• You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn I firmly believe this. I’ve seen it play out so clearly in my own life as I’ve worked to surround myself with people that challenge and encourage me to be my best. Gina, Emily and I had a great conversation about mentors when we were in (more…)

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    30 days, 30 planes, 30,000+ miles and I came home alive.  Alive as in AWAKE.   The Making Things Happen Tour – (preceded by travel to Salt Lake City, Palm Beach, New York, St. Lucia, Atlanta, Barbados, Trinidad, and Miami) took us from Raleigh to Houston to Phoenix to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Maui and back again.  It rocked my core.  (more…)

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    Life is just too short.  These words have been keeping me up at night, making me do things I’ve never done.   Yes, we hear that phrase a lot, but does it sink in?   I mean really sink in.  Stop right now.  You won’t die if your email, phone, twitter, editing or 10 windows you have up go untouched for a moment.  Come on!  (more…)

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