Happy March, friends! Welcome to a new series I’m starting where I’ll update you on my goals and what’s new around here!

What’s new: I’ve loved the first part of this year, taking my time setting good goals, growing in friendships (I’ll be teaching a Influence class on friendship this month), spreading our mission with the ladies I work alongside, and watching my book launch unfold. That last part has been surreal and yet peaceful. Many people ask me, “How’s the book doing?” I don’t know. I just pray it is encouraging others. I’ve been intentionally fixing my eyes and heart on what’s in front of me, namely these silly people below. This is normal Gracie behavior, as evidenced by Ari’s non-reaction : )


Ari and I have been taking an eight-week Dynamic Marriage class which is intense and so good. We’ve been leading several Bible studies together and trying to keep up with Gracie. How do three-year-old’s have so much energy!? 

Also new around here: lots of sawdust! (Do you like our paper runway up there in the first pic?) I work from the second floor of our house, in one room, with five other ladies. We’ve been bursting at the seams for space in our little home office, so we’re deep into attic renovations. Till then, this is where the shop is operating from: the (future) nursery.


Speaking of the shop, we launched a brand new shop last week! This has been over a year in the making and we are tickled pink. I love our little packing assistant (see the Our Story page)…

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.00.05 PM

What’s ahead: I’m starting to write book two this week and growing a human continues. We are also getting anxious about our adoption, but trying to be patient till the end of summer when we will begin the process in full swing. Waiting for something you want is hard, but ripening can happen in times of waiting. We are trusting in that. Also ahead this month is the Making Things Happen Conference, three shoots in Texas for Southern Weddings (I’m not going but the ladies are!), celebrating eight years of marriage (praise Him!), and hopefully getting out in the garden once the snow melts. I can’t wait! We started our seedlings this weekend : )


My March PowerSheets Goals: Every time I sit and make time to work through my PowerSheets (more coming this month — hooray!), I am so grateful I did! The hard work is worth it. A big highlight for me is this goal. More March Goals:

  • Begin writing a powerful God-glorifying book two
  • Host a meaningful MTH Conference
  • Finish reading The Best Yes
  • Diligently complete our Dynamic Marriage class
  • Prayerfully lean my schedule to commit wholeheartedly to writing book two
  • Begin final adoption paperwork
  • Complete and prayerfully move into new office space
  • Celebrate eight years of marriage well
  • Write our plans for all future Bible studies and classes I’m teaching in the next weeks
  • GIVE – meet + pray for needs
  • My weekly goals center around prayer, soaking in the Word, and learning from Godly women.


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P.S. CONGRATS to all the Goal Setting Series winners!

Happy March, friends! What are your goals? Trying anything new this month? 

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