Much to come on my Hawaiian adventures, epic airport drama, and new thoughts on branding after doing several inspiring consults in Hawaii, but I had to write quickly about a big personal milestone that happened this weekend. My not-so-little-anymore brother, Stephen, graduated from college with a degree in Engineering from FAU. He has spent his entire life taking things apart (and sometimes putting them back together)… computers, clocks, radios, my hard drives, CD players, speakers, and on and on.  He spent countless hours building and tinkering in our garage when we were little.  My favorite memory is him coming out of the garage with what looked like sawdust on his eyebrows. Nope. He was also quite the pyro and had singed those puppies right off. From having to dye his hair back from him bleaching it with peroxide at least 3 times to rolling on the floor laughing at a video he made about building birdhouses, my bro has always kept us on our toes. He was voted class clown and definitely got the left side of the brains in our family… he ran circles around me in math and science. I never thought he’d end up towering over me, but he certainly does now. My mom always warned me, “someday he’s going to be taller than you!” Thankfully, he’s too kind to pick on me now like I did to him when he was a little tyke.

I am so proud of him, I just had to shout it to the rooftops. If anyone knows my brother, you know it’s been a long road with many unexpected challenges and blessings along the way. His graduation was probably the best gift my mom could have gotten for Mother’s Day. This was one of those weekends that I wish I had all the money in the world to fly my whole family somewhere – anywhere – to be together. Lots to celebrate in the Casey household.

Stephen, you are by far the most humble person I know. I am so inspired by your strength and brilliance. Wishing you a lifetime of taking things apart and putting them back together in ways only you know how.


your very proud sister

P.S. since my body is still on Hawaiian time, I’m giving y’all one more day to enter this.

P.S.S. So great to have “The Fab J’s” – Jose Villa, Joel Serrato, Jen Curtis, Joy Thigpen and crew here in NC doing a gorgeous editorial shoot for us for the next couple days! I love what we get the honor of doing every day and am so grateful to work with such incredible artists. Can’t wait to share this shoot in our next issue!

P.S.S.S. I’m planning the next MTH2010 stops for this coming fall.  We have a new format that will include individual personal branding sessions. I’m only doing 4 more in-person US stops and two international stops, so leave a comment here with your VOTE on the city you would like MTH to come to. Yes, I’ll still tally the votes from this post, but help me out and leave a new vote here too. We are also planning monthy virtual MTH’s, so stay posted for those details.  So excited!

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  1. Amber Hammond

    Come to Charleston, SC, for MTH2010, please!

  2. Janelle Vano

    I would LOVE for you to come to Kansas City!

  3. Brit

    I would love to see you in St. Louis. Kansas City, MO would be good, too!

  4. Cynthia Martyn

    Pretty PLEASE come to the Great White North – Toronto! It’s beautiful here in the Fall :)

  5. Briana

    Boston, Providence or Hartford! Oh please, please, please!

  6. kelsy mccartney

    madison, wisconsin is calling your name! please come :)

  7. Samm Blake

    Perth, Australia!! Or anywhere in Australia :)

  8. Ati Tafao-Braganza

    I’m still battin’ for San Francisco, CA.

  9. Diana Allen

    We are so proud for Stephen too!!! We would love to you all of you. Send our love to the family.

    • Lara

      Hi Diana! I miss you and the Allen crew. I think it’s high time we planned a little Alabama family reunion. Love to you all!

  10. Chelsey Rowledge

    I’d love to see you up in Canada! Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver…please??

  11. Vari Avila

    Sunny Cabo awaits! =) If not, I’ll just have to settle for a virtual MTH …sigh and congrats to Stephen!

  12. Yara

    I vote for St Louis MO, or any other town in a 300 miles radius!

  13. Tiesha Frazier

    I’ll settle for somewhere in the Midwest…Cincinnati would be nice. Show the Midwest some love pretty please?

  14. Elizabeth

    My vote is still for Austin! :)

  15. Hillary

    Would love to host MTH in Memphis or anywhere in the state of Mississippi!

  16. Katie

    You know I want you to come to St. Louis. Lots to show you around these parts!

  17. Ashley

    I know it’s a late vote, but…
    Make it happen in San Francisco!!!!
    (Or my second vote goes to Austin, TX.)