PROFESSIONALS I’m grateful for:


Oh my stars, I am so grateful for so many who have helped me on this blessed path! Number one (I feel like I’m giving an Oscar speech saying this, but it’s just the truth), first and foremost, to God be all the glory for every single good thing I am able to do in life! Without Him I am nothing. God is good!

Ross and the team at Flosites. You took all my crazy ideas and helped me make them into a site that feels like home!
Emily Ley, my BFFFL and PIMTBBBMMLH (Partner In Making Things, Brands, Businesses, Babies, Marriage, Motherhood and Life Happen).
Nancy Ray and Gina Zeidler, for their devoted friendship and for most of the photographs you see here on the site.
The Southern Weddings ladies – Emily, Nicole, Marissa, Kristin, Lisa, Amber, Jess. YOU make all of this happen.
Adriel, our distribution agent at Curtis Circulation, and Tony, head honcho at Curtis who took a chance on us to begin with. I’m forever grateful.
Miles and the team at Quad Graphics, who help us bring Southern Weddings to life every year.
Richard Photo Lab, for also helping us bring SW to life year after year. We love you guys!
Alicia for helping me make pretty things happen.
Rebecca Grinnals + Kathryn Arce, for taking a chance on me when I was new as a freshly-hatched chick.
The Blueberry Fusion gents, Adam and Austin, for creating a video piece for this site that makes me cry every single time I watch it.
Phyllis Cheung, for her friendship and knowledge.
Cathy Olson, for helping us help other creatives make their dreams come true.
My mentor and friend, Michael.
My clients, who are dear friends. You all teach ME and encourage me more than you know.
Ari. Your love makes everything right.
Rhiannon and Sarah. None of this is possible without your love and care. Thank you.
Our sweet postman, Walter. He’s the best. I think he’s really Santa Claus disguised as the nicest Southern postman around.