A year from now, you will wish you had started TODAY.

– Karen lamb

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Five years ago, I felt really alone and like no one would ever understand the creative dreams I had. And I had a LOT of dreams. I felt lost and frustrated and totally overwhelmed by thoughts that went something like this: “HOW am I going to make this happen? I have no idea what I’m doing! I want this so badly, but I am not equipped, prepared, good enough, smart enough, etc., etc.” Does that sound familiar? Yes. I know how you feel! I still think those things on occasion, and then… I remember the enormous community of support that I have now and those thoughts go away. There are thousands of people who I now know share many of my same struggles as a creative entrepreneur.

Over 700 people have gone through the Making Things Happen intensive since then and have changed their lives for the better. But, it’s not because of MTH that they changed. It’s because they are people just like me who wanted to live a better life. People who know they were meant for more. People who want to inspire and give and make a life that means something. These are people who have a deep burning passion to make what matters happen. Together, we have taken bold steps over these five years. My life has completely changed from the inside out and I am so so so grateful for all of that change. I wake up every day to do a job that I love that keeps growing and lets me use all of my gifts. I didn’t go to school for publishing or journalism or business. I had a giant dream and I worked really hard to make it happen. The Making Things Happen intensive was created to help others do the same.

You were created for greatness. Period. Do you really think you were put on this earth just to “get by”? No way. So, what are you starting today? Don’t just think about it. Do something about it. Make it happen.