Home Register Buzz Blog--> MTH Reunion--> FAQ p really fine tunes your goals, how you want to grow, and personal development. I walked away inspired, challenged, and hungry to be a better person. For this, I'm incredibly thankful. - Jasmine Star buzz When I initially heard about MTH2011, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was meant to attend. There was something inside me that just said “Go For It!”. Lara Casey is someone whom I have looked up to for a very long time and considered her as one of the most inspiring people in our industry. I knew I would learn so much by attending. Well, I was right, I did learn a ton, but that isn’t even the half of it. I learned more about our industry from the other attendees, I learned about what I want for the future of my business, and most importantly, I learned about myself as a person. I was able to zone in to what really matters to me, and how exactly I could make those things happen. In an industry that is based upon emotion, it is surprisingly easy to hide the truth about how you feel and what you really want. It is easy to fall into the categories and go with the flow. MTH brought those things, and so much more, to the surface and gave me a chance to be honest with myself in a very comfortable atmosphere. There were tears, laughs and a motivation that is beyond words. Six months later, I know more about my future than ever before and have new friendships and colleagues to keep me on track. Overall, my experience at MTH2011 was one that I will never forget and I am so thankful to Lara and the rest of the MTH team for “Making Things Happen” for me and for my business. Eternally grateful. - Amanda buzz My goals were to push myself into the national spotlight and have more clarity, vision and no fear with my life and my business. I make gorgeous flowers so I started putting them in boxes and shipping them to celebrities. It WORKED! As of today I am booked on the TODAY show, am the florist for Bridezilla and am Making It Happen! This sounds corny and embarrassing but the little sweet ceramic tile that says "Making things happen". I carry it around, think about what it means, hold in my pocket all day, say thank you to it and now it is like a security blanket. I have renewed passion and energy that I can barely sleep. While I am making things happen with gorgeous flowers I am also connecting with people in a more real and honest way that business is booming. I have a meeting with Nate Berkus in two weeks about being on his new Fall show. - Kim buzz The MTH2011 Intensive was an INCREDIBLE experience. It made me laugh and cry all at the same time. Coming into the intensive I had an idea as to what it would be all about but it was sooo much more than I could have ever hoped for. Lara asked us to dig deep and really reflect on our fears and motivations... to dig deep and answer the questions and conquer the fears that stop you from making things happen. I learned so much and I can't thank Lara enough for being real and truly listening and caring about all of us and our love for what we do. buzz My initial goal was to improve my wedding photo business. What happened since MTH was amazing. After doing my MTH homework and exercises I discovered that I am done being a full time wedding photographer. My real passion goes back to my roots (20 years ago) of Fine Art Photography. My new business plan is to do Art Shows in the fall and winter and shoot weddings in the spring and summer. Fears? Financial ruin and boredom. I never thought I'd go back to being a full time artist. My artwork is selling faster and at greater prices than I could of imagined. I have gone back to taking chances in my photography (artwork and weddings). I am shooting for me and going after the client that appreciates this and will pay me to document their day. Sometimes you have to just stop and reassess what you are doing and what your goals are. Just because you are making money doesn't mean you're happy. Do what makes you happy and others will want to do business with you. - Barry buzz When my friends Lara Casey and Jeff Holt embarked on the Making Things Happen Intensive tour, my interest immediately piqued. Lara and Jeff share my passion for encouraging people to do what they were designed to do, and giving people the push they need to make that first step towards their dreams is really what this workshop is all about. There were tears, vulnerability, and all things associated with sharing your heart. Embracing your dreams and living your passion can be, check that, IS very scary. Even to speak what is dearest to your heart (as one attendee found out) can cause you to hesitate. Lara and Jeff are doing an amazing thing by challenging each small group of wedding professionals they meet with to first commit to your passion, and then to MAKE IT HAPPEN! - Poser buzz The most awesome blessing from the past 6 months has been the people I have met through MTH. Total strangers who I now call friends. They have encouraged me, prayed with me, and made me know I can. That alone has uplifted me in such a huge way that words cannot really describe it. If you have an opportunity to attend a MTH seminar, do it!! You will be motivated beyond words, and change will come. Guaranteed. buzz My biggest fear was that I was not good enough. I have overcome that fear with the help and encouragement of family and friends, and of course my fellow MTH'ers! Having them believe in me has helped me to believe in myself. The most valuable asset to me in this journey was the actual workshop and being around other creative and passionate people, many of whom have become friends. Making Things Happen means working hard to create the life that you want to live, where work isn't work but your passion and something that you love to do. It means not waiting for things to happen, but going after what you want. buzz Lara, 6 months ago, I never would've imagined that I would be able to sit here typing this message to you...feeling as though I almost don't know who I was before. Photography makes me feel whole...and when I'm shooting I'm so caught up in the moment that time just kinda passes by without me knowing. I was so afraid that I would be stuck in that robotic Corporate world. I remember every morning on my way to work walking by crowds and crowds of suits and skirts ....feeling like I was drowning and that I had to face the fact that this was going to be my life....and that this is JUST life...and that maybe the problem was that I just had a more difficult time dealing with life than others. I realize now that I DID have a difficult time dealing with THAT life....a life that was never meant for me. I'm living the life I want now. 6 months ago I never would have thought that. Thank you. buzz I never knew a friendship could hold accountability, encouragement, creative inspiration and many swift kicks in the pants. Having MTH2011 friends in my creative community has made such a difference. As cliché as it sounds, this community has nurtured my growth as a person and a professional in so many humbling ways. And being in our first year of marriage and experience this kind of connection and dedication from my husband when it comes to my constant dream chasing. The bottom line is, in order to Make Things Happen, you have to first make a decision. Making Things Happen isn’t a high, or a fix-it or a way to ride to glory. It is a decision to grab hold of your passion, buckle in, and know that even on your worst day, you won’t give up. Pure intentions and a genuine desire to better yourself are vital so before you make the choice to Make Things Happen, be sure you are being honest with yourself and your peers about your willingness to commit to a process. Making Things Happen is a progression towards living the life you were destined to. This means fear holds no weight, challenges bring out your fire and the journey means just as much as the destination. buzz My goals with MTH were more personal than about my business. As I began speaking at MTH, it poured out of me that my biggest concern was my lack of work-life balance and how that was affecting my relationships- particularly my marriage. My goal was to modify the way I was working to have more time to spend with my husband, friends and family as well as start contributing to the household responsibilities again. I am very proud to say that I have improved my work-life balance to become a more supportive wife, daughter and friend. buzz Making Things Happen means evaluating, planning AND doing. I have gotten stuck many times on the planning. MTH helped me to jump that hurdle and DO it. buzz MTH has changed me. In a big way. It hasn't been about curriculum or about a trendy new "workshop" but rather about digging way deep down inside myself on a regular basis, developing strong and incredibly meaningful relationships with other professionals who are now my friends and accountability partners, and discovering strengths I didn't know I had by pushing myself to be bigger, bolder and stronger every day. buzz Making Things Happen means finally taking the time to be the most brilliant “you” to take your business to the next level. buzz My main goals going into 2011 was to find balance, develop a clear definition of my brand, where I wanted to take the company and to be able to quit my day job. And in order to accomplish these goals I created lots of smaller goals "actionable items". I don't know if you remember but when I came to MTH, I was very new to the biz maybe about 3 months. I had so many ideas and my mind was going a mile a minute. I was struggling with finding the balance between personal, full time job and my business. Since then, I have developed my brand, know more of who I am and what I want and the direction I want to take the company. I have developed a strong website that I am proud of. I put together a strong pricing strategy and marketing plan. I feel like I have really built a strong foundation for the business. buzz My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be good enough. I am not formally trained in graphic design, I don't have a business degree. I felt like I was walking around blind not really knowing what I was doing and taking huge leaps that I had no clue if they were in the right direction or if they were going in circles. MTH really helped with this. It made me realize no one ever REALLY knows what they are doing. You encouraged me because you weren't formally trained you just completely believed in yourself and took lots of risks and taught yourself along the way. When talking with other MTH'ers I realized they were all in the same boat as well everyone was just at different levels. It was pretty amazing to see. It gave me a HUGE since of empowerment and "You can do it" attitude. I realized my fear was of my own doing and once I put it aside and realized "what can I lose?". I would rather give 200% to this because I truly believe in it and if I fail then I know in my heart I did everything I can. But I know by giving 200% it WILL be successful! So once I switched my mentality there was nothing stopping me. :) Another fear or problem was comparing myself to others in the industry, others that have been established in the industry for several years. During MTH we talked a lot about being truly authentic... it opened my eyes to see.. yes, these people have success but they have success because they did it their way and they made it work. I can learn from them but I need to find and create my own path. I can't try to walk someone else's path. buzz Make things happen means... following your dreams, believing in yourself and creating the life you want to live. buzz My number one quitting my job. Number two become a group fitness instructor. Three become a better wife & companion. Four get healthy and learn to love myself and my body. Five continue finding me and capitalizing on it. Number one accomplished June 9th. Number two I am signed up for group fitness certification class in November. Number three-five aren't super tangible things. They are never something that cross off the to-do list. They are all major lifestyle choices. These things I choose to do or not do everyday. I have taken major steps toward being a better wife, more comfortable with my body (thank you hot yoga) and have really dug deep to continuing introspection on myself. I have been doing monthly self-portraits that have forced me to evaluate where I am at in the present moment. This has been a great exercise. No joke, the community that was created at MTH Watercolor. I have become great friends with some pretty amazing people. These people inspire me, push me, believe in me and most of all we are on the same level. The get the hustle, the hard work and we support each other. Seriously this is priceless. Now all we need is a MTH house that we all office in. Man that place would be hopping with ideas, music and laughter. Get real with yourself. DO this post. This + MTH Watercolor was an awakening of my soul. A fire was lit by someone telling me that I could do it and giving me a structure to let these ideas flow. I really didn't realize all of my fears and excuses. These things that are easier to tackle and breakdown once you are aware of them. So again get real. In almost every situation you have a choice. buzz Before I arrived at Making Things Happen, I really had no idea what to expect. I suspected that something big would happen: the caliber of people involved that day and reading other people's blog posts after their own MTH experiences got me very excited. And let me tell you, Making Things Happen did not disappoint. More than a wedding industry seminar, it's a LIFE seminar. It's a time to step back and meditate on the direction of your life, and the decisions that need to be made in order to arrive at your desired goal. For me, that was quitting my full-time job in order to become a full-time photographer. Fortunately for me, I had been making active steps towards my goal, but MTH was the push and the encouragement I needed to make my dream a reality. Lara and Jeff's one-on-one time really helped me crystallize some major things I could be doing to take my photography business to the next level. If you're on the fence about Making things happen, I'd encourage you to jump off the fence as fast as you can and GO! You won't regret it. buzz MTH2011 is not a one day workshop, it is your future. It is about your life and what you want it to be. Do you want more? Are you ready to challenge yourself and to open up to the possibilities that lie ahead...MTH2011 is an intensive like no other. Bring yourself and your heart and you will walk away with so much more. I walked away having truly found what it is I want in this life. And with a newfound community of passionate supporters to help me on this journey. buzz I cannot thank you enough for MTH2011. I tend to always leave events like that feeling re-energized, networked, excited... but on Monday, I got in my car to head back to Pensacola and left Watercolor in tears. I have never felt so encouraged, so inspired and so sincerely supported. And not because I felt "liked" but because I legitimately laid every fear, every insecurity, every excuse I had out on the table OWNED each one of those, FACED each one of those - and still SOMEHOW felt this unprecedented support and SINCERE belief in what I am doing. THAT is magic, Lara. Thank you for making THAT happen for me. I dont know how - after all my guard was down and all my "put-together-ness" was stripped away, I still had a personality and a brand that everyone believed in. buzz My goals were to find my path and jumpstart my career. More than anything since MTH, I've realized that I am capable and worthy of an awesome life! Instead of living in fear of what others think, I've embraced the fact that I love my retail job (well, besides working weekends) and enjoyed learning about the wedding industry from the contacts I made as a result of MTH. My biggest fears involved worrying about what others thought about my career, and on a grander scheme, my life choices. I wish I could say that I've completely overcome them, but it's a day to day struggle. Luckily, my MTH experience provided contacts that value my skills and therefore help me to push aside those fears. buzz When I went to MTH I wasn't sure what to expect. The one thing I knew is that I wanted to move my business forward in many ways, but mainly to get my business into a position where I could quit my day job. It felt like a million and one things needed to happen to do that. Since attending MTH, that picture has become clearer and I have begun to put several things in motion to help get me to that spot....everything from adding a bit more of myself into my business via twitter and my blog to painstakingly investigating / starting the process of a new brand/look and website, to creating my very own custom envelopes for my decadent peacock invitations that have become immensely popular! (eeeeekkkk!) So much so that I reached my personal sales goal for the WHOLE YEAR as of FEBRUARY by booking/selling 2,010 peacock invites (and counting and counting and counting). Honestly, I am not even sure what I did differently, but I do know that I was inspired, fired up, determined and put myself out there. If you want to do something, do it. Look into it. Be passionate. Don't expect anyone else to figure it out for you. Get excited. Bring your dream to life. Make it happen. buzz Going to MTH and watching/reading other alumni's stories and their progress has inspired me immensely. I am constantly in awe of the talent that I find myself connected with via MTH and social networking and my passion for design has only been strengthened by the experience. design has driven me in one way or another my entire life, and now, my business has become an amazing outlet for this and I am unbelievably excited about it, more than I ever thought I could be. with every email I get and every order that comes in, I can't wait to start each new project and talk with each client... and I can't wait to see what each project, connection or new opportunity brings. I can only hope that I am lucky enough to continue to grow and experience the same excitement and passion for years to come. buzz MTH is not your typical conference, and for me this year, MTH was exactly what I needed. It has changed my life by how I view myself as an individual as well as a business owner. Lara and Jeff ask questions that you may not want to ask yourself, and it makes you a stronger person by realizing your goals and your fears and everything in between during this day long session. Those things I learned about myself help keep me pushing every day to do what I love. I am also honored to be a part of the MTH family, for their love and support during this journey has been invaluable. buzz When I started Sugarcomb Event Design, my goal was to create a business that let me express my strengths daily; my sense of design, my organizational skills and my love of helping others. Another goal was to work 100% for myself, I didn't want a fun little side business, I wanted something that I could live and breath. Since MTH, I have gained so much confidence in my business, developed stronger goals and a better strategy to continually grow Sugarcomb. It changed the way I think, the way I approach challenges and they way I plow through them without fear. buzz It was a life changing experience. And not in the- I’m on a high and don’t want to come off – sense but more in the – taking a look at where I’ve been, deciding where I want to be, and making a legitimate plan to get there. This was not only for my business but for me as a person as well. It has been the best decision that I have made regarding my business and my overall sense of self. From this conference I gained not only immense amounts of knowledge from Lara and the others there, but I also gained a community of professionals that have encouraged me, pushed me, grown me, and challenged me more than I ever thought possible. There is so much beauty in honest and caring people. I have no doubt that your experience would be just as brilliant. Please go. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s time to pull the trigger. buzz What an amazing and inspirational day. passionate, talented, honest people. We all cried, laughed and got FIRED UP! buzz There's been a bunch of buzz in the wedding industry about something called Making Things Happen. To be quite honest with you all, I wasn't so sure about it. All of the twitters, facebook updates, blogs and e-mails circulating about it were all super mushy and preached about how 'life changing' this event was. I was sure it was good and all (I mean, if you know Lara Casey - everything this woman touches turns to gold, so there was no doubt in my mind that she was sharing valuable and empowering information.) However, I was on overload. There is a saying that 'Too much of a good thing makes it turn sour' and if I heard one more tweet about "OMG! I am SO Fired Up and Ready To Take on the World #MTH2011"...I was going to vomit. Now, please don't get me wrong, I love Lara and her movement. I was just overwhelmed by this CONSTANT chatter in my industry and it was too much. However, part of me was absolutely curious as to what all of the buzz was about! One of my biggest frustrations with where I am at this point in my career is continuing education. I've been to many workshops and I have learned and built an incredibly strong business. I have my dream studio, an amazing crew, I am booking my perfect clients and pushing our limits to be the best possible photographers and people we can be. I mean... I. MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. So, did I need this motivational speech? I mean, I've got it all figured out, right? Wrong. I learned a lot about myself yesterday and I am incredibly happy that I decided to go. The big thing that I think anyone who will attend this workshop in the future should know is that it is what YOU make of it. The session really has absolutely nothing to do with Lara and Jeff, but everything to do with yourself. They are simply creating a safe environment for you to explore yourself, which is the foundation of owning a great and successful business - and also allowing you to dream big....like REAL big. (I confessed I was going to be on Oprah someday and be the next Richard Avedon....) I also want to encourage all of you 'veteran' photographers, coordinators, vendors or people who DO have it all 'together' to attend the Making Things Happen tour. I had to dig down really deep to find things that I needed to change or face some fears that I was holding back from and when you are established, there are expectations that you are suppose to reach. I fully intend to reach those lofty goals, but they are scary and personally, I had been putting off many of those BIG things, because I might fail. Well, fuck it if I do, but I am also the type of person that if I go for it, I will absolutely succeed, so what's the point in putting it off? There is always, always room for growth. Challenge yourself and live your dreams. - Eliesa buzz My one main goal when I arrived at MTH Nashville was to become a full-time photographer. At that point it seemed like it would never happen, because there was so much standing in my way. But after making the time that day to really sit down and think about that goal and the actual steps that I needed to take, I felt equipped to know what I needed to do. My biggest fear was that I would make the decision to quit my job and then not get booked for any weddings or lifestyle portraits. I have overcome this huge fear by stepping away from my fear. I recently read this quote and it perfectly reflects my Making Things Happen experience: "Each time we decide to take a step away from fear, we begin to move forward into a life completely energized and rich in the freedom God has for us." —Anne Jackson. If you're thinking about attending Making Things Happen, I would say... don't pass Go, don't collect $200 until you sign up and make plans to attend MTH. It will not only richly bless your life and your business but it will kick start your thinking differently to dream more for your life and your business. - Kristen buzz MTH is not your typical conference, and for me this year, MTH was exactly what I needed. It has changed my life by how I view myself as an individual as well as a business owner. Lara and Jeff ask questions that you may not want to ask yourself, and it makes you a stronger person by realizing your goals and your fears and everything in between during this day long session. Those things I learned about myself help keep me pushing every day to do what I love. I am also honored to be a part of the MTH family, for their love and support during this journey has been invaluable. - Katie buzz Our goals were to step out, become full-time photographers, develop our business into a successful, growing company, and get more involved in the wedding industry. Thomas was already full-time, but now I have gone full-time too. We have reached out to the wedding industry. We attended WPPI in Las Vegas. We’ve built relationships with photographers, event planners and publishers. We’ve developed lifelong relationships with many of those industry peers. We’ve taken risks we never thought we’d take. And the best part? There are still lots more changes coming. Six months ago, we never thought we’d be doing what we love, every single day. We never thought we would have risked it all and taken our little business full-time. We never thought we’d be connecting with so many people in the wedding industry and making huge strides towards our future. Six months ago? We thought our dreams were far away and almost unattainable. And now? We’re living them every day. Our biggest fear was taking the risk to both be full-time photographers. We were afraid of failure; afraid that our business would crumble when we both went full-time. We have stepped out, and now we’ve done it! We are not crumbling. We are growing, little by little, and day by day. We overcame our fears with support from our peers, the confidence that was planted inside of us at MTH2011 and with prayer. We realized that this is our purpose, and we know that we are fulfilling that purpose. We are aware that we will have hard times, and we’re ok with that. We know that as long as we are fulfilling our purpose in this life, we will make it, with hard work and dedication. And most of all we know…it’s so worth it. What has been the most valuable asset to you in your journey? The most valuable asset in our journey has been our faith. Next to that, it has been the support of our peers, many who we met at MTH2011, and the support of our family and friends. We were surprised to find that when we came back from MTH2011 with such fire and determination in our hearts, that it became obvious to our families that this indeed was the path we are supposed to take. That this is our purpose. Once they realized that? Once they saw that fire? We had their support, 100%, and that has been invaluable. IF you are reading this, and if you are tempted to attend a MTH2011 class…GO. That desire has been planted in your heart for a reason. You are reading this for a reason. You will be amazed by the self-discovery you experience and the community of friends you develop. Those people who I spent one day with at MTH2011, are some of my biggest cheerleaders and some of our very best friends in the industry. Find your passion. Claim your purpose. Then work, work, work to make things happen. It IS possible. Making Things Happen means listening to your heart’s yearning. It means making the things you’ve been dreaming about and the things you’ve thought were impossible, your reality. It means knocking the daylights out of all of those fears and doubts that have been holding you back for so long. It means following your passion, claiming your purpose and conquering your fears. The rest of 2011 will be a super exciting time. We’ve moved ahead. We’re both full-time, and we’re not sinking. We’re rising. We are taking risks we’ve never taken. Submitting our work to publishers. Planning concept shoots. Seeking out, and working with peers in the industry. But there’s lots more to come for us in 2011. We hope that we can send you an eight month check-in, and update you with even bigger news! Just know, that if you are reading this, and if you think you should attend MTH2011, there’s a reason for it. These things don’t just happen. All of the little coincidences that led you here, are not happenchance. If you feel led to go, just do it. It is an investment in your future. This one day changed the course of our lives. I am no longer living a mundane life working at a job that makes me miserable. I am following my purpose. Every morning I put my feet on the floor, and I get excited about what the day holds. That can be you too. That should be you. Don’t let the fear swallow you. Swallow it. And go. - Sarah and Thomas buzz One of my biggest fears was jumping in to do creative work that I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for, but I did a double creative shoot as soon as I got back from MTH with another creative business owner who's work I love and I was thrilled with the experience and the outcome! It helped empower me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and my heart in. I really think the most valuable "asset" since MTH has been the great friendships that have formed from MTH and just getting in touch with other professionals in the industry. The encouragement and advice from peers is such a priceless thing in business and in life. Making Things Happen means feeling the fear and doing it anyway! If I took anything away from MTH, that is it. And that's what I'm doing RIGHT now. Just a bit of advice for anyone reading this... no excuses. There is NOTHING that can keep you from attaining what you set out to do if you have your life and priorities in order. Focus on the things that are most important to you, eliminate unnecessary excess, and MAKE things happen. I'm in the process of doing just that. - Laura buzz Making Things Happen changed my life in so many ways and there just isn't enough room on this page to spill out the depth of gratitude that I have for Lara Casey and the MTH2011 crew. The only thing I can equate this experience to is if I was in a horrible accident and my life flashed before my eyes. I'm weak and stuck in this business that seems to be going nowhere fast and I am scared out of my mind! Then I feel my body and soul is surrounded by this warm light of MTH love and all that is good and worth living for invades my mind. Suddenly, I have found the will to breathe life into my business and more importantly, into myself. I feel the fear, but the will to live overcomes that as I pull myself from the wreckage. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway got me out of there. I have been more productive than ever and whenever I feel like I'm falling, I feel the trampoline of MTH giving me another leg up. Don't miss out on the gift that keeps on giving. - Alofa Atu (All my love, in Samoan) buzz I'm not a great writer by all means but I wanted to send you an email to tell you THANK YOU. Thank you for all of your encouragement through Making Things Happen and through our consultation with you. I've never felt so motivated than I have in the last 6 months and so inspired to be a better photographer and person. We're completely revamping our branding and I feel like we have a clear vision of what it is we want in our branding and how we want to be portrayed and don't think we've ever had that in the last 5 years. Our business is growing faster than we ever imagined and I think it's mostly attributed to the people around us. Seeing everyone's growth and passion is beautiful! We hired a full time editor and an intern to free up some of our time to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. In the last 6 months we've been featured in another issue of the Knot Magazine and just this week had one of our pictures featured in People Magazine! - Tanya and Cesar buzz When I started, my goal was to become a planner in one of the most competitive locations = SoCal. Since MTH, I have done that with 7 weddings this year. Not too shabby for my second year {first year, full time with a true, self-employed business}. 6 months ago, I never thought I would have grown leaps and bounds in all sorts of directions. Not only am I bit more business savvy, but also way more confident! My biggest fear was failing quitting, especially after a bout of no new inquiries. When things go quiet now, this is where I think outside the box and find new ways to advertise, network, etc. There is NO giving up in my world. I'm in it to win it! My most valuable asset in my journey is actually my determination to beat that fear and the passion to keep on striving for what I want in my life. And as corny as it may sound, the pursuit of happiness. What makes me happy? My husband, my dogs, and MY BUSINESS! My best advice for anyone who wants to MTH is to figure out what makes you happy and where your passion lies. Then, step outside your comfort zone to find how to reach that place. There will be a million "no's", but for all those "no's", there will be a couple of "yes'" that will be life-changing! I think in any industry, you have to face your fears. Thing is, when you're newer to the industry, you have to face your fears and look at it straight in the eye without a question in your heart that this is what you want to do and where you want to be. There are so many issues and people that will try to stand in your way, but one thing I've learned is that if you go in with your game face, no one can stop you! - Wendy buzz buzz