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Twitter just released a great basic guide on using Twitter for business.  “Every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses, too. From (more…)

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As a creative person, I’m always changing, always inspired by something new and completely enraptured when I see an image that evokes something in me.  So, my header images will always be changing.  My current sampling and the stories behind them: (more…)

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Sean Low, Rebecca Grinnals & Katharyn Arce, and Harmony Walton all have one very big thing in common:  they are not only the industry leaders, movers and shakers, but they make things happen for people.  BIG things.  Sean Low single-handedly took Preston Bailey out of serious financial ruin and (more…)

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Kyle Barnes Grand Cayman Lara Casey

I can’t give you the usual intro. “This blog will be about…” I have no idea what will come of it except a lot of surprises. I’m busy, I take on too much, I make mistakes, I celebrate failure, I’m impulsive, driven beyond belief, committed to building my business, living life to the fullest, and I am infinitely passionate about (more…)

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Huge thanks to Ross, Nicolai, Victor and Iurie at Flosties for making this blog and my new Lara Casey Reps site come to life!  It was such a joy working with you and I can’t wait for many more projects down the road.  If you haven’t checked out Flosites, you really should!  Top notch service, attention, and SO patient (more…)

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