We get one shot at this life. We can waste it on things that are fleeting or we can GRAB THIS LIFE BY THE HORNS. This is not motivation. This is truth. If you’re reading this, you have breath. You have decisions in front of you. You can take huge leaps of faith to love, to give, and to spend yourself well or…. you fill in the blank.

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.

lara casey handwriting

What is that thing for you (and what has been holding you back from doing it)?

Need to get motivated, refresh your goals, or a get kick start? Catch the free replay of my one-hour Summer Goals webinar that will inspire and equip you. You’ll learn the top 10 keys to making good goals happen, practical tips, and ways to get–and stay—motivated. Best of all, this is grace-filled goal setting. No perfection, striving, or perfect track-record required. This powerful hour will help you focus on progress, not perfection.

And to encourage you in your summer goals and in making fruitful friendships, I have an amazing giveaway for you today. Are you ready for this?

Welcome to the Ultimate Fruitful Summer Giveaway! We brainstormed all the things we would want to have an intentional and joy-filled summer, and we’re giving all of these things away to one lucky winner. This summer prize bundle includes everything you see here including our NEW Fruitful Friendships Workbook, a fresh set of PowerSheets, our new Fruitful Summer encouragement postcards, and even a copy of my upcoming book!

Enter below…

fruitful summer giveaway

The lucky winner will be selected at random. U.S. entrants only as shipping costs are prohibitive on some of these things. (Thank you to all my international friends for understanding! I wish I had a plane to come deliver these items to you myself!). 

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  1. Stefanie

    I love the idea of setting good goals and intentionally pouring into fruitful friendships over the summer months!

  2. Ashley Snell

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  3. Cydney

    My husband I are moving from Ohio to DC this summer and I need to allow myself room for grace while also pushing myself forward and remembering relationships we built during this chapter of our lives.

  4. Kristen Zoeckler

    I’m so grateful for you all! Thank you for helping me think about an intentional summer!

  5. Elise Metzger

    I’m so ready for summer…GOALS!

  6. Emily Natoli-Burns

    Love love love my planner! It has made all the difference in my personal and professional planning.

  7. Brittney

    Received the couples workbook in the mail yesterday, excited for all the fruitful summer goodness! Thank you Lara and team <3

  8. Eleanor

    Thanks for your encouragement .

  9. Nicole

    Love this thoughtful, beautiful approach to summer!

  10. Kathy

    My husband and I have started a shared bucket list for this summer. I’m so excited! Thanks for your inspiration!!

  11. Kayla Jones

    You always have the best ideas and giveaways Lara, thank you for always thinking of and loving on us!

    Also I encouraged me bestie. She is preparing got s busy summer as she works with kids and I told her to embrace This busy season because this is exactly what she prayed for a year ago during a wilderness season. God obviously thinks she’s equipped and prepared to handle this now and that in itself is a gift

  12. Natalie Hultgren

    I am loving the idea of having a fruitful summer! I want to focus on friendships and growing what matters this summer.

  13. Natalie Hultgren

    Also, I sent a birthday card in the mail to a friend to encourage her! I’m planning on sending several cards to friends this summer.

  14. Diana Willis

    Thank you!!! <3

  15. Ashleigh Kincaid

    Would LOVE to win this! Being more intentional this summer of balancing work and first summer with our little boy.

  16. Margaret G

    Yay! I’m new to the crew and so excited about all your darling, fun, inspiring things. Have a grape day, and thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  17. Lee Cooper

    What a beautiful reminder to use our summer season wisely. Love this encouragement Lara!

  18. Katlin

    Love this! Thanks Lara 🙂

  19. Megan Everitt

    So generous….and pretty too. Thanks !!

  20. Lynn Wigren

    I have some ideas for the summer but looking forward to the webinar to learn how to make sure they happen as well as new ideas that are presented!

  21. Lee Cooper

    And a sent a text to my bestie about thankfulness to encourage her this AM!

  22. Alexandra Patterson

    I can’t wait to intentionally plan trips to visit family and to spend time with friends!

  23. Alexandra Patterson

    I just wrote a short note to a student who is headed to college in the fall. I linked up some posts about jumping in to something new without anxiety (and a cute printable for her dorm room!)

  24. Helen

    As a teacher my summers can tend to be too open – and not nearly as productive as I would like. I am striving to become increasingly intentional in how I use my summer days, so this webinar sounds perfect! I am going to encourage my friend, who will be retiring from teaching next month, to use your goal setting ideas as she transitions to a new phase in her life. I am also going to send a thank you email to a the group of volunteers who put on a fantastic dinner for the families of the children who attend our church’s midweek kids program.

  25. Karlie

    I’m looking forward to working less hours and having many playdates with friends and their littles to cultivate true friendship!

  26. Christine

    This topic of having fruitful summer speaks so directly to what has been laid on my heart in recent months – thank you!

    My biggest goal for the summer is to be intentional in taking the opportunities to be really present in the lives of my husband and two children.

  27. Tara Nichols

    I can’t wait to listen to the Summer Goals webinar and make this summer the best yet!! Thank you!!

  28. kate delk

    This is amazing! I would love this for my Bible study ladies

  29. Anna

    I’m looking forward to being intentional and simple with myself, children, husband, and friends this summer. This is going to be the best summer yet. Thank you for offering help to kickstart a fruitful summer!

  30. Charity

    I’m looking forward to summer! Thank you of your inspiring post. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my kids and taking beach time!

  31. Rachel

    I am planning to start an intentional mentoring relationship with a precious older woman from my church in a one-on-one, life-on-life setting!!

  32. Morgan Brown

    Love this series! So thankful for all of your tips 🙂 I am planning to intentionally reconnect with old friends and also plan fun date nights with my husband!

  33. Kristen S

    We are moving this summer, and we will be heading to stay with my family out in the country while we look for a home in the suburbs. This will be challenging for me to develop friendships for the summer, but I’m planning to utilize many of the tools here to try!

  34. Laura

    I love everything you’re about! Thank you for your daily work!

  35. Stefani

    You are a breath of fresh air in to my daily life. Thank you for sharing your direction and passion.

  36. Farrell

    We’re already working on our summer bucket list!

  37. Elisabeth

    Hi Lara! Since I will be off for about half of the summer, I am planning intentional activities to spend more time with my 3 year old daughter. And hopefully, more intentional date nights with my husband. Thanks for all your encouragement and vulnerability! 🙂

  38. Sara

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’m ready to really dig in the next couple weeks and plan a fantastic summer for me and my family!

  39. Rebekah Beason Deloach

    Wow I am literally so excited I have found your resources for my friends and I!! I look forward to setting goals to help my family in a positive way.

  40. Elizabeth

    I am planning on intentionally having coffee dates with younger friends, pouring into ministry opportunities, getting outdoors, building up brothers!

  41. Elise Welch

    I am so excited for your live event today!

  42. Erin, Attention to Darling

    Excited for the webinar today! Now that we’re in Charleston and live 4 minutes from the beach, I plan on having at least 2 beach visits a week with my 2 year old since she loves it so much!!!

  43. Elise Welch

    I encouraged my friend who volunteers a lot at church by thanking her and telling her that she is a blessing.


    We have such a busy summer planned and I always tend to over fill it thinking it will make it more memorable or meaningful but sometimes what we really need is to just slow down and be in the moment. Thank you for always inspiring me to do just that!

  45. ez1019

    So looking forward to watching the segment! I need some summer-time refreshment, and I appreciate the encouragements to get some!

  46. Mary R

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences with us. I can’t wait for the webinar. I’m sure it will once again be full of lots of helpful and inspiring information! Thank you for your time doing these for us.

  47. Anna Travis

    This is a really awesome give-away! Thanks Lara!

  48. Calee Spinney

    Loved this series last year and I’m excited to participate again!

  49. Rosie Lapp

    This webcast was so awesome! I’m feeling so inspired. <3 Biggest takeaway is to be GRATEFUL. And to rest!

  50. Susanna

    I have planned my first small flower garden to grow with my 4 year old daughter- inspired by you!

  51. Sarah

    I am REALLY wanting to build some of those fruitful friendships this summer- we’re moving cities and we’ve been very lonely the last year. It’s going to be awkward and hard, but it’s so necessary.

  52. Laura Kaupang

    I just finished watching the webinar and felt like this information came at the perfect time! I’m starting a new business this summer and I can’t wait to use my God-given talents to make a difference!

  53. Laura Kaupang

    I also encouraged someone today by recommending a helpful book to them!

  54. Catherine

    Thanks so much for your summer goal setting workshop this morning! I am so thankful for YOU, Lara, and for your amazing team!

  55. Erica Rawson

    Love the powersheets and love being more intentional with friends.

  56. Kimberly

    I am making a list of the people I want to impact this summer and planning something intentional for each one of them….even if it is super small – like a letter, gift, visit, or outing.

  57. Jane B

    Lara, your products, your words, and your heart have helped encourage me over the last few years. My husband and I’s life dramatically changed after reading your first book, Make It Happen. Thank you for sharing candidly. I feel as if my mentors these days are more virtual than physical, and I count you among the few voices that I listen closely to. I am so grateful for all God has made you to do and be.

  58. Bethany Whitaker

    Thanks so much for the webinar Lara! I learned I need to take some time to rest! <3

  59. Christa Norman

    I’ve only known about Cultivate What Matters since January but it has been so impactful just in these last couple months! I have the 2017 Powersheets and use it in my business and personal life! The motto of progress over perfection has led me to accomplish my goals little by little with grace and excitement. I am all about living purposefully and following you has been such a life-giving boost towards this goal! Thank you so much for your heart and all that you do!

    With Warmth & Cheer,

  60. Christa Norman

    I’ve only known about Cultivate What Matters since January but it has been so impactful just in these last couple months! I have the 2017 Powersheets and use it in my business and personal life! The motto of progress over perfection has led me to accomplish my goals little by little with grace and excitement. I am all about living purposefully and following you has been such a life-giving boost towards this goal! Thank you so much for your heart and all that you do!

    With Warmth & Cheer,

  61. Cate

    Thank you so much Lara for this series and your webinar today! Your book was so helpful during my 1st maternity leave when my husband and I made some big changes to our lives, and now that I’m home on my 2nd maternity leave, I really needed the hope and encouragement your webinar offered! Thanks for the push I so needed!

  62. Kris

    My friends and I typically use the summer to refresh, connect and make new memories through a series of birthday celebrations, tips and road trips. I am excited about using the Fruitful Friendships Workbook to enrich my experience with friends this summer!

  63. Sydney

    Today’s webinar was so encouraging and fun! Thank you for all the things you shared. This was an especially big take away for me today: Comparison and complaining reveal ingratitude. That’s a hard but really good nugget of truth that I’m using to help me move forward today and build a legacy of gratefulness!

  64. Alexa

    I plan on getting connected through my church, reaching out to old friends more regularly and making more time for friendship in general!

  65. Laura Tarsi

    My fruitful summer is being on maternity leave with my new daughter. I’m planning to spend time bonding with her and adjusting to life as a mom of two.

  66. Raven Atchison

    LOVED your seminar today!

  67. Allyson

    This summer I plan to be intential with family time, grow in my faith, grow new things in my garden, and keep dreaming about my husband and I’s homesteading goal!!

  68. karen

    Hi Lara – after 7 moves in 26 years of marriage and having raised 3 children – right now is the most challenging season and the terrain hard to navigate. Young children are such a natural conduit to friendship and finding companionship that is healthy and inspiring more difficult. Definitely in the dirt of this season.

  69. Michelle

    The webinar was encouraging, thank you for sharing. Excited for the other 2 webinars coming this month.

  70. Christy

    Planning to devote a lot of time this summer to being still and allowing God to refresh my soul in my career. Thanks for the tips. Great encouragement!

  71. Christy

    Also, my encouragement for today: I messaged a former student of mine who is going through a hard time to check in and invite her to coffee 🙂

  72. Marissa

    I’m new here and really enjoying the content. Looking forward to seeing more and becoming more focused in my goals and life.

  73. Amy B

    Thank you for the webinar! So encouraging and motivating. I’m putting away my work for the afternoon to read and play with my daughter.

  74. Candace B

    My fruitful summer has a whole lotta rest in it! A pregnancy coupled with a new job for my husband that lets him be home more means that I’m seriously kicking up my down time – and basking in it!

  75. Laura

    I want to focus on work when I’m at work, and home when I’m home, often I think about the other place and it takes away from the place I’m in

  76. Tiffany Martin

    Thank you for participating in the Ultimate Bundle so many of us could get to know you. I am encouraged by your ministry and all that you are doing!

  77. Melony King

    I’m intentionally planning to spend more time outdoors with my kids, even on hot days. I’m going to try to avoid locking myself indoors during the extremely hot NC summers. I’m still planning some outdoor activities besides the pool, sprinklers, and sandboxes.

  78. Haleigh

    This is such a sweet idea! This summer is filling up, but I can’t wait to use it to celebrate major milestones in my friend’s lives.

  79. Charity Hall

    Lara, your thoughts are always so honest + refreshing – thank you for the encouragement to connect authentically!

  80. Charity Hall

    Sent a text message to a friend reminding her how important she is and that she is worthy of authentic love – even when the world says she is not! 🙂

  81. Sarah

    Thank you for today’s webinar! I learned so much and walked away encouraged. For a fruitful summer, I want to be consistent with my PowerSheets and my relationships with friends, whether that’s through text or in person!

  82. Amber

    I am so so so encouraged by the video done today! Such a fruitful way to spend the kids nap time. Thank you. I am going to be intentional with putting limits on my phone and checking it when I am not around my kids and only select time in the day. Also quality time with the kids and husband through active play not just sitting and watching them play. thank you thank you.

  83. Kirsten Barber

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I would definitely encourage anyone who hasn’t already to go and listen to the webinar. It was definitely an eyeopening hour for me, and gave me a kick of encouragement to go and make the most of my time this summer and saying “no” to my distracters. This summer I really want to work on (if not finish) a creative project I have had on my mind for some time now. Also, for my encouragement, I sent along some love to my mama, who always does so much for my husband and me. Love ya, mom!

  84. Wendy

    Thank you for today’s webinar Lara. I ordered the 6 month planner and am looking forward to getting organized for the rest of the year.

  85. Pamela

    I’m excited for this summer because of the intentionality I’m putting forth.

  86. Anne

    I am so excited for a summer filled with intentional goals and wonderful memories!

  87. Damaris

    Oh my goodness this was everything today! I needed a serious breath of fresh air, a new perspective and no fears in goal setting. Thank you so very much for this. I’m getting after grateful and I’m getting after my bucket list!!!

  88. Lisa

    I’m so grateful for the emails and blogs you’ve been doing about intentional friendship. I got the email yesterday morning about embracing awkward, and I did that (literally) about two hours later. I had a playdate with a mom / baby I’d just met and when I went to hug her at the end, it was the.most.awkward.hug.ever. I actually said aloud, “Oh! Awkward hug!” I was tempted to be embarrassed about it or feel like such a social nerd, but I took your advice to embrace awkward. She texted later and we’ve already arranged another play date! Thank you so much for the encouragement.

    • Lara

      This makes me so happy! I’m so proud of you for doing this!!!

  89. Jennifer

    What are my distractions? The internet & social media. Why am I going to these distractions? It’s easier than potentially failing at my goals. And sometimes because I haven’t broken my goals down into actionable steps. My big takeaways from today. Thank you so much!

  90. Linda

    Helping our daughter when our grandson is born, altering 3 kimonos for a friend, and working through many other exciting goals from my Power Sheets including tending our garden!

  91. Kristie

    My birthday is toward the end of summer so the entire summer has always been special to me, and full of wait. I love how you call it a Fruitfull Summer… I never thought of it that way. I do love to refresh my goals around my birthday though.

  92. Heidi

    This is such a great giveaway! I am thankful for all the tips yoy have given these past few days for learning to be a better friend.

  93. Katie

    This summer, I’m focusing on slow growing fruit (my 2.5 year old and 6 month old)- and reminding myself that slow growth is ok!

  94. April Emery

    I am going to do my best to let my hair down and BREATHE this summer

  95. Kristin

    I have big plans to be very intentional with my extra time with my kiddos.

  96. April Emery

    I encouraged a friend in her creative abilities

  97. Erin (thismommywrites)

    Summer is MY season. It’s my birthday month so always holds a special place in my heart…I love the warmth, the lake, lemonade and ice cream and the chance to be with my kids and share it all with them. This summer, while I plan on enjoying, I also plan on staying focused on my health, finishing my book and starting a new project! Excited to see what this season will bring!

  98. Erin (thismommywrites)

    I encouraged my sister and close friends by sending them your webinar from today and INSISTING they take some time for themselves to watch. Your words were so uplifting to me and I know will be for them too!

  99. Michelle

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the replay yet but I cant wait! This summer I’m going to focus on relationships and my health. Thanks for all the encouragement!

  100. Mirely Maldonado

    I’m being intentional in focusing my time and energy in doing things that benefit my future like spending time in the Word, reading books on leadership and also taking French lessons/reviewing again.

  101. Amy

    I love the idea of approaching summer with intentional goals. With four kids playing sports in the spring and the crush of end of school year pressures and parties, we often feel exhausted and depleted when summer finally gets here. By making some intentional goals about the way we plan to spend our time, I am hoping that it will energize our family for lots of summer fun. I am encouraging my sister to watch your replay (she lives in NC too!).

  102. Kerri Moore

    I SO need to organize my life and set goals. I need this in my life! Thank you for all the tips and encouragement!

  103. amanda

    We have plans as a family to spend time outdoors and work on projects together,

  104. Samantha Moon

    I am so pumped to embrace a summer full of growing relationships that are brand new and newly fresh.

    Thank you to you and your team for creating beautiful and meaningful content that encourage others to spend their lives on things that matter!

    Your faith is so encouraging and evident in all that you do. Keep shining the light Lara!

  105. Danya

    I plan on getting connected to my babies and my husband, and to find a church community to be a part of. My husband and I both work in education (he’s a teacher, I’m a speech therapist), I’m a small business owner, and we have 2 toddlers (ages 2 and 4). Our lives are busy busy! We are purposefully skipping “summer at grandma’s” and focusing on spending time with each other. We also want to find a “brick and mortar” church to attend. Even though we are part of a church and participate online, we feel it’s important for our kids to have that experience.

  106. Brenna

    I am trying to be more intentional about developing deeper relationships in the community that we live our everyday life in!

  107. Gretchen Briggs

    I am always encouraged after spending time with you. Thank you for all that you do.

  108. Aisha Lawrence

    I would love to win this gift package. Totally love your message.

  109. Nicole C

    Thank you for focusing on cultivating fruitful relationships this summer. I’m going to be intentional in doing little things to show my friends and the ladies on my team that I care about them. I’m going to learn their strengths and love languages so I can better bring out the best in them!! I’m very excited for this journey

  110. Grace

    This summer I am wanting to have more date nights with my husband and to give myself grace to have a lazy day!

  111. Lisa McCracken

    I intend to have an intentional summer by upping my “self-care” game (much needed) and digging more in to the Word with an online Bible study.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome bundle of goodies!

  112. Lisa McCracken

    I love encouraging my friends and family with “snail mail” 🙂 I love buying notecards on etsy and sending them to people to encourage them or just to say “hi”!

  113. Hannah

    SO excited to get off work today and listen to the summer goal setting video from yesterday! It’s 95 degrees here in Virginia today and certainly feeling like summer. I want to make this one COUNT!

  114. lyndsey

    this summer I’m finishing a book I’m writing, revamping my website, and getting super good at social media!

  115. Anna

    WOW. I am listening to your book on audible, and I am literally writing EVERYTHING DOWN. I need to get a hard copy and just soak it all in. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH and this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Lara, you are incredible. Thank you for sharing. I AM READY TO GROW AND CULTIVATE ALL THAT GOD HAS GIVEN ME (and I am learning that its ok to be slow)

  116. Amber

    I’m halfway through the recorded session and I already have SO MUCH food for thought!! I just have felt so STUCK and unsure of what to do and where to go with setting goals and not letting business take over my life. I don’t want to use my time that way…it’s far too precious! SO thankful for this information and for you, Lara (and your team!) for all that you do!!

  117. Gina H.

    I’m planning on doing volunteer work in the community.

  118. Jessica

    Just got my Write the Word journals in the mail, and plan on using them to make this the ultimate fruitful summer by growing closer to God!

  119. Michaela

    I’m planning a weekly coffee date with a girlfriend this summer and I’m planning a monthly date night with each of my sons

  120. Victoria

    What an amazing give away! I love my powersheets and have truly loved the fruitful friendship series. Thank you for helping me focus on what is right, not what is perfect.

  121. Tiffany Zajas

    I am loving this series you’re doing! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom so freely with others. I’ve been following your blog for at least 5 years, and you have always been such an encouragement and inspiration. Thank you!

  122. Laura

    I’ve put “send a message to a friend” as a weekly goal since I started to use my #PowerSheets. Every time I sent a funny picture (high-school years) the response was hilarious. Now I’ve started to send a picture with my kids via Whatsapp (doing the most mundane things… preparing for school, making dinner, playing together) and the response was amazing… we create together an instant album about our families.

  123. Caroline

    My husband and I are moving to Rwanda this summer, so our fruitful summer will hopefully involve wrapping up our time living here well and jump into our next step well too!

  124. Aimee

    I loved the webinar yesterday, and I’m placing my first order today! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  125. Aimee

    I encouraged someone…I sent a text to a high school teacher who was the best thing since sliced bread during that time in my life. I encouraged her to keep at it because she still holds the power to greatly affect the lives of so many.

  126. Abigail

    The webinar yesterday was so powerful, and really gave me a renewed, refreshed resolve to tackle the things I’ve been dragging my feet on. I’m a new convert to all things Cultivate What Matters, and the Powersheets have, quite simply, changed my life and the way I approach goal setting the past six months. Blessings to all of you on this incredible, important work you do.

  127. April

    Just ordered my very first set of PowerSheets! I’m super excited about rocking this summer!! 18 summers with these babies…let’s make them count! Thanks for your inspiration!

  128. Becky

    I sent a note to a friend who loves your notes that I have shared. “She believed she couldn’t so He did!” She is struggling with her identity as a mom and a photographer.

  129. Jill

    For a fruitful summer, I plan to make some simple goals. I’d love to enjoy some summer activities with the weather being warmer and the daylight being longer, but I also don’t want to be so busy from activity. I plan to use some time helping and encouraging others.

  130. Hannah

    Such a fun guide!!

  131. Melissa

    Today I encouraged a friend who is struggling with morning sickness and her frustration at not cooking for her family. She is such a sweet soul and really has pursued our friendship despite my terrible ability to maintain real friendships. I appreciate her so much and offered to bring her family meals so she wouldn’t feel sick while cooking. Real friends are seriously the best. 🙂

  132. Amy W

    I’m off Facebook this summer to invest in my kids!

  133. Lauren

    Reading more & spending time outside

  134. Andrea

    I have fallen down the rabbit hole of this wonderful website, have been reading your book, and am working on my 6 month powersheets…it’s been so inspiring as I prepare for summer and being intentional in all of my relationships. Thank you for this wonderful work you are doing!

  135. Sarah Van Ormer

    I love this! Can’t wait to spend the summer investing in my friendships and marriage!

  136. Sarah Van Ormer

    I texted a friend to let her know I was thinking about her. 🙂

  137. Ashely

    This is my first month of powersheets and I love them! Looking forward to a fruitful summer!

  138. Ellie Hail-Langner

    Not planning, but PLANTING good seeds to have a stronger friendship with a dear friend that is moving away. Taking advantage of our time now to connect, but working on strengthening our virtual connections even while she is here, so those are strong habits for the coming months.

  139. Mandy

    Lord-willing, we are having a sweet baby girl this summer! 🙂

  140. Kristin

    I’m planning on doing a monthly “Donuts in the Driveway” event for our culdesac and surrounding neighbors. I’m excited to cultivate deeper relationships with the people living so close to us.

  141. Andrea

    I encouraged my husband by chatting with him about taking what we really want to do and starting right away!

  142. Tori Rieger

    Summer is my favorite! My kids and I sat down and made a summer bucket list together, and I loved all of their ideas! Having these things written down in front of me will help me to be more intentional about how we spend our days this season! Museums, back yard sprinkler play, movie days, building indoor tents, and more! I can’t wait!!

  143. Kayla

    I love your blog posts!

  144. Megan Bourque

    We used your printables last year for our family summer fun list, and can’t wait to do so again!

  145. Amy

    Love summer bucket lists! My girls fill it out for the family. Always fun to see what they come up with.
    Thanks for continuing to encourage and keep on track with goals. I’ve been on track with my goals more this year than ever before and learning to not put as much on my plate. Love my powersheets!

  146. Lindy

    I’m going tone more intentional with my friends (setting plans on busy calendars!) and family!

  147. Melissa S.

    I love this series you have done. I am doing a summer goal series with my sons, I am doing a book club on another Friendship book, and I try to get together with my friends regularly in the summer.

  148. Deanna

    This summer, my family and I will be moving to a new city for my husband’s job with our foster son! There’s a lot of fears but also a lot of excitement in our next few weeks! I will have to get out of my comfort zone to make new friends but am really thankful for this opportunity and this summer to go through all the transitions!

  149. Carrie

    Thank you so much for doing this! I love it!

  150. Sarah

    Re-watching the webinar now and working on summer goals! So excited to start this new season after finishing my Masters degree! So thankful for all of your and your teams encouragement and ideas!

  151. Katie

    I recently finished my elementary education degree–one of my powersheets goals from 3 years ago!–and get the summer off to spend with my 2 year old daughter and “catch up” on our house and garden while I job search for the fall. Not to mention we live on a hobby farm, and I helped deliver a calf the other day for the first time!! So I’m sure the summer will be filled with lots of days spent in the sunshine and spending quality time with family on the farm!

    • Lara

      That is so exciting, Katie! Congrats on finishing your degree! : )

  152. Em

    Unexpected surgery has my Summer goals changing to rest, soul-care, and soaking up the Scripture. I know He has a unique purpose for this unexpected season but it takes time and honesty to wrestle through it!

  153. Emily

    As a grad student, I’m off for the summer and back in my hometown for an internship and taking care of my family. I’m hoping to grow the relationships with people here who I haven’t seen for 9 months. At same time, I want to keep up with the relationships I’ve developed through my church and lifegroup this year, as I feel like I’m finally getting a comfortable rhythm with them. I want to make plans with friends for every weekend I can this summer!

  154. Chelsea

    This is such a great giveaway! I would love to have a more fruitful summer with this

  155. Chelsea

    I encouraged a friend by helping chatting with her and praying for her family while her dad was in a health crisis.

  156. Jessica Boughton

    I am planning on pursuing specific friendships, even if it is more giving then receiving. I’m also planning on working on my goals for the next six months with a friend.

  157. Emily

    I need to intentionally plan to invite friends over. A meal is always a great way to cultivate relationships.

  158. Nia Baucke

    I really enjoyed the webinar! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  159. Chelsea

    Yesterday we threw a BBQ at our house with our gospel community group and invited two sets of neighbors. Both came and chatted with everyone! One couple has a baby and is pretty new to Denver and we have already made plans to hang out again soon and get to know each other better! I was surprised how well they connected with our community and they even stayed to play a game with everyone. It was really great to spend time with them and get to know them better! Thanks for all your encouragement to be intentional about making friends and embracing the awkward!

  160. jenn

    all of this stuff is so fun!

  161. diana

    I love Powersheets so far – I’ve always been good at planning things like lessons, which are controllable, but I’ve avoided allowing myself to think about big picture goals. Thank you for this lovely tool!

  162. Amanda R

    Looking forward to the summer – sun, shades and pool time for my family. It’s always a good time to connect with friends and family while enjoying a brief break from work. Can’t wait to make some new traditions with my kids!

  163. Catherine Henry

    This is a great giveaway! I have two really good friends from church and we all love the Fruitful Friendships guide and can’t wait to get ours!!

  164. Becca Dale

    This post and your webinar were such an encouragement! This summer is our first summer & first few months in our new home (we close in a week & a half) and I am going to make those weeks matter with getting to know neighbors and getting out of my comfort zone!

  165. Susan Bricker

    How I plan to make my summer fruitful is to intentionally live in God’s amazing grace by stopping and pausing, being at rest in His Presence. I love how you are encouraging others to have fruitful days and being encouragers!

  166. Lindsay Maloney

    This summer I will be bring a new life into the world! Can’t get anymore fruitful than that! 🙂


    I just watched to the Summer Goal Setting video and took lots of notes (yes, I am a planner addict). Thank you so much for always asking the hard questions. Your perspective opens my eyes and challenges me to tackle my complaints in new and different ways. Now I’m off to make that mess!

  168. Summer goals – Melissa's Sweet Pastry and Paper

    […] out Lara Casey’s blog and her Summer Goal Setting Fruitful Summer posts.  She has some great ideas for helping you pursue God honoring goals and cultivate a life […]

  169. Ashley Romney

    I LOVE your blog! I think I come here about 4 times a week. You inspire me in my business, in my marriage, in my faith, and in so much more. Thank you for the influence you have on my life. I’ve been dying to put the powersheets to use as I have so many projects I am working on to inspire and empower teen girls.

  170. Erin

    I’m so excited to be under-scheduled for the summer – hoping to spend lots of time outside exploring with my kids.

  171. Ilana

    My intention for the summer is FAMILY. I will intentionally plan my family time to make sure my family comes first. My dreams and goals are huge, but they are nothing without my family

  172. Ashley

    I’m intentionally planning to have a summer full of spontaneous adventure, and to relax enough to enjoy the final stages of my wedding planning process. I hope to enjoy this life stage that I’m in by taking it slow and taking time to strengthen my relationship with the Lord!

  173. Sherry Cartwright

    I will live intentionally this summer [and always]. We have several camping trips planned with the kiddos and I cannot wait to explore with them.

  174. Tierra

    I’m looking forward to a summer of JOY with my family.

  175. Chelsea Smith

    I encouraged one of my coworkers on a rough day at work

  176. Lacey

    Love this post. Can’t wait to have a great summer harvesting our garden with 2 little boys!

  177. Angela

    I encouraged my neighbor to enjoy the simple things in life like growing a garden together.

  178. Kristyn

    I sent two of my long distance friends Cultivate postcards. They are my favorite go-to way to keep in touch!

  179. Sarah

    Love how your posts are lining up with my own garden planting… adds to the visual of a fruit full summer! I plan on intentionally pouring into our young family this summer and embracing the season of us being at home more (baby and 3 year old means we seem to have someone napping at all times throughout the day).

  180. Katie

    Thank you for your posts and encouragement, and your amazing products! A friend shared the Power Sheets with me and I love them. I’ve been so encouraged by your honesty and joy!

  181. Bekah

    decluttering is a big goal! I also want to create more intentional special moments with my kids individually

  182. Jessica

    I am loving gardening this spring and can’t wait for everything to ripen this summer!

  183. Sarah Oneal

    I’m planning on lower our tech. Already started a week ago actually. I’ve noticed a change in my kids in just one week!! As I slowly lower the tech time, I’m seeing them learn to use their imaginations better. So wonderful to see. 🙂

  184. Teish

    Taking the kids out for ice cream, making s’mores with them, and camping out in the back yard are all on my list. 🙂 Simple, but it’s still the stuff of memories.

  185. Nikki

    This would be amazing to win! I am just starting with power sheets and I can’t wait for the new book

  186. Karis

    Love this Lara! Thanks for being so generous. This summer I’m trying to get in the habit of going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to read, write, and exercise.

  187. Torie Brooks

    This summer my goal is to intentionally let my children get bored. I struggle with always feeling like I have to be the best mom ever, which turns into crazy mama mode where I am not present at all. So, instead of over-planning every minute, we are just going to get bored and use our imaginations. 🙂

  188. Julie B

    I’m cleaning the house and doing Bible study to have a fruitful intentional summer.

  189. Angelica Duncan

    I was JUST preparing to plan my summer goals! This post served as a great reminder!

  190. Angelica Duncan

    I encouraged a friend to go after her dreams of becoming a business owner!

  191. Mindy

    I want to be very intentional with time with my son. I want to give him my full attention, love him deeply and show him and others God’s love every day.

  192. cassidy

    Working on my physical health this summer.. making it intentional by goal keeping and writing down my eating and water/workout habits.. making myself accountable!

  193. Jaclyn K Elwell

    I intend to have a fruitful summer by savoring simple moments and not giving into the lies that I need to do huge things to have a great summer.

  194. Rachel

    I am focusing on just being in the moment this summer. Enjoying the fleeting moments of toddlerhood with my girl, and soaking up all of the outside time I can.

  195. Sara

    Love all of the books and products that are offered by Cultivate Matters! Thank you for supplying such meaningful, top quality items to help us be our best!
    This summer I am planning on really working on myself and my personal development. I’ve never really had an actual plan for any sort of improvement but this summer is different and will be a very fruitful one for me!

  196. Susie Y

    I just stumbled upon your website and information and am looking forward to exploring more! I ordered your books (well pre-ordered the new one) and signed up for your e-mails. Thanks for putting this info out there on the internet for all to see.

  197. chris

    Finally spending time focusing on my real goals & being patient in this season of waiting.

    Thank you!

  198. Summer Goals – Teish Knits

    […] addition to my regular Powersheets goal-setting, I also made out a list of Summer Goals and included some ideas from the […]