On our one year wedding anniversary, Ari was deployed to Iraq. I was so afraid for him and needed something to keep my mind occupied. So, one night I found myself dreaming of pretty things – anything to keep my mind off bomb threats. I started mocking up a wedding magazine cover on my little 13-inch PC, and the rest, as they say, is history. I do not have a degree in publishing or journalism. We aren’t owned by some big corporate publisher. We’re small, y’all, and our behind the scenes videos prove it.

But what we do have is more passion than a hen has feathers, and we have YOU. Southern Weddings was born and snowballed because of the belief of so many of YOU. You cheered me on from day one, when it was just me and my cat working from my tiny apartment.

Perhaps the most significant change in our company happened when my own heart was transformed. Everything changed with grace. Not the silly five-year-old who is playing with our neighbor’s cat as I type this, but the meaning behind her name. God’s amazing grace. Marriage is work. The very best and most rewarding work. The work of marriage requires honesty and passion and that will never ever fail you. We believe in planning a deeply meaningful beginning to married life.

Southern Weddings is distributed heavily throughout the Southeast and selectively throughout the rest of the country. Our annual print edition is carried by Target, Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, and a heap of grocery stores including Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Publix, and my favorite… the Piggly Wiggly. If you can’t find a copy near you, you can purchase one in our shop.

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