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Who are the guest speakers for my city?
While we loved having guest speakers at most of the first round stops, we’ve decided to intensify the workshop and forgo guest speakers for this round. This way, no matter which city you MTH in, you’ll be guaranteed the same powerful experience.

Is lunch included?
Yes. Lots of snacks, too.

Is there an age limit for participants?
No. We’ve had attendees ranging from college students to long-time seasoned professionals. The Making Things Happen Intensive is perfect for anyone who is ready to lay it all out and take a big leap, no matter what stage of life or work he or she is in.

Can I attend if I have an idea but haven't acted on it yet?
Yes! Whether you have that big idea already and need direction on how to execute it, or you haven’t found your calling yet, this workshop is for you.

Can I attend even if I don’t have an idea, but I’m eager to discover my purpose and passion?

Is MTH only for business pros, or can I attend if I'm interested in MTH for personal reasons?
MTH is personal. It’s about harnessing your passion, conquering fear and making an active plan for the future. This translates directly into both life and business. So, yes.

Does MTH offer full or partial scholarships?
We’ve revised the format to only allow 10 attendees per city. Because we’ve cut the attendee allowance in half, there will be no scholarships offered for the tour at this time. If you would like to inquire about financing plans, please email Marissa (marissa@laracaseyreps.com).

How can I request MTH to come to my city?
Tweet at us, email us, and spread the word! If you have a commitment from 10 people in your city, we’ll make it happen!

What can I do if I can’t attend in one of the cities listed but really want to make things happen?
While it isn’t the same experience, and doesn’t include the community support that’s such a huge part of MTH, personal consulting is offered through Lara Casey Reps.