorite! Our sizes are limited, so if you want to snag one, I recommend adding it to your cart quickly. This is the perfect tank for heading out on my morning walk with the kids or spending the afternoon in my garden.


Craving connection this summer? I am. And I have a whole post coming next week about how to cultivate meaningful friendships. One easy way you can stay connected is through real mail. The Fruitful Summer Encouragement Postcard Set contain an assortment of 20 cards featuring fun summer sayings, fruity puns, and friendly messages. My personal favorite? You are the pineapple of my eye. And a tip: Pre-stamp these postcards when you get them (order stamps here) and you’ll be ready to pop them in the mail easily and quickly!


We brainstormed a long list of phrases for our newest Mini Print collection, and it was tough to narrow it down to just three! Our three newest mini prints look great tacked onto a bulletin board for extra encouragement or slipped into a card as a small gift for a friend. In addition to the Take the Leap Gold Foil Mini Print pictured above, we have the What If Today Gold Foil Mini Print (mine and Nicole’s favorite) and the Little by Little Gold Foil Mini Print.

Fruitful Summer Bundle

Okay, want one of everything? Me too! Our Fruitful Summer Bundle has everything you need to cultivate what matters this summer! Set meaningful summer goals and grow meaningful friendships this season with our Six-Month Undated PowerSheets Workbook in White, Fruitful Friendship Workbook, Fruitful Summer Postcard Set, and Take the Leap Mini Print. If you already have a set of PowerSheets, this is a great opportunity to get a discounted set in this bundle to give to a friend! Summer goal setting is better with a buddy. There are only 200 of these bundles available today, so get yours while they last.

Also, Write the Word is back in stock (!!!), but we think we will sell out again by the end of the day. Since we opened pre-orders, most of our stock has been reserved. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Get your Write the Word collection and summer goals goodies today.

write the word all seasons collection 2017

I’m excited to do summer with you, friends! Remember, this isn’t about products, it’s about purpose. None of these great tools matter unless you DO something with them. Don’t wait to get started planning an intentional second half of the year. Start today. Start now. An easy place to begin? Tell me in the comments what you most want to cultivate this summer and I’ll share my thoughts too. Words have power, friends. Taking a leap of faith to share our dreams and hopes gives us the courage to take the first step. I can’t wait to cheer you on!

P.S. Join me next week for a free live Summer Goals class where I’ll give you my best tips for an intentional summer. I can’t wait to see you there!

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It’s my favorite time of year, friends: garden planting time! I’ve had so much fun digging in this year–perhaps more than ever. Every year I make my garden plans to be sure I have room for everything I want to grow. But, then I let go and have fun! On-the-spot creativity and pairing what I think will look best and grow well together brings the garden to life.

Plans are important.
Forethought is vital.
But at some point you have to move from planning to planting.

Laying an intentional foundation can give way to freedom and creativity, and a different kind of joy if you are willing to let go. Letting go is hard, but that’s where the good stuff grows: in surrender. In believing in what you can’t yet see.

Forethought can give you a foundation on which to have the freedom to flourish. (That was a lot of “f”‘s, but I like it!)

Lara Casey May Goals4

We went to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market’s annual seedling giveaway on Saturday. Local farmers donate seedlings for kids to take home and the kids write a thank you note to the farmer who grew their seedling–isn’t that fun!? Grace picked out a pair of white sunflowers and a Sungold tomato.

Lara Casey May Goals7At our local Southern States buying Gracie’s favorite marigolds and we bought lots of dirt for a special secret project we’re working on with! Stay tuned. : ) 

April was full of hard work and planning, and May is already shaping up to be a month of planting–taking action, digging in, taking risks, and cultivating what matters. Here’s a recap of April and my PowerSheets goals for May are below too.

My April PowerSheets progress:

– Celebrate Southern Weddings’ birthday. This was a sweet celebration week, but perhaps the very best celebration was when Lisa came to the office a couple weeks ago. We sat around the table together and shared memories and gratitude and lots and lots of tears as we prepared to say “farewell” to her after four amazing years. Thankfully she still lives right down the road though and her impact on our lives has deep roots that are here to stay. We love you so much, Lisa! Read more about Lisa’s farewell here.
– Lay a firm foundation for the budget. We made progress! Ari and I started setting up our EveryDollar budget over the weekend.
– Celebrate Passover (my favorite holiday!). Yes, this was wonderful. Ari led a great seder for about 40 people at church and my faith was built!
– Create a new frequent date night schedule. Thanks to my amazing friend Joslyn, we had a great date night last month. We hope to increase the frequency to once every two weeks.
– Prayerfully hire our new team members. This is still in progress, but great progress had been made.
– Plant our garden! Yes! You may have seen on Instagram stories last week that I have a “secret garden” project in the works. I’ll keep you posted here and here on the blog.
– Record the audiobook for Cultivate and prepare well for the launch ahead. This was so good, praise Him! What a wonderful experience. I’m so grateful!
– Prayerful spring product launch – Yes! Write the Word sold out much faster than we expected. A new shipment will be here in a few days, but I highly recommend reserving your copy here.
Team Summit prep: Yes! This has been the center of my focus the last couple weeks. I’d read books, written several presentations, and prayed so much over this week. Our team summit starts tomorrow and I am so excited to learn and grow alongside my team. Follow along on my IG stories this week.
– Host a meaningful Cultivating Faith webinar next week with Shanna Noel – Yes! Catch the replay here.
- Take my workouts to the next level. Yes – we finally got bikes, and I joined Ari for a class at his gym last week too.
- Lord willing, start leading our family group again. We are not leading a family group now–instead, another couple is taking the lead. I’m excited about this and grateful. With all the kids, it was a bit overambitious to think about leading anything new in this season.
- Pray impossible prayers and be open to new possibilities. This happened a little, and this is one of my biggest priorities for May.

Lara Casey May Goals1Those snapdragons totally surprised me. I planted them from seed (get them here) last summer and had no idea they would winter over and look so good now. What a treat!

My monthly PowerSheets goals for May:

Lara Casey May Goals3To help me wrap my brain around all the writing I have ahead this month, I wrote it all out on PostIt’s and added them to my PowerSheets.

– Plant the garden. We’re close to done here. I’m waiting to see how the pansies hold up in the heat over the next couple weeks. Once they start to fade, they’ll get replaced with lots of zinnias!
– Cultivate book launch prep. The book launches next month! (And typing that just gave me all the butterflies.) I’m nervous to release this book because I’m sharing parts of our story I’ve never shared before and I pray these pages help many people to cultivate what matters with Him. Pre-order Cultivate here. (Pre-ordering is so helpful to ensure retailers have enough books in stock on launch day. I am so grateful for the many friends who have already reserved their copies.)
– Create the budget with Ari. The next step is committing to our budget numbers and goals. We plan to make more progress this coming weekend while the babies nap.
– Lead a refreshing team summit. Hooray for the Team Summit starting tomorrow!
– Prayerfully launch summer products. I can’t wait to share them next week! The Summer Collection launches at 10 am EST on May 9th!
– Implement new team meeting structure. More on this to come after our Team Summit.
– Create a new date night plan.
(Goal I can’t share just yet, but I will in two weeks.)
- Pray impossible prayers and be open to new possibilities. This is one of my biggest priorities for May.

Lara Casey May Goals5Peonies and PJ’s in the community garden this morning.

May weekly goals:
– Sabbath – lifegiving weekends.
– Meaningful God connection with Ari. I’ve had this on my tending list all year, but I added “God” to this and it has already helped us so much. It’s not just about connecting; it’s about connecting in the Spirit. We had some great conversations this weekend about what God is growing in us.
Write the Word : ) This, my friends, is my solution to the afternoon Word refresh I’ve been craving! Yahoo!

May daily goals:
– Read my chronological Bible reading plan
– #RunLiftPraise
– Eat more raw foods.
– Be active in my work day. Nicole and I are giving a presentation on workplace fitness this week!
– Pray through my prayer journal.

Lara Casey May Goals2Grace and I have gotten on a Garden Answer video kick, and made a new fairy garden this weekend! I love it–and her. : )  

Your turn! I’d love to hear: Do you have goals for May? I’ll pick one of you to send a special surprise box of goodies to from the Cultivate What Matters shop. I love sending real mail, and I love hearing your thoughts! Congrats to April’s winner, Alexandra Keen. Alexandra and I go to church together, so I’ll bring your goodies to you this weekend, friend! : ) 

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