Do the words “goal setting” give you the heebie jeebies? Me too. Traditional goal setting doesn’t work for me. I would often come to the end of the year, and feel so frustrated that I hadn’t made progress on any of my goals. Turns out, I was doing it all wrong.

For the last decade, I’ve studied what motivates people to make things happen. As a former personal trainer, I have seen it all with goal setting. People who make lasting change happen, change that simplifies their lives, have one thing in common: their goals are connected to something far below the surface, where the fiery good stuff lives.


So, how do you get to that good stuff? How do you know what your goals should be, and how to make them happen?

I have good news. Really good news.

You don’t have to do more, or be more, or have it all together to live an intentional life. But you do have to be willing to do this life differently. Are you ready? Start here: download my FREE Goal Setting Guide below.

Inside, you’ll find:

– A recording of my Grace-Filled Goal Setting Webinar
– My top 10 keys to goal setting
– Action steps for making it happen
– A link to live goal coaching with me

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My heart was a mess. Our marriage felt impossible to repair, so I tried fixing everything else. I would wake each morning thinking, What can I do, eat, or buy that will make me feel happy today?

In the quest for a more organized life, I bought new pretty containers, planners, and pens. I loaded my shelves with books promising a formula for quick-fix happiness. Maybe getting fit would solve everything, so I purchased new running shoes and a gym membership. Perhaps more creativity would be the thing that brought me joy, so I got journals and craft supplies. When I felt emotionally drained, I reached to comfort food, social media, and shopping. I acquired new cookbooks, clothes, subscriptions, throw pillows, and plants. Those poor plants. I’ve killed a lot of plants in my life.

But, I’ve learned that the most life-changing things in life aren’t things.

God’s grace is real and it transforms our mess into rich growing ground. To help you grow your faith, I’ve created a FREE Cultivating Faith E-book and live webinar.

Inside, you’ll find:

– A recording of my Cultivating Faith Webinar, where I share my faith story with you
– My top 10 keys to rooted faith
– Bible 101
– Free scripture cards
– And simple resources for growing a real relationship with God–no perfection required!

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I’m no marriage expert, but I do have something valuable to give you: real hope from two flawed people who beat the odds. Maybe you find yourself on this page because your marriage has just begun, and you want to do it well. Maybe you’ve been married for a while, and you’re in need of a reset button. Or maybe married life is far more difficult than you ever expected, and you feel alone and hopeless, like I did several years ago.

You see, we are two imperfect people who have made enormous mistakes. We were once close to divorce, and very far away from each other. With all the mess we’ve been through, we shouldn’t still be married.

But, we are. And we’re not just married; we’re more content and grateful than we’ve ever been.

I don’t have a magic formula for a happy marriage; I have something better: truth. Truth is what changed our marriage. Your situation and story may be worlds different than mine, but I believe that truth can change anyone. It is my sincere hope that our story and the links and resources included, would give you a fresh start—and tangible belief that the impossible is actually possible.

Inside you’ll find:

– The story of how, against all odds, our marriage was healed
– 12 small but mighty tips for marriage
– Our favorite books, movies, and resources
– Prayers for marriage
– Resources if you’re married but spiritually single
– My favorite articles and funny videos to read and watch together

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