Hi, friends! I had grand plans to write an inspiring intro for you today about how it’s time for mid-year goals and how the mid-point of the year is such a great opportunity for reflection and redirection. But, it’s time for me to close up shop and get the kids in bed soon, so here are some fun and helpful links for your week ahead. I hope you enjoy them! : )

IMG_0815.JPGA little peek at our office on this quiet Friday afternoon. : ) 

1. Get the first 43 pages of my upcoming book, Cultivate, for free! Thank you all so much for the flood of encouragement about this sneak peek. I can’t wait to share the entire book with the world on June 27th! Download the first 43 pages for free here. Enjoy!

2. Find hope in waiting seasons. I had my first guest post on the blog last week, and it was a powerful one! 

3. It’s okay to grow slow. Read my 3 reasons why slow growth is more powerful than fast–and get the new It’s Okay to Grow Slow e-book!

4. Listen in, kiddos (and parents). Grace and Ari have been listening to a fun podcast for kids called, Wow in the World. Highly recommend! Another one to listen to? I did one of my favorite podcast interviews ever last month.

5. Don’t just sit there. I have gotten so many great questions this week about my standing desk and stepper, so I made a page for you with all the details. I have LOVED the messages I’ve been getting from friends with pics of them on their pink steppers!

Lara Casey Blog standing desk3

5. Cultivate your prayer life. So many of you have asked about my prayer journal. I love it so much! It’s from ValMariePaper.com.

7. Get growing! It’s not too late to start a garden–no green thumb required. Start here. I have my first-ever garden tour coming to the blog next Wednesday!

8. Climb to the summit. (Ha! I couldn’t come up with a better lead-in to this one!) We had our fourth-annual team summit a couple months ago, and it was awesome! See the photographs and get a peek into what we did on SouthernWeddings.com.

9. Embrace the mess. I chatted with Natalie Brenner last week about motherhood and how I face challenges. Read our interview here.

10. If it matters to you, cultivate it. Did you know that I have three free e-books on the homepage of LaraCasey.com? Get your Marriage, Faith and Goals e-books for free here!

Happy weekend, friends! I’m so grateful for you!

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  1. Karen Chason

    The page for your standing desk and stepper doesn’t have links. Do you have affiliate links for those items so you get credit when I buy them?

    • Lara

      Hi, Karen! Yes, it’s no extra cost to you and we send all the proceeds to Love One Another project in Africa : ) I’ve added direct links for you though!

  2. Ashley Ziegler

    I am loving your short hair!! 🙂

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  4. Mary Beth

    I now have a standing desk in my office and a stepper on the way! I’m on day 6 with my standing desk and I am loving it.

    Question for you – does your fitbit count your steps when you are on the stepper?

    • Lara

      Great question – it only counts them if you are moving your arms. But, you can get an ankle band for your fitbit. I have one and love it!